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Public Affairs in January, [Feb. I, The enemy hare followed the Duke of Sir John Hope, with the left of the army Belluno, but with cavalry only. A light under his command, moved forward by the division of 1500 of the enemy's cavalry great road from St. Jean de Luz, towards had taken a position at Rambervillers. Bayonne, and reconnoitred the right of the General Briche sent one of his brigades of entrenched camp uuder Bayonne, and the cavalry. Colonel Hoffmayer, of the ed course of the Adour below the town, after regiment of dragoons, turned the town on driving in the enemy's posts from the neighthe 9th, and advanced on the road of Es- bourhood of Biaritz and Anglet. The pinal, while General Montlegier marched right division under Major-General Alten, directly to Rambervillers, and penetrated likewise moveri forward from Bassusarry, into the town. The enemy's 1500 horse and reconnoitred that part of the enemy's were broken every where. They attempt- entrenchments. ed to rally at some distance, but were Sir John Hope and Major-General Alten charged impetuously, broken, and pnr. retired in the evening to the ground they sued above two leagues, leaving many has before occupied. dead on the field of battle.

On the morning of the 10th, Lieutenant. Genera! Duhesme has fixed lig head- General Sir Rowland Hill found that the quarters at St. Dez.

enemy had retired from the positions which The Duke of Ragusa has taken & position they liad occupied the day before on the on ilie Sarre.

beights, into the entrenched camp on the The motions of the coluinns which bare side of the Nive; and he therefore occulpenctrated to Geneva are siow. The care pied the position intended for him, with iny are not at Bour..

his right towards the Adonr, and his left

to Ville Franche, and communicating with SPAN. Downing sirsel, Dec. 29, 1812.

the centre of the army, under Marshal Sir Mains 1911, sidde-Carpio Liutke the Nive; and the troops under the Mar

William Beresford, by a bridge laid over mani-General Sir Relaud Hill, 15 ar.

sbal were again drawn to the left of the rived with a dispatch, or which she tole Nive. lowing is a copy, addressed po Earl Ba

General Morillo's division of Spanish inthurut, by Fielui lirshal the Rarquis of 'fantis, which bad remained with Sir RowWelington, 5. 6, dated

land Hill when the other Spanish troops SE. Jean de L, D!4.14, 1813. went into cantonments, was placed at UrMY LORD)--tince the enemy's retreat curay, with Colonel Vivian's brigade of light froin the Nivelle, they had occupied a Iragoous at Hasparren, in order to observe position in front of Bayonne, which had the movements of the enemy's division unbeen entreuched with great labour since der General Paris, which upon the passage the batile fought at Vittoria, in jube last of the Nive liad retired towards St. Palais.

It was impossible to aitack the enemy in On the 10th, in the morning, the enemy this position, as long as they remained in moved out of the entrenched camp with force in it.

their whole army, with the exception only I had dctrumninerto pass the Nive im- of what occupied the works opposite to mediately after the passage of the Nivelle. Sir Rowland Hill's position, and drove in The enemy were immediately driven from the picquets of the liglit division, and of the right bank of the river, and retired Sir Johu Hope's corps, and made a most towards Baronic, by the great rcau from desperate attark upon the post of the forSt. Jean Pied de Port. Those posted op mer at the chateau and church of Arcanposite Cambo were nearly intercepted by gues, and upon the advanced posts of the the 6ih division, and one reximent was latter, on the high road from Bayonne to driven from the road and obliged to march St. Jean de Luz, near the Mayor's house across the country.

of Buritz. Both attacks were repulsed in The enemy assembled in considerable the most gallant style by the troops, and force on a vanre of heights running paral- Sir John Hope's corps took about five hunlel with the Adoor, and still keeping Ville dred prisoners. Franche by their right. The 8th Porta The brunt of the action with Sir John gnese regiment under Colonel Douglas, and Ilope's arivanced post fell upon the 1st the 9th Caçadores, under Colonel Brown, Portuguese brigade, ouder Brigadier-Geand the British light infantry battalions of nerai A. Campbell, which were on duty, the 6th division, carried the village and the and upon Major-General Robinson's bribeights in the neigłabourhood. The rain gade of the bih division, which moved np which had fallen the preceding night and to their support. Lieutenant-General Sir on the morning of the 8th, had so destroyed John Hope reports most favourably of the the roail, that the day had nearly elapsed conduct of those, and of ail the other troops before the whole of Sir Rowland Hill's engaged; and I had great satisfaction in corps had come up, and I was therefore finding that this attempt made by the enesatisfied with the possession of the ground my upon our left, in order to oblige us to wirich we occupied.

draw in our right, was completely defeated On the sane day, Lieutenant-General by a comparatively small part of our force.

I cannot

I cannot sufficiently applaud the ability, but the guards conducted themselves with ceolaess, and judgment of Lieutenant-Ge- their usua! spirit. neral Sir John Hope, who, with the gene The enemy having thus failed in all their ral and staff officers under his command, attacks with their whole force upon one shewed the troops an example of gallantry, left, withdrew into their intrenchments, which must have tended to produce the on the nighé of the 12th, and passed a large fayourable result of the day.

force through Bayonne, with which, on Sir John Hope received a severe contri the morning of the 13th, they made a most sion, which, however, I am happy to say, desperate attack upon Lientenant.General has not deprived me for a moment of the Sir Rowland Hili. benefit of his assistance.

In expectation of this attack, I had rea After the action was over, the regiments quested Marshal Sir W. Beresford to reinof Nassau aud Frankfort, under the com force the Lieutenant-General with the 6th mand of Colonel Kruse, came over to the division, which crossed the Nive at dayposts of Major-General Ross's brigade of light on that morning; and I further reina the 4th division, which were formed for the forced him by the 4th division, and two support of the center.

brigades of the 3d division, When the night closed, the enemy were The expected arrival of the 6th division still in large force in front of our posts, on gave the Lieutenant-General great facility the ground from which they had driven the in making his movements ; but the troops pieqnets. They retired, however, during under luis immediate command, had defeatthe night, from Lieutenant-General Sired and repulsed the enenıy with immensa John Hope's front, leaving small posts, loss before their arrival; the principal atwhich were immediately driven in. They tàck laving been made along the higla still occupied, in force, the ridge on road, from Bayonne to St. Jean Piel de which the picquets of the lighé division had Port. Major-General Barnes: brigade of stood; and it was obvious that the whole British infantry, and the 5th Perruguesa army was still in front of our left ; and brigade, mder Brigadier General linsabout three in the afternoon, they again worth, 1912 particularly engaged in the drove in Lieutenant-General Sir John contest wint de enemy on that point, aut Hope's picquets, and attacked liis posts. these troops conducted theinselves admie They were again repulsed with considerable rably, The Po.tuguese division of infantry, loss.

under the com:0.1111 of Mariscal del Compe The attack was recommenced on the Don F. Le Cor, boved to their support on morning of the 12th, with the same want their loft in a very gallant style, and rem of success; the first division under Major- gained an important position between these General Howard, having relieved the 5th troops and Major-General Pringle's bridivision; and the eneny discontinued in gade, engaged witin the winny in front of the afternoon, and retired early within the Ville Fiche. I lal yoát satisfaction entrenched camp on that night. They also in observing the com zí vi flajara never renewed the attack on the posts of General Hyog's brigade of Brazish intentry, the light division after the 10th.

supported by tì“ u Portugiese brigade, Lieutenant General Sir John Hope re. mer the coinnand of Brigaker-Geirral ports most favourably of the conduct of all Duchan, in carrying an important height the officers and troops, particularly of the from the caems on the rig!:t of our position, 1st Portuguese brigade, under Brigadier- ud aan taiving it again all their erforts General Archibald Campbell and of Vajor. to regain it. General Robiuson's, and Major-General Twäguns and subje prischers were taken Hay's brigade of the 5th division, nnder the from the eneray, w! Heing beared at all command of the Hon. Colonel Greville. poists, and having suffereil considerable He mentions, particularly, Major-General loss, were obliged to retire apon tieu ena Hay, commanding the 5th division, Major- trenchment. Generals Robinson and Bradford, Brigadier It gives me the greatest satisfaction to General Campbell, Colonels De Regon and have another opportunity of reportin iny Grevilie, commanding the several brigades. sense of the indrits and services of LieuteLieutenant-Colonel Lloyd, of the 8412i!, nant-feaua Si: Rowland al por this who was unfortunately killed, Lieutenant- occasion, as well as those of LieutenantColonels Barnes, of the Royals, and Came- General Sir filiam Stewart, commanding rou of the 9th, Captain Ramsay of the the ad division; i lajor-Genera's Pringle, Royal Horse Artillery, Colouci De Lancy, Barnes, and Byng; Marescal del Compo Deputy Quarter-Master-General, and Lieu. Don F. 1: Cor, and Brigadier-Generals Da tenant-Colonel M‘Donald, Assistant-Adju Caste, Achworth, and Buchan. The Britant-General, attached to Sir John Hope's tisła artylery vader Licutenant-Colonel corps, and the officers of his personal Ross, atid tiie Portuguese artillery under staff.

Colonel Tulloch, distinguished themselves; The 1st division under Major-General and Lieutenant-General Sir Kowland Itili Howard, were not engaged until the 12th, reports particularly the assistance be rewhen the enemy's attack was more feeble; ceived from Lieutenant-Cojonels Bouvrie MONTHLY MAG, No. 251,



Public Affairs in January.

[Feb. 1, and Jackson, the Assistant-Adjutant and Lloyd.--95th regt. 1st bat. Lieutenant John Assistant Quarter-Master General ạitached Hopwood.--8-1th regt. 2nd bat. Captain to his corps; Lieutenant.Colonel Gold Yates Johnson. fincli, of the Royal Engineers, and from 12th December...1st regt. Foot Guards, the officers of his personal stall.

1st bat. Captain S. Coote Martin (Lient. The enemy marched a large body of ca Col.), Lieutenant Charles Thompson (Caps valry across the bridge of the Adour yes. tain).--örd regt. Foot Guards, 1st bat. Capa terday evening, and retired their force op- tain Henry R. Watson (Adjutant). posite to Sir R. Hill this morning towards 13th December.----57 th regt. 1st bat. Bayonne.

Lieutenant Andrew Sankey, Ensigns Wm. Throughout these various operations I Joliso!), J. F. Pode.-719t regt. 1st bat. Wave received every assistance from the M.Kenzie (Lient.-Col.), Lientenants W. Quarter-liasier-General Major-General Sir Canıpbell and C. Henderson.---92pd regt. George Niurray, ani the Adjutant General 1st bat. Lieutenants Duncan MʻPherson, Diajor-General Sir Edward Packenham, Thomas Mitchell, and Allan Macdonald. and LieutenantColonel Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Licuirnaut-Colonel Campbell, and The expectation that the Nexican pathe officers of my personal staft.

triots would succeed in establishing a free WELLINGTON.

and independent republic in those fine MEMORANDUM.--When Major Hill left the arniy, on the 13th instant, the right intelligence, that General Toledo, at the

provinces, 19 considerably abated by the wing occupied a position between the head of the patriots, has been defeated Adour and the Nite, commanding tlie navigation of both the rivers ; the centre 10

by the royalists with the loss of two-thirds the left of the army, were posted between of his force. As the government of the the Nive and the sea.

United States, however, favor the cause Abstract of total loss of the army under the

of the patriots, their final success can command of Field-Marshal the Marquis scarcely he doubted; and we may thence of Wellington, from the oth to the 13th conclude, that within twenty years, nearly Decensber, 1813, inclusive:

The whole continent of America will be Toial British loss, Killed.- 1 lieutenant- cserert with tree republics. colonel, 1 major, 5 captains, 10 lieutenants, The London Gazette of December 21, 3 ensigue, 1 statt, s serjeants, 2 drummers, contains dispatches from Sir George Pre%50 raok and fle, 12 horses. Totul British IFounded---general staff, rican loice under General Hampton,

vost, respecting the repulse of the Ame3 lieutenant-colonels, o majors, 30 captains, consisting of upwards of 7000 men, will 67 lieutenants, 22 ensiyns, 1 staff, 131 serjeants, 20 drunmers, 1904 runk and file, and militia, --án achievement which con

10 field pieces, by 300 Canadian fencibles 40 horses. Totul British Missing-1 major, 1

fers great honor on the Canadians.

captain, i lieutenants, i ensign, í stati, io This check, by less than a twentieth part serjeants, 3 drumers, 138 rank and tile, of his force, appears to have disconcerted. 1 horse.

the operations of Gen. Ilampton, who, Total Poringuse Killed--1 lieutenant- it appears by a dispatch from Sir George, colonel, 2 majors, ci captains, S lieutenants, dated the sih uit, had quitted the lower 1 ensign, 7 serjeants, 2 diumuiers, 930 province, and was retiring to Four Corners. rank and file, 1 horse.

With regard to the force under Gene. Totul Portuguese Founde:2---2 general ral Procter, it appears that this oficer staff, 5 lieutenant-colonels, 8 majors, 3.4 Captains, 22 lieutenants, 33 ensigns, 8 stafi,

so pressed by an overwhelming 81 serjeants, 5 drunimers, 1488 rank avd army, under ihe American General Ilara

rison, that he was obliged to disperse his Total Portuguese Missing--1 lieutenant- troops, consisting of only 450 regulars. colonel, 1 major, of captains, 2 ensigns,

lie afterwards rallied them, and retired serjeants, s drummers, 279 rank and file. to Alçaster, on the Grand River, without

Toial Spanish kuiled-5 rank and file. being pursued; and with the scattered Wounded-21 rank and file.

remains, about 200 men, he at length Gruni Totul--Killed 650, Wounded reached Burlington bcights, the head 8699,-- Prisoners, 504.

1. all 5053, ac

quarters of Gen, Vincent. The Ameri. cording to these returns.

cans, however, were unable to profit by British Officers Killed. 9th December.-42nd regi. 1st. bat,

their success, and instead of advancing, Capiain George Stewart, Lieutenant James Indians, who had been attached 10 Gen.

retired to Sandwich, pursued by the Stewart.

10 tli December --Othi regi, 1st bat, Lieu- Procter, tenant P. L. Lenesuriei, Ensign George

The speech of Mr. Madison has arrived Bolton, Ouh regt, zud bat. Lieut-Col. R. in London, and shall be given in our next.


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GENERAL TABLE of all the PUBLIC ACTS passed in the FIRST SESSION of the

FIFTH PARLIAMENT of the uniTED KINGDON--53 GEO. IT, or 1813. N.B. The figure after the title expresses the number of sheets of which the fict consists;

and every sheet is solil for THREEPENCE. CAP: YAP. CXXXVII. To amend the for improving and keeping in repair the

several Acts for regulating licences post roads in ireland, and for rendering for the sale of spirituous liquors, wine, the conveyance of leiters by bis majesty's lieer, ale, and cyder, by retail, in Iren post.ottice more secure and expeditiland.-1.

OUS."-1. CXXXVIII. For the relief of insol. CXLVII. For the better securing vent debtors in Ireland.-7.

the excise duties on spirits in Great Brio CXXXIX. For exeinpting bankers tain, and for rectifying a mistake in an and others from certain penalties con Act of the last session of Parliament, for tained in an Act of the last session of granting certain duties on worts or wash Parliament, for the further prevention of made from sugar.-2. the counterfeiting of silver iokens issued CXLVIII. To provide for the more by the governor and company of the effectually preventing the illicit distillabank of England, called dollars, and of tion of spirits in Ireland.- . silver pieces issued and circulated by the CXLIX. For the further support and governor and company, called tokens, and maintenance of stipendiary curates.-3. for the further prevention of frauds prac CL. For the more speedy and effectised by the imitation of the notes or bills tual examination and audit of the acof the said governor and company.-1. counts of military expenditure in Spain

CXL. To amend an Act passed in and Portugal, for renoving delays in passthe last session of Parliament, intituled, ing the public accounts, and for making * An Act for the more effectual Regula. new arrangements for conducting the bution of Pilots, and of the Pilotage of Ships siness of the audit office, -1. and Vessels un the coast of England," CLI. regulating the

fice of rea and for the regulation of boatmen em gistrar of the high court of Admiralty and ployed in supplying vessels with pilots li- high court of appeals for prizes.m-1. eensed under the said Act, so far as re CLII. To continue, until the first lates to the coast of Kent, within the lie day of January, one thousand eight hun mits of the Cinque Ports.--%.

dred and nineteen, an Act made in the CXLI. To repeal an Act of the se. fifty-first year of bis present Majesty, to venteenth year of the reign of his present explain and amend the laws touching the Majesty, intituled, "An Act for regis- elections of knights of the shire to serve tering the Grants of Life Annuities, and in Parliament for England, respecting for the better Protection of Infants the expences of hustings and poll clerks, against such Grants," and to substitute so far as regards the city of Westminother provisions in lieu thereof.--2. ster.--1.

CXLII. To explain and amend seve. CLIII. To enable his Majesty to ral Acts relative to the land tax.--1. grant additional annuities to the judges of

CXLII. To direct the application of the courts in Westminster Fall, on their the sum of fifiy thousand pounds, and of resignation of their offices.--- 1. such further sums as may be granted for CLIV. To render valid, and to authothe benefit of the company of undertakers rize the payment, and granting of certain of the grand canal in Ireland.-2. pensions ač Kilnainham hospital; and to

CXLIV. To amend an Act of the empower the commissioners of the said Parliament of Ireland of the fortieth year hospital to commute pensions for a sum of his present Majesty, for promoting in- of money in certain cases

.. land navigation in Ireland. -4.

CLV. For continuing in the East InCXLV. To amend the several Acts dia Company for a further term the pos. for régulating the distillation of spirits in session of the British territories in India, Ireland.-%.

together with certain exclusive privileges; CXLVI. To amend an Act marie in for establishing further regulations for the forty-fifth year of his present Majesty, the governinent of the said territories, and incituled, “An Act to amend the Laws the better adıninistration of justice withe


به با

Register of the Progress of British Legislation. (Feb. 1, in the same; and for regulating the trade one after another, to support a destructo and from the places within the limits tive system of ETERNAL WARFARE.] of the said company's charter, --14.

LOCAL IMPROVEMENTS. CLVI. To provide for the payment An Act for in:proving Kilmarnock... of the charge of the annuities created in For supplying with water the towns of respect of the sum of six millions vranted Manchester and Salford,--2. for the service of Ireland for the cur chie For the mprovement of the harbour of thousand eight hundredand thirteen..?.

Leith.-1. CLVII. For granting ine lill: of hliy For construccing a harbour at Porthles thousand poils to John Priser, 6:4. ven, in: Mount's Bay.--1, in consideration of the public services Foi improving the pier and port of performed by the said John Palmer, in Harilupuol.-- 2. the improvement of the post-vilice re Por paviny, &c. certain parts of Picca. venue.-1.

dilly and Park-lane, co. Middlesex.-5. CLVIII. For vesting in l.is Majesty for pavis certain streets, &c. on cercertain parts of Windsor Forest, in lie tain pieces of ground belonging to his macounty of Berks, and for inclosing the jesty, in Sant Mary-le-Bone and Saint open conimonable lands within the said Pancras, co. Midviesex, called Mary-leforest.--w14.

Bone Park, ---7. CLIX. To limit the responsibility of For reviving an Act for the better reship owners in certain cases.-2. gulation of the butter trade of the city of

CLX. relieve persons wito im. Cork.1. pugn the doctrine of the Iloly Trinity For regulating Coveut Garden Marketa from certain penalties.--1,

---2. CLXI. For enabling his Majesty to For widening and improving Upper raise the sum of Give millions, for the sera East Smithfield.-1. vice of Great Britain ; and for applying For erecting a new gael for the county the sum of two hundred thousand pounds and city of Edinburgh. ---5. British currency for the service of Ire For making an equal county rate for land.-1.

the county of Oxford. --2. CLXII. To repeal a certain provia For amending and extending the powsion respecting persons convicted of fe. ers of the commission of sewers for the lony without benefit of clergy, contained limits extending from East Mouldsey, in in an Act made in the fifty-second year Surrey, to Ravensborne, in Kent.4. of the reign of his present Majesty, for For more effectually paving, lighting, the erection of a Penitentiary Iluse for &c. the town of Margate, co.kent.-5. the confinement of persons convicted For paving, lighting, &c. the streets, within the city of London and county of &c. in Kidderminster, co. Worcester, Middlesex, and for making other pro

-11, visions in lieu thereof.

For paving, lighting, &c. the hamlet of End of the general public Acts. Poplar and Blackwall, co. Middlesex;

and for the better relief of the poor of (For the purpose of conveying a distinct the said hamlet.-9.

idea of the prodigious annual labours of For building a chapel of ease for Clapthe British parliament, in promoting the ham, co. Surrey.--2. internal improvements of the comtry, For the more equal assessment of moe we have determined to class the LOCAL ACTS, under the several heads of im

ney presented to be raised by the grand PROVEMENTS in Towns and Districts; jury of the county of the city of Cork

height New or Improved ROADS; CANALS ;

and for other purposes.-1. BRIDGES; POOR; INCLOSURES; and

For erectiny a church in the township During the last session of Everton, co. Lancaster, ----*. only, above two hundred Acts of this For establishing the market, and for description passed the legislature; and enlarging the market place at Ilanley, cu, of course it is only in our power to give Stafford.-9. a list of them. Every British patriot For erecting a new gaol for the county must be gratified by its perusal, while he and city of Perih.-2. must regret that a legislature, which so | For paving the town of Warrington, co, judiciously and gloriously performs its Lancaster, and for building a new bride duties to the country, when not misled well in the said town..-11. by passion or party spirit, should be so deplorably misled in its views of general

For better supplying the town and policy, as to yote luudreds of millionsz port of Liverpool with water.-5.



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