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Saturday Evening. (P. M.)
NAFELY, through another week,

God has brought us on our way ;
Let us now a blessing seek
On th' approaching sabbath-day :
Day of all the week the best,

Emblem of eternal rest.
2 When the morn shall bid us rise,

May we feel thy presence near!
May thy glory meet our eyes,
When we in thy house appear!
There afford us, Lord, a taste

Of our everlasting feast.
3 May thy gospel's joyful sound

Conquer sinners, comfort saints;
Make the fruits of grace abound,
Bring relief for all complaints :

all our sabbaths prove,
Till we join the church above!

30. Family Religion. (L. M.)

HERE'ER the Lord shall build my house,

An altar to his name I'll raise; There morn and ev'ning shall ascend

The sacrifice of pray'r and praise.
2 With duteous mind the social band

Shall search the records of thy law;
There learn thy will, and humbly bow
With filial reverence and awe.

3 If num'rous blessings of the earth,
Indulgent providence afford,
With warm united hearts we'll pay
Our grateful tribute to the Lord.
4 Here may he fix his sacred seat,

And spread the banner of his love;
Till, ripen'd for a happier state,
We meet th' assembled church above.

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A Psalm before Sermon. (S. M.)
COME, sound his praise abroad,

Jehovah is the sov'reign God,

The universal King.
2 He form'd the deeps unknown;

gave the seas their bound;
The watry worlds are all his own,

And all the solid ground.
3 Come, worship at his throne;

Come, bow before the Lord :
We are his works, and not our own;

He form'd us by his word.
4 To-day attend his voice,

Nor dare provoke his rod;
Come, like the people of his choice,

And own your gracious God.

5 But if your ears refuse

The language of his grace,
And hearts grow hard, like stubborn Jews,

That unbelieving race;
6 The Lord, in vengeance drest,

Will lift his hand and swear,
“ You that despise my promis'd rest,

“ Shall have no portion there." 32. A Blessing implored. (C. M.) 1 NW may the Spirits

, holy fire,
Descending from above,
His waiting family inspire,

With joy, and peace, and love!
2 Wake, heavenly wind, arise, and come,

Blow on the drooping field;
Our spices then shall breath perfume,

And fragrant incence yield.
3 Touch with a living coal the lip

That shall proclaim thy word ;
And bid us all devoutly keep

Attention to the Lord.

33. Waiting for Divine Unction. (P. M.)


SOURCE of light and power divine,
Lord, behold thy servant stands,
Lo, to thee he lifts his hands :
Satisfy his soul's desire,
Touch his lips with holy fire !
Source of light and power divine,
Deign upon thy truth to shine.

2 Breath thy Spirit, so shall fall

Unction sweet upon us all;
Till, by odours scatter'd round,
Christ himself be traced and found;
Then shall every raptur'd heart,
Rich in peace and joy, depart:
Source of light and power divine,
Deign upon thy truth to shine.


34. Before hearing the Word. (P.M.)

E that in his courts are found,

Lisť’ning to the gospel sonnd,
Lost and helpless as ye are,
Sons of sorrow, sin, and care,
Glorify the King of kings,

Take the peace the gospel brings.
2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes,

View his bloody sacrifice;
See in him your sins forgiven,
Pardon, holiness, and heaven :
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the peace the gospel brings.


A Blessing requested. (P. M.) 1 COME, thou soul-transforming Spirit,

Bless the sower and the seed :
Let each heart thy grace inherit,
Raise the weak, the hungry feed;

From the gospel,
Now supply thy people's need,


2 Help us all to ask the blessing,

Which thou waitest now to give :
May we all, thy love possessing,
Joyfully the truth receive,

And for ever
To thy praise and glory live.
3 Then, whene'er the signal's given,

Us from earth to call away,
Borne on angel's wings to heaven,
Glad the summons to obey,

May we ever
Reign with Christ in endless day.

36. A Blessing implored. (C. M.)
1 not heard,

Once and again, thy voice;
And has not conscience sometimes fear'd,

And piero'd us with its cries?
2 Once and again we had a place

Beneath thy gospel's sound,
What dying beds, what opening graves,

Have we been call'd around.
3 Have not thy Spirit's gentle gales

Whisper'd within our ears?
Have not thy thunder's warning peals

Awak'd our drowsy fears?
4 Blest Saviour! let thy powerful grace

Bid thoughtless sinners live;
And what thy word and rod require,

Let thy free Spirit give.


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