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no compassion for their perishing souls, if you would exert no efforts for their deliverance and salvation, from whom could those compassions, those efforts have been expected ? But wherein did they appear ? Behold the book of my remembrance, the records of thy life, thrown open before thee! Where is the memorial of one hour spent in holy instruction, or in fervent prayer with them, or for them? Can I approve, can I acquit you on such a review? Or shall I not rather visit for these things, and shall not my soul be avenged for such a conduct as this?”

And your children, will they be silent on the occasion? Did Adam in the distress and amazement of his soul, when in the presence of his judge, accuse Eve, bis wife, so lately taken from his side, and committed to his protection, and still, no doubt, appearing lovely in the midst of sorrow? And will your children in that terrible day spare you? You may rather expect, they will labour to the utmost to aggravate a crime which costs them so dear, that so they may, if possible, alleviate their own guilt, or if not, indulge their revenge. "O God,” may they perhaps then cry out in the most piercing accents of indignation and despair, “ thou art righteous in the sentence thou passest upon us, and we justly die for our own iniquity. We have destroyed ourselves. But wilt thou not remember that our ruin is in part chargeable here? Had these our parents been faithful to thee, and to us, it had perhaps been prevented. Had our infancy been formed by religious instruction, we might not have grown up to wickedness; we might not in the advance of life, have despised thy word, and trampled on thy Son ; but inight this day have been owned by thee as thy children, and have risen to that inheritance of light and glory, which we now behold at this unapproachable distance. Oh! cursed be the fathers that begat us; cursed the womb that bare us; cursed the paps that gave us suck! Remember us, O Lord, whilst thou art judging them; and let us have this one wretched comfort, in the midst of ali our agonies, that it is not with impunity that they have betrayed our souls!”

This is indeed shocking and diabolical language ; and for that very reason, it is so much the more probable on so dreadful an occasion. And give me leave to ask you one question, my friends, and I will conclude this head. If your children were thus crying out against you in the bitterness of their souls, could you attempt to silence them, by reminding them of the care which you took of their temporal affairs, or of the riches


and grandeur in which you left them on earth? Nay, could

have the heart so much as to mention such a trifle ? And if you could not, then, in the name of God, Sirs, how do you satisfy yourselves to confine all your thoughts and labours to that, wbich, by your own confession, will neither secure your children from everlasting destruction, nor give them one moment's relief in the review, when they are falling into it?

I will make no apology for the plainness, and earnestness, which I have used. Eternal interests are at stake, and the whole tenour of scripture supports me in what I say. I had rather you should be alarmed with hearing these things from me now, than tormented with hearing them in another manner from your children, and from God at last. If you please to take proper measures for preventing the danger, I have told you the way at large : If you do not, I hope I may say, “ I am, in this respect, clear from your blood, and the blood of yours, who may perish by your means : Look you to it.”

But it is high time that I proceed in my address, and apply myself, 2. To those parents, who have been careful to discharge the

duty, we have so copiously described and enforced.

I cannot suppose, that any of us would pretend to maintain, that in this, or any other branch of duty, we have acted up to the utmost extent and perfection of our rule. I hope, an humble sense of the deficiences of all the best of our services, is frequently leading us to the believing views of a better righteousness than our own, in which alone we can dare to appear before a holy God, and answer the demands of his perfect law. Nevertheless, it is surely allowable to Rejoice in the testimony of our conscience*, with regard to the regularity of our own behaviour, so far as it is conformable to reason and scripture ; and it is an important duty thankfully to own those influences of sanctifying and strengthening Grace, by which we are what we aret.

It is with great pleasure I recollect the reason I have to believe, that many of you, christians, who hear me this day, are, in the main, conscientiously practising these duties; and that some of you were doing it long before I was capable of exhorting and directing you. Acknowledge the singular goodness of God, by which you have been excited to them, and furnished for them.

* 2 Cor. i. 12.

+ 1 Cor. xv. 10.

More especially have you reason to adore it, if through grace you can say, with regard to the present success, what you may certainly say, as to the future recompence, that your Labour in the Lord is not in vain*. Let God have the glory of his own work. I persuade myself, you understand the gospel too well, to ascribe it to the prudence of your own conduct, to the strength of your reasoning, or to the warmth and tenderness of your address. Whatever of these advantages you have possessed, were derived from God; and your very care for your offspring, is, as the apostle expresses in a like case, The earnest care which God has put into your heartst. But it was not this care, or these advantages alone, that produced so happy an effect. In vain had your doctrines from day to day Dropped as the rain, and distilled as the dewi, in the most gentle and insinuating manner; in vain had the precious seed of the word been sown with unwearied diligence, and watered with tears too; had not God commanded the operations of his blessed Spirit to come down, as a more efficacious rain, as more fruitful showers to water their hearts. Oh! be not insensible of the favour! Your own souls might to this very day, have been a barren wilderness, a land of draught, an habitation of devils; and behold, not only they, but your families too, are like A field, like a garden, which the Lord has blesseds. God might have cut you off many years ago, for your neglect of his covenant, or your breaches of it; and behold, he is establishing it, not only with you, but your seed after you, for an everlasting covenantl. Methinks your hearts should overflow with gratitude and holy joy, while you dwell on such reflections as these. This should add a relish to all the pleasure you find in conversing with your children : This should quicken you to farther diligence in cultivating those graces, which you have the satisfaction to see already implanted : This should reconcile you to all the afflictions, with which providence may exercise, either you or them : This shonld support you in the views of a separation, either by your own death, or by theirs ; since you have so comfortable a hope, that if they are removed they will go to a heavenly Father, and that if they are left behind you, they will be safe and happy under his care till you meet in a better world, where you will be for ever to each other a mutual glory and joy.

• Cor. xv. 58.

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+ 2 Cor. viii. 16.
I! Jer. xxxii. 39, 40.

| Deut. xxxii. 2.

But I cannot congratulate you on such an occasion, without the danger of adding affliction to the afflicted parents, whose circumstances, alas! are far different from yours. I fear, my friends, that there are some amongst you, who look round you, and look forwards, with far different prospects; some who are, with bleeding hearts, borrowing the complaint, which we who are ministers of the gospel, so frequently breathe forth, We have laboured in vain, and spent our strength for nought*. “ Oh!” (may you perhaps add,) “ that it were only in vain! Those dear children, which we early devoted to God in baptism, which we endeavoured to educate in the knowledge and fear of the Lord, the children of our hopes, the children of our prayers, are unfruitful under all our cultivation, or, it may be, visibly turned aside from the good ways in which they were trained up; as if they had known them only to reject and affront them: So that, we have reason to fear, that all we have already done as it is an aggravation of their guilt, will be a proportionable aggravation of their ruin."

It is indeed a very pitiable case. We owe you our compassions, and we owe you our prayers; but permit us to intermix our consolations and our admonitions. You have at least Delivered your own soulst; and as you participate in the sorrows of faithful ministers, you may share in their comforts too; and say with them, though the objects of our compassionate care Be not gathered, yet shall we be glorious, for our work is with the Lord, and our reward with our God. Go on therefore in the midst of all your discouragements, and, in this respect, be not weary in well-doing$. Take beed of such a despair, as would cut the sinews of future endeavours. If your child were labouring under any bodily distemper, you would be very unwilling that the physicians should quite give him over, and try no farther medicines : You would follow them, and say, “ Can nothing more be done? Is there not the least glimmering of hope?” Alas! my friends, a child given up by a pious parent, is, to a believing eye, a much more melancholy sight, than a patient given over by the physicians. Excuse me then, if I follow you with the question, “ Can nothing more be done? Is there not the least glimmering of hope?" Who told you, that the sentence of condemnation is sealed, while you are sure it is not executed. Is the danger extreme? Let your efforts be so much the more zealous, your admonitions so much the more frequent and serious, your prayers so much the more earnest and

Isai. xlia. 4.

+ Ezek. xxxiii. 9.

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S Gal. vi, a

importunate. And, on the whole, to allude to the words of David, on a much lower occasion, Who can tell, whether God will be gracious to you, that the child may live* ? And the sad apprehensions which you now entertain, may only serve to increase the joy with which you shall then say, This my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is foundt.

II. I would address myself to children: To you, the dear lambs of the flock, whom I look upon as no contemptible part of my charge. I have been speaking for you a great while, and now give me leave to speak to you; and pray do you endeavour, for a few minutes, to mind every word that I say.

You see, it is your parent's duty to bring you up for God. The great God of heaven and earth has been pleased to give his express command, that you should be trained up in the way in which you should go,even In the nurture and admonition of the Lord I. It is the wonderful goodness of God to give such a charge ; and methinks you should be affected with it, and should be enquiring what you should do in return.

Now there are three things, which I would ask of every one of you, in return for this gracious notice which the great God has taken of you children ; and I am sure, if you love your own souls, you will not deny me any of them.—Be willing to learn the things of God ;-pray for them that teach you ;-and see to it, you do not learn them in vain. Listen diligently, that you may understand and remember each of these. 1. Be willing to learn the things of God.

The things of God are very delightful, and they are very useful ; and, whatever you may think of it, your life depends on your acquaintance with them. So Christ himself says, This is life eternal, that they may know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sentş. Therefore you, children, should not think much of the labour of learning these things. Oh ! far from that, you should be every day upon your knees, begging God, that you may be taught to know him, and to know Christ. God has done a great deal more for you, than he has for many others. You might have been born in a place, where you would never have seen a bible in all your lives; where you would never have heard of the name of Christ, where you might never have been instructed in the nature of duty and sin, nor have been told of the world beyond the grave; and so would

2 Sam. xü. 22.

+ Luke xv. 24.

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Jobin xvii. 3,

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