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3 O enter then his temple gate,

Thence to his courts devoutly press ;
And still your grateful hymns repeat,
And still his name with praises bless.

4 For he's the Lord, supremely good,

is for ever sure ;
His truth, which always firmly stood, -
To endless ages shall endure.

16. Sincere Worship. (S. M.)

How wond'rous is thy name!
Thy glories how diffus'd abroad

Through the creation's frame ! 2 Nature, in every dress,

Her humble homage pays,
And finds a thousand ways t'express

Thine undissembled praise.
3 My soul would rise and sing,

To her Creator too;
Fain would my tongue adore my King,

And pay the worship due.


soul anew, Else all my worship's vain; This wretched heart will ne'er be true,

Until 'tis form'd again.
5 Let joy and worship spend

The remnant of my days,
And to my God my soul ascend

In sweet perfumes of praise.

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17. At the Opening of Worship. (P. M.)

ORD, we come before thee now,

At thy feet we humbly bow;
O do not our suit disdain;
Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain ?
2 Lord, on thee our souls depend,

In compassion now descend;
Fill our hearts with thy rich grace,

Tune our lips to sing thy praise !
3 Send some message from thy word,
That may joy and peace afford ;
Let thy Spirit now impart
Full salvation to each heart.
4 Comfort those who weep and mourn,

Let the time of joy return;
Those who are cast down, lift up,

Make them strong in faith and hope.
5 Grant that those who seek, may find
Thee a gracious God and kind;
Heal the sick, the captive free,
Let us all rejoice in thee,


Glory to God. (L. M.)
ILORY be to God on high! Hallelujah !*

God, whose glory fills the sky;
Lift your voice, ye people all,
Praise the God on whom ye call.

* To be sung with, or without the Hallelujali,

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2 God his soy'reign sway maintains;

King o'er all the earth he reigns :
All to him lift up their eye;

He does every want supply.
3 Sons of earth, the triumph join,

Praise him with the host divine;
Emulate the heav'nly powers,

Their all-gracious God is ours. 4 Happy who his laws obey !

Them he rules with milder sway;
Pure and holy hearts alone,

Shall in heaven surround his throne. 5 Him, whose joy is to restore,

Him, let all our hearts adore :
Earth and heaven repeat the cry,

Glory be to God on high.”


19. For the Divine Presence. (C. M.)

Psalm 140. 13. 1 YOME, thou desire of all thy saints,

Our feeble strains attend,
While, with our praises and complaints,

Low at thy feet we bend. 2 How should our songs, like those above,

With warm devotion rise!
How should our souls, on wings of love,

Mount upwards to the skies!
3 Come, Lord, thy love alone can raise

In us the heav'nly flame;
Then shall our lips resound thy praise,

Our hearts adore thy name.

4 Dear Saviour, let thy glory shine,

And fill thy dwelling here,
Till life, and love, and joy divine, -

A heaven on earth appear. 20.

Praise to God. (P. M.)
SING Hallelujah ! praise the Lord !

Sing with a cheerful voice;
Exalt our God with one accord,

And in his name rejoice;
Ne'er cease to sing, thou ransom'd host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Until in realms of endless light,

Your praises shall unite.
2 There we to all eternity

Shall join th' angelic lays ;
And sing in perfect harmony,

To God our Saviour's praise:
He hath redeem'd us by his blood,
Hath made us kings and priests to God :

for us the Lamb was slain,


the Lord. Amen.
21. Delight in Public Worship. (L. M.)
How lovely, how divinely sweet,

O Lord, thy sacred courts appear!
Pain would my longing passions meet
The glories of thy presence there.
20 bless the men, bless their employ,
Whom thy indulgent favours raise,
To dwell in these abodes of joy,
And sing thy never-ceasing praise.

For us,

3 Happy the men, whom strength divine,

With ardent love, and zeal inspires ;
Whose steps to thy blest way incline,

With willing hearts, and warm desires. 4 One day within thy sacred gate,

Affords more real joy to me,
Than thousands in the tents of state :

The meanest place is bliss with thee. 5 God is a sun; our brightest day

From his reviving presence flows:
God is a shield, thro' all the way,

To guard us from surrounding foes.
6 He pours the kindest blessings down,

Profusely down, on souls sincere;
And grace shall guide, and glory crown,

The happy fav'rites of his care.
7 O Lord of hosts, thou God of grace,

How blest, divinely blest is he,
Who trusts thy love, and seeks thy face,
And fixes all his hopes in thee.

22. The Pleasures of Divine Worship. (L.M.)
OD of my strength! to thee I cry,

To Thee, my surest refuge, fly:
O may thy light attend my way,

Thy truth afford its cheering ray! 2 Conduct me to thy hallow'd seat,

Where wisdom, truth, and mercy meet;
And then, in all its blest array,
My heart its richest gifts shall pay.

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