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according to Dr. E. C. Wines, D.D., the model prison

Surveying a State Line. of the United States. Since that time it has been THE “ field work” of resurveying the boundary line between almost impossible to maintain proper discipline, ow

the States of New York and Massachusetts has been coming no doubt to the more desperate character of the pleted, with the exception of setting 108 posts, which are to ininates.

mark the boundary at highway crossings and on the peaks of Let us try to trace these effects back to their

the highest hills. The line runs directly north and south and

the distance from Connecticut to Vermont is 50 miles. In causes, and prove, if possible, that whatsoever a man

some places the bounds were 14 feet out of the


many (or nation) soweth, that shall it also reap.

marks had disappeared. Medfield, Mass., August 21. JOSEPH A. ALLEN. The work has been in progress for two summers, and

owing to the character of the ground it has been impossible

to work running the line in winter. The line for nearly the A Fatalist Doctrine.

entire distance runs over the tops of mountains and through In a recent sermon in Boston, Thomas J. Morgan (who was

a dense forest and growth of underbrush. It has been over Commissioner of Indian Affairs under President Harrison), one hundred years since a survey was made, and it is safe to declared that territorial expansion was the decree of the Al- say that in that time very few persons have passed over some mighty: he was in favor of appropriating all of Spain's

of the land, much of which for two or three miles on either colonial empire, since God was leading the way.

- There are

side of the line is considered worthless. The New York many others in the Christian church,” says the Springfield

party cut the path and the Massachusetts men did the chain

work, and in many instances progress was necessarily slow. (Mass.) Republicin, “who agree with Gen. Morgan, and their influence in pushing the republic into a career of imperialism

In some parts of the work the men were so far from any

houses that they had to camp out. must be reckoned as very powerful in the present crisis.'

The men engaged killed

over fifty rattlesnakes during the two years. And the same journal adds :

It is, of course, a fatalist doctrine. If we are to believe that God wills the extension of our sovereignty to Asia, that we

The Longest Day. must accept the inevitable decree of the Omnipotent, and that, therefore, the new order is beneficent and holy, we

It is quite important, when speaking of the longest day in might as well abandon the whole system of individual initiative

the year, to say what part of the world we are talking about, which has distinguished in a large degree western from

as will be seen by reading the following list, which tells the oriental civilization. It seems to us, on the contrary, that length of the longest day in several places : nothing could be more unfortunate than for a modern nation At Stockholm, Sweden, it is eighteen and a half hours in to see in all human events the hand of fate. The power of length. the human will is limited, yet it is enormous, and it is due to In Spitzbergen, the longest day is three and one-half the occidental habit of rising superior to what men call fate months. that the western nations to-day are so far advanced and so At London, England, and Bremen, Prussia, the longest much more potent and virile than the dreamy, romantic, fatal- day has sixteen and one-half hours. istic nations of the East."

At Hanıburg, in Germany, and Dantzic, in Prussia, the longest day has seventeen hours.

At Wardbury, Norway, the longest day lasts from May The Country's Temptation.

21st to July 22d, without interruption. Truth, London, (Labouchere's Paper).

At St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tobolsk, Siberia, the It may be that in the future Spain will have more reason than longest day is nineteen hours, and the shortest five hours. America to look back with satisfaction on the results of this At Tornea, Finland, June 21st brings a day nearly twenty

If only the Spaniards have the sense to learn the lesson, two hours long, and Christmas one less than three hours in they will put their house in order, make short work with the length. corrupt governing classes which have brought the country to

At New York the longest day is about fifteen hours, and its present pass, and devote themselves to developing and

at Montreal, Canada, it is sixteen hours. expanding the great resources which the country possesses within its own borders, in place of squandering their strength

Views of Senator Davis. on establishments abroad, kept up for the benefit of thieving officials. On the other hand, the United States, now for the SENATOR Cushman K. Davis, of Minnesota, a member of first time has the temptation to cut a figure in the world by the Paris Peace Commission, and Chairman of the Foreign means of warships and soldiers, by grabbing foreign territory Relations Committee, United States Senate, in an interview wherever the owner is not strong enough to defend himself, in Chicago, said as to the Czar's proposal : and by sacrificing the best interests of its people to the " While the obstacles in the way of the abandonment of blatant follies of Jingoism. For the American people as a the standing armies seem almost unsurmountable, still I would nation I have always entertained the greatest admiration, but not at all be surprised if material good could be accomplished I fear that they have at last taken the wrong path.

by a conference of the kind proposed. It might not result in

the reduction of the standing armies, but it would be a step Women Smokers in Europe.

toward that goal, and it might have side results which would

be of the greatest value. Says the Paris correspondent of a London daily newspapers : " The Czar has done a good thing in putting his sugges“ The young empress of Russia cannot prevent the ladies of

tion forth. While Russia would undoubtedly benefit greatly her court from smoking, but she has begged they will not do by the change, I believe the Czar's motives are not in any so in her presence, wherever she may be. The Liberte, (of sense selfish, and that he is perfectly sincere in his desire to Paris), in this connection, says the empress dowager, the bring about benefits to all the European nations. The Rusdaughters of the prince of Wales, the queen of Italy, the sian imperial family has always had a vein of humanitarianqueen regent of Spain, the empress of Austria, the queen of ism and even of sentimentalism in matters of reform, and Roumania, and the queen of Portugal all smoke cigarettes. its achievements have been very great in some lines. I know the queen regent does not, and I doubt whether the " It is, of course, very hard to say what the proposed conempress dowager of Russia does, but the cigarette is now the ference would accomplish. England would gain immensely fine lady's companion. Cigarettes are served as regularly as by disarming, and would undoubtedly work hard for it. The coffee after dinner in French houses that go in for up-to-date smaller and weaker nations are being forced to bankruptcy style. Cycling has worked with fashion. In the cycling cos- and ruin by the armies they feel forced to maintain. They tumes for ladies one now usually sees a pocket for the may have to reduce their forces merely to keep in existence, cigarette case.'

whether there is any general agreement or not."



The Richmond Conferences.

Norristown (Pa.) Herald.

A MOST shocking event occurred at Geneva, Switzerland, on THE Biennial Conferences at Richmond, Indiana, whose

the roth inst., the assassination of the Empress of Austria, sessions occupied the greater portion of last week, undoubtedly

Elizabeth, by a man named Loachini, an Anarchist, born in accomplished much in the way of strengthening the Society

Paris, of Italian parents. The deed was committed in dayof Friends, and facilitating future progress in the various re

light, about i p. m., as the Empress was walking unguarded forms in which it is engaged. The activity and enthusiasm displayed in reference to various lines of missionary work

from her hotel to the landing-place of the steamer on the were a very prominent feature of the gathering. There is a

lake. The man used a sharpened file, and a single blow was wide field of labor among the element of population which fatal, though the Empress lingered until 3 o'clock. The act does not affiliate with any Christian denomination, and the

was part of the program of revolution pursued by the extreme disposition to occupy and improve it was distinctly manifest

Anarchists, by which they propose to terrorize royalty and from first to last.

the “bourgeois" classes. Loachini was arrested, and will of The Religious Conference, to which belonged the closing

course be executed.

The Empress was the wife of Francis exercises, was devoted largely to consideration of the needs

Joseph, present Emperor of Austria, and was born in 1837. and interests of isolated members, scattered over the West.

She was a princess of Bavaria, and was married in 1854. A committee representing all the various yearly meetings was appointed to enter into communication with these, to establish

THERE naturally has been much excitement in Europe new meetings as way opens, and to encourage united effort

over the occurrence. A wave of Anarchist violence, diwhevever it is possible. There is no field of labor entered

rected against monarchs, seems to be rising.' It is said upon during the week's sessions which is likely to yield a

that about a fortnight before this event, a man shot at the more tangible return than this.

young queen Wilhelmina, of Holland, as she was passing along A striking feature of the gathering was the hopeful tone

the road. It was kept a strict secret, at the time, in order not pervading the papers, the addresses, and the various discus

to mar the “ enthronement" festivities. A story is also pubsions throughout. The work accomplished since the meeting

lished of an attempt upon the life of the Czar of Russia, by at Swarthmore two years ago is a sufficient guarantee of still

filling a house with gas, and blowing it up as the Czar passed. greater progress in the future. The Society is rapidly getting

The attempt failed, the explosion being caused at the wrong into line with the needs of the age, and it is likely to do its

time, but other persons going by were fatally injured. full share in the solution of the various problems occupying

Later dispatches deny the attempt on Queen Wilhelmima's the attention of all thoughtful and intelligent workers in the life. direction of human advancement.

It is now stated that no more troops will be mustered out. Peace the Path of Safety.

“ The situation does not admit of it.” Uneasiness is felt at In New York, on the 4th, Dr. B. F. De Costa preached on

Washington. General Wheeler, in an interview, on the 12th,

said “he feared the war was not over.” In Cuba, the insurthe recent proclamation of the Czar in favor of disarmament.

gents are said to be excited over the apparent purpose of the " It may be said,” said Dr. De Costa, “ that the Czar's

United States to take the island, and so frustrate their plans plan is Utopian, that it is a dream, but all great things begin

of independence. Preparations are making to send a large in dreams. The American people should be the first to ac

body of troops to Cuba, probably 50,000 men. Many regular cept the new situation. The Christian men and women of The Christian men and women of regiments, with the so-called “

regiments, with the so-called “immunes " and other volunthis land should now take up the idea with enthusiasm. It is

teers, will be sent. One of the regiments retained for the in accordance with the best thought of the age, disarmament

service is that from Nebraska, commanded by William J. being unpalatable chiefly to the makers of powder, battle

Bryan ; it is now in Florida. A dispatch on the 13th from ships, and guns. It is in accordance with the best interests of

Santiago says General Lawton, the American commander mankind at large, all human interests requiring peace for

there, has information that General Maximo Gomez, the intheir development. It is in accordance with our own; peace is

surgent commander-in-chief, has resigned, “as he resents the path of safety.'

the submission of the Cubans to the authority of the United

States.'' What Prompted the Czar. In London, on the 30th ult., a dispatch of that date says, a ACCORDING to a special dispatch from Washington, the. British diplomat of world-wide repute and unique sources of Cabinet, on the 13th, decided to instruct the Peace Commisinformation respecting the Czar's manifesto, who forbade the sion to demand the cession of the entire Island of Luzon, in use of his name, said : " The issue of the Czar's circular is the Philippines. In the meantime reinforcements are to be

It not, as the bulk of our own and the Continental press convey,

sent to both Admiral Dewey and General Otis at Manila. a deep laid scheme on the part of the Czar and his advisers,

is believed by many that while the Commissioners will debut is the culmination of a long and determined struggle

mand the whole of Luzon, they will, if satisfactory arrangebetween the Czar and those advisers in which he has carried

ments can be made for the government of the Philippines, the day.

accept finally the city of Manila, with Cavite, and their sur“ Ever since his accession to the throne the Czar has been

roundings. steadfastly striving, aided by the Czarina and Queen Victoria, to furnish the world with tangible proof of the sincerity of the

A DISPATCH from Manila, on the 12th instant, says that pacific declarations with which he took up the crown.

Admiral Dewey regards the situation as “ critical,” and has Premier Salisbury's reluctance to make any serious re

asked for an additional battle-ship and cruiser. The Oregon, prisal for Russia's provocative proceedings at Peking was due which made the great trip from the Pacific coast to join the to a knowledge of the Czar's intention, and fear of balking

fleet in the West Indies, is under orders to return, and will be it if any action compromising to peace were taken by England.

accompanied by the Iowa. They will sail "about the end of I believe it is one of those events which mark an epoch

the month." Aguinaldo, leader of the insurgents, says there in the history of civilization. It is decried ; it will not bear

are 67,000 insurgents armed with rifles, and that the whole fruit immediately, but it constitutes a new starting point in the population of the Philippines is willing to fight for indepen

dence. historyof international relations. Its moral effects have been

There has been fighting between insurgents and instantaneous ; its practical effects will prove of slower growth,

Spanish gunboats, and in the island of Luzon, (of which but will be irrevocable."

Manila is the capital) the insurgents now control everywhere except Manila and Cavite, held by the American troops.

Spain has protested to the United States against the hostilities THE Minneapolis mills now make 14,000,000 barrels of of the insurgents, pending the peace negotiations. Altogether flour a year and consume 60,000,000 bushels of wheat. the Philippine situation is complicated and difficult.

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THE Peace Commissioners leave this week for Paris, all THE “ Middle-of-the-road” Populists,—those opposed to but Senator Gray, of Delaware, who was prevailed on to take fusion with the Democrats, or others, -at a convention at the place of Justice White ; he will go in a few days. The Cincinnati, on the 6th instant, nominated for the election of military and naval commissioners, to arrange for the evacua- 1900, Wharton Barker, of Philadelphia, for President, and tion of Cuba and Porto Rico, have as yet made little progress. Ignatius Donnelly, of Minnesota, for Vice-President. The The American commissioners have been at Havana and San Vermont State and Congressional election was held on the 6th Juan for some time. The situation at Madrid is so confused instant, and that of Maine on the 12th. In Vermont the that it has been, and still is, very difficult for the so-called Republican candidates were elected, as usual, by large maGovernment there to formulate a policy, or issue definite in- | jorities, but the Republican vote fell off very considerably. structions. Disorder has prevailed in the Cortes. Sagasta's The Democrats will have an increased representation in the ministry, it has been reported, must give way, as soon as the Legislature, but are still only a small minority. In Maine the peace settlement is secured. The Cortes sessions are secret, Republicans elect their Governor and all the Congressmen. and a rigid censorship of the press is exercised. Both Returns on election night showed a loss in the Republican branches of the Cortes have approved the “protocol of the vote of 17 per cent., and in the Democratic vote of 2 per peace treaty, but in the Chamber of Deputies the members cent.' opposed to the Government absented themselves.

A vote will be taken throughout the Dominion of Canada, It was announced at the close of last week that President on the 29th of the present month, on the question of ProhiMcKinley had resolved upon a thorough investigation of the bition. The ballots will be respectively Yes” and “No" charges of incompetent and negligent management in the on the question, “ Are you in favor of passing an Act prohibwar operations, and later that he had selected five prominent iting the importation, manufacture, or sale of spirits, wine, military men and three civilians to make the inquiry, the ale, beer, cider, and all other alcoholic liquors for use as eight being Generals John M. Schofield, John B. Gordon, beverages?" It is commonly spoken of as a "plebiscite,'' Grenville M. Dodge, and Charles F. Manderson, Colonel | following the French usage. Separate votes in some of the James A. Sexton, Robert T. Lincoln, Daniel S. Lamont and provinces comprising the Dominion have occurred within a President Daniel C. Gilman, of Johns Hopkins University. few years, giving encouragement to the friends of Prohibition, On the 12th it was stated that several of these, including Manitoba and Ontario pronouncing favorably by decided Gordon and Manderson declined to serve. The President, majorities. . however, appears inclined to persevere, and will probably select other persons.


ADMIRAL CERVERA, and the other Spanish officers who The Conference of Friends of the Indian, at Lake Mohonk, were at Annapolis, went last week to New York, where they N. Y., will be held as usual this year, on the invitation of went aboard the steamship City of Rome, and later she pro- Albert K. Smiley, the dates being the 12th, 13th, and 14th ceeded to Portsmouth, N. H., where the naval prisoners who of next month. had been detained there were taken aboard, making alto

-Concerning the new Capitol building at Harrisburg, and gether about 1,700, and the ship sailed for Santander, Spain,

the alleged plan to spend several millions on it, the Philadelon the 12th.

phia Record says :

"The walls are to be so constructed that

they may be faced with marble; the roof so that it may be LITTLE is known further as to the Russian proposal for a

dominated by a pretentious dome, and the body of the structDisarmament Congress, but President McKinley stated to the

ure so that it shall grow eventual wings. The money approdeputation of Friends who saw him at the White House on

priated by the State for a legislative building will be used to Seventh-day last that he had responded to the overture with

construct an unfinished skeleton, to be afterward adorned, hearty approval. A delegate will be sent to represent the

amplified and clothed upon, but never completed as long as United States, if the Congress is held. A dispatch from St.

legislatures shall be complaisant and political hucksters hold Petersburg on the 6th instant to a London newspaper said fast to the keys of the State treasury. that : "Almost all the European Powers have sent favorable

-Congressman James W. Wadsworth, of New York, replies to the circular of Emperor Nicholas, and it is now

(Genesee district), who has recently returned from Porto Rico, regarded as certain that the disarmament Congress will meet

says the “business opportunities for Americans are not in St. Petersburg in November.

attractive. He will not put any of his own capital into inter

prises there. "The Anglo-Saxon race,” he said, "" will not There have been violent outbreaks of the Mohammedan

thrive there, because of the enervating climate. Business population at the town of Candia, in the island of Crete, and

will not flourish there as it does in colder and healthier many of the Christians have been killed. The ships of the

climates.'' “ Powers" bombarded the town, and troops were landed to take possession of it. On the 12th, a dispatch stated that the

-In a speech at a "

banquet," on the 6th inst., Emperor foreign representatives had sent an identical telegram to their

William of Germany said a bill would be proposed to the respective Governments, requiring the immediate expulsion German Reichstag (Imperial Parliament) which "would profrom Crete of the 15,000 Bashi. Bazouks in the island, the

vide for the imprisonment at hard labor of any one seeking to recall of the Turkish troops and authorities, and the ap

prevent workmen who were willing to work from pursuing pointment of a Governor General, as desired by the Cretans.

their vocation, and would also provide for the punishment of

those who even incited them to strike." Germany and Austria do not take part in the concert of the Powers.

-In the “investiture" of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland,

at Amsterdam, on the 6th inst., the members of the Chambers MANY persons have returned, within the last two months, of the States General took an oath of allegiance, rising as from the Klondike gold region, and their reports of the region their names were called. Most of them said, “So help me, are generally unfavorable as to the extreme richness of its Almighty God!” but there were a number of “ Baptist memgold deposits. A steamer which reached San Francisco on bers,” and these said, simply, “I promise it !" the 6th inst., brought $1,500,000 in gold dust, besides other - Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the Colonies, gold whose value was not made known. A mining engineer in the Salisbury administration, arrived at New York on the of some repute is quoted as saying that “the gold placer 7th instant. In an interview he spoke strongly in favor of an diggings of Alaska are short lived, and that there are no true Anglo-American alliance," but appeared inclined to “throw fissure veins there." The United States Consul at Dawson cold water' on the Czar's call for disarmament. City, reports, on the 6th of last month, provisions very scarce

- The newspapers hostile to Secretary Alger say that he and high, and destitution and suffering imminent. The out

gave $150,000 to the Republican “Campaign Fund,

in 1896, put of gold, he says, “has been exaggerated five-fold."

and that this great contribution was one reason for his appointSome new “ strikes " of rich territory, on the American side

ment to the place he holds. of the boundary line, have been reported.

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Right chimney, good lamp.
Wrong chimney, bad lamp.
Besides breaking.
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Write Macbeth Pittsburgh Pa


*** The Circular Meeting Committee, of *.* Haddonfield First-day School Union will meeting to be held at the Cape May meeting

Salem Quarterly Meeting, has appointed a be held in Friends meeting-house, Haddon-house, near Ocean View Station, W. J. & field, N. J., Seventh-day, Ninth month 24.

S. R. R., on First-day, Ninth month 18, at
The subject of Religious Training in the
Home will be opened by Moorestown School.

Also an appointed meeting in the evening, at
Geo. L. GILLINGHAM, Clerk.

Ocean City (Stites' Hall), at 7.30 p. m.

Jos. B. LIVÉZEY, Clerk of Com. * Bucks First-day School Union will be held at Buckingham Friends' meeting-house,

*** The Circular meeting at Warrington, Pa. on Seventh-day, Ninth month 24, at 10.30 a. m.

occurs on First-day, the 25th inst. It is an anA cordial invitation is extended to Friends nual meeting and always comes on the fourth interested in First-day school work.

First-day of Ninth month.

C. S. G.

** With a view to correction of Friends' *** The next Conference under the care of Almanac, and as the data given in some of the

extracts is not clear, it is very desirable that Concord Quarterly Meeting's Committee on all interested Friends should at once forward Philanthropic Labor will be held in the meet

correct data as to meetings, etc., to Friends' ing-house at Providence, (Media, Pa.), on

Book Association, 1500 Race street, sathe work First-day, Ninth month 18, 1898, at 2.30 p. m.

will be shortly issued.
Subject, “ Peace and Arbitration." Edward
H. Magill expects to be present, and address
the meeting

A GENTLEMAN had left his cornor seat

in an already crowded railway car to go
P. O. Box 218, Chester, Pa. in search of something to eat, leaving a

rug to reserve his seat. On returning, he *** The Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting's Committee to visit the smaller branches as way found that, in spite of the rug and the may open, will visit during Ninth month as protests of his fellow-passengers, the seat follows:

had been usurped by one in lady's gar25. Valley Meeting, 10 a. m.

ments. To his protestations her lofty TENTH MONTH:

reply was: “Do you know, sir, that I am 9. Spruce Street, 10.30 a m.

one of the directors' wives?" Madam, 16. Radnor, Appointed Meeting, 3p. m.

he replied,

were you the director's only 23. ' Merion, 10.30 a. m.

wife, I should still protest." ELEVENTH MONTH : 6. Green Street, 10.30 a. m.

WHEN the old-fashioned cradle was Frankford, 10.30 a. m.

used, it was not uncommon to see the AQUILA J. LINVILL, Clerk.

mother with one foot on the rocker, her * The Visiting Committee of Baltimore knitting in hand, and her eyes fixed upon

a , meetings during Ninth month :

things at once.
18. Aisquith Street and West Nottingham.
25. Washington and Pipe Creek,

The driving of a bicycle at ten miles
JOHN J. CURNELL, Chairman.

an hour has been ascertained to require

about one-twenty-third of a horse power. New York Yearly Meeting's Visiting An expert rider for a short time may Committee expects some of its members to visit

exert one-third of a horse-power. For the following meetings in Ninth month : · 18. Plainfield and Brooklyn.

rapid work, not scorching, one-seventh 25. Manhassett.

horse-power is needed. These figures are JOSEPH T. McDowel L, Clerk. the result of a scientific investigation.

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Secretary and Treasurer. John L. BLAKE. Daniel Miller and JONATHAN K. Taylor. WILLIAM M. Bern. Executive Committee :

Wm. H. Bosley, Chairman, Henry C. Matthews, Daniel Miller, George K. McGaw,
Franeis A. White, Matthew C. Fenton, Basil B. Gordon.

The Provident Life and Trust Company of Philadelphia 409 Chestnut St.


ISTRATOR, GUARDIAN, TRUSTEE, ASSIGNEE, COMMITTEE, RECEIVER, AGENT, ETC. All Trust Funds and Investments are kept separate and apart from the assets of the Company. President, SAMUEL R. SHIPLEY; Vice-President, T. WISTAR BROWN; Vice-President and Actuary, ASA S. WING; Manager of Insurance Department, JOSEPH ASHBROOKE; Trust Officer, J. ROBERTS FOULKE: Assistant Trust Oficer, J. BARTON TOWNSEND;

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