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of your instructor and guide, and under the influence of the same spirit, may bear an honourable testimony to the nature and worth of vital religion. I am, be assured, with the highest esteem and affection,

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Ir any apology be deemed needful in presenting to the public another volume connected with Mr. Richmond's name and memory, we might refer to the lively interest with which the productions of his pen have ever been received, and the frequent demand made for more of his correspondence. It must be remembered that the letters now published were not intended to be read by any one beyond the circle of his own family, and they are not introduced on the present occasion as specimens of extraordinary talent and composition, but with a view to exhibit the unwearied efforts of a Christian father in the education of his children, and to encourage those who are engaged in the same pursuit to hope to the end, while they diligently persevere in the use of means, since they may here contemplate another proof that God is faithful to his promise-" Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

It has not been the design of the Editor to censure others, who may adopt a mode of education somewhat different, or to claim for his friend or himself an exclusive right to dictate to the Church of God. Mr. R. had, in some respects, his peculiarities, and men must judge for themselves as to their imitation of them; but there can be no mistake in earnestly recommending to their regard his zeal and love-his devout and heavenly spirit—his consistent and firm preference of eternal to temporal advantages, and the evident blessing of God, which crowned with success his method of instructing his family. May the same divine blessing accompany the present humble attempt to promote the glory of God and the spiritual good of men,

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