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MIDDLESEX, AND SURREY. With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Churucters recently deceased. THE THE respectable Society of SCHOOL DENSE FOGS, which began on the 27th of

MA Irks held their usual Anniversary December, and continued several days, sa at the Crown and Anchor Tavern; when as to render it dangerous, and often iinthe Dine oi Kent was in the chair. After practicable to travel in carriages in and dinner a variety of loyai and appropriate near London. We have not been cnabied toasts were runk; several salgs were to learn its precise extent; but it seems it giveu by M 593. DiunaClark, w others, was experienced in nearly an equal degree and the evenind spent with great cor at BX:STOL, TAUNTON, and Duelin. It djality and enanimitri

has been followed by the severest weaThe Sherift i Londo! au peal to the af- ther, and deepest fall of snow, known for Acent in: behäif of the SETERTIFS TUND, thirty years past one of the most operative charities, in its A society was formed last year for visit. relief of real 7.1.2?;, known to the country. ing and relieving the sick or distressed It does:t sirrlent amount in tinis year poor, at their own houses, in the district to 90:,:

of town which lies leiween Hoiborn and The SMI. SIELD CLUB attracted the thie Nery Road. Its first anual Report usual sitention this year among connoisers contains the particulars of several afecting in stuch, and Mr. COEE, of Norfulki, was cases of misery which bave been relieved elected its fatr re president.

by the society's fuzds, and by the benevoIt appears by the statement of a Dublin lent aicoutions of the visitors and commita paper that the intal number of CATHOLICS tee. The place of meeting for business is in Fogland and Wales considerably exceed ar St. John's Chapii, Belford Ilow. Every three hundred thousand. The principal district of ihnis great town ougait to follo:7 Catholic counties are Lancashire, York this excellent example. shire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, and The City of LONDON’Truss SOCIETY, Northumberland. These, with Durhani, for the relief of the ruptured poor throughCheshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent, and Wors out the kingdom, ive relieved in the last cestershire, contain about 200,000; Lon- year 10 less than seventeen mured and don and its suburbs, with Surey and Mid ninety-eiglit persons, altiietud wilia biernia diesex, 50,000. The remaining 50,000 are or rupture, making a total of patients i'lthinly scattered throughout the other com. lieved by the society in the short space of tes and cities ; but chiefly in Bristol, six years, of 6,109. Bath, Portsmonth, Plymouth, Southamp According to the general bill of all the tou, Exeter, Gloucester, and a few water CHRISTENINGs and BCRLs, from Dec. ing places. In every county in England 15, 1812, to Dec. 14, 1813 ; there are Catholic chapels and congrega There were christened in the 97 parishes tions. Altogeitier there are about 900 within the walls, 1009 ; and buien 1091. chapels, and generally clean, commodious, In the 17 pari.hes without the walls, and well built. Lancashire alone counts 4111; and buried, 3626. upwards of 100 Catholic chapels, and in In the 23 oat-parishes in Middlesex and the Catholic counties, gentlemen maintain Surrey, 11,151; int burieri, 8979. chaplains in their own houses.

In the 10 parishes in the city and libere
The following cantion has been publicly ties of Westminster, 3357; and buried,
circulated by permission of the Gresham S623.
Committee:- The public are hereby in.

formed, that, in order to shorten the dura. Males, 10,6037
tion of anxiety suffered by parents and Females, 9,9205

In all, 20,528.
others, occasioned by little children stray-

Buried. ing from home, or being otherwise missing, Males, 8,993 ? Notices of children, being lost or found,

Females, 8,3 24 In all, 17,322.
may be posted up at the front of the Royal

Whereof have died,
Exchange, on boards placed there for the Under two years of age

·5167 purpose, (free of expence to the parties,) Between two and five.

1733 by which means a ready communication live and ten....

604 will be formed between those who have Teu and twenty

526 lost, and those who have found the children; Twenty and thirty

..1108 and thus many liours, perhaps days, of se- Thirty and forty

...1501 vere affliction may be prevented. The Forty and fifty

1751 children, of course, are to be taken care of Fifty and sistý

...1606 in the parish where they are found, until Sixty and seventy.

• 1559 their places of abode are discovered. Seventy and eighty

.1211 The past month has been rendered lo. Eighty and ninety

489 failly memorable by the continuauce of Ninety and a hundred





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#78 Marriages and Deaths in and near London. [Feb. 1, hundred

Knight, only daughter of Mr. J. K. of East A hundred and one

Smithfield. A hundred and two.

DIED. A hundred and nine..

At Rotherhithe, 56, Thomas Sarage, esq. R A hundred and thirteen

much regretted hv liis connections. There have been executed in the city of At Farnlıam, Mrs. Newuhum, wife of Mr. London and county of Surrey, 28.

N. surgeon.

In Grosvenor Place, the lady of the Right 25
At Camberwell, Mr. Jos. Shepherd, of Hon. Lord Charles Bentinck.
Bartholomew Lüne, to Miss Turner, of In Gokien-square, Dirs. IFallace, of the

ancient families of the Frenches and ThornThe Hon. Ellward Law, M.P. eldest son dykes. of Lord Ellenborough, to ille Lady Octavia In Greville-street, 73, Joel Edwurds, esq. Stewart, yomgest daughter of the Earl of In Acton-street, Rowland Blount, esq. Londonderry.

Dr. Robt. Maclaurin, 84, an eminent Mr. Jackson, of Mitcham Common, practitioner in midwifery, and formerly to Miss Ainsworth, of Belbolt, near Bolton. teacher of anatomy.

Mr. S, Fennell, St. Mary Axe, to Har Rer. G. II. Stanilurt, 29, youngest son of nah, second daughter of Mr. Wm. White, 0. S. esq. of Great James-street, Bedford. kabe of Wakefield.

Row. Marmaduke Hewitt, esq. of the East In In the Temple, 69, Thomas Lowlen, esg. dia establishment, to Maria Sarah, second a well known attorney-at-law, clerk of daughter of G. Saville Bryan, esq.

nisi prius, deputy clerk of the pipe, &c. and le Robert Spankie, esq. of the Inner Tem- once an active member of the Whig Club. ple, barrister-at-law, to Miss Inglis, daugh- His friends speak of him since his death as ter of John I. esq. of Mark-Lane, London. an upright man ; but he was remarkable

Major Drake, of the 95th regt. to Miss for a roughness, approaching to brutality, Tane, eldest daughter of J. F. esq. M.P. towards persons to whom lie had no motive for Oxfordshire, and niece to the Earl of for behaving courteously. Macclesfield.

In Hertford-street, Lady Seabright, relict John Curwood, esq. barrister at law, to of Gen. Sir John S.S. of Breechwood Park, Jane, youngest dangliter of Jos. Berrow, Herts. esq. of Bourne Bank, near Upton upon. Lloy Baxendale, esq. 83, Severn.

Universally regretted, I'm. Eyton, esq. Mr. R. Thompson, of Teston, to Miss of the Ordnance Office, only son of the C. Lediard, daughter of T. L. esq.

Rev. Jas. E. of Calke Abbey, Derbyshire. J. C. Amey, esq. to Louisa, third daugh In Kirby-street, Hatton-Garden, E. Har. ter of B. Combe, esq. of Guildford-street, rooil, esq. He was the eldest son of the Brunswick-square.

late Rev. Dr. H. well known to the learned A. Batson, esq. of Church-row, Lime- world. house, to Frances, danghter of T. Baker, Sincerely regretted, T. Goddard, esq. of esq. of Roden-lodge, Barking,

Swindon, Wilts, and late M.P. for Crick, At Hackney, S. Olding, esq. banker, lade. London, to E. B. Aldersey, eldest daughter Eliz. Jane, wife of J. Alcock, esq. of ef J. A. esq. Homerton.

Roehampton. R. Richards, jun. of the Inner Temple, In Upper Harley-street, Mrs. Goddard, psa. to Harriet, eldest daughter of J. Den- relict of the late J. G. esq. of Woodford nett, esq. of Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Hall, Mr. Knight, surgeon, of Solo-square, to Eliza Gcorgiana, youngest danghter of AI. A. Hopson, of West Malling.

Sir G. W. Denys, bart. M.P.
Sir John Chap:ios Reade, bart, of Ship In Charles-street, Berkeley-square, Lady
ton Court, to Louisa, youngest daughter of Willis, wife of Sir F. W. son of the Bishop
the late David Murray, esą. brother to of Bath and Wells.
Lord Elibank.

MIrs. Green, 73, wife of J. Green, esq. of
Mr. W. Benham, Hill Place Farm, to Upper Phillimore-place, Kensington, late
Ann, eldest daughter of J. Wilkins, esq. of Croydon,
of Oddity Hall, near Farnham.

84, Mr. R. Lemon, 17 years chief clerk
G. W. Aylmer, esq. of Wimpole-street, of his Majesty's Record Office in the Tower
to Henrietta, daughter of the late H. Elli- of London.
son, esq. of Hebbum Hall, Durham.

In Rathbone place, of an inflammation At Egliai, Lieut.-Col. Mallet, of the in her lungs, 69, Mrs. E. Whitaker, widow 56th regt. to Fannia, daughter of the Rev. of the late Rev. J. W. vicar of Pimbury. Dr. Symmons.

At Turnlian Green Terrące, 81, Wm. At Hornsey, J. Whitbread, esq. of Ed. Griffin, esq. monton, to Louisa, second daughter of Mr. Deeply and most deservedly lamented, . Morrison.

Mary, wife of the Rev. M. Bensąn, recton Mr. G. E. Pollett, of Dagenham, to Miss of Mersham, Surrey, 1

N. Ramsay:

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W. Ramsiy, esq. Secretary to the Hon. Others he enjoyed a satisfaction wliich na East India Company.

thing could surpass. Many a young man At Brompton, 83, T. F. Warren, esq. kas lie assisted with money ou entering into late of the island of Jamaica.

business, who will revere his memory with At Chiswick, 67, Lewis Vigoureux, esq. gratitude. The hospitality of his table is comptroller in one of the branches of the well known ainonyst an extended circle of Custom-house. He married in 1769, Anna acquaintance, to many of whom he has be. Maria, sister of the present Sir Mordaunt queathed some mark of his esteem. He Martin, bart. of Long Melford, in the coun

carried on business many years in co-parttyl of Suffolk, and has left three sons in his nerslup with the Hon. Thomas Harley, almajesty's service, the Rev. L. I. Vigoureux, derman of London, his respect for whoin, rector of Bringtou, and three daughters. is marked by a legacy to each of his tour

At Greenwich, 80, Mr. G. Sundursun, au daughters. His faithful domestics he has eminent mathematician.

handsomely provided for, and he has beAt Cheam, 78, T. Palmer, esq.

queathed to the Marine Society; to the At Ryde, Mrs. Louisa Pemble, widow of Asylumn for Female Orphans; to the SoColonel Charles P. late commander-in-chief ciety for the Liberation of Persons impii. of the Hon. the East India Conspany's forces soned for Sinall Debts; to the Bath Genein Bombay, daughter of Samuel Hough, ral Hospital; to the Gloucesier General esq. formerly of Fetcham Park, Surrey, Infirmary; and for the further endowment ard mother of Mrs. Holme Sumner, of of the Charity School at Painswick, each Hatchlands.

5001. His remains were deposited in this At Gravesend, Mr. J. Burt, miner and chancel of Hanipton church, attended by Goal-merchant : in endeavouring to clear many of his most intimate anit affectionate the water-wheel from the ice, he fell under friends. it, and before he could be released. ex At Wimbledon, 76, Mrs. Ann Kelly, forpired. His wife, on hearing of it, was taken merly of Chelsham. She had been atăicted in labour with her tenth child.

nearly thirty years, and notwithstanding re. Of an apoplectic fit, 48, C. H. Fraser, tained all her faculties to the hour of death. esq. forme;ly his majesty's miuister in the It is remarkable that she died with a comcircle of Lower Saxony.

plele set of teeth, which had always been Suddenly, in Suffolk-street, 71, J. Casa- peculiariy white and even. On being asked major, 659.

how she preserved them, her answer alAt' Stanwell House, near Staines, T. ways was, by keeping them clean, and by Ruikes, esq. of Upper Grosvenor-strect, and the use of cold water every morning. She formerly governor of the Bank of Eng- was charitable beyond hier means, and land.

frequently deprived herself not only of Universally respected and regretted, 73, the comforts, but even the necessuries of life John Euston, esq. late a resident in Bland to assist objects of whose distress she wus ford, Dorset. He was son of the late, and fully convinced, and this she always endean brother of the present vicar of Grantham, voured to do in the most secret manuer, in Lincolnshire, and secretary, in two par- A rare and glorious instance of self DEliaments, to Sir John Cust, bart. when NIAL, and which we can assure our rea. speaker of the Honse of Commons. ders, on the testimony of a respectable corn

At Chiswick, W. Curtis, esq. surgeon, of respondent, is no common-place tribute of extensive practice, and forty years resi- surviving affection. dent in that parish.

In Weymouth-street, Portland-place, 35, In Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell, 51, Lady Harriet Gill, relict of the late wil W. Croke, esq. solicitor. To a strict profes- liam G. esq. son of Alderman Gill, formerly sional integrity he united the virtues of an lord-mayor of the city of London. She was exemplary private life, sustaining in the re the daughter of the late Earl of Wigtown. spective duties of a husband, father, and Her beauty was uncommon, and her virtues friend, a reputation of unblemished excel. numerons. She possessed manners lively, lence.

innocent, but entirely unaffected: also a At Preshute, near Marlbro', 32, Samuel suavity of temper and disposition, which Taylor, esq. late of Craven-street, Strand, not eveu the most afflicting illness could chief clerk and solicitor to the Strand alter or discompose. To the indigent aud Bridge Company and the Kent Water unfortunate slie was charitable and bene Works. He was seized with a paralytic volent; and as a daughter, wife, mother, stroke, after labouring under illness for some and a sincere friend, she might be eqnalled, time past, occasioned by over-exertions and but could not be excelied. She has left, as fatigue in his different professional employ- heirs of her virtues, five sons and a danghter. ments,

James Hooper, esq, many years a mercer At Hampton, Middlesex, 87, John Hill- in Bond-street, with great reputation and man, esq. Nature had bestowed on him profit; latterly lie had retired and resided great frankness of manners and a benevo. in Cheyne-walk, Chelsea : but he died at a lent heart. The strictest integrity guided friend's residence in the vicinity of Boudall his actions, and in assisting the wants of street.


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NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM, and attachment to the illustrious house of
RE we have ceased (says the editor Percy.

Married.] At Gateshead, Mr. John Wal-
the receipt of subscriptions for the relief lace, of Birmingham, to Miss Hannah
of the sufferer's hy the dreadfui accident Crowther.Capt. Lees, of the royal navy,
which took place at the Felling colliery to Miss Fidler, of Dilston.---Mr. John Kire
about eighteen 10tlis ar', the melan- sop, of Hole row, to Mary, daughter of
choly task has again devolved upon us, of the late Mr. John Carr, of Sialey Wood
recording another disaster almost equally Foot.
calamitous: “ Last Friday mornins, about At Durham, Lieut. John Bumgey, to Sa.
two o'cloch, the foul air in the same col. rah Grace, eldest daughter of Mr. John
liers by some means took fire, carrying Triend, of the cathedral, Durham.
death and destruction to every living crea Captain Richie, late of Sunderland, te
ture within the range of its explosion. Miss Thompson.
Nine men, thirteen boys, and twelve Mr. White, surgeon, of Newcastle, te
Borses, fell victims ter the firry of the blast; Alice Ann, third «aughter of A. Parker,
and eighi mole piten were severely esq. of Oldbury, Salop.
scorched, but are likely to recover. Among Mr. Simon Dodd, to Ann Charlotte, eld-
the deceased, is Wm. Haswell, overman, est danghter of Mr. T. Milner, of Newcastle.
who was greatly esteemed in the colliery. Died.] At Newcastle, 22, Mr. George,
By thuis afiticting occurrence, eight widows, Carruthers, of Crnddick.-10, Mr. I. Wil-
aid eighteen fatherless children, arc be- son, of Beainish.-Mrs. Weatlierhead, of
come ileserving objects of public compas Albion-street.---52, Mr. Walter Wright.--
sion and benevolence." Let us hope that 54, Mrs. De Molle.--Mrs. Chapman, of
the society announeed in our last Maga- Albion-place.--73, Mr. T. Longridge.—-68,
zine, will be the liappy means of prevent- Mr. James Summerville.--17, the son of
ing the recurrence of these shocking calas Dr. Wood.-Mrs. Row, of St. Peter's-qnay.

In Gateshead, Mr. J. Walton. -Mrsa Mr. Bakewell, in his late lectures at Ward.-00), Mis. Roddam.--80, Mrs. CoulLeeds, stated the following circunstance, son.-Mrs. Green.--38, Mr. R. Cail. which #trongly evinces the benefits which At Sunderland, 42, Mr. Thomas Ogle. arise from educating the working classes: -75, Mrs. Ann Clark.-_Mrs. Cotter. -66, that, ia the cual districts of Northumber. Mr. W. Hunter:---, Mr. A. Marr. land and Durham, accidents are constantly At North Shields, 32, Mr. W. Lamb. taking place from explosions in the mines, Mr. A. Dim.--Mrs. Haddon. so that not less than 600 persons have been At South Shields, 53, suddenly, Mrs. destroyed, in the last two years; but, in Rain.--54, Mr. Roger Turnbull.-65, Mrs. one of the mines which was frequently Howard. subject to explosions, not an accident of At North Shore, Mr. John Forster. any consequence had taken place for the Mrs. Hogarth. last twelve years ; the proprie tors, besides At Hadulington, Eusign Ridley, N. M. other precautions, liaving for a consider At Darlington, 69, Mrs. E. Colling. able tine past educated the children of the At Helmsly, 75, Mr. John Sidgsworth. miners at their own expence, and given At Alnwick, 69, Mrs. Wood, of Hawse thein proper information respecting the na- hill.-83, Mr. Tho. Beesley:-Mrs. Hindture of the dangers to be avoided. marsh.--23, Mrs. Teasdale.—Mrs. Major

The small-pox is at present raging with Frankland.--75, Mrs. Vint.- Mrs. Ross. such violence in Alnwick, that no less than At Ayton, 20, Mr. R. Wilson. four children lately died there of that Al Berwick, 55, Mrs. Easton and Mrs. loathsome discase within one week.

Fowler.---48, P. Dickson, esq.--78, Mrs. The Agricultmal Svciety for the county Terrett.--8, Mrs. Crawford. -81, Mrs. of Durliam, at their late meeting awarded Thompson, the following rewards :-To Mr. Wood, of At Durham, 75, Mrs. Barlison.-76, Kimblesworth, ten guineas, for the best Mrs. Cramont.-32, Mrs. George, wife of penu of two fat wedder sheep; to Mr. the Rev. P. G.-93, Mr. Ed. Hopper, the Mason, jun. of Chilton, five guineas, for oldest freeman.--35, Mr. John Smith, vere the best mare in foal for breeding horses ger.---80, Mr. Samuel Burnell.–71, 'Mrs. for agriculture ; to Mr. Reed, of Durham, Ovington, deservedly regretted~-92, Mrs, three guineas for the best fat pig.

E. Swallow.--82, Mr. B. Dent.--82, Mr. Lord Algernon Percy, youngest son of W. Hutchinson.--85, Mrs. Isabella Smith. his Grace the Duke of Northumberland, At Tweedmouth, 32, Mrs. Kirk. having completed the 21st year of his age, At Morpeth, 62, Mr. John Brewis. the day was observed, in many parts of 51, Mrs. Brown.-—81, Mr. C. Stevenson. Northumberland, with marks of respect At Wester Heugh, 74, Mr. W. Storey.

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drew Bell, esq:

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At Monkwearmouth-shore, Mrs. Whin At Lowther, the Rev. William Lowther, nem.-At Bishopwearmouth, 79, Mrs. Sa. D. D. rector of Lowther and Aicton, in rah Smith.-30, Mrs. Ryder.--30, Mrs. Cumberland, and one of his Majesty's jus Spence.-78, Mrs. Jane Proctor; and, 41, tices of the peace for the two counties. her daughter.

As a magistrate he was indefatigable in At Houghton-le-Spring, 63, Mrs. Bell. acquiring the knowledge of the laws of his At West Boldon, John Henderson, esq. country, and in their administration, he At Bernard Castle, 74, Mrs. Hardcastle, was the defender of the injured against his At Rothbury, 79, George Hogy. oppressor. As a Christiau minister, few At Hylton, 75, Mr. Richard Paxton. perhaps have excelled liim in their knowAt Newbottle, suddenly, R. Allan, esq. ledge of the Scriptures; none in obedience At Stokesley, 20, Mr. Edw. Heaviside. to their commands; since in all his words At Marsden, Mr. Cuth. Wailes.

and actions he was guided by the love of
At Tynemouth, 73, Mrs. Bartleman. God and of his neighbour.
At Thropton, 29, of the small-pox, An At Newlands, 98, Mr. Joshua Grave.

At King's Meaburn, 62, Mrs. Addison.
At East Sleekburn, 67, Mr. W. Gladston. At 'Treby, 47, Mr. Joseph Graves.
At Low Gosforth, 10, Mr. N. Bean. At Workington, Mrs. Alice Irving.--Mr.
At Wooler, 68, Mrs. Whitehead. W. Wildridge.---97, Mrs. Brown.--Mrs.
At Shap, 78, Mrs. Isabel Ewbank. Whiteside.-38, Mr. John Fraser. ---Capt.
At Haydonbridge, 61, Mr.W.Armstrong. Rogerson.

At Saltweliside-house, 68, J. Durm, esq. At Egremont, 82, Mrs. Mary Barras. much regretted.

At Hollin House, 99, Mr. Luke Turner.
At Preston-house, Mrs. Craster.

At Baglands, oo, Nir. M. Brown,
At Alston, Mr. Thomas Richardson. At Penrith, 35, Mr. Thomas Pattinson.
CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND, -80, Mrs. Cati. Wilson.---76, Mr. Johu

Several public festivals have been cele- Lancaster.-89, Mrs. Burchill.---75, Jirs. brated in these counties in consequence of Hill. recent political changes, and the prospect At Maryport, 89, MIr. W. Pall, builder afforded by them of a speedy peace.

of the third and fouth honses in thai towi. Married.] At Whitehaven, Henry Atkin ---Mrs. A. Wedgwood.--- Mrs. Varg. Walson, esqq. to Miss M. Robinson.-T. Wil- lace.--Mrs. M. Cook. liamson, esq. to Mrs. Hunter.

At Loweswater, 96, Mrs. Rudd. Thomas Watman, esq. of Long-Newton, At Talkin, 77, Mr. T. Modlm. to Miss M. Faucett, of Maryport.

At Parkhouse, 83, Mrs. Andrews. At Workington, Mr. Robert Mordy, At Dubbs, (8, Mr. John Beck. bookseller, to Miss Grace M‘Gaa.

At Great Orford, Mrs. Am Stordy.
At Farnaby, John Jameson, esq. to At Whelpo, 23, Mir. J. Wilsoll.
Miss Jane Danby.

At Carlisle, Mr. John Beck, to Miss The rejoicings at Huddersfield and Hali-

fax were distinguished by extensive bene. At Beckermont, James Binley, esq. to

volence to the poor. Mrs. Richardson, of Carleston-Lodge.

One house at Sheffield has recerred orAt Crosthwaite, Mr. W. Thompson, to ders for hardis are for the contineat to the Miss Keziah Varndale.

amount of 10,0001. part of it is for razors to Died.] At Carlisle, 79, Mr. E. Mulham, the valne of 'soool. At Nottingham, the -72, Mrs. E. Hodson.—-38, Mrs. M. Le manufacturies are in tuil enploy; and at nox, of the Damside.--25, Mrs. E. Kirkup. Manchester, Glasgow', and Faislty, trade --67, Mrs. Topping, of Carleton.77, Mr. is equally brisk.---Tork Iteralu. W. Blaylock.–44, Mrs. E. Lawson.-—66, A subscription has been opened at WhitMrs. E. Tate.--$4, Mr. W. M'Alvey.–61, by, for the purchase of tracts to circulate Mrs. Jus. Henderson.--80, Mr.J. M. Cann. among the poor ; for children, Barrow's --48, Mrs. Hetherington.—64, Mr. John Young Christian's Library merits a general Appleby.—74, Mi's. Š. Pattinson,

preference for such purposes. At Whitehaven, 59, Mrs. Donaldson. There are 130 delitors m York Castle. 97, Mrs. Fell.-Walter Chambre, esq. bro The corporation of Huli have presented! ther to the Hon. Mr. Justice Chambre, the freedom of that great and ancient tok ? formerly of Abbot Hall, whose father and to Dr. JOIN ALDERSON, in cestin.any of grandfather filled the office of recorder. the sense entertained by his tov: 915:11 JT

At Wigton, 88, Miss Nancy keed.-66, his various public service,
Mrs. Ann Scott.

On the 28th ult, a tire brche le in the
At Oulton, 96, Mrs. Turper.

Lunatic Asylum, near Yorh. Seventy-(0) At Upperby, 61, Miss E. M‘Knight. patients were coutined in ajolar art. At Sedbergh, 82, Mr. Randal Nelson.- ments, who were immediatery rou

cara 83, Mrs. Isabel Jackson.—36, Mr. Jolin conducted, with the utmost entiis

, is Cockbone.

places of safety. The while stiai jel At Dutton, 91, Mr. Thomas Watson. was destroyed, except the walls. 24 four

At Kendal, 72, Mrs. M. Fletcher. of the unfortunate palien tu vietis, MONTHLY MAG. No.251.



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