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ful character of many of the objections SCHLIEMANN, AN EVENING WITH, 212.
to Booth's scheme, 134—necessity of SCOTTISH EARLDOMS, THREE, 559—the
dealing with the problem, 135.

historical labours of Sir William Fraser,
PROTÉGE SYSTEM IN MOROCCO, THE, by ib.-history of the Hamiltons of Had-

Donald Mackenzie, 277—tour through dington, 560—Thomas Hamilton and
the country, ib. —Tangier, ib.-sketch the early days of the Court of Session,
of the Shereefian government of the 562—sensational State trials in Scot-
Moorish empire, 278 no regular land, 564 — Lord Binning, 566—the
system of taxation, 279—craft of the later career of, 567—title changed to
Sultan and his governors, 280—the Earl of Haddington, ib. — the Earl's
protégé system, 281-commercial rela- successors, 568—the ancient family of
tions of England and Morocco, ib. Melville, 571—the Fife Melvilles, ib.—
visits to ports along the coast, 283— Sir Robert Melville joins Queen Mary
Morocco city and its inhabitants, ib. at Hamilton, 573—is made a Lord of
a Moorish capitalist, 285 — Sultan's Session, 574—and created a peer, ib. -
promises of reformation never fulfilled, the Melvilles succeed to the honours of
287—quarrel of Cid Boobeker and the the Earldom of Leven, 576—important
Sultan, 288—-visit to Mogador, 289— State Papers in the Melville collection,

protection should be abolished, 290. 578.
Publisher, a, and his friends : Memoir SECRET MISSION, A, Chapters XXXIV.-

and Correspondence of the late John XXXVIII., postscript, 75.
Murray,' by Samuel Smiles, LL.D., SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN : BY ONE WHO
reviewed, 717.

* Relics of the Royal House of Stuart,' by Helena Faucit Martin, 1-plot of

by William Gibb and John Skelton, “The Winter's Tale,” ib. et seq. -anal-
reviewed, 161.

ysis of the action of the characters, 3
RICHARD DE LA POLE, “WHITE ROSE," et seq.-studies for the impersonation

by Henry W. Wolff, 831-house of this of Hermione, 15— first appearance in
pretender to the English crown shown the character, 32 et seq.-recollections
in Metz, ib.-his career a remarkable of, 36.
record, ib.—the De Poles and their SHROUDED WATCHER, THE, 38.
history, 832—his brother Edmund exe- SLUMS, PROBLEM OF THE, 123.
cuted, 834-Richard takes service in SOME VERY NOBLE SAVAGES, by Lieut.-
France, ib.—success as a general, 835 Col. H. Knollys, R.A., 616.
—fortunes of his brother Edmund after SONG IN WINTER, A, by C. W. B., 360.
1501, ib. et seq.-- Richard becomes the SQUIRE Door of Door Hall, Door Hill,
"White Rose” claimant, 836 — his IRELAND, 823.
plottings, ib. — banished to Metz by SUFFOLK PARSON, A, by Francis Hindes
the French king, 837 — life in that Groome, 309 — sketch of Archdeacon
town, ib.attempts to murder him, Hindes Groome, ib. — a fragment of
839—first horse-race in Metz promoted autobiography, 310—reminiscences of
by Richard, 840—ill success on the his life at Earl Soham, 312—curious
turf, 841—is sent to Normandy on a frog story, 314-appointed rector of
secret mission, ib.—proposals to invade Monk Soham, 315—the yeomen of the
England, 842-gets entangled in a love district, 316—the almshouse and its
intrigue, 843—again joins the French inmates, ib,—sketch of a Susfolk char-

- accompanies Albany to acter, 319-appointed Archdeacon of
Scotland, ib. catastrophe of Pavia, Suffolk, 320—his Susfolk stories, 321.
ib.Richard killed, 846—joy of Henry SURREY HILLS, ON: II. FIN AND FUR,
VIII., ib.—place of the “White Rose” by A Son of the Marshes, 267—en-
in history, 847.

counter with a knowing rustic fisher,
'Royal Edinburgh,' by Mrs Oliphant, ib. —shooting dabchicks or little grebes,
reviewed, 161.

269—water-shrews, 270-pikes, ib.-
ROYAL STUARTS, THE, AND THEIR CAPI- Hackhurst downs, 271—a water-mea.
TAL, 161–Gibb's Stuart book and Mrs dow and its secret outlet, ib.,

-a cleri-
Oliphant's Royal Edinburgh,' ib. - cal fish - poacher, 273 fox murder,
character of Mr Gibb's drawings, 162 275—a badger and its haunt, ib.
-the history of the Stuart sovereigns, TALLEYRAND, 693—his place in modern
163—Knox as a factor in Scottish his-

history, ib.-early life and surround-
tory, 168

the character of Queen ings, 694-character of the man, 699
Mary, 169— Buchanan and the Casket - influence of Mirabeau's teachings
Letters, 170—the hundred years before on, 700 — political activity of, 701
the '45, 173.

et seq. visits Pitt after Mirabeau's
Salvation Army, organisation of the, 124. death, 703—his political beliefs, 707.

army, 845

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