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chase and hold real and personal property for the use
of the city, and real estate sold for taxes. Third. To
sell and convey any real or personal estate owned by
the city, and make such order respecting the same as
may be deemed conducive to the interests of the city.
Fourth. To make all contracts and do all other acts
in relation to the property and concerns of the city nec-
essary to the exercise of its corporate or administra-
tive powers. Fifth. To exercise such other and fur-
ther powers as may be conferred by law. The powers
hereby granted shall be exercised by the mayor and
council of such city as hereinafter set forth, but they
shall not have power to sell any real estate of the city
unless authorized so to do by a vote of the majority of
the electors of such city at a special election therefor.

SEC. 8. Each city governed by this act shall be di- Wards.
vided into not less than four nor more than six wards,
the boundaries of which shall be defined by ordinance.
Each ward shall constitute an election district; Pro-
vided, That when any ward shall contain over eight
hundred legal voters, the mayor and council, by ordi-
nance, may divide such ward into two election districts.
Sec. 9. Precinct lines in that part of

any county not Election under township organization, embraced within the corporate limits of a city of the second class, shall correspond with the ward lines in such city, and such precinct shall correspond in number with the wards of the city, and be co-extensive with the same; Provided, That when a ward is divided into two election districts, the precinct corresponding with such ward shall be divided so as to correspond with the election districts; And provided further, That no justices of the peace or constables shall be elected in such precincts; and every such city shall constitute a district for the election of justices of the peace and constables, and in every such


Elections. Officers, term of office.


district there shall be elected two justices of the peace and two constables at the time provided by law for the

election of such officers in other districts. Election polls. Sec. 10. At all elections authorized by this act the

polls shall be opened at such place in each election district as may be designated by the mayor or as fixed by ordinance, and shall be kept open between the hours of nine o'clock A.M. and seven o'clock P.m., and no longer

Sec. 11. The general city election in all cities governed by this act shall be held on the first Tuesday in April annually. The city officers shall consist of a mayor, treasurer, clerk, and police judge, each of whom shall be elected by a plurality of votes, for the term of two years, commencing on the first Monday succeed

ing their election and until their successors shall be Appointments. elected and qualified. A city marshal, a city engineer,

a city attorney, a street commissioner and a chief of the fire department and a water commissioner and such number of police as the mayor and council see fit, may be appointed by the mayor, by and with the advice and consent of the council. Any of such officers or policemen may be removed at any time by a vote of a majority of all the members of the council, and any of such policemen may be removed at any time by the mayor or by a vote of a majority of the members of the council. In case of emergency the mayor may appoint special policemen without the advice or consent of the council, who should be removable at the pleasure of either the mayor or council; Provided, That in case of any vacancy in the office of the treasurer or clerk by death, resignation or otherwise, the same shall be filled by appointment by the mayor, by and with the advice and consent of the council until the next general elec

tion. Councilmen SEC. 12. Councilmen who shall have been elected in


Vacancy, treasurer.

the city subject to the provisions of this act, and whose terms of office shall not have expired at the time fixed for holding the first election of city officers in such city under the provisions of this act, shall continue to hold their offices for their unexpired terms in all respects as though they had been elected under the terms hereof. At the first annual city election held under the provisions of this act, one councilman shall be elected for each ward in the city in which there shall be a councilman whose term shall not have expired, who shall hold his office for the term of two years and until his successor shall be elected and qualified, and in every other ward in such city there shall be elected two councilmen, one of whom shall hold his office for the term of one year, and one of whom shall hold his term of office. office for the term of two years, and respectively until their successors shall be elected and qualified; and annually thereafter there shall be elected in each ward one councilman, who shall hold his office for the term of two

years and until his successor shall be elected and qualified; Provided, however, That whenever the num- Additional ber of wards in any such city shall be increased in any manner provided by law, such increase shall not affect the terms of office of councilmen then in office, but that at the next annual election for city officers held after such increase there shall be elected for each of such additional wards, to be designated as such by the mayor and councilmen, and by the notice of election, two councilmen, one of whom shall hold his office for the term of one year, and one of whom shall hold his office for the term of two years, and respectively until their successors shall be elected and qualified.

Sec. 13. The qualifications of clectors in the several Qualification wards shall be the same as is required for electors in precincts, under the laws of the state. At the first


of electors.

Meetings of council.


meeting of the council after any city election, the returns shall be canvassed, and they shall cause the clerk to make out and deliver certificates of election to the persons found to be elected; and a neglect of any such officer to qualify within ten days after the delivery to him of such certificate shall be deemed a refusal to accept the office to which he may have been elected.

SEC. 14. Regular meetings of the council shall be held at such times as may be fixed by ordinance, and special meetings whenever called by the mayor or any two councilmen. Two-thirds of all the members elected to the council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may adjourn from time to time, and compel the attendance of absent members.

SEC. 15. The annual salaries of all officers shall be fixed by ordinance, not exceeding the following sums respectively: The mayor, five hundred dollars; treasurer, three hundred dollars; each councilman, three hundred dollars; clerk, five hundred dollars; marshal and policemen, each not exceeding sixty-five dollars per month; city engineer, not exceeding five dollars

per day for each day actually employed, and not exceeding five hundred dollars in any one year; street commissioner, two dollars per day for actual service, but not exceeding three hundred dollars per year; city attorney, five hundred dollars; water commissioner, one thousand dollars per year; all other officers and employees of the city except police judge, shall receive such compensation as the mayor and councilmen may fix at the time of their employment. Provided, however, That the mayor and council may at any time, instead of employing a street commissioner, require his duties to be performed by the marshal or any policeman, but without additional compensation.


Sec. 16. The police judge shall receive the same Police judge, fees as a county judge for similar services.

SEC. 17. All officers shall be qualified electors of Qualifications the city, entitled to vote at all elections therein.

Sec. 18. The mayor shall preside at all meetings of vote of mayor. the city council, and shall have a casting vote when the council is equally divided, except as is otherwise herein provided, and none other, and shall have the superintending control of all the officers and affairs of the city, and shall take care that the ordinances of the city and of this act are complied with.

Sec. 19. He shall sign the commissions and appoint- Mayor's duty. ments of all the officers elected or appointed in the city.

SEC. 20. The mayor shall have power to sign or Veto of mayor. veto any ordinance passed by the city council. Provided, That any ordinance vetoed by the mayor may

be passed over his veto by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the council elected, notwithstanding his veto; and should the mayor neglect or refuse to sign any ordinance, and return the same with his objections, in writing, at the next regular meeting of the council, the same shall become a law without his signature. Provided, That the mayor may veto any item or items in any appropriation bill, and approve the remainder thereof, and the item or items so vetoed may be passed by the council over the veto as in other cases.

SEC. 21. He shall, from time to time, communicate Mayor's to the city council such information and recommend such measures as in his opinion may tend to the improvement of the finances of the city, the police, health, comfort, ornament, and general prosperity of the city.

Sec. 22. In case of any vacancy in the office of Vacancy in mayor, or in case of his absence or disability, the president of the council shall exercise the powers and duties of the office of mayor until such vacancy shall be


mayor's office.

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