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How could you promise love to me,

And not that promise keep?
Why did you swear mine eyes were bright,

Yet leave those eyes to weep

How could you say my lips were sweet,

And made the scarlet pale ?
And why did I, young witless maid,

Believe the flatt’ring tale ?

That face, alas ! no more is fair,

Those lips no longer red;
Dark are mine eyes now clos’d in death,

And ev'ry charm is fled.

The hungry worm my fifter is,

This winding sheet I wear,
And cold and weary lasts our night

Till that last morn appear.

But hark! the cock has warn'd me hence,

A long and last adieu !
Come see, false man, how low she lies
That died for love of you,


Now birds did fing, and morning smile

And shew her glift'ring head;
Pale William fhook in every limb,

And raving left his bed.

He hied him to the fatal place

Where MARG'Rer's body lay,
And stretch'd him on the green grass turf

That wrapp'd her breathless clay.

And thrice he callid on MARG'ret's name,

And thrice he wept full sore;
Then laid his cheek to the cold earth,
And word spake never more.


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WAS when the seas were roaring

With hollow blafts of wind, A damsel lay deploring,

All on a rock reclin'd:
Wide o'er the foaming billows

She cast a wishful look,
Her head was crown'd with willows
That trembled o'er the brook.


Twelve months are gone

and And nine long tedious days; Why didst thou, vent'rous lover,

Why didst thou trust the seas?
Cease, cease, thou cruel ocean

And let a lover rest;
Ah! what's thy troubled motion

To that within my breast ?

The merchant robb’d of treasure

Views tempefts in despair; But what's the loss of treasure

To the losing of my dear?
Should you fome coast be laid on

Where gold and diamonds grow,
You'll find a richer maiden,
But none that loves



How can they say that Nature

Has nothing made in vain ; Why then beneath the water

Do bideous rocks remain ? No eyes

those rocks discover, That lurk beneath the deep, To wreck the wand'ring lover

And leave the maid to weep.


All melancholy lying

Thus wail'd she for her dear,
Repaid each blast with sighing,

Each billow with a tear ;
When o'er the white waves stooping,

His floating corps she 'spied ;
Then like a lily drooping

She bow'd her head and died.


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LL in the Downs the fleet was moor’d,

The streamers waving in the wind,
When black-eyed Susan came on board,

O where shall I my true love find?
Tell me, ye jovial failors, tell me true
If my sweet William fails among your crew?

WILLIAM, who high upon the yard
Rock'd by the billows to and fro,
Soon as her well-known voice he heard,

He figh'd and cast his eyes below;
The cord glides swiftly thro' his glowing hands,
And quick as lightning on the deck he stands.


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So the sweet lark high pois'd in air
Shuts close his pinions to his breaft,
If chance his mate's shrill call he hear,

And drops at once into her neft.
The noblest captain in the British fleet
Might envy WILLIAM's lips those kisses sweet.

O SUSAN, SUSAN, lovely dear,
My vows shall ever true remain ;
Let me kiss off that falling tear,

We only part to meet again.
Change as ye list ye winds, my heart shall be
The faithful compass that still points to thee.

Believe not what the landmen say,
Who tempt with doubts thy constant mind,
They'll tell thee, failors when away

At every port a mistress find.
Yes, yes, believe them when they tell thee fo,
For thou art present wherefoe'er I go.

If to fair India's coast we fail,
Thy eyes are seen in diamonds brighton
Thy breath is Africk's spicy gale,

Thy skin is ivory fo white;

beauteous object that I view,
Wakes in my soul some charm of lovely Sue.



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