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Tell's Chapel. You have destroyed the Clarens shore of the in its pages to indicate either the author or the date of Lake of Geneva; there is not a quiet valley in England that you

its writing An old tradition intimates that it was have not filled with bellowing fire; there is no particle left of English land which you have not trampled coal ashes into, nor

written by Samuel, and that the genealogical facts at any foreign city in which the spread of your presence is not

the close were added by a later hand. Modern investimarked by a consuming white leprosy of new hotels and per- gation finds no manuscripts of it older than the Fourth fumers' shops; the Alps themselves, which your own poets used

century of the Christian era ; and yet the character of to love so reverently, you look upon as soaped poles in a bear garden, which you set yourselves to climb and slide down again

its language, being free from the pedantry of Jewish with shrieks of delight.' When you are past shrieking, with

legality, indicates that it was written after Ezra's time, no human articulate voice to say you are glad with, you fill the but before the Jewish literature was subjected to the quietude of their valleys with gunpowder blasts, and rush home, growing influence of the "doctors of the Law.” red with cutaneous eruption of conceit, and voluble with convul- It is not to be assumed that the main purpose of sive hiccough of self-satisfaction."

the writer of this story is simply to impart historical We may not take so strong a view as Ruskin about

information about the ancestry of David, which is railways, but we may all be glad that his school of mentioned only in a casual way, and not prominently, thought exists, and that it has been strong enough so as would be the case if it were the main design. And far to save Borrowdale from destruction, and prevent yet this is an important element in the story, found noa railway being made to Ambleside, and also, we hope, where else in the Old Testament, but which is cona high road over Sty Head Pass, between Borrowdale firmed by Matthew in the first chapter of his Gospel, and Wastdale.

thus adding credibility to the other incidents of the I will take one more passage on this subject, which story. also may stand as a type of the power of style. The The chief purpose of the writer appears most conthought in it is of the simplest, viz., that there must spicuously in those passages which picture the heroine always be agricultural land; but hear this piece of glor- of the drama leaving her own people and her own ious speech:

heathen gods, and taking refuge under the "wings of

the God of Israel,” looking to Him for help, and find“All England may, if it so chooses, become one manufacturing town; and Englishmen, sacrificing themselves to the good ing more than she could expect or conceive. It is a of general humanity, may live diminished lives in the midst of conclusive proof that the watchful care of God's provinoise, of darkness, and of deadly exhalation. But the world dence is over all who trust Him. cannot become a factory, nor a mine. No amount of ingenuity Further lessons will appear during a brief re will ever make iron digestible by the million, nor substitute hy

hearsal of the story. drogen for wine. Neither the avarice nor the rage of men will ever feed them; and however the apple of Sodom and the grape

It is a unique idyl of a Moabite peasant presented of Gomorrah may spread their table for a time with dainties of iņ four scenes. The first is a "midnight of trouble.” ashes and nectar of asps, so long as men live by bread, the far Famine drives a Jew and his faithful wife Naomi from away valleys must laugh as they are covered with the gold of

home and religious fellowship. Notwithstanding the God, and the shouts of His happy multitudes ring round the

narrowness and bigotry of Jewish patriotism and wine-press and the well.'

priestly laws, they seek a refuge in Moab, the rich

highlands on the east side of the Dead Sea. A STUDY OF THE BOOK OF RUTH.

Anon, death leaves this devoted wife and mother a Prepared for the Conference Class of Race Street First-day

childless widow, bereft of all loved ones save Ruth and School, Philadelphia, First month 23, 1898.

Orpah, the sorrowing young widows of her two sons. It is a pleasant arrangement which, in our own Bible,

It is but natural that the weeping Naomi should turn places this sweet story of filial love in happy contrast with the scenes of blood and misery depicted in Judges and her steps to the land of her fathers. But who can

her thoughts anew to the Jehovah of her childhood, and Kings. And though this order accords with that

portray the last sad scene in that Moabite home, where of the Vulgate, and Septuagint, yet there are not

two daughters of a Gentile race had merited and reunimportant reasons for believing that it was written

ceived sincere parental love? Which of us by any long after the books placed in the same connection.

standards established in his own domestic life, can In support of this view it is urged that the Hebrew

measure the true affection that found expression in Bible places Ruth among the hagiographa, or

that ever-famous utterance : Whither thou goest I writings”; and second, that it is free from any evidences of the " prophetic” editing which mark Judges shall be my people, and thy God my God”; or that

will go, where thou lodgest I will lodge ; thy people and Kings. Moreover, that it presents no examples

other classic confession of love : “ The Lord do so to of divine justice meted out to a rebellious people, nor

me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and divine mercy rewarding the penitent wrong-doer. But

me"? Surely we may read between the lines of this surely if it had been in existence when the so-called

beautiful narrative the story of a home life worthy of “Earlier Prophets" were edited, its account of the

our imitation. ancestry of David would have secured for it a place in

The second scene opens in Bethlehem of Judea, no the collection. And further, the picture it presents longer suffering from want or famine. Naomi has reof the details of antique life and obsolete usages argues turned to her native town, where, surrounded by her that it was written long after the period to which it re

kinsfolk, her lot may be less intolerable, and Ruth. fers, and that it was handed down from generation to

who cannot be dissuaded, has accompanied her. It is generation, as the folk-lore of an ancient people.

the beginning of barley harvest, and the fertile plains Like the other books from Genesis to Ezra, with

below the city yield a bountiful return to the busy the single exception of Deuteronomy, there is nothing

reapers. Ruth, now a bread-winner for herself and mother, has gone down to gather the stray heads day of prosperity.” Boaz, in obedience to the law of which the reapers have left, and which a Jewish statute his people, and with due solemnity, takes the daughter decreed should be left for the support of the poor. of a heathen and idolatrous race to be his wife. The It is her good fortune, or “hap," to pursue her tedious heroine of the drama thus becomes one of the first task in the field of a rich planter whose kind disposition Gentiles admitted into the Jewish church, and the antowards those less fortunate than himself is manifest in cestress of the house of David. his direction to the reapers to let fall great handfuls Such is the story of Ruth. How much of it is hisof grain on purpose that there may be more for the tory, how much imagination, critics are not agreed. gleaners. He has heard of the fidelity of this daughter And why should we sharply discriminate between that of heathen Moab to the mother, to the land, and to the which belongs to the realm of ancient history and that religion of her lost husband. He knows her story, and which belongs simply to the realm of ancient literaa brief inquiry of his master reaper tells him the rest.

ture ? The character and faith of a people are gathDid not the star of hope” shine out more brightly in ered as truly from their literature as from their official that saddened life that April morning when those history. Indeed, the story of Ruth gives the reader a words of sympathy and kindness fell. upon her ears? clearer picture of ancient manners, customs, and social

Glean on! Go not to another's field to search ! life than is depicted in the strictly historical books. It When thou art athirst drink from the water jars my uncovers humanity, and reveals the sincere, loving young men have carried. And at mealtime come thou

emotions of its characters. And though the story is hither and eat of our bread !” This was the same given no interpreter to point the moral, its lessons of voice which saluted the reapers each morning with the virtue, truth, fidelity and love are drawn so distinctly benediction, “The Lord be with you !” and to which

as to inspire us with a longing to make them our own. a chorus of voices responded, “The Lord bless thee !”

J. EUGENE BAKER. Does not this beautiful story picture an ideal relationship between employed and employer, in striking

FRIENDS IN SOUTHERN FRANCE. contrast to the selfish antipathy so prevalent to-day?

Joseph G. Alexander, an English Friend, who has recently Perhaps in our own time as well, the struggling poor visited Southern France, in company with G. D. Terrell, dehunger as much for kindly encouragement as do they livering lectures, etc., in support of the Protestant bodies for bread.

there, has a letter in The Friend, London, First month 7,

from which we extract as below. And as the unknown dramatist depicts this woman of a fiercely proscribed race seated, likely in the cool

The next two days we were to have traveled to two of some nearby shade, eating and drinking with the

towns near the Spanish frontier, which J. Dalencourt pious Jews, does he not intentionally point his readers

had asked me to visit if possible. But a letter had to the moral, and enter a protest against the race prej- been received from the pastor, an ex-priest himself, udice and intolerance of his own time? And was it saying that he and his fellow-workers had just been not appropriate that this story be read amid the festiv- violently attacked by the local Catholic paper as ities of the Pentecostal feast to enjoin remembrance of

"Anglaisand “Vendus," and that he felt it was the poor, the stranger and the widow ?

better not to have the visit of two Englishmen just at But I hasten on to note the third scene in this

this time. This is the only time throughout our tour story of the olden time, the dawn of a brighter and

when we have actually had cognizance of any difficulty happier day. Assured of the esteem of her husband's on this ground. Many Friends will have seen the near kinsman, Naomi has recourse to a custom then

recent address of Theodore Monod, at Edinburgh, reprevailing among the Jews. This recognized the right ported in the Christian of 25th November, telling of of a childless widow to marry the next of kin to her

the anti-Jewish and anti-Protestant movement in husband, and was the outgrowth of an ancient statute

France, engineered by the Jesuits, which represents which held that a woman having been brought into

all Protestants as allied with the English, and all Engher husband's house by a contract and the payment of

lishmen as the enemies of France. One of the Paris a sum of money to her father, was not free to remarry

workers told us that he had found it sufficient to exat will, on the death of her husband, the contract plain that we were Quakers, in order to obviate objecclearly implying that she should become the wife of a

tion to our visits; and in several instances those who younger brother. In later times the Jews interpreted | introduced us to French audiences referred to the fact this restriction upon the freedom of a widow as her

that members of the Society of Friends brought the legitimate right. Therefore, Naomi had a claim upon

first provisions into Paris after the siege. Elimelech's nearest kinsman to marry her widowed

From Montpellier we traveled to Fontanes, where daughter-in-law, after first redeeming her dead hus- we stayed at the hospitable home of Clement Brun band's inheritance, and thus perpetuate the family and his wife. Their widowed daughter, Madame name in Israel.

Morin, had come also from Montpellier, to help her The claim, therefore, Ruth made to Boaz on the aged mother to entertain us. We greatly enjoyed the threshing-floor was strictly legitimate, and her trustful

restfulness of this first and only night spent in a real boldness in presenting it lent a charm to her virtue.

country home in France, and not less refreshing to the It was the presumption of "assured trustfulness on

inner man was our intercourse with these worthy surassured goodness."

viving representatives of French Quakerism. The In the closing scene of this “sweet prose-poem,” indigenous Society of Friends in the South of France "the midnight of trouble" is changed into "the noon

seems to be dying out, owing to the combined operation of two opposite causes. The conscription laws place before their young men three alternatives : (1) The next evening we gave our lantern lecture at imprisonment for an indefinite period, (2) emigration, the Methodist Church at Nismes, having much en(3) unfaithfulness to the principles of the Society by joyed during the day a visit to the famous Roman consenting to military service. The last young man aqueduct, the Pont du Gard, some distance from the who chose the first alternative, as far as I know, was city. On Tuesday we were again welcomed to a a Darbyite (as the French call the Plymouth Breth-Quaker home, that of Joseph and Marianna Pim, in ren), who was finally allowed to escape to Belgium, the city of Valence, on the Rhone. Our meeting was after imprisonment for many months. I am not aware at the Protestant Church, which the Pims attend, and that any young Friend has refused in France. Several which, like most of the Reformed churches in the members of the Brun family have chosen the second Departments of the Drome and the Ardeche, is enalternative, and have emigrated to the United States. tirely Evangelical. We were interested in seeing our The other influence is a more satisfactory one, it is the friends' admirably arranged hall, just like those of the increased spirituality of French Protestantism, which M’All Mission, in which their weekly evangelistic and seems to render less needful the distinctive Quaker mothers' meetings are held. We talked over with protest against ecclesiasticism.


earnest young them the question of a missionary boat, in which they Frenchmen there must seem to be a strong call to are so deeply interested, and which has lately been strengthen that element in the ancient Church of the discussed in your columns.

. That there is wide scope Huguenots, the Reformed Church of France, which for such an effort cannot be doubted, and we should has already done much to dispel the spiritual darkness be very glad to hear of the right person being found caused by the rationalism that prevailed in it almost to work with our kind hosts. universally at the commencement of this century, as Stephen Grellet's memoirs abundantly testify. Fon

For Friends' Intelligencer. tanes is an instance of what is going on in this respect

“AND A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD throughout France. The meeting there is still at

THEM.tended by about twenty members and attenders,

DURING a season of close talk with my little girl, when amongst whom, one woman Friend exercises a gift in

I was striving to explain to her that it was because of the ministry. They have maintained their position

the great love her parents had for her that they felt better than Friends at Congenies, where the Reformed Church has long been favored with evangelical pas

compelled to deny a wish of hers ; that because they

could see that in granting it they would not be doing tors, and there is also a vigorous Methodist Church.

what was really best for her, I asked if she did not The village of Fontanes is chiefly Catholic, and the

think she could trust Father and Mother, knowing Protestant Church has been in the hands of the "Liberals,” or rationalists . The“ Liberal” pastor of how much they loved her ? And the little one cuddled

her head on my breast and responded, “Mother, I the neighboring town of Sommieres is supposed to

won't ask to do it any more.” hold a service in the village once a month ; but as hardly any came to his services,—the Evangelicals child of her trust and faith in her parents brought a

This quiet acknowledgement in a strong-willed because they disapproved his preaching, and the rest

keen thrust home to my own heart. because they are indifferent, -he has pretty much given up coming. For some time past a fortnightly

, little one of seven summers, and who have so many

Have we, who are more mature in years than the service has been held in the afternoons by a retired

evidences of the abounding love of our Heavenly Evangelical pastor, who on one occasion attended the

Father, always felt ready to accept the heavy trial: Friends' meeting and took acceptable part in it. The

which may have been our portion, as fresh evidences of Friends, on their part, have been glad to join their

his all-surrounding love? Have we felt willing, at all neighbors whenever this service has been held, and

times, to give ourselves into his keeping, unquestiontheir own meeting on these occasions has been dimin

ingly and trustingly, knowing how much he loves us, ished by the absence of some who otherwise attend.

and how surely he will do what is for our best welfare ? The Evangelicals have now succeeded in electing a

I knew I had not! Then came the intensified longing pastor of their own way of thinking, and his advent

that, when other trials should be mine, I might be able may probably reduce the attendance at the Friends'

to have this child-like confidence in the wisdom of the meeting

All-Father, and that my heart should stand ready to In the afternoon we went on to Congenies, where

echo the words of the Blessed Son, "Not my will, but I stayed sixteen years ago with Lydie Majolier, Chris

thine, be done."

P. tine Alsop's sister. I remember she had recently recovered from a severe illness, and told me how she had a vision of heaven whilst in a state of conscious

THERE is nothing gained by fretting ;

Gather up your strength anew, ness, and that the Lord told her she had to go back

And step by step go onward, to earth for a few more years of service. Still a little

Let the skies be gray or blue. company gathers on Sunday mornings in the only

-Margaret E. Sangster. Friends' meeting-house in France ; but our meeting was held in the Bernards' house, as the meeting-house

We cannot walk in two ways at the same time.

We cannot follow our own will and the will of God. is not provided with light. About fourteen met us,

We must choose the one or the other; We must deny nearly all connected with Friends, though but few

God's will to follow our own, or we must deny self were actually members, and we had a helpful little

and self-will to follow the will of God. meeting.


FRIENDS NEW TESTAMENT LESSONS. Religious Society is not necessarily knowledge of all SECOND MONTH 13, 1898.—No. 7.

Truth, but rather entire obedience to the measure of

Truth revealed to each soul by the indwelling Spirit FAITHFULNESS.

of Truth. GOLDEN TEXT.—Let us . . lay aside every weight, and the

sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run
with patience the race that is set before us.-

Hebrews 12: I.

Conference Class of Race Street First-day School, Phila-
Scripture Reading : Hebrews 12: 1-13.


Second month 6, 1898. TEACHING.

Subject for consideration : The Times of Isaiah." PreLoyalty to principle, fidelity to truth, in the midst sented by Joseph E. Haines. of difficulties, in the face of trials and suffering, is The paper will consider : A. The time of Isaiah-conthe chief teaching to be drawn from the lesson for to- temporaneous with Kings Uzziah or Azariah, Jotham, Ahaz,

Hezekiah. See 2 Kings 15, 16, 18, 19, 20; Isaiah 7, 36, 37, day. After referring to numerous instances of such

38, 39. B. Isaiah's position as Prophet and Statesman. C. faithfulness in early Hebrew history, the writer of the

The position of the Kingdom of Judah between the declining epistle refers to the great multitude of witnesses by empire of Egypt and the advancing influence of Assyria. D. whom we also are surrounded, and urges those to The statesmanlike policy of neutrality advocated by Isaiah. whom he was writing, as well as ourselves, to whom

See Isaiah 30, and many passages in other chapters. E. His

influence upon the history of the Kingdom. his epistle has been handed down, to "lay aside every

Topics for study: The relation between Kings and Prophets. weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and See, besides the Biblical references above, the account of run with patience the race that is set before us.” Elisha and Jehu, 2 Kings 9; Nathan and David ; 2 Samuel The history of those who have lived before us, the

7 and 12: 1 ; Nathan and Solomon; 1 Kings 1 ; Samuel and story of their trials and temptations, their hardships David, 1 Samuel 16:13; Samuel and Saul, 1 Samuel 10: 1.

REFERENCES.-Gladden, pages 127 to 128.-Sayce, “The and sufferings, their successes in overcoming evil and

Times of Isaiah," Bible Dictionary, Encyclopædia Britannica. in proving their fidelity to truth and duty,—this is for the encouragement and upbuilding of humanity in all ages. These instances from Hebrew history have

TEMPERANCE LESSONS. helped multitudes of faltering souls to become strong, and to show their strength by their loyalty to the

I have here several vessels of different shapes and sizes and Christian faith, even though the path of duty led to I have some baking soda and some tartaric acid. I mix the death. All through the ages there have been like soda with the acid in this paper and put a little of the mixture illustrations of the true greatness of fidelity to truth,

into a tumbler. Now I pour in some water and you see it

boils up and threatens to boil over. This happens in the and no such instance has ever been recorded or re

small tumbler, but let us try it in this pitcher. Do you think peated without having a strengthening, uplifting influ

it will act the same in a pitcher as in a tumbler ? Truly it does. ence on other souls.

How about a tin cup—a saucer-a vase? It always acts the The early history of the Society of Friends has

Do you think it necessary to try this experiment each many instances of heroic devotion to duty, and the

time you want to know how these substances will act ? When

ever you get a new lot of soda or of tartaric acid is it necesliberty of thought and freedom of expression which

sary to try this experiment over again ? Certainly not. When we to-day enjoy are largely due to faithfulness of their action is once determined by a few tests it is known for those early lovers of the Truth. Through their all like cases in after time.

Their fidelity, and the sufferings they endured in proving

Similarly with the action of alcohol and tobacco.

action on boys and men have been tried many times and the their fidelity, we have been made rich in the posses

results are to be seen of men. The results are known. If alcohol sion of the freedom of the Truth. May we so hold

or nicotine is put into a boy the result is a more or less damaged and enjoy this freedom, and, if need be, may we so boy. It is not necessary to try their effects on each boy since prove our fidelity to the Truth, that those who shall boys are made on very much the same plan. Of course some are come after us may also enjoy equal freedom with

more injured than others, but after all what is the use of injur

ing ones self at all? What is the use of experimenting on onesourselves.

self when the matter has already been settled by thousands of “Individual faithfulness to known duty,"—this tests and thousands of people. A physician thus sums up the was the watchword that enabled the early Friends to general opinion of those best qualified to speak on the question

of tobacco. found a church whose message of hope and faith and

It “weakens the organs of digestion and assimilove has done much to lift humanity to higher levels;

lation and at length plunges into all the horrors of dyspepsia."

(See Cyclopædia of Temp. and Prob. Art. Tobacco.) As to and it remains the keynote of all efficient work in the

alcohol the experimental results are so frequently seen that we present and of all true progress in the future.

If our

need not enlarge upon them here. message as a religious body is still to be proclaimed Suggestions. This can be varied indefinitely, being into a world which greatly needs it, it will be because

tended to show the certainty of results under natural laws :

that things do not happen by chance. of like faithfulness to revealed duty. Our great cen

A more showy experiment is as follows : pụt a few drops tral truth teaches us that the light of Christ enlightens of ferric chloride solution into a vessel of water and a tableevery human soul; that the Voice Divine speaks to spoonful of tannic acid solution in another ; whenever these are every human spirit, and that “ by lowly listening each poured together they will make a black Auid although both

are colorless. soul may hear the right word.” When the right

Use other illustrations of the uniformity of the action of word is heard, when the Voice speaks in the language natural laws, as that of gravitation, of the pendulum, etc., of command, then faithfulness must do the rest,- coming back to the point that we will experience the same fidelity must lead to obedience, and the Divine


results from any violation of the laws of human well being as val will surely follow. The true teaching of our

others have experienced. We are not made exceptional beings.

J. H. H.


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THE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. persistently insisted on knowing who each nominee The Independent.

was, what was his fitness for the office he was seeking, THE Scriptures are clear enough as to the doctrine of was he morally clean, has he made a success of his own the Holy Spirit. Doubtless God is revealed to us, in business, etc., some knowledge of each nominee was his spiritual operations within us, 'as an inworking required, with the result that better tickets were preSpirit. There is a Holy Ghost. But he is revealed to

sented than would otherwise have been secured. Anus not for speculation, not for theological analysis, other gain for man and State. not for religious discussion, but for comfort. He is

Previous to woman's voting, polling places were called the Comforter. Jesus told his disciples about often located in untidy and most unsuitable places. the Holy Spirit, just for the pupose that they might Since the advent of women in politics, polling booths not feel orphaned after he should leave them. They are erected in clean and respectable localities, were to understand and remember that wherever they and profanity in and near the booths has disapwere, in whatever distress or loneliness, God's Spirit peared This improved environment we believe to be would be with them. Before priests, rulers or kings, an external expression of cleaner political methods, in prison or on the cross, they could be at peace, be- for primaries, conventions, and legislative halls are cause the Comforter was with them, and he would more orderly, personal abuse of opposing candidates support them until God should take them to himself. is less frequent, and the machine politician is far less

Equally they were not to be left without a teacher in evidence than formerly. when their Master should be taken from them. Jesus

Woman's increased interest in the enforcement of would leave them, in bodily presence, but the Holy laws and ordinances pertaining to moral and physical Spirit would bring to their minds all his teachings in health, has deepened man's sense of responsibility in his absence. The Spirit of all truth would guide them these particulars, with a resulting improvement in into new truth. Thus the divine inspiration should

both. be with them they should be filled with the Spirit of That some very undesirable persons still manage utterance; filled with the Spirit, they should speak to get into places of public trust is true, but that the with tongues; still better, they should interpret; still average character of office-holders is higher in our better, they should prophesy; that is, they should be

State than before equal suffrage was granted, is also empowered to preach and teach, so that their words true, and that every bill introduced into our Legislawould be with power. All this was told them for their ture through woman's influence has been for securing encouragement, their comfort. This comfort was the more equitable conditions. purpose of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit revealed to While the greater number of Colorado men have them, comfort and strength in application, comfort always been chivalrous and courteous in their considand strength in teaching and service.

eration for women, since the bestowal of suffrage the If the doctrine of the Comforter was given for com- fact that women help to decide questions of State has fort and help, rather than for curious investigation secured for their opinions at least respectful hearing into the interior constitution of the Godhead, we can

from all classes of men. Should there be cases where then be sure it was not given to be a discouragement this is but surface politeness, it would still be a gain in or hindrance in any Christian service.

that desirable virtue, self-control.

That the class of citizens opposed to law and order WOMAN SUFFRAGE IN COLORADO. declare that it was a mistake to give women the ballot, Susan R. Ashley, "a woman much esteemed and beloved

is proof that politics are not moving to suit them. in Colorado,” contributes to the " Rocky Mountain News, "of

We have not seen nor heard of one communciation Denver, the following article.

signed by a Colorado man of either public, financial, THAT equal suffrage has proven a benefit to the business or even social prominence, declaring equal women, doubtless the majority of our citizens will ad- suffrage to be a failure, while many high in public esmit. Has it also benefited the men and the State?

teem and occupying the most important positions of Let us see.

public trust have over their signatures written of its Prior to the granting of suffrage to women, many beneficial results. This is further evidence that equal men had withdrawn from active participation in po-suffrage has proven a benefit to Colorado. litical life, discouraged through futile attempts to prevent the affairs of State from being largely controlled

AND I have learned, the weakest ones by the class of voters least fitted for such trust. When

Are kept securest from life's harms;

And that the tender lambs alone women were enfranchised and began attending prima

Are carried in the shepherd's arms. ries, these men were encouraged to again strive to

-Phæbe Cary. make their influence felt in the cause of better government.

WHAT is defeat ? Nothing but education—nothing In order to enlighten the feminine mind-a most but the first step to something better.—Wendell Phillips. cherished prerogative since the world began—it became necessary for many men to study election laws “ It is in the decline of practical righteousness and political economy. This was also to their ad- that men are most likely to contend with each other vantage and that of the State.

for dogma and ritual, for shadow and letter instead of To further inform “the would-be reformers,” who

substance and spirit."

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