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Rights and privileges preserved.

poration, or any one for its benefit, is a party; and such interest in any such contract shall avoid the obligation thereof on the part of such corporation; nor shall any officer receive any pay or perquisites from the city other than his salary as provided by ordinance and this chapter; and the city council shall not pay or appropriate any money or other valuable thing to any person not an officer, for the performance of any act, service, or duty, the doing or performance of which shall come within the proper scope of the duties of any officer of such corporation, unless the same is specially appropriated and ordered by a vote of threefourths of all the members elected to the council.

SEC. 50. All rights and privileges which have accrued to any city or town, held by any officer of such corporation, under or by virtue of any act of the legislature of the territory or state of Nebraska, or any act of the Congress of the United States, before the taking effect of this act, are hereby preserved to such persons, cities, or towns; and when any such city or town shall be incorporated under the provisions of this act, all its said trusts, rights and privileges shall be transmitted to and be vested in such latter corporation, and all actions heretofore commenced by or against any city or town which shall be or become a city of the second class under the provisions of this act shall be in no manner affected by this act, but all such actions shall be continued to final judgment and satisfaction as if this act had not been passed.

Sec. 51. The style of all ordinances shall be: "Be it ordained by the mayor and council of the city of

;" and all ordinances of a general nature shal), within one month after they are passed, be published in some newspaper published within the city, or in pamphlet form, to be distributed or sold as may be pro


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., 94.

vided by ordinance; and every ordinance fixing a penalty or forfeiture for its violation shall, before the same takes effect, be published for at least one week in the manner above prescribed; Provided, howerer, That in case of riot, infectious or contagious diseases, or other impending danger or any other emergency requiring its immediate operation, such ordinance shall take effect upon the proclamation of the mayor, immediately upon its first publication as above provided.

SEC. 52. In addition to the powers heretofore Additional granted cities under the provisions of this chapter, 9 Neb., 360. each city may enact ordinances or by-laws for the following purposes:

I. To levy taxes for general revenue purposes, not General taxes. to exceed ten mills on the dollar in any one year, on 11 Neb. 7. all property within the limits of said cities, taxable according to the laws of the state of Nebraska, the valuation of such property to be ascertained from the books or assessment rolls of the assessors of the proper precinct or township. · II. To levy any other tax or special assessment au- Special assessthorized by law. III. To provide for the grading and repairs of any streets, sewers,

bridges. street, avenue, or alley, and the construction of bridges, 5 Neb., 144. culverts, and sewers, and shall defray the repairs ofNeb. 27; the same out of the general fund of such city, not ex-9 Neb., 360. ceeding two mills of the levy for general purposes; but no street shall be graded except the same be ordered to be done by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the city council.

IV. To construct side-walks, sewers, and drains; to Streets, curb, pave, gravel, macadamize, and gutter any high-, Neb., 452. way or alley therein, and to levy a special tax on the 9 Neb., 360. lots and parcels of land fronting on such highway or alley, to pay the expense of such improvement. But


5 Neb., 452.

7 Neb., 272. 9

sidewalks, 5 7 , 272.

Repair sidewalks.

Temporary sidewalks.

Special assess-
how made.

unless a majority of the resident owners of the property subject to assessment for such improvement petition the council to make the same, such improvement shall not be made until three-fourths of all the members of such council shall, by vote, assent to the making of the same.

V. To repair side-walks, and to assess the expense thereof on the property in front of which such repairs are made.

VI. To provide for the laying of temporary plank side walks upon the natural surface of the ground, without regard to grade, on streets not permanently improved, and to provide for the assessment of the cost thereof on the property in front of which the same shall be laid,

VII. Assessments made under the last three preceding subdivisions of this section shall be made and assessed in the following manner:

First. Such assessment shall be made by the council at a special meeting, by a resolution fixing the valuation of such lots assessed, taking into account the benefits derived or injuries sustained in consequence of such contemplated. improvements and the amount charged against the same, which, with the vote thereon by yeas and nays, shall be spread at length upon the minutes. Notice of the time of holding such meeting, and the purpose for which it is to be held, shall be published in some newspaper published or of general circulation in said city, at least four weeks before the same shall be held, or in lieu thereof personal service may be had upon persons owning or occupying property to be assessed. Second. All such assessments shall be known as “special assessments for improvements," and shall be levied and collected as a separate tax, in addition to the taxes for general revenue purposes, to be placed on the tax

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roll for collection, subject to the same penalties and collected in like manner as other city taxes.

VIII. To raise revenue by levying and collecting Business a license tax on any occupation or business within the Nebe, 312; 512. limits of the city, and regulate the same by ordinance. Neb:; 33. All such taxes shall be uniform in respect to the classes upon which they are imposed; Prorided, however, That all scientific and literary lectures and entertainments shall be exempt from such taxation, as well as concerts and all other musical entertainments given ex clusively by citizens of the city.

IX. They shall collect a license tax of not less than Dog tax. one nor more than three dollars


the owners and harborers of dogs, and enforce the same by appropriate penalties, and shall cause the destruction of any dog, the owner or harborer of which shall refuse or neglect to pay such license tax; Provided, That no such li. cense shall authorize the keeping, owning, or harboring more than one dog.

X. To fix the rate of tax to be paid for the use Water tax. of water, furnished by the city by means of waterworks belonging to the city.

XI. To provide for the erection and government Public of any and all useful or necessary buildings for the use of the city.

XII. To appoint judges of all elections, provided Manner of elecby ordinance for the election of city officers, and prescribing the manner of conducting the same, and the return thereof, and for deciding contested elections, and for holding special elections for any purpose herein provided.

XIII. To provide for removing officers of the city Removal for misconduct, whose offices are created and made elective by this act; and shall have power to create any office that they may deem necessary for the good government and interest of the city.



of officers.

Regulate XIV. To regulate the police of the city, and to impolice and impose penalties. pose fines, forfeitures, and penalties for the breach of

any ordinance, and also for the recovery and collection of the same, and in default of payment, to provide for confinement in the city prison, or to hard labor in the city, upon the streets or elsewhere, for the benefit of

the city.

Regulation of officers.


Gas works, 9 Neb., 340

Water courses.

XV. To regulate and prescribe the powers and duties and compensation of the officers of the city not heretofore provided for.

XVI. To require from all officers and servants, elected or appointed, bonds and security for the faithful performance of their duties.

XVII. To make contracts with, and authorize any person, company, or association to erect gas works in said city, and give such persons, company, or associations the exclusive privilege of furnishing gas to light the streets, lanes, and alleys of said city for any length of time not exceeding twenty-one years.

XVIII. To establish, alter, and change the channels of water-courses, and to wall them and cover them over; to establish, make, and regulate public wells, cisterns, aqueducts, and reservoirs of water, and to provide for filling the same.

XIX. To regulate the running at large of cattle, hogs, horses, mules, sheep, goats, dogs, and other animals, and to cause such as may be running at large to be impounded and sold to discharge the costs and penalties provided for the violation of such prohibitions, and the expense of impounding and keeping the same, and of such sale.

XX. To provide for the erection of all needful pens, pounds, and buildings for the use of the city, within or without the city limits, and to appoint and compensate keepers thereof, and to establish and enforce rules gov. erning the same.

Domestic animals.


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