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Quous sitaation, in commemoration of his 1812, to December 25, 1813, was as achievements.

fellows, The warehouse of Mr. Griffiths, grocer,


12,659 in Welchpool, was lately discovered to be


2,005 on fire, and before assistance could be procured, five barrels of gunpowdler,

14,665 which were in the warehouse, blew up In the preceding year only 458 pockets of with a dreadful explosion, blasting in new hops, and 3396 puckets of oil, were every direction, to an incredible distance, weighed; so precarious in its produce is the roof, floors, and contents of the ware- this valuable plant. house. The landlady of the Britannia-inn A labourer employed in agriculture, at has since died of the fright.

a place called Cleve, near Worcester, while Murred.] Richard Dansey, of Easton, digging lately, struck liis pick-axe into an esq. to Miss Ingran, daughter of the late carthen por, (which afterwards proved to be Rev. Mr, Ingra!n; of Burford.

a Roman arn) and there fell ont a vast (quan. W. Skelding, esq. of Bridynorth, to Mrs. tity of pieces of silver coin, abont the Frances Griffiths.

size of a silver threepence; and, searching At Clan, E. Jones, esq. of Kencoed, farther, le discovered another pot. Tia near Newtown, to Miss Bryan, eldest coins were all Roman, ani of great antidaughter of the late R. B. esq. of Little quity, the greater portiou being coined iu Hall.

the third century;

He realised 300l. by Mr. S. Heighway, jun. of Broseley Wooll, the sale, in which the owner of the soil to Mrs. Combes, daughter of the Rev. J. nobly refused to participate. Cope, of Bridgnorth.

Harried.] At St. Mary-de-Lode, the Mr. Thomas Ridding, of Wellington, to Rev. Octavius Piers, youngest son of the Mrs. Norton, of the Mount.

late Sir William P. P. bari. of 'Tristerna Mr. Blake, of Hallwood, to Miss Jones. Abbey, Westmeathy, Ireland, to Jane, only

Died.] At Shrewsbury, Evan Thomas, a daughter of the late Rey. Thomas Triso native of Wales, formerly a clergyman, tram, of Brookfield House. afterwards a printer, latterly a judicial At Malvern, George Day, esc. of Lin. astrologer, and finally, for he appears to coln's Inn, to Jane, youngest daughter of have been a man of genius, an innate of the late Curteis Kale, esq.of Hopton Court, the House of Industry.--Mr. George Jones, Salop. late wharfinger.-Nr. John Barnes, rope

Diesl.) At Worcester, 88, Mrs. Tommaker.

kins, relict of Thomas T, esq. laie op At Newport, Mrs. Lane.-At Withing Buckenhill.-82, Mr. Jonathan Oates, sen, ton, 84, Mr. Jones,

cutler. At Pondesford, 49, Mr. Thos. Bowyer, At Powick, 90, Mr. Jas. Jones.--At greatly lamented.

Dudley, Mrs. Lukin.

At Hampton At Great Chatwell, 72, Mrs. Lythall,' Lovett, the Rev. E. Valdron, M. A. a lady of the most benevolent character. At Lower Arley, Mr. W. Dicken, jun.

At Booley, Mr. Betton.-At Wem, Miss At Black more Park, Thomas Hornyhold, Elizabeth Heighway.-At Stockton, 82, esq.--Mrs. Knapp, of the White-house. -Mr. Chapman.

At Kempsey, Mrs. Timbrell. At Bewdley, the Rev, Edward Baugh, At Great Malvern, 73, Mr. Richard rector of Neen Solters and Milsom, in this Benbow ; and, during the burial of her county, and Minister of Bewdļey Chapel, husband, in her 74th year, Mrs. Benbow. universally esteemed and regretted.

Aged 101, Jolin Maurice, of Pedinore Deservedly lamented, 83, Mrs. Rocke, Quay, near Stourbridge. of Quarry-place, widow of the late John R. HEREFORD AND MONMOUTH. esg. of Trefnanny.

Upwards of sixty persons of fasliion At Hinnington, 61, Joseph Fletcher. were entertained for å fortnight by Sir

At Monnt Fields, Mr. John Webster, Charles Morgan, bart, at his mansion in late of Watling-street.

Monmouthshire, with true Christmas hos At Broseley, 70, Mr. Thomas Baker. pitality. A masquerade on Twelfth Night WORCESTERSHIRE.

was attended hy inore than 150 guests. In addition to the sum of 3001. which Married.] D. R. Dansey, esez. of Easton, ur: Webb left with the Rev. 'Mr. Byron, to Miss F. E. Ingram, of Burford, of Worcester, for the apprenticesliip of The Rev, Hugh Morgan, of Hereford, to nine orphan boys, he has made a further Mrs. Hullei, of Swindon. provision for ten more boys and one At Abergavenny, Col. Gallopin, to Miss female, allowing from 301. t0 401. cach as Sewe!!. a premium; and independently of this all At Ross, Mr. C. Strachan, of Gray's-inn; ditional mark of his beneficence, many road, London, to Elizabeth, only daughter distressed persons at that place lave par- of Mr. 1). Roberts, bookseller, taken of hìş yubounded liberality.

Died.) At Ross, much regretted, Wm. The number of pockets of hops weighed Matthews Brookes, es4, surgeon of the in Worcester mậrket, from December 25, ist Royal Surry Militia.--Mr. R. Brown.

S. 886 10



[Feb. 1, At Herefore!, 54, Francis Edwards, esq. certainly relieved, and the impostor wonld of Lcominster, attorney at-law, Captain quit a neighbourhood in which he finds his of the 2d Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry, deceptions no longer profitable. and many years distributor of stamps. A The second is to enable the deserving gentleman whose benevolent disposition poor to better their condition by the obtained for him the respect of an exten- timely assistance of small loans; and, by sive circle of friends.-Nr. Wm. Morgan, the same means, to prevent that accumu. hair-dresser; in a fit of mental derange- lation of distress which, when it has once ment he swallowed a small bottle of oil of taken place, ten times the sun

would vitriol.

ofien, not l'emove. Two hundred and At Abergavenny, Mrs. Ann George.- thirty-nine loans, amounting to 8861. 105. At Letton, Mírs. Freeman.

have been granted without interest. Of At Fownhope, 69, Mrs. Purchas, wife of this sumn 5511. 155. od. have been repaid N.P. esq. generally beloved.

with the most laudable punctuality. And At Ledbury, 81, Mr. Thos. Baylis. the committee have reason to think, At Monmonth, 79, Mr. P. Powell.- from the expressions of gratitude which Mr. W. Hodges.--Mrs. Vaughan,

have been used on accomplishing the reAt Sitten, 83, Mr. Jolin Gibbons.-At payment of the loans, that in a great Kivernoll, 72, Mr. Thomas Richbeli. majority of these cases, permanent good

At Leoninster, 80, Mrs. James, widow, effects have been produced in the circumformerly of Liston.--22, Miss Geary, stances of the borrowers. daughter of Dr. G.

Laan Funil account, from February 16, to GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

December 14, 1913.

£ d. The antiquarian treasures and remark. Lent able features of the far-famed Redcliffe Repaid

551 15 6 Church, of Bristol, lave just been ably Good..

285 brought under the public eye by that Doubtful

4 3 indefatigable antiquary Mr. Britton. In Hand

45 10 6 We have seen the volume, and its ele Two hundred and thirty-nine families gance and erudition are worthy of the have been assisted by loans in ten months. subject.

The third has been to form a fund of The late great fogs are mentioned in the savings; which has likewise been successBristol Mercury as productive of accidents ful—5361. 11s. 6d. have been deposited in in that city.

it. The money has been invested in goThe grand jury of Bristol having pre vernment securities, in the names of the sented ilie gaol of that city, (long a dis trustees. Anil as little or none of this grace to its benevolence,) a new gaol is was or could have been, previously to the forthwith to be buit; hnt a difficulty has institution of this society, so placed as arisen in regard to the class of persons on to be improved at interest, the interest whom the expences should fail.

is evidently a clear gain to the meritorious Pristol, long famed for its intelligence individuals of whose property the fund is and public solit, has set an example in composed. the establishment of a charitable society, In the course of our periodical labours. which nerits the notice of the whole we never recollect to have recorded the kingdom. It is called the Pruulent Man's scheme of a society, the objects of which Friend Scoirty; it meets in Smail-street, were more legitimate and praiseworthy; and the treasurer is W. FRUPP, esq. a and we hope to have speciiy occasion to gentleman much distinguished for his active record the creation of similar societies benevolence. At the first annual meet in every city and market town in the ing, DR. F. RANLOLPH in the chair, it empire. appeared that the sims collected had Married.) At Tethary, Mr. S. Cox, to amoanted to 7851. of which, 3201. had Miss Pichett, only daughter of the late been paid to the loan fund; 531. to J. P. esq. mendicaris; and 51l. for the conviction The Rev. G. Gunning, rector of Doynof varranis. Its objects are ably de- ton, to Louisa Vary, daughter of John scribed in a public advertisement to be Quicke, esq. of Newton House. threefol.1:-

Wm. Lane, esq. of Bredou, to Jemima, The first is an attempt to remove the fourth daughter of Jos. Dobbins, esq. of persicions examples of idleness and vice, Hailes. exhibited by street-beggars and other inn Nr. Wm. Bubb, of Whitley Court, to postors; ard to give teinposary relief to Miss E. Fletcher, of Gloncester. those persons who, on enquiry, are found Died.] At Gloucester, Mrs. Meadows, to beceiver tó ask aims from real of Lower Northgate-street. Royman distress. For this purpose, TICKETS are Jones, jun. esq. of Hay Hill, deservedly issued by the Society; and if the charita- regretted.--85, the Hon. Mrs. Talbot bly-disposed wouk steadily persevere in ellest daughter of Jacob Lord Folkestone. giving them in the streets, instcad of -59, suddenly, Abraham Norden, esq. of money, the deserving would be more Northgate-strecto-Mrs. Garn,

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John S. esc:

At Tetbury, 71, Mr. J. Hill.

A few weeks ago, the Count Orloffe At Dyrham, Mr. C. Stoper.

called upon. Mr. Grosvenor, surgeon, of At Wootton, 83, Goodson Vines, esq. Oxforkl, to consult him respecting his lady; At Boulsdon, 78, Mr. S. Draper. and, observing how exceedingly leaf Mr. At Severn Lodge, Mr. T. Baker. G. was, recommended the 114e of tobacco At Beech, 78, Mr. James Busli.

smoke, which had eifectually cured a Rus. At Winterborn, 88, Mrs. Hollister. sian nobleman in three weeks, who had 48, Mrs. Sarah Evans.

been deaf for twoniy years. Mr. G. was At Minety, Mr. Giles Ludlow.

induced to make the experiment, and the At Leigh, 70, Mr. Richard Barues. right ear cracks regularly, and cach time At Rodboro', Mrs. Horg.

his hearing improves. His lest experienced At Land, Mrs. Ann Gregory.

the same report, and he now hears well At Newent, Mrs. Am Chinn.

with it; although it was scarcely possible At Brockhampton, Mr. R. Gibbs. to make him hear with a trumpet. He can At Stoke Orchard, Mr. R. Staite. now hear the ticking of a clock, and before At Witcombe, 83, Mrs. Pitt.

he could not hear it strike. *At Thornbury, Mrs. Rolph. Mrs. The Prince Regent has appointed the Rev. Riddiford.

Edward Nares, to be Regius Professor of At Cheddar, 67, Mrs. Symons, wife of Modern History.

Marrie?.] Rev. Francis Joseplı Faithfull, At Bristol, Mrs. El. Gilbert.-Miss M. B.C.L. and Fellow of St. John's College, Sewell.--Mrs. L. D. Fripp, wife of Mr. in this University, to Mary, eldest daughaJ. F. a lady of rare virtues.-Mrs. M. E. ter of the Rev. V. Grautham, D.D. vicar Dymock, of Berkley.square. Richard of Scawby. Ivyleafe, esq. A.M. å magistrate and de Lientenant-Colonel Hamilton, of the 8d, piity lieutenant of the county.-25, Mrs. to Miss Charlotte Fane, second dangter H. Webb, sincerely regretted.--Robert of J. F. esq. M.P. and 'niece to the Earl Vizer, esq. a merchant of exemplary cha- of Maccle-field. racter.-85, Mrs. E. Helmes.—Mr. W. Sir Jola Chandos Reade, Bart. of ShipMoore, distiller.--Mrs. Weaver, of Red- ton Court, to Louisa, youngest daughter cliff-street.—Miss Eliz. Larwel.-Richard of the late David Murray, esq. brother to Symes, esq. of Colston's paraule.-27, Mrs. Lord Elibank. Marg. Goodenough.-W. Walton, esq. of Divd.] At Aston Parsonage, near WitPark-street.—Mrs. Daubeny, of King's. ney, 65, Mirs. Ann Bicheno, wite of the square.--87, Rich. Lechmere,esq. of Park- Rev. J. B., late of Newbury, street.-74, Mrs. Sarah Cottle, of Bruns At Batii, 84, the Rev. Dr. Greenhill, of

- Mr. Thos. Merrick, of Cotiisiord, Oxon, rector of fringford, in Queen square.--Mrs. Varlow.--Mr. Wood- that county, and of Marsh-Gibbon, Bucks. lands, of the Customs.--89, William Par At Newington House, G. White, esq. $ous, esq. of College-green, distinguisheri clerk of election committees, House of by his active benevolence.--Mr. Jos. Clay. Commons. -91, Mrs. Cozens.--Mrs. Mitchell, at the At Elsfield, Mr. Joseph White. Hotwells.—19, Mr. J. Stych, of 'Union At Stokenchurch, Mr. Mieaul, of the street-Miss Strode, of Park-street, for. King's Arms Inn, merly of St. Croix.-Mrs. Harriet Webb. At Wolveicott, 87, Mrs. Sarah Hicks; -66, Mrs. Cornish.-Mr. Sam. Lawrence, also the same evenina, at the advanceii age soap-manufacturer; killed by a fall from of 106, illrs. Elizabeth IIicks. his vig, near Penzance.-63, Captain Jos. At Souldern, 60, Mr. William Smith. Williams.-90, Mrs. Burge.---50, Richard At Grove Cottage, 61, Richard Davis, Pearsall

, esq. of Somerset-street.—78, esq. sincerely regretted. Mrs. Day, mother of the Rev. W. D.- At Ditchley, at an advanced age, Mrs. 66, Mrs. Cornish, of Clare-street, much Mary Price, annt to the Countess of Orlamented.

moule and Ossory. At Tewkesbury, 45, Mrs. Owen.-Mrs. At Great Haseley, 75, Mr. John Terry. Lewis.—Mrs. Andrews. Mr. William Greatly regietteit, 72, the Rev. Thomas

Kerrich, recior of Great and Little HornAt Cheltenham, 57, John Reed, esq. of ivysleath. St. Julia's Cottage.

At Ducklington, Mr. John Thomas.--At At Stroud, Mrs. Anne Colborne, widow Hailey, at an advanced age, Mr. John Nutt. of the Rev. J. C.

At Ewelme, deservedly lamented, Mrs.

Heath. A fire lately consumed the mansion of At Oxforıl, 71, Mrs. Pigott, relict of Lord Charles Spencer, at Wheatfield. The Francis P. eng. of the Inner Temple, Baraccident was occasioned by a fire having rister at Law.--In Si. Giles's, 86, Mr. Ribeen lighted in a chimney without either chard Lipscomb.-Air. Wells, of Óriel Colstove or grate, in consequence of which it lege.---25, John Haycroft, of Queen-street. was communicated to a beam under the -8, Elizabetli, wife of Mr. Bliss, of St. kearth

Giles's. - Mrs. Hannali Browo, of Magdalen






go Bucks and Berks- Beds and lIerts---- Northampton, &c. (Feb. I, parish.-81, Mr. Hall.-Nir, Rose, white which he was supported by Hoffey White, smit.---Mr. Richard Best, of Queen-street. has excited considerable sensation and --Daniel Stuart, a well-known character. anxiety io this county, and has led to a --76, Mrs. Elizabeth Baylis, of St. Giles'3. sharp and prolonged controversy in the --Suddenly, Mrs. Ilands, of St. Thomas S. Northampion Vercury. We have also -41, Dr. James Howell.

received some communications on the sub.

ject; but as discussion is availing under The senior department of the Roral such circumstances, we forbear 10 revive Military College, is removed from High the animosity which appears to have been Wycombe, to Farnham, Surey.

excited, conceiving that po parties in such Married.] Mr. John Adams, nf Wink a question can have any other object than field-ow, to Miss Mary Anne Delie, of to ascer ain the truth. It is our inference Oxforil,

in all such cases, that juries ougiit always Mr. Jolin Parrost, of Brillbury hall, io to be very cantions of convicting on cirMiss Sargea!t, of Brill.

cumstantial evilcuce; but that whenever J. Long, (sq, of Bisham Park, to Miss such convictions llave taken place, the p1l-Westbrook, of Siubbins.

nisument should not be of a mature which Captain Duodas, R. A., to Miss J. A. it is beyond the power of man to recall and Graham, of Fintry.

retrieve. Died.] At the Hot Wells, Bristol, 52, Mrrird.] The Rev. W. P. Davies, of Joanza, wife of Jolm Neck, esq. of Sun Wellingborongh, to Miss Green, of CovenDr.

iry'. Si), J. Allnatt, esq. one of his Majesty's Dr. E. Manning, of Thornbury, to Miss Justices of the Peace for this county, senior Waitun, of Harleston, alderman and father of the corporation of Did] At Wakerley, the Rev. S. Hunt, Wallingford, and who had five tines served rector of that parish, and of St. George's the office of mayor of that borongh.

in Stamford, At Lamboun, 73, the Rev. J. Smith, Suddenly, Joseph Cook Lovell, gent, of M.A. many years vicar, and one of the Sulhy Abbey. oldest of his Maje it's chaplaisin ordinary. At Sir George Rohinson's, Bart, at

At Salt Hil, 11. Waitfield, D.D. Fecior Cranford, Mrs. Frances Yonng, sister of of ihe uniteci lívinus of St. Margaret's Loth. Alisa Edwarel Y. esq. of Orlingbury, bury, and St. Chritopliers, in Londen, It Meai 's-Ashby, 77, the Rev. T. Walkand ci l'eslan, in Buckinghamshire. er, M.A. vicar of that parisli, domestie

The Rev. William Scott, many years mi. Chaplain to the Earl of Sandwich, and formister of the Baptist congregation in New merly of St. Jolin's, Oxford. Land, High Wycombe.

Nr. Wooster, at Chorley Farm, near The sum of 10001. giveu by the snbscriWest Wycombe

bers to Mr. Pitt's statue, for the purpose. At Bath, 38, Joseph Franklin, esg, of of founding the l'ilt scholurship, and which Haildenham.

has since been angmented by a donation or 4t Muckingham, Mr. William Ovitts. 5001, from the Pit Club in London, is to

Danie Margaret, wife of Sir 'I. Sicpn be placed in the public funds, mut the paid, Bart. of Thornton-hall.

Syndics shall be able to vest it in land; At Water Stratford, Mis. Mary Cooper. and the clear annual inconie arising from At Mortimer, 68, J. Spcar, esq. it is to be paid to the Pitt Scholar.

Atthe Great Lodge, Windsor Park, 32, Nuried.) Charles Veasery, esc. of Huntinge 1189, Quentin.

don, to Niiss Am Parker, danghter of Mr. At Farmegdon, Mrs. Wools, wife of E. P. surgeon, of Wobur.

The Rev. George Davys, Fellow of

Christ College, to Marianne, daughter of A dramatic piece was latcly performed the Rev. Edmund Mapleiuft, of Anstye. by a select party of amatenrs, at Sonth-hill, Richard Caithrop, enq. of Swineshead the seat of Samuel Whitbread, esq. said to Abbey, to Turfit Elizabeth, only daughtee be the product of that gentleman's pen, of S. Everard, esq.of Moulton Marsh. an possessed of coosiderable poetic merit. Edward Greene, esq. solicitor, of St.

Married.] Mr. W. Thorogoodi, oi Bisliol's Ives, to Ame Wheatham, «laughter of the Storttorel, to Miss NI. Wicks, of Douniam. late John Allpress, esq.

Div.) At Walthen, the Rev. C. Smith, Mr. Scalthorpe, of Kennet, Captain of 40 years resident vicar of that place. the Ely Local Militia, to Miss Mary BullAt llyde Hal, Herts, A. Annesley, esq.

man, of Soham, Ai Patton, 81, Mrs. Althorpe.

Rev. William Clafy, D.D. master of At Hertford, 81, Mr. Sieplier Hagger. Sidney Sussex College, and vice-chancellor At Caldecot, 38, W. Inskip, esq. of the University of Cambridge, to Mary, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

youngest daughter of the late John West The execution of Kendal, for the roh- wood, esq. of Clatteris. bery of the Leeds mail, on circunstantial Dibu.] 'At Whittlesea, 54, Mrs. Smith, evidence, and liis denial of his guilt, in wife of Mr, S. surgeon,



W. eig.




At Shepreth, 42, Mrs. Ingle, wife of Buck. At Coltishall, 57, Mr. William Mr. John I.

Browne, mercliant. At Huntingdon, 43, Mr. James Lang Åt Hiugliani, IMI's, Gapp, wife of Mr. horn.–At Charteris, 73, Mrs. Holden, le G. sep.-- Great Ellmgham, 78, Mr. lict of the late Rev. W. H. many years vicar. Benjarin Tarner.

At Cambridge, 79, Mr. David Brad. At Honing, 51, Mr. John Howard. well, of this town. Wr. Jolin Higneil, of At Yarmouth,'60, Mr. Freil. Tiinev.St. John's College.--75, Thomas Halstead, 74, Mr. John Jason.-il, Nil. J. C:15esq. formerly one of the aldermen.-dir. tance.Mis. Watson, of St. Jolin's.-68, Barnet Leach, of Bridge-stresi.

Mrs, Plummer:-84, Mrs. Mastrion. At Yaxley, 79, Mr. Chill, farnier,

At Lingwood!, 77, liry. Marý Nix, At Newmarket, Mr. Richard Claydon. 67, Mrs. Bullard, of St. Jchu's. -Miss Barrett, sister to mar. B.-Mr. Sa At Carleton Rode, Mir. J. Lampari. muel Buckle, attorney, nephew to the late Ac Crowrthorpe, 19, Niss lumela Mora Willian Sandiver, esq. wiose property be risht Walsinghan, 38, 1:Irs. Wriglii, wife had inuerited only six months.

of Willian lv.ju, At Isleham, 21, Mr. Josiah Bland.

At Fakenlani, Mrs. Dermis, relict of the At ickleton, Air, Chambers.

laie T. 1. D. esq. At Long Siow Hall, Charlotte, wife of At Happisburgh, 76, Mr. Robert Harler. the Rev. Dr. Thomson.

At South Lym, 17, Viss E. Brínir. At Ely, much lamented, Richari Pigott, Ai Fersfieid, 77, Nir. Thomas Sarith, gent.-At Campteu, 18, deeply regreited, dissenting minister; he was pastur of te Rhoda, second daughter of Mr. James Baptist church at Shelfanger, nearly liaif Humberstone.

a century. At Honningsea, a man named Struurt, At West Dereham, 70, Mrs. Hannah at the adcunce age of 106. He had been Atkinson. confined to his bed about seven years, but retained his faculties till nearly the last. At Beccles and Woo:livrilge sessions the

several prisoners indicted were all a:quitThe order for broad white camblets from ted. What a commentary this on the inthe East India Company, is received by the structions given to the cranil jury in Sainormanufacturers at Norwicii, and is only for selshire. Doubtless the rule should be to 12,000 pieces, in cousequence of the adi- give votice to all persons of any design to vanced price; a l'eduction from the order present them; but this being found often of last year of 11,000 pieces.

impossible in regard to criminals, is not Married,] Mr. J. G. Hacon, of Down practised in such cases.

It holds gooi, ham Market, to Miss Sharp.

liowever, in regard to public boilies who Captain George Wickens Willes, R. N. cannot escape, and it always gives the grand Bo Miss Anne Elizabeth Lacon, second jury the power of iuqairng diligently and daughter of Sir E. L. of Yarmouth. presenting duly. It seems to be highly

Mr. Edward Daniel Alston, of Diss, to dangerous to indict unwared persons in Eliza Freeborn, only daughter of Join F. any case; and to place the honorable part esq. of Great Maplested.

of the community at the mercy of unprinMr. Andrew Pigge, printer and book. cipled persons who may swear whatever seller, of Lynn, to Mrs. Davey, of Heacham. they please before a grand jury with impu

Mr. William Therogood, printer, of nity. Bishop Stortford, to Miss Maria Winks, Alarried.] John Smith, esq. to Harriett of Downham.

Elford, second danghter to the Rev.William Mr, H. Kemball, bookseller, of Swaff Wyatt, rector of Framlingham, ham, to Miss Marriott, of Lynn.

At St. Mary's Churcb, Robert Hicks, Died.] At Worstead, 58, Mrs. Tuck. esq. of Laylam, to Mrs. Rouse, Hladleigh. At Brisley, the Rev. Mr. Walters, rector. At Spronghton, Brigadie-Major Wynyard,

of the scarlet fever, Horatio, third son of the Coldstreami guard“, to Eliza, third of William Cockell, esq. of Attleborough daughter of Joim Sowerby, esg. of l'utilAnd of the same disorder, Jane, second ridge, Bury. daughter of the same gentleman.

Wm. Wood Humphrey, esq. listributor At Lynn, 67, Mrs. Hannah Crawforth.

of stamps at Sudbury, to Miss Gilson, of At Norwich, 24, Mrs. Walters, linen Baddow. draper.–61, Mrs. Chesnutt, of St. Gre Rev. Thomas Allsop, of Fressingfield, gory's.--69, Mr. Rt. Towler, hotpresser. to the yonngest daughter of R. Bretring, --58, Mrs. Holl, of St. Peter's.--77, Mr. esq. of Mendham. James Steward.

Died.] At Hadleigh, 25, Mr. Janies At Catton, 68, Jeremiah Ives Harvey, Quantrill. esq. alderman of Conisford ward. He At Bury, Alexander Decoutre, 20, a naserved the office of sheriff of Norwich in tural son of the Due de Rochetaurant.--2779, and of mayor in 1783.

Mirs. Spalding, 70, of Churchgate-street. Af East Dereliam, 20, Miss Aon Martha Mis. Ranby, 73, wife of John R. esq.-

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