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Superintendent of construction.

Bond of con· tractor.

Estimates of work.

examine all such bids, and award such contract to the lowest and most responsible bidder.

SEC. 8. Immediately upon the awarding of the contract the board shall appoint a competent, practical builder as superintendent of construction, whose duty it shall be to see that the plans and specifications adopted by the board are faithfully carried out by the contractor. And it is hereby made the duty of the superintendent to see that the material used in the construction of, and work done, upon said building, shall in all respects conform to the plans and specifications. It shall be the duty of the superintendent to make and return to the board monthly estimates of the work done, which statement shall be sworn to. The superintendent shall be allowed not exceeding four dollars per day so employed.

SEC. 9. The contractor before entering upon the execution of the contract shall execute a bond to the State of Nebraska, in the penal sum of sixty thousand dollars, with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved by the board, conditioned for the faithful performance of the contract in all respects.

SEC. 10. During the progress of the construction of said building, the superintendent shall make out and file with the board his estimates of the work done and material furnished by the contractor, and the board shall, after an examination of said estimate, certify to the auditor the amount due the contractor, who shall draw his warrant in favor of the contractor for eightyfive (85) per cent of the amount certified to by the board, and when the contract is completed, and his final estimate made, the board shall certify this fact to the auditor, who shall draw his warrant for the balance due the contractor.

school acts

SEC. 11. The superintendent of said reform school supt. Reform is hereby qualified to act with said board in all matters with board. pertaining to the location and arrangement of said improvements, and see that the work is faithfully performed during the absence of the board.


SEC. 12. The auditor of public accounts is hereby Drawing of authorized to draw his warrant on the state treasurer for any amount not exceeding the amounts specified in the several sections of this act, on the funds specified, whenever the proper vouchers, approved by the board of public lands and buildings, are presented to him for payment. Provided, That one-fourth of a mill One quarter tax upon the valuation of all the taxable property of the state, is hereby authorized to be levied for the purpose of raising the money hereby appropriated, and the money thus raised and paid into the state treasury shall be by said treasurer transferred to the general fund.

Approved February 23, A.D. 1883.

mill tax.


AN ACT to amend sections one, two, five, seven, and nine, of chap

ter "76" of the Compiled Statutes of Nebraska, 1881, entitled, Registration of voters," and to repeal section "8" thereof.


Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Nebraska:

SECTION 1. That section one of chapter "76" of the Compiled Statutes, entitled "Registration of voters," be and is hereby so amended as to read as follows, to-wit:

SECTION 1. That in cities of the first-class and in Appointment of registrar. those cities mentioned in section twenty of said chap- Fees.

Registrar's books.

ter there shall be appointed by the mayor (subject to confirmation by the city council) from among the legal voters of such city one registrar for each voting ward, or precinct, or polling place therein, whose duty it shall be to register the names of all persons who shall claim to be entitled to the elective franchise, resident within each voting ward, or precinct, in such cities, in manner herein prescribed, and the said registrar shall receive for his services a sum not exceeding seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per year. Each officer of registration shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, take and subscribe the usual oath of office prescribed for state officers, and subscribe the same in the book of registration for his election district.

SEC. 2. That section two of said chapter "76" be so amended as to read as follows:

SEC. 2. "Registrar's Books." That the city council of such cities shall cause to be prepared books of registration of names and facts required by this act, said books to be furnished by said city council to each registrar of such city provided for in the first section of this act, the expense thereof to be paid by the city in which such voting districts may be situated; said books shall be so arranged as to admit of alphabetical classification of the names, and ruled in parallel columns, on which shall be entered: First. The name of the person registered. Second. Sworn. Third. His age. Fourth. The place of his birth. Fifth. The time of his residence in the district, county, and state. Sixth. If naturalized, the date of his papers, and the court by which issued. Seventh. His qualifications. Eighth. Qualified voter. The place of the residence of the registered voter in the ward or polling district shall be designated by the number of the street if the place of his residence have a number, if not numbered,

then such a description of the place as will best identify his residence.

SEC. 3. That section 5 of said chapter "76" be so amended as to read as follows:


SEC. 5. "Alien born citizens." The officer of regis- Alien born cititration shall not allow the name of any foreign born citizen or resident to be entered in said eighth column or register of qualified voters unless his papers be produced and exhibited to such officer, or shall prove by his own oath or otherwise to the satisfaction of such officer that he is entitled to the elective franchise and to be registered as a qualified voter, whereupon said registrar shall enter in the sixth column the facts required in the third section of this act.

SEC. 4. That section seven of said chapter "76" be so amended as to read as follows, to-wit:

time, place.

SEC. 7. ("Registration-Time-Place.") It shall be Registration, the duty of said officer of registration to sit at some convenient place in the voting district for which he is appointed for the purpose of registration, as follows: He shall open his books for registration ten days prior to the day of election, and shall sit each day thereafter until 12 M. of the day preceding the day of election, and shall each day open his books for registration at eleven o'clock A.M., and keep them open until seven o'clock P.M., and shall give notice of the time and place of sitting, at least seven days before the day of sitting, by publication in some newspaper published in the city in which such registration is to be made, and in case of making a change in the place of sitting, he shall at once publish, in manner and form aforesaid, at least three days before sitting, notice of such change as herein prescribed, said notice and publication to be paid for by the proper city.

Lists, publication, correc

SEC. 5. That section "9" of said chapter "76" be so amended as to read as follows:

SEC. 9. (Lists-Publication-Correction-Delivery.) tion, delivery. It shall be the duty of said officer of registration, at least four days prior to each and every election held in such city, to make or cause to be made a certified list of all the names of persons duly registered by him as qualified voters in his election district, and cause the same to be written or printed and made public by posting the same in at least three public places in his said election district, where said registration has been made, and publish the same in some newspaper to be selected by the council of such city in which registration has been made, accompanying said list with a notice for all persons interested to appear before him at the place and during the hours of registration of the days of sitting thereafter, to make additions, to correct any omissions, to strike off any name that is not entitled to the elective franchise, or other errors in said list, and shall daily thereafter, and up to the time of closing said registration as provided in section "7" of this act, publish as aforesaid all such additions and omissions, and at which time the list of qualified voters shall be closed, and two copies of said corrected list or register of voters shall be made, and one copy thereof shall be deposited by the officer of registration with the county clerk of the county in which said registration is made, on or before the day of election, and the other copy shall be delivered to the judges of election for his said election district, with the place of residence of each registered voter in which said registration has been made, including the place of residence of the registered voter opposite his name. The county clerk shall file the list that is delivered to him, and preserve the same with the records in his office, subject to examination as other public records.

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