Boxing's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Champs, Chumps, and Punch-Drunk Palookas

Potomac Books Incorporated, 1 . 2003 . - : 288
The Most Wanted series puts on the gloves and steps inside the squared circle to chronicle the best and worst of the pugilistic world plus everything in between. Authors David L. Hudson, Jr., and Mike Fitzgerald, Jr., answer the bell with fifty top-ten lists of famous fighters, fantastic finishes, oddball occurrences, and yes, even the punch-drunk palookas that padded the stats of some of the sports top stars. Youll read about the greatest fight trilogies, the biggest upsets, the famous families, and the real-life boxing personalities who appeared in the movie reels. Youll even read dueling lists about boxers with prison backgrounds and those who had a second career on the right side of the law.

Which all-time middleweight great, who set a record with fifteen successive title defenses, lost his debut bout at the light-heavyweight level? Whom did Muhammad Ali dub "Dracula" because of his missing front teeth? Which prolific puncher scared some opponents so badly that after they showed up at the weigh-in, they chickened out of the fight itself? Youll find these tidbits and hundreds of others in Boxing's Most Wanted. Whether youre a new fan or a longtime student of the sport, youll find something in this book to amuse and amaze you. You dont have to skip rope or chug raw eggs to get inside a boxing ring anymore, Hudson and Fitzgerald take you there to absorb all the jabs, roundhouses, and kayoes you can handle.




MIKE FITZGERALD has worked more than three hundred bouts as a licensed professional boxing judge, including numerous world title fights abroad. He is the author of five previous books on boxing, including The Ageless Warrior: The Life of Boxing Legend Archie Moore (Sports Publishing, 2004). He lives in Janesville, Wisconsin.

David L. Hudson, Jr. has written and cowritten more than thirty books, including Horse Racings Most Wanted, Boxings Most Wanted, Mixed Martial Arts Most Wanted, Basketballs Most Wanted II and Basketball Championships Most Wanted. He resides in the middle Tennessee area with his wife, Carla.