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3 Thy mercies, to my heart reveald,

A theme of endless transport yield;
Thy love does all my bosom fire,

Thy praise does all my song inspire.
4 In all our cares, in all our woes,

On God our steadfast hopes repose :
To God our thanks shall still be paid,
Our sure defence, our constant aid.

In mercy

23. The Promise pleaded. (C.M.)
1 THY gracions promise, Lord, we plead,

hear our cry:
Thine eye beholds our ev'ry need, -

Thy bounty will supply.
2 Where two or three are met to hear

The message of thy word;
And pour their spirits out in prayer,

Before their Sov'reign Lord :
3 There thou thy servants, Lord, wilt own,

And manifest thy grace;
And there would we approach thy throne,

And seek our Saviour's face.
4 How amiable thy courts appear,

To our enraptur'd sight;
We love the place where Christ is near,

His temple's our delight.
5 Thy power and glory there we see,

'Tis there our strength's renew'd ;
Our burden'd spirit's there set free,

Our fainting soul finds food.

6 When envy would impel a sigh,

And urge the murm'ring word;
There we the sinner's end descry,

And bow before the Lord.
7 Within thy house a place and name,

My Saviour, grant to me;
This, as my heritage I'd claim,

For there I meet with thee. 24.

Gratitude, and Prayer. (P.M.) 1 WHAT

HAT favour, Lord, that we should meet

With saints around thy mercy-seat,

And love the house of pray'r ! What once was weariness and pain, Is now our choice, delight, and gain,

The solace of our care! 2 O let returning sabbaths be A sign between our souls and thee,

Of mercy, love, and peace : This one desire we'll seek with zeal, Within thy earthly courts to dwell, Until we see thy face !

25. Grateful Morning Worship. (C. M.)
1 LORD of my life, 0 may thy praise

Employ my noblest powers,
Whose goodness lengthens out my days,

And fills the circling hours.
2 Preserv'd by thine Almighty arm,

I pass'd the shades of night,
Serene, and safe from every harm,
And see returning light.

3 While many spent the night in sighs,

And restless pains and woes;
In gentle sleep I clos'd mine eyes,

And undisturb'd repose. 4 When sleep, death's'semblance, o'er me spread,

And I unconscious lay,
Thy watchful care was round my bed,

To guard my feeble clay.
5 O let the same Almighty care,

My waking hours attend ;
From every danger, every snare,

My heedless steps defend.
6 Smile on my minutes as they roll,

And guide my future days ;
And let thy goodness fill my soul

With gratitude and praise.


An Evening Hymn. (C. M.)
HOU unexhausted mine of bliss,

From whence all comforts flow,
Inspire us with that perfect peace,

Which only Christians know. 2 The curtains of thy love extend

Around our calm abode :
As we began, so may we end

Our every day with God.
3 Our lives unhurt, thy hand hath kept;

Accept the praise we pay,
For all the dangers we escap'd,

And mercies of the day,

4 Far, far away the tempter chase,

Our souls from terror keep;
Let angels keep this hallow'd place,

And guard us when we sleep. 5 Prepare us for the bed of death,

The way our fathers trod,
That, when we yield our latest breath,

We may be found with God.


An Evening Hymn. (L. M.)
REAT God, to thee my evening song



O let thy mercy tune my tongue,

And fill my heart with lively praise. 2 My days unclouded, as they pass,

And every gentle rolling hour,
Are monuments of wond'rous grace,

And witness to thy love and power. 3 And yet this thoughtless, wretched heart,

Too oft regardless of thy love,
Ungrateful can from thee depart,

And, fond of trifles, vainly rové.
4 When calm reflection finds a place,

How vile this wretched heart appears!
O let thy all-subduing grace

Melt it in penitential tears.
5 Seal my forgiveness in the blood

Of Jesus ; his dear name alone
I plead for pardon, gracious God,
And kind acceptance at thy throne.

6 Let this blest hope mine eye-lids close,

With sleep refresh my feeble frame;
Safe in thy care may I repose,
And wake with praises to thy name.

1 GB


Evening. (P.M.)
MOD of love, whose truth and grace

Reach unbounded as the skies,
Hear thy creature's feeble praise;

Let my evening sacrifice,
Mount, as incense, to thy throne,

On the merits of thy Son.
2 Me, thy providence has led,

Through another busy day;
Over me thy wings were spread,

Chasing sin and death away;
Thou hast been my faithful shield,

Thou my footsteps hast upheld.
3 Though the sable veil of night,

Hides the cheering ray of heaven,
Let me triumph in the sight,

Of my guilt in thee forgiven:
In my heart the witness feel,

See the great invisible.
4 I will lay me down to sleep,

Sweetly take my rest in thee;
Every moment brought a step

Nearer to eternity :
I shall soon from earth ascend
Quickly to my journey's end.

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