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Translated from the French by H. Van Laun

One of the Masters at the Edinburgh Academy




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V. Women-Desdemona, Virginia, Juliet, Miranda,

Imogen, Cordelia, Ophelia, Volumnia-How
Shakspeare represents love-Why he bases virtue

on instinct or passion
VII. Villains-—Iago, Richard III.--How excessive lusts

and the lack of conscience are the natural pro-

vince of the impassioned imagination
VIII. Principal characters - Excess and disease of the

imagination-Lear, Othello, Cleopatra, Corio-
lanus, Macbeth, Hamlet—Comparison of Shak-
speare's psychology with that of the French

tragic authors

IX. Fancy–Agreement of imagination with observation

in Shakspeare-Interesting nature of sentimental

and romantic comedy-As you like it-Idea of

existence—Midsummer Night's Dream—Idea of

love_Harmony of all parts of the work-

Harmony between the artist and his work



L Vices of the Pagan RenaissanceDecay of the

Southern civilisations

n. The Reformation-Aptitude of the Germanic races,

and suitability of Northern climates-Albert
Durer's bodies and souls-His martyrdoms and
last judgments-Luther-His idea of justice-
Construction of Protestantism-Crisis of the
conscience-Renewal of heart- Suppression of

ceremonies Transformation of the clergy

OIL Reformation in England - Tyranny of the ecclesias-

tical courts-Disorders of the clergy—Irritation

of the people—The interior of a diocese-Perso

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