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of his manners, and for his misanthropic attached himself to Sir James Nugent of character. He left on his table a menoir . Donore, county of Westmeath, an anriable of his life, addressed to a friend. An article and excellent gentleman; into his suite I appeared in a Paper which makes it liis was received. My father, a strictly honest, duty to give the genuine account of this and excellently tempered man, like myself, eccentric character to the public.

had neither ballusi mor reflection, conseSir, I cannot descend to the grave with- quently, I was, at ten years old, piy own out expressing a due sense of the marked master. At that time my talents began to kindness with which you have favored me expand, and I then, as I have uniformly for some years. My sun lias set for ever throngh life, found that I could easily make --a nearly total decline of business, the myself a second-rute master of any acquirefailure of my catalogue, a body covereil ment I chose to pursue. I rode tolerably, with disease, though unfortunately of such I hunted passably, I shot well, I fished well, a nature as to make life uncomfortable, I played on the violin, the dulcimer, and without the consoling prospect of its termi- the German fute tolerably, and my fondness nation, has determined me to seek that asy- for painting strengthened every day, and lum where the weary are at rest.” My seemed to promise so fairly, that it was delife has been a contimal struggle, not in- termined to send me to the Royal Academy deed against adversity, but against some. in Dublin ; there I stayed for about three thing more galling; and poverty, having now years, and concluded by receiving a silver added herself to the list, has made life a medal. London! Imperial London! the barthen. Adieu, Sir, and believe me your streets paved with gold!! struck my fancy, sincere and respectful humble servant, I adventured thither, and, being without

WILLIAM GARDINER. practicable talents, I of course wandered I beg leave to enclose a specimen of my abont some time without a plan. Chance engraving, of which I humbly beg your ac- led me to connect myself with a Mr. Jones in ceptarice. I die in the principles I have the Strand, who made what he called “ published-a sound Whig.

flecting mirrors,” and cut profile shades Sir,-- I present you with a brief memoir in brass foil, which were denominated "poof myself.-If you should find it of no other lite remembrances to friends ;” my emuse, it will, at least, serve to light your fire. ploy was to danb the portraits of any who Your sincere and respectful humble servant, were fools enough to sit to me.

At this emMay 9, 1814. WILLIAM GARDINER. ployment I got, most justiy, neither praise

I, William Gardiner, was born Jume 11, nor profit. Falling in with a Mr. Davis, 1766, in Dublin. I am the soul of John one of Footi's performers, who was endeaGardiner, who was crier and fac-totum to vonring to establish a theatre at Mile-end, Judge Scott, and of Margaret (Nelson) liis I listed as scene-painter and actor, playing wife, a pastry-cook, in Henry-street.' At generally comedy, occasionally tragedy, and an early age I discovered an itch for draw was thought to have some thigh, I believe, ing, the first effort of which was spent in very little merit. The magistrates having an attempt to immortalise Mr. Kennedy, interfered, the scheme was broken up, and my mother's foreman; and, vanity apart, my last theatrical effort was made as it was at least as like to hiin as it was tó Durby, in the Poor Slier, in the Haymar. any one else. At a proper age. I was pla- kel, which they said was not ill done, but ced in the academy of Mr. S. Dirling; there acting was to me its own reward, which I was, if I recollect right, esteemed an or not suiting the state either of my finances, dinary boy, yet was I selected, according or my stomach, induced me to serve a Mrs. 10 annual custom, to represent, on a rost- Beetham, in Fleet-strect, who had at that rum, Cardinal Wolsey, and precious work time a prodigious run for black profile shades, I dare say I made of it. Before I quit my business was to give them the air of school and Mr. Sisson Darling, let nie do figures in shade, rather than the blank him the justice to say, that he was the only black masses wbich were customary. About true Whig schoolmaster I ever heard of, this time the celebrated antiquarian, CapNeither he nor his ushers assumed any power tain Grose, took me up, and observing that to punish the slightest offence. A book I had not talents to make an eminent paintwas kept in school, in which the transgres er but that I might succeed as an engraver, sions of every week were registered, with he placed me with Mr. Godfrey, the engra. the proofs and evidence to the same. On ver of the “ Antiquarian Repertory," I Saturday the master sat as judyc, and twelve served him some time, hut, as lie was merely of the senior boys as jury, and every offen an engraver of antiquities, I learned little der was regularly tried, and dealt with from him. At my leisure, I had engraved strictly according to justice. There was an original design (stolen from Cipriani) of no venial judge, whose passions became law Shepherd Joc,"in“ Poor Vulcan," Chance there was no packet jury to defeat led me with this for sale to the newly-opene the ends of truth. If ever there was an in- ed shop of Messrs, Silvester and Edward maculate court of justice, that was it. My Harding, in Fleet street, and a connection mother, the best and most pious of all ensued, which lasted through my best days, mothers, our sheet anchor, dying, my father There I engrayed many things of fancy ma ?

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Northumberland and Durham. (July 1, terials; and also as many as time allowed admitted of Emanuel College, where I re. of their Illustrations of Shakespeare--the mained two years'; but, finding that an Irish. principal part of the Economy of Human man could not there get a fellowship, I Lite-and as many as I could of the Memoirs removed to Bene't, where I got a degree of de Graniont: sonie of the plates to_Lady 5th Senior Optime. When it is considered De Beauclerc's edition of Dryden's Fables that for the first two years I had no view of were entirely my own, and many of those fellowship, and that for the third year I was with the name of Bartolozzi affixed were obliged to work principally for the “ day mine. I should have mentioned, that a that was flying over my head," I cannot but long time before Bartolozzi was satisfied think I did as much comparatively as any with my work, and listed me among the man of my year; but fortune was always a number of his pupils ; I prepared for him jade to me: and Mr. D'Oyley, chaplain, at several plates, published by Macklin. I present, to the Archbishop of Canterbury, believe I was inferior only to Bartolozzi, most deservedly succeeded to the next vaSchiavounette, and Tomkins, of that day, cant fellowship-yet they kept me five years but I never liked the profession of engra- dangling after a fellowship, and might have ving. Gay, volatile, and lively as a lark, the provided for me without injuring him. At process of the copper never suited me. Un. the dissolution of the partnership between S. der propitious circumstances, my talents and E. Harding, I remained with the latter, would have led me, perhaps as an historical and principally employed myself in taking painter, to do something worth remem Silvester's place, that of copying portraits brance. An unfortunate summons from my from oil to water colours. In this the tes father led me to forsake their mansion and timony of the best artists in England are my return to Dublin, where I only squandered witnesses that I beat hollow every one else. my money and injure<l my healtlı

. Once It was a line which suited me, which I liked, more in London, I took lodgings in the but which my cursed stars would not pahouse of Mr. Good, a stationer, in Bond tronise. After this, all prospects in the Street, when, as the devil would have it, a church varnishing, and my eyes beginning to new-married couple came to live at the back fail very fast, I turned bookseller, and for of us; they determined to give a dashing en the last 13 years have struggled in vain to tertainment to the Prince of Wales and the establish myself. The same ill fortone which nobility, and then retire to domesticate on has followed me through life, has not here their “ dirty acres.” For this purpose they forsaken me.

I have seen men on every erected a jemporary apartment over their side of me, greatly my inferiors in every reown yard and ours, approaching within half spect, towering above me; while the most a yard of my window. I bored a hole contemptible amongst them, without educa. through their tent to see the fin, staid in tion, without a knowledge of their profes. the cold a great part of the night, and arose sion, and withont an idea, have been receiv. in the morning with an intiamed eye, which ed into palaces, and into the bosom of the has never since recovered its strength, and great, wbile I have been forsaken and nego has been the cause of all my subsequent en- lected, and my business reduced to nothing. deavors to geta living in other lines. By the It is, therefore, high time for me to be gone. kindness of the amiable Dr, Farmer, I was




NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Berwick, Mr. Ross, to Miss Ker.
N last Ascension-day, a yearly aquatic
, a

At Alnwick, Mr. J. Fenwick, to'Miss

Romney. made of the Tyne steam-packet, accom At Sonth Shields, Captain Hoggans, to panied by a number of sailing and row Miss Hedley. boats down the river to Shields. She At Stockesly, Mr. G. Everington, to there, by various evolutions, proved that Miss Deason. she was more manageable than any of the Died.] At Newcastle, 67, Mr. N. Gib. others; and, in returning to Newcastle, son.77, Mrs. Morrison.-76, Mr. H. against the current, so far outstripped her Reay.--72, Mr. Robert Cant.--48,- Mrs. competitors, as to reach the quay twenty Todi.-23, Mr. M. Thompson.-78, Mrs. minutes before them.

Graham.--52, Mr. R. Curry.-86, J. E. A young woman who lost her sight by Blackett, esq. senior alderman, and father the small-pox when very young, has for of Lady Collingwood; an upright magissome time supported herself at Hexhan, trate and amiable man. by sowing gloves.

At Berwick, 42, Mr. Stevenson---61, Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. Wingate, Mr. Paxton.--24, Mrs. Mills.--MrsC. te Miss Harrower.Mr. Hodgson, 10 Miss Grant.-68, Mr. J. Brown. Prestop,

At Morpeth, 77, Mr. Jos. Bootyman.



At Hexham, 72, Mrs. Craft.

those of several other sea-ports, have At North Shields, Mrs. Popplewell.- formed a liberal subscription for the relief 23, Miss Turnbull.--63, Mrs. Moody.

of their distressed townsmen returning At South Shields, 60, Mr. J. Cummings. from French prisons, -63, Mr. J. Patterson.--Mr.P.K. Young. According to the returns for the year

At Durham, 77, Mrs. Prond.--76, Mrs. 1813, the marriages in Leeds were 583, Brown.Mrs. Thwaites.--Miss A. Wel the baptisms 1406, and the burials 722 ford.

indicating an increase, over the preceding At Bishopwearmouth, Mrs. Henderson. year, of 131 baptisms, and a decrease of 86, Mrs. M. Nicholson.

66 burials.' The number of marriages was At Sunderland, 47, Mr. Samuel.-Mr. precisely the same as in 1812. Sergison.-75, Mrs. Andrew.-47, Mr. T. At a meeting held at Hull, for affording Laidman.

relief to the prisoners belonging to that At Darlington, 37, Mrs. J. Archer. town returned from France, it was stated At Stockton, Mrs. E. Colling.

by a physician, that nearly the whole were Jn Chester-le-street, 83, Mr. G. Curry. afflicted with the tape-worm, supposed to -At Birtley, Mr. W. Young.--At Bramp be occasioned by the peculiar quality of ton, 22, Miss A. Sloan. -90, Mrs. Ė. their food. Smith.-At Horbury, 21, Mr. J. Wood. A cat in Huddersfield had lost her kit. At Hylton Ferry, 65, Mrs. Addison.--At tens by accident; and a hen about the Gosforth, 81, Mr. E. Ham.--At Long same time had deserted a brood of ducka Lifford, Mr. King, well known to those she had been set to hatch: thus situated, who visited Cheviot.-At High Felling, the ducklings were placed among the 60, Mr. J. Drummond.–At Stamfordham, straw in a stable, where the cat adopted 74, Mrs. Lamb.-At Gateshead Fell, 77, them, lying beside and clinging round Mrs. Dobson.

them. When they strày to their natural element, she stands by the water side

watshing them with the greatest solicitude; Great quantities of herrings were lately and, as they return, she carries them ons 'caught at Rockliff and Sandsfield, near

by ope in her mouth to the warm retreat Carlisle, and at Poulton, near Lancaster; in the stable. No dog dare approach hør a circumstance scarcely ever remembered when with her web-footed charge. to have happened.

Married.) At York, the Rev. W. Gray Bridge over the Eden, near Carlisle.-

10 Miss A. Howard. On the 3d ult. the key-stone of this much

At Leeds, Mr. J. Rushworth, to Disc wanted and beautiful fabric was pnt into M. Barker. the first arch, and the next morning it was At Hull, R. Moorson, esq. to Miss closed.

Maria Robertson.- The Rev. S. Ward, Married.) At Carlisle, Thos. Ramshay, to Miss Ridsdale. esq. to Miss B. Mounsey.

At Halifax, Mr. Edwards, to Miss S. At Walton, J. Lorimer, esq. to Miss Kershaw. Huson.

At Headon, T. Smith, esq. to Miss E. At Bridekirk, Wm. Rudd, esq. to Miss Champney, M. Skelton.

Died.] At York, Mr. Croft. Mr. J. At Lanercost, Mr. W. Bell, to Miss Blanchard, son of Mr. B. printer of the A. Elliott.

York Chronicle.--63, Mr. Wilkinson, a At Crosthwaite, H. Campbell White, respectable ironmonger. esq. to Miss Clark,

At Huddersfield, Mrs. Hill. Died.] At Carlisle, 31, Mr. Joshua

At Wakefield, Mrs. Strafford.--86, T. Ward.

Sturges, esq.--40, Mr. Waller, At Appleby, 92, Mr. John Shepherd.

At Leeds, Mrs. Maud. 20, Mr, W. At Penrith, 85, Mrs. Roabert.-73, Mapother. — 66, Mrs. Machan. Mrs. Mr. G. Bell.--88, Mrs. Burriel.--63, Mr. Steel.-Mrs. Wilson.-_20, Miss $. Ellis. Wm. Clark.

74, Mr. Kellett.-73, Mr. H. Rinder, At Kendal, 41, Mrs. Baines.---39, Mr.

At Halifax, Mrs. Simpson.-Mrs.Senior. W. Bradshaw,--17, Mr. A. Airey.--24,

At Sheffield, 81, Mr. J. Beckett. Mrs. M. Airey.--57, Mr. Thos. Bulman.

At Pontefract, Mr. C. Brown. At Natland, 85, Mr. Wm. Black. At

At Hull, 86, Mr. T. Lascelles.--29, Mrs. Fallbarrow, 95, Mrs. Marg. Collinson.

Foster. 67, Mr. Holmes. 66, Mrs. At Threlkeld, the Rev. Thos. Clark.


At Gainsborough, 33, Mr. Jos. Torr. The act for erecting a free church at At Cleckhealon, 43, Mrs. Heywood. Sculcoates, near Hull, contains a clause of At Horbury, Mr. J. Wood. At Batley, no common importance, viz. to provide 68, Mrs. Richardson. At Rothwell Haigh, accommodation in the church for five 68, Miss. M. Fenton.--At Skipton, 58, hundred poor.

Mrs. Normington.--Mr. E. Mawson.-The inhabitants of Scarborough, like At Beeston, 63, Mr. J. Wilkinson.--At






Lancashire-Cheshire - Derby. [July 1, Shelf, 38, Mrs. Taylor.--At Tyersall- tin.—68, Captain S. Marks.~62, Mr. house, J.Drake, esq.-At Husslett,86,Mrs. Rowland Parry.---45, Mr. W. F. Ankers. Thompson. -At Pudsey, 80, the Rev. W. --53, Mr. William Woods.-27, Captain Howorth.At Tong Mill, 60, Mr. J. Dowson, 6 th dragoons.--Mr. S. Nicholson, Milner.- At Drypool, 62, Mrs. Withern At Manchester, Mr. Jos. Sims.--14,. wick.–At Hedon, 85, Mr. T. Wilson.- Miss M. Oman.—27, Miss J. Berwick. At Newbald, 85, Mr. W. Baldwin.--At Nr. 'T. Adshead. Kelham, Samuel Outram, esq.-At Pres At Warrington, 56, Chr. Suttle, esq. ton, in Holderness, Mr. E. Burnham.--At collector of excisc. Great Driffield, 57, Mr. W. Newsome.- At Preston, Mrs. Sturtevant. At Pocklington, 32, Mr. Powell.-At At Burton-in-Lonsdale, 83, Mrs. TaEramhope-hall, the wife of Ch. Smith, tham.-At Hulton, 24, Mr. Joseph Marsh. est.–At llough-house, greatly regretted, At Bootle, 56, Mr. C. Musher.-At Taithe Rev. Joshua Wilkinson, B.D. fellow hock, 33, Mr. J. Billinge.--At Ormskirk, of Berne't College, Cambridge.--At Mir- Mr. T. Gass.-At Prescot, 23, Miss A. field, the relict of R. Brook, esg. of Harrison.--At Harwood, Mr. Robert Loc Cinderhill-llouse. At Wath, 96, !!Ir's. max.-At Long Millgate, 27, Mrs. SouthSlaw. LANCASHIRE.

CHESHIRE. It has been remarked, that shell snails are Married.) Mr. Christopher Atkinson, to unusually scarce in the gardens this year, Miss Washington, of Liverpool. partly owing to the severity of the winter, At Sandback, Mr. D. T. Jolmson, of but much more to their having been de. London, to Miss Margaret Hilditch. stroyed by the thrusles, which, dragging At Wistenbury, Mr. Lowe, surgeon, to them from their lules, beat them against Miss Stubbs, of Nantwich. stones or other hard bodies, until the shells At Whiteliurch, Mr. Elwood, to Miss giving way, the inhabitants become an S. Kent, of Nantwich. easy and lascious prey.

Dird.] At Chester, 71, J. Wright, esq. The patriotic and Jandable Concentric alderman. Society of Liverpool, held lately a dimer At Congleton, Mrs. Duffort.-At Cheek meeting in consequence of the termination ley, by a fall from his horse, Mr. Steel.. of the horrors ana miseries of continental war, and of the cheering prospect thereby In the public news-room of Derby, the opened to the friends of peace and liberty, subscribers to the Courier, London newsand of the best interests of the human paper, unanimously voted" That the sanrace.

guinary sentiments which that interminable Married.) At Lancaster, the Rev. Mr. war-man unblushingly avowed, and his apSmelt, to Miss Ellen Buckley.--Mr. Moore, parent chagrin and disappointment at the to Miss D. Kew.

cessation of human butchory, were too At Liverpool, Pat. Walsh, esq. to Miss gross to be any longer countenanced, and Sophia Devenish.-Captain Ward, to Miss therefore ought to be execrated by every E. Hughes.

lover of his country, or friend of the hu. At Manchester, Rd. Dobson, esg, to man race: That the paper (the Courier) Miss M. A. Caister.-Alicliacl Walters, be consequently commiited to the flames, esq. to Miss Han. Bayley.

and that in future it shall not be permitted At Ulverstone, Mr. Benning, surgeon, to be brought into the room, while conto Miss Harrison.-J. Harrison, esq. to ducted on principles so odious, and (as the Miss Webster.

subscribers conceive) so truly jacobinicul. At Pillin?, the Rev. James Potter, to Murried.] At Derby, James Oakes, esq. Miss Tomlinson.

to Miss S. Haden.-Mr. William Brough, At Ormskirk, J. D. Bromfield, esq. to of Belper, to Miss Silvester. Miss Margaret Mawdsley.

At Hope, the Rev. J. Longdon, to Miss At Walton, T.Hind, esq. to Mrs. Lewtas. Dickinson, of Sheffield.

At St. Helen's, William Mackintosh, esq. At Pentrich, Mr. Samuel Slater, of to Miss Fraser.

Holly-house, to Miss Hannah Storer. At Bolton, J. Newslam, esq. to Miss Died.] At Derby, Miss A. Miller. Davenport.

68, Mr. J. Watson. Died.] At Lancaster, 21, Mr. W. Hall. At Wirksworth, Miss Mary Pearson. --17, Mr. T. Smith.-Mrs. Armitstcad. At Chelmerton, 85, highly respected, Mrs. Singleton.-49, Mr. Rd. Morton. T. Buxton, esq.---At Buxton, 44, Mr.

At Liverpool, Mrs. Edgar.-80, Ed. George Goodwin. Mason, esq.--63, Mrs. Wethierherd.—69, 68, Mrs. Mary Port, relict of the late Mr. Joseph Mercer.--17, Miss A. Ash- John P. esq. of Islam, daughter of hurst.-Mr. J. Mason.--Mr. T. Austin.-- Dewes, esq. of Welsburn, and niece of the Mrs. Wallis.-39, Mrs. Greenwood.-35, celebrated Mrs. Delany, by whom she was Mr. T. Peters.--31, Mr. Richard Walford. educated among the wits and cognoscenti --86, Mrs. Crane.--78, Mr. William Mar- of that age. She was, in consequence, a wow




man of very superior intellectual attain Married.] At Nottingham, Capt. Finments; but a marriage, contrary to her cham, to Miss Sykes.-G. Hodgkinson, taste, followed by domestic discord, pro- esq. to Miss Julia Beavor.-R. Chatterton, duced an alienation of mind, which for esq. to Miss Wallis. many years deprived her friends and fa

At Newark, H. Davison, esq. to Miss mily of that social converse which she was A. Tomlinson. qualified to adorn, by her rale intelligence At Worksop, the Rev. T. Barton, to and by the rich stores of anecdotes with Miss M. Jackson. which lier memory was fraught.

Died.] At Nottingham, Mrs. S. Hagne, 76.-77, Mr.

William Radforth. -- 81,

Mrs. Oldknow. .--Miss Smith.--Mr. Wain, The observations in our last, relative to -Mr. Ward.--58, Mr. T. Vernon. the causes of dissatisfaction among the At Mansfield, Mrs. Rycroft. stocking weavers, led to a meeting in Not At Newark, 62, Mrs. Pluillips.--70, Mrs. tingham, of the plain silk frame-work knit. Bycon.-92, the Rev. Davies Pennell, ters, who state themselves to be anxious twenty-six years vicar, and forty years that their case may receive an impartial master of the grammar school. and liberal consideration. They say that At Bradmore, Mr. William Dalby.--At they cannot attach blame to themselves Hathern, 17, Miss E. Harriman. for seeking an advance of wages, because, At Sutton-in-Ashfield, Mr. R. Willouglie

as almost every other description of ma- by.--At Amesley, 69, Mr. I. Caat, boe nual labour has received an augmentation tanist. of price; as every article of consumption, whether agricultural, mineral, manufactul The new school-room at Horncastle, for ral, or colonial, havé materially advanced; the education of poor children on the Lane as the salaries of every department of pub- casterian or British system, was lately lic business, civil, military, judicial, and opened. The school was opened only on even the highest offices of state, have been the 4th of Japuary last, since which 120 increased; it cannot be expected, or be boys and 103 girls have been admitted. desired by the public, that they alone shåll Oat of this total number 223, two have gone remain stationary.” They say,

“ they to service, five withdrawn by their parents, have never been actually (though they and seventy-seven are in the daily habit of have been nominally) advanced within the reading the Scriptures. A degree of checie last twenty years : specious, and, in some fulness and animation is observable among instances, partial augmentations have been the children; and a sensible improvement in given for making a pair of silk stockings, the morals and inanaers of many of them &c. bnt as the quantity of labour las not is already produced. been fixed, to constitute a given quality of A most affecting, and, with reference to hose (fine hose being four times the price the character of the nation, a most afflict. of coarse, there being eleven different quae ing statement has been laid before the lities) has given great latitude for encroach- House of Commons by Sir Samuel Romilly, ment, a greater number of courses, or relative to the continuance of the abuse finer quality has been demanded, equally of authority in Lincoln goal. The docucommensurate to such advance : as there- ment appeared in a late Stamford Neu's, fore no actual advance has been made, can and we regret that we liave not room to it be thought unreasonable, that a body of transfer it to our pages. We trust the workmen, who must exercise considerable House of Commons will not, on this occaskill and care in the fabrication of the ina- sion, disappoint the expectations of the nufacture, and whose average earnings do country, but will diligently enquire and not exceed thirteen or fourteen shillings punish the guilty with exemplary severity, per week, should seek for an amelioration whether the accused, or the accuser. of condition ! They unreservedly state Married.] At Stamford, J. Aldred, esq. their readiness to submit their case to arbi- to Miss E. Foster, tration, either by deputation from the At Grantham, Mr.J. Downing, to Miss parties interested; by reference to the Ward. honorable the four members for the town At Crowland, the Rev. I. Bullivant, to and county; or by arbitration of any for Miss F. Everard. private gentlemen; or, any other eligible Died.) At Lincoln, Mrs. Hall.--Sudden. mode their employers may chuse to point ly, Robert Burton, esq. ont." This appears to us, if the premises At Boston, 72, Mrs. A. Cletton.--83, are accurately stated, to be a very cor Mr. E. Wily. rect and reasonable proposition, and wor At Stamford, Mr. Ph. Congreve.-.-89, thy of the notice of his Majesty's Govern- Widow Borridge.---63, the wife of Charles ment, or of Parliament, should the ren Roberts, esq. spectable body of master hosiers deem it

At Grantham, Mrs. Roberts.-28, Mrs. impracticable, from the general state of Allsop.--At Louth, 80, Mrs. Tipper. trade, or the prices in foreign markets, to At Wisbechi, 75, Mrs. Defew.ml, meet the wishes of the workmen,

Mrs. Ceocha


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