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4 By death and hell pursu'd in vain,

To thee the ransom'd seed shall come;
Shouting their heavenly Sion gain,

And pass through death triumphant home. 5 The pain of life shall then be o'er,

The anguish and distracting care;
There sighing grief shall weep no more,

And sin shall never enter there.
6 Where pure, essential joy is found,

The Lord's redeem'd their heads shall raise,
With everlasting gladness crown'd,
And fill'd with love, and lost in praise.

388. Jesus seen of Angels. 1 Tim. iii. 16. (P. M.) 1 O YE immortal throng,

Of angels round the throne,
Join with our feeble

To make the Saviour known :
On earth


His wond'rous grace,
His beauteous face
In heaven


2 Ye saw the heaven-born child,

In human flesh array'd,
Benevolent and mild,
While in the manger laid:

And praise to God,
And peace on earth,
For such a birth,
Proclaim'd aloud.

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3 Ye in the wilderness

Beheld the tempter spoil'd,
Well known in every dress,
In every combat foisd ;

And joy'd to crown
The victor's head,
When Satan fled
Before his frown,

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4 Around the bloody tree,

Ye press’d with strong desire,

That wondrous sight to see, vo! The Lord of life expire;

And, could your eyes
Have known a tear,
Had dropt it there

In sad surprise.
5 Around his sacred tomb,

A willing watch ye keep ;
Till the blest moment come,
To rouse him from bis sleep:

Then roll'd the stone,
And all ador'a
Your rising Lord,

With joy unknown.
6 When all array'd in light,

shining conqueror rode, Ye haild his rapturous flight, Up to the throne of God;

And wav'd around
Your golden wings,
And struck your strings
Of sweetest sound.

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7 The warbling notes pursue,

And louder anthems raise;
While mortals sing with you
Their own Redeemer's prai

And thou, my heart,
With equal flame,
And joy the same,
Perform thy part.

booldal 389. The Works of Moses and thu

Rev. xv. 3. (C. M.) OW strong thine arm is,

Who would not fear thy Jesus, how sweet thy graces a

Who would not love the La 2 He has done more than Mose

Our Prophet and our King From bonds of hell he freed

And taught our lips to sing 3 In the Red Sea by Moses' ha

Th' Egyptian host was dros But his own blood hides all ou

And guilt no more is found 4 When through the desert Isra

With manna they were fed Our Lord invites us to his fies

And calls it living bread. 5 Moses beheld the promis'd lar

Yet never reach'd the place But Christ shall bring his follo

To see his Father's face. 10oT

6 Then shall our love and joy be full,

And feel a warmer flame,
And sweeter voices tune the song,

Of Moses and the Lamb.

90. Christ, the Light of the World. Isa. ix. 2.

Luke ii. 32. (P. M.)

LIGHT of those, whose dreary dwelling
Come ! and, by thyself revealing,

Dissipate the clouds beneath :
The new heaven and earth’s Creator,

In our deepest darkness rise !
Scattering all the night of nature,

Pouring day upon our eyes ! 2 Still we wait for thine appearing,

Life and joy thy beams impart; Chacing all our fears, and cheering

Every poor benighted heart: Come, and manifest the favour,

Thou hast for the ransom'd race; Come, thou dear exalted Saviour !

Come, and bring thy Gospel-grace. 3 Save us, in thy great compassion,

O thou mild pacific Prince ! Give the knowledge of salvation,

Give the pardon of our sins : By thine all-sufficient merit,

Every burden'd soul release; By the teachings of thy Spirit, Guide us into perfect peace.

391. Christ's Condescension and Glorification. .

(C. M.) 10

LORD, our Lord, how wond'rous great

Is thine exalted name!
The glories of thy heavenly state

Let men and babes proclaim.
2 When I behold thy works on high,

The moon that rules the night,
And stars that well adorn the sky,

Those moving worlds of light; 3 Lord, what is man, or all his race,

Who dwells so far below,
That thou should'st visit him with grace,

And love his nature so ?
4 That thine eternal Son should bear

To take a mortal form,
Made lower than bis angels are,

To save a dying worm!
5 Yet while he liv'd on earth unknown,

And men would not adore,
Th' obedient seas and fishes own

His Godhead and his power.
6 The waves lay spread beneath his feet;

And fish, at his command,
Bring their large shoals to Peter's net,

Bring tribute to his hand.
7 These lesser glories of the Son,

Shone through the fleshly cloud;
Now we behold him on his throne,

And men confess him God.

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