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ET the ambitious favour find

In courts and empty noise, Whilst greater love does fill mind

With filent real joys.


Let fools and knaves


rich and great And the world think 'em wise, Whilft I lie dying at her feet,

And all that world despise.

Let conquering kings new trophies raise,

And melt in court delights,
Her eyes can give me brighter days,

Her arms much softer nights.



ROM all uneasy passions free,

Revenge, ambition, jealousy,
Contented, I had been too bleft
If love and you had let me rest:
Yet that dull life I now defpise;

Safe from your eyes
I fear'd no griefs, but then I found no joys.

Such pangs

Amidst a thousand kind desires
Which beauty moves, and love inspires,

I feel of tender fear,
No heart so soft as mine cap bear.
Yet I'll defy the worst of harms,

Such are your charms, 'Tis worth a life to die within your arms.


OFT on the troubled ocean's face

FT on the troubled ocean's face

Loud stormy winds arise; The murmurings furges (well apace,

And clouds obscure the skies,

[blocks in formation]

But when the tempeft's rage is o’er,

Soft breezes smooth the main ;
The billows cease to larh the shore,

And all is calm again.

Not so in fond and amorous souls

If tyrant love once reigns,
There one eternal tempeft rolls

And yields unceasing pains.


TLY, thoughtless youth, th' enchantress fly !*

To other climes direct thy way ;
Let honours plume attract thine eye,

Nor wafte in indolence the day :
She nor regards thy fighs or tears,

She triumphs in thy jealous fears,
And would rejoice to blast the blossom of thy years.


* This piece is taken from a late publication entitled Sentimental Tales, in which the loves of CATULLUS and LESBIA are formed into a fi&titious story, intermixed with several poetical transations and imitations from Catullus's Works.--This however seems entirely original,

Yet yonder myrtle’s. fragrant shade,

Where sparkling winds the crystal rill,
Has seen this false, this cruel maid,

Fond as her wanton lover's will:
Has seen thee on her breast reclin'd,

Has seen her arms around thee twin'd,
While with caresses fweet she woo'd thee to be kind.

But since no more th' inconftant fair

Will listen to thy tender vow,
Let nobler objects claim thy care,

And bid the faithless maid adieu.
Adieu, false beauty! hence no more

CATULLUS will thy smile implore,
To fun thy hated charms he seeks a foreign shore.

Him thou wilt mourn, when sure decay

Shall rob that form of every grace ;
And for each charm it steals away,

Shall add a wrinkle to that face:
No lover then for thee will figh,

Or read the glances of thine eye,
Or on thy once lov'd breast in amorous transports die.

Alas CATULLUS! you in vain
Would spurn imperial beauty's sway ;

K 3


Faft bound in Venus' magic chain,

Soon will each rebel wish decay :
Ev'n now, should Lesbia hither move

In her accustom'd looks of love,
How weak, how feeble all thy strong resolves would prove.


REPAR’D to rail, resolved to part,

When I approach the perjur'd maid What is it awes my timorous heart?

Why is my tongue afraid ?


With the least glance a little kind

Such wond'rous power have Myra's charms, She calms my doubts, enslaves my mind,

And all my rage disarms.

Forgetful of her broken vows

When gazing on that form divine, Her injur'd vassal trembling bows,

Nor dares her ilave repine.


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