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lated. The soft warbler, who fills up a vacancy of thought with a tune, in which the fucceffon of words gives no idea but that of a succeffion of sounds, will here be much disappointed in meeting with the names of Prior, Congreve and Landsdown, instead of Arne, Brent and Tenducci. The midnight roarer of coarse jest and obscenity will be still farther out of bis element. But to those who are enamoured with that sacred art, which beyond every other elevates and refines the foul,to whom the sprightly lyre of Horace and Anacreon, and the melting music of Sappho still found, though ages have passed

since they vibrated on the ear, I will venture to promise a source of enjoyment, from the works of those great masters whose names adorn this collection, which I hope they will not think too dearly purchased by the perusal of such introductory matter as is submitted to their candid exomination.


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H! Chloris, could I now but sit

Ah! the shepherd's mournful fate
Ah! why must words my flame reveal
Alexis Thunn'd his fellow fwains
All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd
All my past life is mine no more
An amorous swain to Juno pray'd
As Amoret with Phyllis sat
As Ariana young and fair
As near a weeping spring reclin’d:
As on a summer's day
As the snow in vallies lying
At Cynthia's feet I pray'd, I wept
Away, let nought to love displeasing

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YAN love be contrould by advice

Celia, hoard thy charms no more
Celia, too late you would repent
Chloe brisk and gay appears
Chloe's the wonder of her sex
Chloris, yourself you so excel
Come all ye youths whose hearts e'er bled
Come here fond youth, whoe'er thou be
Come littie infant love me now
Come shepherds we'll follow the hearse
Corinna cost me many a prayer
Cupid instruct an amorous swain
Cynthia frowns whene'er I woo her

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227 233 215


AMON if you will believe me

D Daphnis Food Penfive in the shade


174 224

Dear Chloe while thus beyond measure
Dear Colin prevent my warm blushes
Despairing befide a clear stream



VAIR Amoret is gone astray

Fair and foft and gay and young
Far in the windings of a vale
Fly, thoughtless youth, th’ enchantress fly
For ever, Fortune, wilt thou prove
From all uneasy paffions free
From place to place forlorn I go

217 159

81 148 171 147 158



ENTLE air, thou breath of lovers
Good madam, when ladies are willing

225 Go

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I for the quick fpirit of your eye


247 119 218

F ever thou didst joy to bind

If the quick spirit of your eye
If wine and music have the power
In Chloris all soft charms agree
In vain, dear Chloe, you suggest
În vain, fond youth, thy tears give o'er
In vain you tell your parting lover
I tell thee, Charmion, could I time retriever
It is not, Celia, in our power
It was a Friar of orders gray

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ATE when love I seem'd to Night

Let not love on me bestow Let the ambitious favour find Love and Folly were at play Love's a dream of mighty treasure Love's but the frailty of the mind

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MMortals, learn your lives to meafure

ISTAKEN fair, lay Sherlock by

Mortals, learn your lives to measure
My banks they are furnish'd with bees
My dear mistress has a heart
My love was fickle once and changing

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'ER moorlands and mountains rude barren and bare 89 Of Leinster fam'd for maidens fair

55 Oft on the troubled ocean's face

147 Oh turn away those cruel eyes

2.40 On a bank beside a willow

152 O Nancy wilt thou go with me

178 On Belvidera's bosom lying

209 One morning very early, one morning in the spring


REPAR’D to rail, resolv’d to part

150 259

P Purfuing beauty' men delery
S-say, myra, why?is gentle Love

AY, lovely dream, where couldst thou find

Say, Myra, why is gentle Love
Say not, Olinda, I despise
She loves and the confesses too
Should some perverse malignant star
Stella and Flávia every hour
Strephon has fashion, wit and youth
Strephon, when you see me fly
Swain, thy hopeless passion (mother

251 214 173 255 271 260 267 131 232

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ELL me no more I am deceiv'd

Tell me not I my time mispend
Tell my Strephon that I die
The Graces and the wand'ring Loves
The heavy hours are almost past

235 169 197 250 118 The

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