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wickedness, (y woe, woe unto thee! saith 27 Behold, therefore I have stretched the Lord God;)

out my hand over thee, 'and have dimin24 That thou hast also built unto thee ished thine ordinary food, and delivered an eminent place, and hast made thee thee unto the will of them that hate thee, an high place in every street.

the daughters of the Philistines, which 25 Thou hast built thy high place bat are ashamed of thy lewd way. every head of the way, and hast made 28 Thou hast played the whore also thy beauty to be abhorred, and hast open- with the Assyrians, because thou wast uned thy feet to every one that passed by, satiable; yea, thou hast played the harlot and multiplied thy whoredoms.

with them, and yet couldest not be saus26 Thou hast also committed fornica-fied. tion with the Egyptians thy neighbors, 29 Thou hast moreover multiplied thy great of flesh; and hast increased thy whore- || fornication in the land of Canaan unto doms, to provoke me to anger.

Chaldea; and yet thou wast not satisfied y 2:10. 13:3,18. 14:6. Jer. 13: | b 31. Gen. 38:14,21. Prov. 9: || herewith.

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in the manner above described. Thus, idolatry abhorred as base beyond example, and he dein others might be deemed spiritual fornica termined to put an end to it: as the jealous hus. tion: but in Israel it was adultery; a violation band refuses to support the extravagance of of the marriage-covenant, accompanied with his wife, who spends his substance in enterthe basest ingratitude, and evidencing a most taining her lovers. They had also formed their depraved state of the heart; inexpressibly dis- gold and silver into graven images: and though honorable to God, when the basest idols were these were of various forms, both male and tedeliberately preferred before him; a provoca- male; yet they are here represented as images tion of his jealousy; a forfeiture of all the priv- of men, with whom the adulteress committed ileges of the nation, and an introduction to lewdness: and she even preferred these lifeless every other kind of wickedness. (Marg. Ref: images to the company of her husband; that is, i, k.-Note, Ex. 34:11-17. v. 14.)--- The sacred Israel preferred the worship of dead idols to writers in general use this allusion, because of that of the living God. (Marg, and Marg. Ref. the similarity of principles, from which idolatry n-q.) Not only did they lavish all the producand adultery originate; because both of them tions of Canaan in the service of idols: but they are extremely infamous and hateful; and, per-, burned their children in the fire to Molech, haps, because idolatry and lewdness cominon- who were also the children of the covenant, ly went together. But this prophet spake of it and devoted to the Lord in circumcision: as if in an indignant manner peculiar to himself; a woman should not only waste her husband's and he exposed Israel's infamy, in language wealth on her lovers, but should murder the taken from the conduct of the most shameless children which she had born to him, in order prostitutes, and suited to mark their crimes as to gratify them! (Marg. and Marg. Ref.r-u. most loathsome and detestable. (.Notes, 23:5— Note, 23:4.) And could such conduct be 21. Is. 57:3—10. Jer. 2:20–30. 3:1-3,6 -11. deemed a small matter, an excusable misdeHos. 1:2,3.)- The wretched outcast having meanor? In all these abominable idolatries, been advanced, enriched, adorned, and pros- they had not remembered the low and defiled pered by her espousals to God; instead of condition, from which God had delivered them, inaking a suitable return for these distinguish- nor any of the favors which he had bestowed ing, gratuitous, and invaluable favors, grew on them. (Notes, 3–5,60–63, v. 63. Is. 51:1proud of her beauty; and confiding in her at- 3. Eph. 2:11–13.) tractions, courted the admiration of other lov. Pass through. (21) 'The verb Henebir, transers, committed adultery with them, and soon 'lated “to cause them to pass through the fire,” became an infamous prostitute. That is, Israel 'signifies also to dedicate.... (Ex. 13:12.) So the became proud of their numbers, strength, 'words imply, that the Jews, instead of dediriches, reputation, and privileges; and thus de- 'cating their first-born to God, as the law reparted from God, made alliances with the hea- quired, offered them up a sacritice to the devil then nations, and worshipped their idols. This that was worshipped in their idols.' Louth. was in some measure the case, from the time (Notes, 20:25,26,30—32. 23:39.)- Polluted, &c. of the golden calf in the wilderness, through (22) “Wallowing.” “Kicking thyself.” Bp. their successive generations: but it becaine Nerocombe. (6. marg.) niore so in the latter years of Solomon, and V. 23–29. This adulterous wife is repreafterwards when Jeroboam established idola sented, as having less and less reserve in her try in the kingdom of the ten tribes, and under abandoned licentiousness. After all her forthe idolatrous kings of Judah till the captivity. 'mer adulteries, for which a dreadful woe is pro(Notes, 20:11—29. 1 Kings 11:1—8. 12:26 -33.) nounced on her, she builded for herself an emiThe adulteress also took the garments which nent place, or a brothel, as well as made high her husband had provided for her, and with places in every street of Jerusalem. (Narg. and them formed and adorned splendid tents, in Murg. Ref. z-c.). This may refer to the conwhich to meet her paramours: that is, Israel duct of Manasseh and other kings of Judah, spent their wealth and abundance in building who made the temple itself the scene of their and decorating idol-temples, and maintaining open and abominable idolatries, in addition to the idolatrous worship at them. (Marg. Ref. 1, all their other idol-temples! So that at length m.-Notes, Hos. 2:1–13. 8:9,10.) This the Lord their relation to God, and the temple itself,


30 How weak is thine heart, saith the blood of thy children, which thou didst

give Lord God, seeing thou doest all these unto them: things, the work of an imperious whorish 37 Behold, therefore I will gather all

thy lovers, with whom thou hast. taken 31 * In that thou buildest thine emi-pleasure, and all them that thou hast loved, nent place in the head of every way, and with all them that thou hast hated; I will P makest thine high place in every street; even gather them round about against and hast not been as an harlot, 9 in that thee, and will discover thy nakedness unto thou scornest hire;

them, that they may see all thy naked32 But as 'a wife that committeth adul- ||ness. tery, which taketh strangers instead of her 33 And I will judge thee, as women husband.

that break wedlock and shed blood are 33 They #give gifts to all whores: * but judged; and I will give thee blood in fury thou givest thy gifts to all thy lovers, and and

jealousy. t hirest them, that they may come unto 39 And I will also give thee into their thee on every side for thy whoredom. hand, and they shall throw down thine

34 And the contrary is in thee from eminent place, and shall break down thy other women in thy whoredoms, whereas high places: they shall strip thee also of none followeth thee to commit whoredoms: thy clothes, and shall take thy fair jewels, and in that thou givest a reward, and no and leave thee naked and bare. reward is given unto thee, therefore thou 40 They shall also bring up a compaart contrary.

ny against thee, and they shall stone thee 35 | Wherefore, harlot, hear the with stones, and thrust thee through with word of the LORD:

their swords. 36 Thus saith the Lord God; y Be- 41 And they shall burn thine houses cause thy filthiness was poured out, and with fire, and execute judgments upon thy nakedness discovered, through thy thee in the sight of many women: and I whoredoms with thy lovers, and with all will cause thee to cease from playing the the idols of thy abominations, and by the harlot, and thou also shalt give no hire any

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tended to render them more odious and des- restrain and govern all the inferior inclinations: picable: as even libertines despise women who | so that strong and ungovernable lusts prove a are shameless in their conduct. Allured by the weak and inactive mind. (Note, Matt. 26:40,41.) prosperity of the Egyptians, they connected || How weak then must be the heart of this aduliheinselves with them, and joined in their mul- || teress, who was enslaved to her lusts, and coptiplied and abominable idolatries, for whichied the most abandoned prostitutes; and yet they were noted above other nations. (Marg; || acted with imperiousness, disdaining authority Ref. d.-Notes, 23:5–21.) And when the Lord or control, and was under the power of pride frequently corrected Israel for their crimes, by and arrogance, as well as of sensuality:—How wars, famines, and other judgments, and by senseless and irresolute must Israel be, who delivering them into the hands of their ene- || preferred a rabble of dunghill deities to the livmies; when he especially punished them by the ||ing, God! who scorned his merciful authority, Philistines, the daughters of whom are repre- and yet were proud of their abused privileges! sented as ashamed of the enormous idolatry of||--In one respect this harlot differed from all the Jews, though idolaters themselves; instead others: she did not commit wickedness for hire; of being amended by it, they formed alliances which, though a base motive, might implý with the Assyrians and worshipped their gods; some palliation of guilt, especially when sharp yea, they followed every idol, which was wor- | necessity urged: but she was a wife, who shipped by the several nations between Ca- || abounded in all things; and yet, from mere linaan and Chaldea; and still they were not satis-centiousness, and aversion to her husband, she fied, but sought out new objects of their abom- || prostituted herself to the basest strangers, and inable idolatry. (Marg. and Marg. Ref: e- lavished his wealth in hiring them to come to 1.-Notes, 2 Kings 21:1–8.2 Chr. 25:14-16, v.ber: that is, Israel always prospered when they 14. 28:22,23.)—"Thou hast defiled thyself with || adhered to the worship of the Lord; but were all the idolatries of the heathen, beginning | always impoverished and enslaved when they 'with those which were practised by the for- forsook God and ran into idolatry: and the al'mer inbabitants of Canaan, and by degrees liances they formed with the neighboring na‘learning new species of idolatry derived from tions, (which made way for worshipping their distant countries, such as Chaldea.' Lowth. idols,) were very expensive at the time, and

V. 30–34. The powers of the soul should || ruinous in the event. (Marg. and Marg. Ref.Vol. IV. 64


42 So I will I make my fury toward 18 that loatheth her husband and her chilthee to rest, and my jealousy shall depart dren; and thou art the sister of thy sisters, from thee, and I will be quiet, "and will which loathed their husbands and their be no more angry:

children: "your mother was an Hittite, and 43 Because thou hast not remember-|your father an Amorite. ed the days of thy youth, but hast fretted 46 And thine elder sister is Samaria, me in all these things; behold, therefore, she and her daughters that dwell at thy PI also will recompense thy way upon thine left hand: * and thy younger sister, that head, saith the Lord God: and thou shalt | dwelleth at thy right hand, is Sodom and not commit this lewdness, above all thine | her daughters. abominations.

47 Yet hast thou not walked after their 44 | Behold, 4 every one that useth ways, nor done after their abominations; proverbs shall use this proverb against but, † as if that were a very little thing, thee, saying, "As is the mother, so is her thou wast corrupted more than they in all daughter.

45 Thou art thy mother's daughter,

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thy ways.
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* Heb. thy sister lesser than
Zech. 11:8. Rom. 1:30,3). thou.
t 3.

y 27. marg. 26:6. Gen. 14.8. u 51. 23:4,11,31-33. Jer. 3:8 19:20. Hos. 11:8. -11. Mic. 1:5.

t Or, that was loathed as a I 48,49,53—-56,61. Gen. 13: small thing. 8:17. i Kings

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Notes, 2 Kings 15:19,20. 16:7–9. Is. 30:6,7.57: |--Notes, 23:22—28,43—49. Hos. 2:1–5.) This 9,10.)

intimates that, after the destruction of JerusaV.35–43. The adulteress having been ar- || lem, the Lord would yet have mercy on the raigned, and her guilt undeniably proved, the remnant of the nation.—He would, however, Judge proceeded to pronounce sentence. For certainly execute this vengeance upon thein the enormous idolatries, cruelty, and persecu- || for their ingratitude, because they bad grieved tion of Jerusalem and Judah, the Lord had de- and provoked their Benefactor by their crimes, termined to gather the surrounding nations, and in order to destroy idolatry from among both those with whom they had formed alli-them.-The punishment of the adulteress by ances, as the Egyptians and Assyrians; and | stoning her, and thrusting her through with a such as had always been inimical to them, as sword, as compared with the subsequent intiEdom, Ammon, Moab, and Philistia; to inflict,mations of mercy in reserve for ber, keeps conor to witness, his judgments upon them. (Marg. tinually before the mind the intent and purport Ref. 2-b.-Notes, 23:5—10. 25: Jer. 4:30,31. ll of the allegory, as relating to a collective body Hos. 2:10—13.) Before these nations he resolv- || through succeeding generations; at some times ed to expose the enormous crimes of the Jews, exposed to divine judgments sweeping away to deprive them of all their privileges, and to very great numbers, and at other tiines the put them to shame and contempt: as if a wo- residue brought to repentance, and visited in man should be stripped naked, and publicly mercy. So that, in expounding the chapter, it exposed; a punishment in some places inflicted is very difficult to keep the allegory, and the on profligate women. Thus he would con- | thing signified by it, so fully distinct as it might demn them for their abominable idolatries, and be desired. for burning their children in the fire, according I also will recompense, &c. (43) “I also have to the judgment on adulteresses and murder- brought thy way upon thy head ... yet hast not ers: and he would execute the sentence with thou had consideration of all thine abominajealous indignation. (Narg. and Marg. Ref. c. tions." Old Version. 'I have punished thy

-Notes, Rev. 17:1–6.) He would give Jerusa- 'faults; but thou wouldest not repent.' lem into the hand of the Chaldeans, who would V. 44–47. Those who framed or used senthrow down the city and temple, which thetentious sayings, would form a proverb conJews had polluted by idolatry; level their cities | cerning Jerusalem, or apply an old proverb to and high places with the ground; slay, plunder, her, and would say, “As is the mother, so is and enslave the people; and drive the remnant her daughter;" intimating that the nation of Is. of them as naked captives before them. (Notes, |rael was just such a people, as the Hittites and Is. 20:2—4. 47:1–3.) Thus they would serve || Amorites whom they had supplanted had been. Jerusalem, as men used to deal with adulter- ||(Marg. Ref. q, r.-Notes, 3–5. Lev. 18:24–30.) ous women, whom they stoned, slew with the The Canaanites had early apostatized from the sword, or otherwise put to death: (Marg, and God of their fathers, and were among the first Marg. Ref. d-8.-Notes, Lev. 20:10—19. Deul. idolaters after the deluge: they had loathed and 13:12–18, v. 16. 22:23—27. John 8:3–11, v. 5.) abhorred the worship of the Lord, and had they would burn all her palaces and edifices burned their children in the fire to their idols. with fire, and make her an example to other Though they had not been solemnly espoused cities and nations; as the death of an adulter- to the Lord, as Israel was; yet he might, in ess warned other women not to copy her some sense, be called their husband, especially crimes. Then would the fury of the Lord rest | when they first renounced his worship to folon Jerusalem: in this inanner he would terini- | low after idols: and Israel had copied exactly pate her idolatries, and disable the Jews from their conduct, in apostacy from God, idolatry, building or endowing any more idol-temples: and cruelty to their children. (Marg. Ref.s, t. thus his justice being satisfied, his jealousy --Deut. 12:31. Notes, 6–22. Ps. 106:35–36. would subside; and, having executed his pur- | Jerusalem had also copied the example of Saposes of vengeance, be would be quiet, 'and maria, called here her elder sister; because the cease from his indignation. (Marg. Ref.h-p. kingdom of Israel was larger than that of Ju5067

48 As I live, saith the Lord God, sisters, * bear thine own shame, for thy sins • Sodom thy sister hath not done, she nor that thou hast committed more abominaher daughters, as thou hast done, thou and ble than they: they are more righteous thy daughters.

than thou:


be thou confounded also, 49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy and bear thy shame, in that thou hast jussister Sodom, pride, «fulness of bread, tified thy sisters. and abundance of idleness was in her and 53 When I shall m bring again their in her daughters, neither did she strength-captivity, the captivity of Sodom and her en the hand of the poor and needy. daughters, and the captivity of Samaria

50 And they were haughty, and com- || and her daughters, then will I bring again mitted abomination before me: 'therefore the captivity of thy captives in the midst I took them away as I saw good.

of them: 51 Neither hath & Samaria committed 54 That thou mayest bear thine own half of thy sins; but thou hast multiplied shame, and mayest be confounded in all thine abominations more than they, and that thou hast done, P in that thou art a hast justified thy sisters in all thine abom-comfort unto them. inations which thou hast done.

55 When thy sisters, Sodom and her 52 Thou also, which hast judged thy daughters, shall return to their former es• Matt. 10:15: 11:24. Mark 6: (Gen. 19:5. Lev. 18:22. Deut. tate, and Samaria and her daughters shall

return to their former estate, 9 then thou Prov. 16:5,18. 18 Gen. 19:24, Deut. 29:23.0.5. and thy daughters shall return to your

49:13. 50:40. Lam. 4:6. Am. I former estate.
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dah, and because Israel had led the way in | many aggravations, as Jerusalem had done. open apostacy and idolatry, which Judah had (Marg. Ref. a-.-Notes, Lam. 4:6. Matt. 11:20 followed. Nay, Jerusalem proved her relation 1-24.)-Nor yet had Samaria stood it out to Sodom itself, which had been an inferior against so many warnings and mercies, or city and state, to the east of Jerusalem; for the multiplied idols, or persisted in idolatry in opJews had copied the abominations of Sodom position to the efforts of several pious reforinand of the other cities which had been destroying kings, and such a long continued succes. ed with her. (Marg. and Marg. Ref. u-ý.)sion of eininent prophets, as Jerusalem had

.considered as of the same family with Samaria of the Jews tended to justify, or by comparison and Sodom: seeing she thought it a small mat- extenuate, the guilt of both Sodom and Sater to imitate their crimes; but had improved maria. (Notes, Gen. 38:26. Matt. 12:41,42. Heh. upon them and exceeded them, as if ambitious 11:7.)- Pride and luxury make men expensive of pre-eminence and distinction in wickedness: 'in their own way of living, and regardless of (Marg. and Marg. Ref. z.-Notes, 48—51. 5:5 \'the wants and miseries of others. (Luke 16:

10. Jer. 2:33–37.)-As if that, &c. (47) “That20,21.)—The ingratitude of Jerusalem was was loathed as a small thing.Marg: (Note, 8: greater than that of Samaria; because God 17.) The daughters of Samaria and Sodom,had placed his name there: whose worship signify the cities and towns dependent on them. she forsook, and profaned the temple, by plac- Sainaria lay northward of Jerusalem, andling idols in it; which was a degree of idolatry 'Sodom southward, which two quarters of the beyond any thing the ten tribes had been guilty 'world are expressed by the right and left, ... of. (5:11. 7:20. 8:6,16. 23:38,39. 43:8. 2 King's being placed in such a position to those that.16:14. 21:7,9.)' Lowth. It is highly worthy of 'set their faces eastward. Gen. 13:9.' Lowth.notice, that want of charity to the poor and

V. 48–51. The Lord here confirmed it with needy should be mentioned among the crimes, a solemn oath, for fuller assurance, that the which brought tremendous judgments on sins of Sodom were not equal to those of Jeru- | abandoned Sodom: yet the poor also were salem. Being situated in a very fruitful coun-profligate, and involved in the same destructry, the inhabitants of Sodom and the adjacent tion. cities grew proud of their wealth and prosper- V. 52–55. The Jews had perhaps proudly ity, indulged in luxury and sensuality, and at- judged and condemned the Samaritans and tended to nothing but present gratification; for Sodomites, as justly punished: and yet their which they had abundant leisure, not being own conduct tended to justify them; for they constrained to much labor in so productive å had followed and far exceeded their abominaregion: and in general they lived in peace and tions. (Marg. Ref. i, k.-Notes, 48—51, v. 51. presumptuous security. At the same time, .Matt. 7:1-5. Rom. 2:1—3.) As these two ruthey neglected to protect and uphold the poor ined cities had been more righteous than Jeand needy, and probably their rulers oppressed rusalem, could that city expect to escape the and enslaved them. In short they were proud, punishment due to her enormous crimes? Muland despised warnings or reproofs, when given titudes of the Jews would therefore be as dreadup to unnatural lusts; and the Lord took them fully destroyed as the Sodomites had been; away by a tremendous judgment as he saw others would be dispersed and lost among the good. (Noles, Gen. 13:13. 18:20–32. 19:1–29.) Gentiles, as the Israelites were. Many of the Yet they had not sinned against so clear a light Israelites would return with the Jews after the and such abundant advantages, or with so captivity; and many of the Jews would bear

56 For thy sister Sodom was not ||my covenant with thee in the days of thy * mentioned by thy mouth in the day of || youth, and I will establish unto thee an thy pride,

everlasting covenant. 57 Before thy wickedness was discov- 61 Then thou shalt remember thy ered, as at the time of thy reproach of ways, and be ashamed, when thou shalt the daughters of Syria, and all that are receive thy sisters, thine elder and dy round about her, the daughters of the younger: and I will give them unto thee Philistines, which despise thee round for daughters, ' but not by thy covenant. about.

62 And I will establish my covenant 58 Thou * hast borne thy lewdness with thee; " and thou shalt know that I am and thine abominations, saith the LORD. the LORD,

59 For thus saith the Lord God; YI 63 That thou mayest remember, and will even deal with thee as thou hast done, || be confounded, and never open thy ' which hast despised the oath in breaking mouth any more because of thy shame, the covenant.

when I am pacified toward thee for all 60 | Nevertheless a I. will remember that thou hast done, saith the Lord God.

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their shame by continuing in their dispersions. || ham and Israel; and even that made with the As they had kept the inhabitants of Sodom | nation at mount Sinai: and he would establish and Samaria in countenance by their crimes, with them a better and more enduring coveand thus been a comfort to them; so Jerusalem nant. If this at all refer to the return of the should never be reinstated in her former glory, Jews from Babylon; no doubt it more directly nor the Jews be wholly restored from their predicts the conversion of Jews and Gentiles captivity, until Sodom and Samaria were re- to Christ, and their future restoration to the stored likewise. This may mean, that they church and their own land, when the fulness never would be thus restored: but it rather re- of the Gentiles also shall come in.” At these lates to the conversion of the Gentiles, who are periods, the Jews would remember, and be frequently spoken of by the name of some na- ashamed of their former evil ways; and willtion, which was most given up to idolatry and ingly receive into communion with them the iniquity. (Marg. Ref.1-9:- Notes, Is. 34: 63:1 worst of the heathen, when converted to -6. Jer. 48:47. 49:6. Rev. 11:7–12, v. 8.) Then, Christ; the Lord will then give unto Jerusalem and not before, should the captivity of Judah "for daughters,” those very persons whom she be fully restored.—This took place in part in. had disdained to acknowledge as sisters; that the apostolical age, but its most signal accom- is, the Gentile converts would be brought into plishment is doubtless yet future. (Notes, Rom. God's family, as the children of his ancient 11:11-15,25–32.).

church. (Marg. Ref. d, e.) This would be efV. 56–59. Either the Jews entirely over- fected, pot by the national covenant made with looked the example, set before them in the Israel; but

by the new covenant of grace in the desolations of Sodom; or, being proud of their hands of Christ our Mediator; a covenant esprivileges and prosperity, they would have tablished upon better promises, and they would disdained to mentioni so infamous a place, es- then indeed know the Lord. (Marg. Ref. a, b. pecially as standing in any near relation to g.-Notes, 36:25—27. Gen. 17:7,8. Er. 19:5. 24: them. (Marg. and Marg. Ref: r, 8.-Notes, Is

. 3–11. Lev. 26:41,42, v. 42. 2 Sam. 23:5. Is. 55: 1:7-9, v. 9,10—15, v. 10.) This was peculiarly 1—3, v. 3. Jer. 31:31–34. 32:39—41. Heb. 8:7the case, before the iniquity of the Jews was 13. 13:20,21.). All these events would concur discovered, by the punishments inflicted on in humbling them for their sins; and they would them, during the invasious of the land by the then remember all their shameful behavior to Syrians and Philistines, in the reign of Åhaz: | their merciful God; which would cover them (Marg, and Marg. Ref. t, 11.—Notes, 1 Kings with confusion, and silence their boasts of be16:5—16. 2. Chr. 28:5,16—23.) but on the con- ing the peculiar and exclusive favorites of heatrary,, at the time when Ezekiel wrote, the ven, their complaints of the Lord's dealings Gentiles reproached and despised the Jews, as with them, their self-justification, and their rea most abominable people. /27. Note, Lam. 4: | vilings and contemptuous abuse of the poor 13–16.) These and other judgments had corne Gentiles. When the Lord had shewn himself upon them for their idolatries, of which they reconciled to them, they would scarcely he had openly borne the shame: but the Lord | able to forgive themselves, and would only meant further to deal with them after their have their mouths open before him in humbs deserts; especially in violating their covenant- | confessions and fervent prayers, praises, and engagements, which they had so solemnly rat- | thanksgivings. (Marg: Ref. c. e. -.- Notes, ified, but now despised as of no value or obli- || 20:40–44, vv. 33,34. 36:31,32. Job 42:1-6, vv. 5, gation. (Marg. Ref, y, z.), V. 60–63. "The Lord did not, however, in

6. Jer. 31:18–20. Rom. 3:19,20. 6:21-23, v. 21.) tend finally to cast off the whole people of Is- ll of the Jews, at their future couversion to their

-This seems particularly to refer to the case fael. Of his mere mercy and abundant grace, || long rejected Messiah; when their former enhe would remember his covenant with Abra- || mity will effectually silence their proud boast508]

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