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Public Affairs in May.

(June 1, the whole of their arrangements can be the Rhine and the said limits, in the space completed, have resolved to proceed, con of ten days, to be calculated from the day jointly with his Royal Highness Monsieur, of the signature of the present act; the Son of France, Brother of the King, Licu. places in Piedmont and in other parts of tenant-General of the Kingdom of France, Italy which belonged to France, in fifteen to a suspension of hostilities between their days; those in Spain in twenty days; and respective forces, and to the re-establisha. all other places occupied by French troops, ment of the relations of friendship which without exception, in snch manner as that formerly subsistu, between them.

they shall be entirely delivered up by the His lasty ilir King of the United 1st of June next. The garrisons of such Kingilom ci' Great intain and Ireland, for places shall depart with their arms and himself

' ani his allies on the one part, and baggage, and with the private property of bis Royal Iliyimess Monsieur, Brother of the military, and of the civil agents of every the Most Christian King, Lieutenant-Gene- description. They shall be allowed to take ral of the King:lom of isance, on the other with them field artillery in the proportiou part, have, in consequence, named Ple of tiiree pieces to each one thousand men, fuipotentiaries to agree to an act, which, the sick and wounded therein comprised. without prejudging the terms of peace, The property of the fortresses, and every contains suipulations for a suspension of hos- thing which is not private property, shall tilities, and which shall be succeeded, as remain untouched, and shall be giveu over soon as may be, by a Treaty of Peace; to in full to the Allies without any thing being wit :-His Majesty the King of the United removed. In the property are comprised Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the not only the depots of artillery and animu. Riglit Honourable Robert Stewart Viscount nition, but also all other supplies of every Castlereaylı, liis principal Secretary of description, as well as the archives, invenState for Forcign Affairs ; and his Royal tories, plans, maps, models, &c. Highness Monsieur, Brother of the King, Immediately after the signature of the Lieutenant-General of the Kingdom of present Convention, Commissaries on the liance, Le Sieur Charles Iaurice de Tal- part of the Allied Powers and of France Deviand Perigord, Prince of Benevento, shall be named and dispatched to the forGood Eagle of the Legion of Hononr, Se- tresses, in order to ascertain the state in nator, and Presideni of the Provisional Go- which they are, and to regulate together vernment; wło, atter iho exchange of their the execution of this article. till powers, have agreed to the following The garrisons shall be regulated in their llicles :

return to France according to the magaI. All hostilities hy land and sca are, zines upon the different lines which shall be and shall remain, susperied beiween the agreed upon. The blockades of fetitied Allier Powers and France, that is to say: places in France shall be raised immediately --for the land forces, as soon as the com- by the allied armies. manding oíficers of the French armies and The French troops making a part of the furtified places shall have sie lied to the army of Italy, or occupying the fortified allied troops opposed to them, that they places in that country or in the Mediterrahave recognized the authority of the Lieu- nean, shall be recalled immediately by his tonant-General of the Kingdom of France; Royal Higliness the Lieutenant-General and in like manner upon the sea, as far as of the kingdon. revards maritime places and stations, as IV. The stipulations of the preceding soon as the shipping and ports of the king- article shall be cqually applicable to mari.. dom of France, or those occupied by time fortresses, the Contracting Powers French forces, shall have manifested the reserving, however, to themselves to regu. Furie subzisica.

late in the definitive treaty of peace, the II. For the purpose of vilcetines the re- fate of the arsenals, vessels of war, armed establiain of the relations of tiendship and unarmed, which are in those places. between ile Allie lovris auci fruce', V. The fleets and ships of France shall aid to abiru in the latter breiral, as remain in their respective situations, vessels much as possible, the enjooni ri' the ouly charged with particular missions shall Dlossin-of peace', the Avd Powers will be allowed to sail, but the immediate efcalcter whips (o) erach 46 tie Treuch fert of the present act in respect to the territory, 5 ii asisted in the 1st of Ja- French ports, shall be the raising of all nuary 1", upprin Orlition that the blockarie by land or sea, the liberty of fishplaces still in lo possession of the French ing, that of the coasting trade, particularly annies broad ita inits, siali he era. of that which is necessary for supplying cnated ani dalier: up tile Allie's. Paris vith provisions ; and the re-esta

11. The Lieutenant General of the king. blishment of the relations of commerce dan: ofl'rance will accordingly in struct the conformably to the internal regulations of 20102?"pan's (f those places to deliver each country; and the immediate effect this up in the following manner, viz. The in respect to the interior shall be the free places situated upon the Rhine, aut com- provisioning of the cities, and the free pasprehended within the limits of France on saye of all means of military or comniercial ile 14t of January 1792, and those between transport.


: VI. In order to anticipate every subject Kingdom of France, was signed at Paris gente of complaint and dispute which may arise the 23rd day of April last, by the Pleniporespecting the captures which might be tentiary of his Majesty, and the I'lenipoten. made at sea after the signature of the pre- tiary of his Royal Highness Monsienr, brosont Convention, it is reciprocally agreed ther of the Most Christian King, Lieutenant that vessels and effects which may be taken General of the Kingdom of France: and in the Channel, and in the North Seas, whereas, for putting an end to tỉie calaafter the space of twelve days, to reckon nities of war, as soon, anıi as far as may from the exchange of the ratifications of be possible, it hath been ayreed between the present act, shall be restored on both his Najesty and his Most Chi an Majesty sides, that the terin shall be one month as follows; that is to say, tliat as soon as this within the Channel and North . Seas to the Convention shall be signed and ratified, Canary Islands and to the Equator, and friendship shoulni be established betweeá five months in every other part of the world, bis Majesty and the kingdom of France by withont any exception or other particular sea and land, in all parts of the world : and distinction of time, or of place.

in order to prevent all causes of complaint VII. On both sides, the prisoners, offi- and dispute which might arise with respect cers and soldiers, of land or sea, or of any to prizes that might be made at sea after the other description whatever, and particular signature of Ilie said Convention, it has also ly hostages, shall be immediately sent been reciprocally agreed, that the vessels back to their respective countries, without and effects which might be taken in the ransom and without exchange. Commis. English Channel and in the North Seas, after saries shall be named reciprocally in order the space of twelve days, to be reckoned to carry this general liberation into effect. from the exchange of the ratifications of the

VIII. The administration of the depart- said Convention, shonki bedentored on both ments or cities actually occupied by the sides; that the term should be che month forces of the Co-belligerents shall be given within the British Channel and North Seas over to the magistrates named by his Royal to the Canary Islands, and to the Equator, Highness the Lientenant-General of the and live months in every other part of thie Kingdom of France. The royal authori- world, witirit any exception or other parties shall provide for the subsistence and ticular destinction of time or of place. And wants of the troops to the moment when whereas the ratificat ons of the said Conthey shall evacuate the French territory, vention were exchanged by the respective the Allied Powers wishing, as an act of Plenipotentiaries above-mentioned, on the friendship towarıls France, to discontinge third day of this instant May, from which the military requisitions, as soon as the re- day the several terms above-mentioned, of storation of the legitimate authority shall tucive days, of one month, and five months have been effected. Every thing which re are to be computed : Now in order that lates to the execution of this article shall the several epochs fixed as aforesaill be be regulated by a particular Convention. iseen his Majesty and his Most Christiane

IX. A mutual understanding sliall take majesty shond be generally known and ob. place respecting the ternis of the second servedl ; We have 11:09glit fit, in the name article, as to the routes which the troops and on the behalf of luis Majesty, and by of the Allied Powers shall follow in their and witli the advice ofliis Vajesty's Prisy march, in order to prepare the means of Council, to notify the same to bis Majesty's subsistence, and commissaries shall be loving snbjects; ani We do hereby, in the named to regulate all matters of detail, and name and on the behalf of his Niajesty, striet. to accompany the troops till the moment of ly charge and command all his Majesty's offitheir quitting the French territory.

cers both by sea and land, and all other his Additional Article. The term of ten days, Majesty's subjects whatsoever, that they agreed on in virtue of the stipulations of foi bear all acts of hostiüty, either by sea or the Third Article of the Convention of this land, against the kingdom of France, her day for the evacuation of the fortified places allies, her vessels or subjects, under the peupon the Rhine, and between that river balty of incurring his Majesty's highest disand the ancient frontiers of France, is ex- pleasure. tended to the fortified places and military Given at the Court at Carlton house, the 6th establishments of whatsoever description day of May, in the šith year of his Na. in the United Provinces of the United

jesty's reign, and in the year of our Lord States.


COD save the King. A PROCLAMATION, Declaring the Cessation of Arms as well by The following are the official accounts

Sed as by Lund, agreed upon between his of the affairs before Toulouse and BayMajesty and his Most Christian Majesty, onne, mentioned in our last. and enjoining the observunce thereof.

Downing-street, April 26. GEORGE, P. R. Whereas a Convention for the suspension Major Lord William Russel arrived of hostilities between liis Majesty and the last night at this othce, bringing a Dise


464 Public Affairs in May.---Baitle of Toulouse, [June 1, patch from the Marquis of Wellington, with the 4th division, under the command of which the following is an extract:

of Lieut.-General Sir L. Cole, and the 6th Toulouse, Aznil 19. division, imder the command of Lieut.-GeI have the pleasure to inform your lord- neral Sir H. Clinton, attacked and carried ship that I entered tiis town this morning, the heights on the enemy's right, and the which the enemy evacuat. d during the redoubt which covered and protected that night, retiring by the road of Carcassonc. flank. The continued fall of rain, and the state of While the operations above detailed the roads, prevented me from laying the were going forward on the left of the army, bridge till the morning of the 8th, when the Lieut.-General Sir R. Hill drove the enemy Spanish corps, and the Portuguese artil- from their exterior i works in the suburb, lery, under the immediate orders of Lieut.- on the left side of the Garonne, within the General Don Manuel Freyre, and the ancient wall. Lieut.-General Sir T. Pichead-quarters, crossed the Garonne. ton likewise, wish the 3d division, drove

Marshal Beresford crossed the Ers, and the enemy within the tete-du-pont on the formed his corps in three columns of lives bridge of the canalucarest to the Garonne; in die village of Croix d'Orade, the 4th but the troops having made an effort to division leading, with which he immediate- carry it, they were repolsed, and some loss ly carried Montblanc. He then moved up

was sustairied. tlie Ers in the same order, over most diffi The arny being this established og the cult ground, in a direction parallel to the three sides of Toulouse, I immediately de enemy's fortified position; and as soon as tached our light cavalıy to cut off the comhe reached the point at which he turned it, munication by the only road practicable he formed his lines and moved to the at- fir carriages which remained to the enemy, tack. During these operations, Lieut.- till I should be enabled to make arrangeGeneral Don damel Freyre moved along ments to establish the troops between the the left of the Ers to the front of Croix canal and the Garonne. d'Orade, wliere lie formed his corps in two The enemy, however, ictired last night, lines, with a reserve on a height in front of leaving in our hands Generals d'Harispe, the left of the enemy's position, on which Burrot, and St. Hilaire, and 1600 prisonlieight the Portuguese artillery was placed; ers.--One piece of cannon was taken on and Major-Gen. Ponsonby's brigade of ca

the field of battle; and others, and large valry of reserve in the rear.

quantities of stores of all descriptions, in As soon as it was seen that Marshal Be the town. resíord was ready, Lient.-General Freyre

Lieut.-General the Earl of Dalhousie moved forward to the attack. The troops crossed the Garonne nearly about the marched in good order under a heavy fire time thaf Admiral Penrose entered the of musquetry and artillery, and shewing river, and pushed the enemy's parties under great spirit, the General and all his staff General L'Huillier beyond the Dordagve. being at their head; and the two lines were He then crossed the Dordagne on the 4th, soon lodged under some banks immediately near St. Andre de Cabzac, with a detachunder the enemy's entrenchments; the ment of the troops under his command, reserve and Portugnese artillery, and Bri. with view to the attack of the fort of tish cavary continuing on the beinlits on Blaye, His Lordship found Generals which the troops had first formed. The L'Hnillier and Des Barreaux posted near eneny, however, repulsed the movement Etauliers, and made liis dispositions to at: of the right of General Freyre's line round tack them, when they retired, leaving 300 their left dank, and having followed up prisoners in his hands. WELLINGTON their snecess, and turned our right by both Total Loss, in Killed, Wounded, und Missides of the high road leading from Toulouse

sin. to Croix d'Orade, they soon compelled the

| PORTUGUESE. whole corps to retire. It gave me great Officers. Priv. Total | Offi. Pri. Totul satisfaction to see, that although they suf- Killed 16 296 312 3 75 78 fered considerably in retiring, the troops Wounded 134 1661 1795 23 506 529 rallied again as soon as the light division, Missing 3 14 which was immediately on their right, moved up; and I cannot sufficiently ap


607 plaud the exertions of Lieut.-General

SPANISH, Freyre, the officers of the staff of the 4th

Oficers. Priv. Total. Grand Total, Spanish army, and the officers of the Ge- Killed


205 1 2124 neral Staff, to rally and form them again.

Wounded 91 1631 1722

607 Lieut.-General Mendizabel, who was in Diissing 0 1

1928 the field as a volunteer, General Espeletta, and several officers of the staff and chiefs

1928 4659 of corps were wounded upon this occasion ; Britisk Oficers Killed.--10th Royal Husbut Geperal Mendizabel continued in the. sars, Captain C. Gordon, Artillery, Gére field.

man Legion, Lieut, Blumenbach.--11th In the mean time Marshal Beresford, foot, 1st batt. Lieut. W. Dunkley.-27th,







3d batt. Captain F. Bignall, Lieutenant H. 5th bati. Capt. E. Purdon, Ensigns H. Gongh.-36th, 1st batf. Ensinu J. Cronie. Shewbridge, and J. Bruce, severely.--6151 --120, 1st batt. Capt. J. Swanson, Licnt. foot, 1st batt. Major Oke, (lient.-colonel,! William Gordon, Ensigns J. Latia and D. Cants. W. Greene and E. Charlton, Lients. AI'Crummen.—15th, ist batt. Lient.-Col. A. Porteons, N. Fnruace, T. Gloster, D). T. Forbes.—61st, ist batt. Lient. Colonel O'Kearney, H. Arden, (since dead,) ). R.J. Coghlan.—79th, 1st batt. Captains Wolfe, E. Gaynor, W. White, J. Harris, P. Purvis and J. Carneron, Lient D. Ca- G; Stewart, severely ;, Ensigns J. Wright, meron.--87th, 2 batt. Captain Bright V7. A. Favell, (since cleall,) C. Eccles and (major), -21st Portuguese line, Lieut. Col. S. Bartlett, severely; Lieut. J. F. Ellisop, Birmingham.

slightly.—74th font, 1st batt. Capts. j. British Officcr3 II"ounded..-General staff, Miller, (major,) D.I. M'Queen, and w. Major General Brisbane, slighily; Major. Tew, Lieut. H. S. Hamilton, 'severely; General Park, Captain Chins (20th foot), Lients. Eyre, J. Cral), J. Hassurd, w. brigade major, severely. -5th virag. guards, Graham, slightly.--79th foot, ist 'batt: Cornet $. A. L'icas, slightly.--31 drag. Ca;ts. T. Niyle and J. Campbell, Lieuts. Captain W. Burn, slightly.—4th drç. Cor- W. Barnett

, D. Cameron, J. Frazer, net R. Burrowes, Assistant Surgeon Hilson, D. M.Pherson, E. Cameron, sen. E. Ca slightly.--ish hussars, Col. H. Vivian, se meron, jar. (since dead,) J. Kyninck, Entre verely.--10th royal hussar's, Captain G. sig: A. Maciean, severely ; Capts, P. Innes Fitzelarence, severely.--151h lussars, Lieut. an W. Tarsiall, C. ni Iribar, A. MacE. Barrett, severely.-18th bussais, Cant. donnell, ijt. K. Cameron, slightly.---8713 Rich. Croker, severely.--1st hussars, King's foot, 21 batt. Liput. W. W. Lainplier, Bir German Legion, Lieat. C. Poten, slightly. sigu A. F. Royse, slightly. ---Eith foot, 1st. -11th foot, 1st hatt. Lient.-Colonel C.

batt. Capt. R. Nikle, Lieut. W. Poole, see Cuyler, Captain T. Gualey, Lieutenants verely: -31st foot. Ist inte. Major" A. D. Reid and J. Dolphin, severely.-27th Meal, (lieut. colonel) Capts. J. Walsh and foot, 3d batt. Lient.-Colonel Maclean, A. J. Caliender, Lieuts

.. IDougal!, J. Capt. J. Geddes, Lieutenants J. Harnett Hood, C. IDonga!!, slightly._-95ih foot, and A. Byrne, Ensiun J. Armott, severely. 2d bait. Capt. M. (lewan, severely. -_-3611 _28th foot, 1st batt. Lieut. J. Greene, foot, 1st bait. Volunteer Fiomes, severely. severely ; Lieutenants J. T. Clarke and J. --8th of Poringuese line, Col. J. Douglas, Deares, slightly.—34th foot, 2l bart. severely. Capt. J. H. Baker, severely.--36th foot, ist

British Olsicci's missing'.-- 12d foot, 1st batt

. Major William Cross, (lieut-colonel), batt. Ensign J. Malcolin.--74th, ist batt. Capt. W. Campbell (major), Lieutenants . Capt. T. Andrews, everely wonded, Prendergast, T. L'Estrange, and P. J. (since deal,) Ensiun J. Parkinsun, severels. Bonc, severely; Lieut. William H. Ro London Gazette Extraordinary. bertson, slightly; Lieut. E, Lewis, severely;

Downing-strert, elpril 27. Envigas Taylor an:! MI Cabe, severely

Lieutenant Lord George Lenox arrived 39th foot, 1st batt, Capt.T.Thorpe, severe last night, with a dispatch from Fieldly.--40th foot, 1st. bait. Captainis R. Tur- Marshal the marquis of Wellington, of ton and J. H. Barnett, Lient. Smith, En- which the following is an extract; sign M.Donald, slightly; Lieuts. T. D.

Buiucaul, April 11. Franklyn, T. O'Doherty, and J. Glynn, It is to my infinite regret that, owing to severely.-42d foot, 1st batt. Lieut. Col. the unfortunate circunstance of the capR. Macara, Capts. J. Henderson and A. ture of Lieut.-Gei. Sir John Hope, the M'Kenzie, Lieuts. D. M-Kenzie, T. Mun- duty devolves on me of informing your roe, H. A. Frazer, J. Robertson, R. A. lordstrip of a sortie which tile enemy nado M‘Kinnon, R. Stewart, R. Gordon, C. this morning at three o'clock, from the cuM'Laren, A. Stewart, A. Strange, (right trenched camp iu front of the citadel of arm amputated,) A. Innes, D. Farquar- Bayonne, with false attacks in fiont of the son, J. Watson, and W. Urquhart, Insigns posts of the 5th livision, &c. t Auwlet and T. M‘Nivan, C. Walker, J. Geddes, and Bellevile. I am lappy to say, that the M. M-Pherson, severely : Capt. J. Walker, ground which liad been 10:ć on this side slightly.-4.5th foot, ist batt. Major Licht- was all recovered, and the picquets refoot, Capt. T. Hilton, Lients. E. F. Boy's posted on their original points by seven and J. E. Trevor, Lieit. G. Little, severe o'clicks. ly; Ensigu Elmond!s, severely; Lients. J. The injury done to the defences is as lit. Douglas and R. Hill, severely:-18th foot, tle as coull be well supposed, in an attack 1st batt. Capt. J. Reid, Ensign W. Fox, made in the force this one way, and will, I (left arm amputated,) Acijatant G. Skeene, hope, he mostly repaired in the course of (right leg anıpntated,) severely; Lieut. J. this night. I muillament in liave to nien. Campbell, slightly --50th foot, 1st. batt. tion the death of Major Gen. Hay, general Lieut, w. Sawkins, Ensign (V.Jull, severe officer of the night. His last words were ly:-53d foot, 2d batt. Capt. J. Mackay, (a minute before lie was shot) an order to slightly; Capt. R. Mansel, Lients. J. Ha- hold the chureh of St. Etienne, and a formilton and 'T. Impett, weverely..600fcot, tified house adjoining, to the lasiextremity.



Public Affairs in May.

(June 1, Sir John Hope's horse was shot and fell White, severely, (since dead;) Capt. C. A. upon him, which prevented his extricating West, slightly; Capt. J. B. Shiffner, sehimself. The boot of his left leg was found verely, (since dead ;) Capt. L. Malon, Adunder his horse.

jutant F. Holbourn, severely. --- Royal To a flag of truce, the proposal was re- Scots, 3d batt. Capt. W. Buckley, slightly. jected of Lient.-Col. Macdonald's being -38th foot, 1st batt. Lieut.-Col. J.T.F. admitted to see him; but we now expect Deane, Lieut. R. Dighton, slightly.-47th that Capt. Wedderburn, and what other foot, 2ri batt. Lieuts. J. H. De Burgh, and assistance he may require, will be admitted W. Kendall, slightly.--60th foot, 5th batt. to him, upon the condition of their not re Lient. J. Hamilton, severely. turning.

C. COLVILLE. Missing --Lieut.-General Sir J. Hope, To Field-Marshal Wellington.

Capt. W. L. Herries, severely wonnded. Here follows a letter from Major.Ge -52d foot, Lieut. G. Moore, severely neral Howard:

wounded.--1st Guards, 3d batt. Lient.-Col. “ It was towards the right that Lieut.. H. Townsend, severely wounded.--3d Gen. Sir John Hope was taken. In endea. Guards, 1st batt. Ensign Northmore. vouring to bring np some troops to the support of the picquets, he came unexpectedly

Obstacles have arisen of an unforeseen in the dark on a party of the enemy; his nature to the delivery of this ancient pore horse was shot dead and fell upon him, and tion of the dominions of the King of not being able to disengage himself from Denmark to Sweden, in conformity to the under it, he was unfortunately made pri- late extraordinary treaties of the Eusoner. I regret to say, that from a letter ropean potentates. I have received from him, I find he was wounded in two places, but in neither of render it, but his nephew and viceroy

The King of Denmark agreed to surthen dangerously. A considerable part of Prince Christian has declared it indepens the operations took place before day-light, dant, and the inhabitants support him. which gave the enemy a great advantage from their numbers; but whatever end they The British ministry, as the abettors of might propose to themselves by their at- Sweden, baving ordered the Norwegiaii tack, I am bappy to say it has been com. ports to be blockaded, Earl Grey made pletely frustrated, as they effected no one a most cloquent speech against the mea object byli, except setting fire to one house sure, and being left in a minority, the in the centre of our position, which, from following protest has been entered : being within 300 yards of their guns, they DISSENTIENT, had rendered perfectly untenable before, Because we consider the attempt to subwhenever they chose to cannonade it. The jugate Norway to the Crown of Sweden as Joss of the enemy must however have been a manifest violation of the sacred rights of severe, as he lett many dead behind him, national independence; and we cannot reand he was afterwards observed burying a concile ourselves to combat in this case the good number of men. In regard io pri- same principles, in defence of which his soners, we had no opportunity of makng majesty and his allies have in the case of many, from the facility the enemy pos- the other nations of Europe so gloriously sessed of immediately retiring under the an:1 successfully contended. gulls of their works.”

Because it was contended in dehaté, and Killed, Wounded, und Missing. to our apprehension not sufficieutig an.

British. | Portuguese. swerel, that, even if such an engagement Killed

could be considered as lawful, the condi191 142 Wounded 34

lions of our Treaty with Sveden had no 456


view to the resistance of the people of NorMissing . 6 297 233

way to the proposed cession of their couns

try by Denmark; and did not bind us by

32 Officers killet.-Major-Gen. Hay.--cold any obligation of good faith to assist in rea stream Guards, 1st bått. Lient.-C. Sir H. ducing by force that unoffending and inde

pendent people. Sullivan, Capt. Hon. W. G. Crofion. Wounded.-Major-Gen. Stopford, sliglit.

Because we cannot see, withont the ly; Capt. H. Dawkins (brigade maior tisi Flag to inílict upon the people, whose

deepest regret, the employment of the Brisliglitly.-230 Light dragoons, Capt. G. E. friendship it is the natural policy of this Lient. H. Blackley, sligħtly-Royal En conntry to cherish and cultivate, the dreadful gineers, Capt. T. Dickens, severely Lieut. calamities of famine, for the purpose of en J. C. Meihuish, slightly.—1st Guards, 3d forcing so odions and unjustifiable a project.

Augustus Frederick, Clifton, batt. Capt. J. P. Percival, W. Vane, se

Willium Frederick,

Wentworth Fitwilverely.—Coldstream Guards, 1st bait.


lium, Lieut.-Colonel G. Colyer, Capt. W. Bur.


Stanlırpe, roughs, severely; Capt. J. V. Harvey, slightly; Ensigns F. Vachell, severely; W.



Pittm-30 Guards, 18t battCapt. C. L.

Officers. Privares. Total.


OH. Priv, Tural.

S 13
0 3 3



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