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The scribbling mill of Messrs. Bates At Knaresbro', Mr. Robt, Webster... and Hobson, Sewdhill, near Huddersfield, 93, Mrs. Pennington. has been burnt to the ground. It is sup. At Bradford, Mr. Jer. Clayton.-Mr. posed to have been set on fire by some Thos. Trout, 35 years post-master.—77, incendiary, for whose discovery a reward Mr. W. Baraclough.m38, Mr. Thomas of 100 guineas is offered.

Sedgwick. Mr. BAINES, of Leeds, has announced At Ripon, 62, Mrs. Jane Oats. a History of the War from the rupture of Ai Beverley, 114, Mr. T. Duncombe, the Treaty of Amiens, in 1803, to the lime-burner ; having had five wives.-69, establishment of a Free Government in Mrs. Ann Magless. France, in 1814.

At Thirsk, 77, Mr. T. Burgess. Married.] Mr. W. J. Norris, of Halifax, At Halifax, 57, Mrs Emmett.-84, Nr. to Miss holdsworth, of Bellisle, near W. Marshall. --Suddenly, Mrs. Illingworth, Wakefield.

-29, Mr. Tho. Garlick.-Mr. John CrossMr. Muff, of Leeds, to Miss Harriet ley, of Haugh-End. Wilkinson,

Al Gargrave, Anthony Lister, esq. of Mr. R. Simpson, of York, to Miss Whit- Belle Hill.–At South Cave, suddenly, Mr worth, of Hull.

John Robinson, solicitor, --At Kilowick, Mr. Geo. Hawkin, of Burland's-house, 20, Miss Sus. Hopper.—56, Mr. Jolin to Miss Halton, of Patrick Brompton, Hare, pilot.–At Hunslet, Mrs. Brown.-

Jolin Walster, esq. of Elmley, to Miss 36, Nr. Thos. Marsden.-At Cambleforth, Mary Bayley.

46, Mrs, Waud.--At Keighley, 37, much The Rev. John Beethain, of Çolne, to lamented, Mr. J. Spencer.-At Kirkby, Miss H. Stephens.

Miss Dinah Ridsdaie.At Esholt, Mrs. Mr. Sewell, of Keighley, to Miss Eliz. Derry. At Holbeck, 35, Mr. Swallow.

John Usler,--At Holmfirth, Mrs. Green.“ At Sheffield, Mr. C. Hancock, of Atter --At Birkin, Mrs. Alderson. - - At Adcliffe, to Miss Mary Mekin.

dinghiam, 70, Mh. Edw. Brumfit. - At Died.] At York, 88, Mrs. Mary Bishop Eckington, the Rev. Christopher Alrick.–77, Mrs. Leug.-Mrs. Bindlop, late derson, of Pontefract.--78, Mrs. Russell,

LANCASHIRE. At Hull, 66, Mr. R. Easingwood.--74, James Kay, esq.-77, Mrs. Ruth Pinn. The poor of Manchester, 2511 in nnm. 85, Mrs. M. Mitchell.—100, William her, in the last quarter cost 69241. being Newmurch, known by the name of Blind about 55s. each, or 11l. per annum. Billy._-41, Mr. H. Thiselton.--81, 'Mr. Very splendid illuminations took place in George Wray.-69, Mr, W. Durant.--71, Manchester on the receipt of the intelliMrs. Mulcaster'. ---77, Mrs. Hanimond. gence of the establishment of a Free Con65, Mrs. Ann Ripley.-Mr. W. Ripley. stitution in France. Similar rejoicings took 47, Mrs. Eccles.--28, Mr. W. Nichoils. place on the same glorious occasion in every 75, Mr. T. Appleyard. - 48, Mrs.

town and village of the empire. Moyses.

At a mee:ing held at the Liverpool Arms At Sheffield, 60, Mrs. Biurgin. 49, Mr. Hotel, Cast!e-street, on Thursday thé'31st W. Smiti.-55, Mrs. Richardson.

of March, 1814, to take into consideration At Leeds, 51, Mrs. Dinah Butterworthi. the expediency of establishing an Institu-63, Mr. Eli Musgrave.--Miss Hail.-65, tion for the promotion of Literature, SciMr. Dayid Farrer. -Alr, Ciras. Chadwick. ence, and the Arts, B. A. HEYWOOD, esq. -MrsPoe.—81, Mrs. Sarah Coates.- having taken the Chair, it was resulved Mr. W. Harrison.-Nr. W. Young, of unanimonsly, Whitchurch.--88, Mr. Sam. Westerman. That a Society for promoting the increase

At Wakefield, 4-4, Mrs. Shuttleworth, and diffusion of Literature, Science, and the of the Outwood.-46, Mr. Wilfrey Old- Arts, shall be established in Liverpool; ridge.-69, Mr. Thos. Clegen, of Westgate Thai, for the attainment of this object, Commop,—Thomas Yeuman, esq.

lectures shall be delivered on various sub. At Doncaster, 62Nr. Altlernian Morley. jects, and such other neans adopted, as

At Huddersfield, 82, Mr. John Dyson, may hereafter be deemed expedient; of Crossland.--dir, Thomas Shaw.--82, That a charter of incorporation shall be Mr. Jos. Shaw, of Farnley Tyas.--65, Mr. applied for, and application made to the Edw. Hauxby.

Prince Regent for his gracious permission to At Barnsley, 70, George Clarke, esq. name it“ The Lirerpool Royal Institution;" banker.

That a building shall be erected in a con. At Rotherham, Mr. Barker, of Brook- venient, situation, apparatus provided, a house.

museum founded, and a permaneni fund At Harrowyate, 78, Mr. W. Thackwray. formed to answer the purposes of this InAt Pontefract, Mr. W. Spink.

stitution; At Northallerton, 90,Mr. Thos. Dawson, That the sum of Twenty Thrusand 54 years chüef constable.

Pounds he raised in shares of 100l. each, At Whirby, Mr. Wo. Clarkson..

aud of 501, each ;


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378 Cheshire.

(May Is ---That this Institution will, as far as is con. -65, Miss Durning.-Mrs. Moss.-Sud. sistent with its own imniediate purposes, denly, Mrs. Mortimer, Duke-street.—Mr, be glad to concur with the Literary and T. Cain, Lord-street.--58, Mr. John Segar, Philosophical Society, and with the Society -52, Mr. W. Aspivall.-Mr, A. Fenton, of the Artists established in Liverpool, in merchant.-81), Mr. Thomas Woodward. promoting the objects they have respect. 58, Mrs. Mary Southern.-In Case’s-street, ively in view, in such manner, and under 22, H. Whitmarsh, esq:-50, Mrs. Brąd: such regulations as may hereafter be mu- bury. Mr. T. Dover, Brownlow-streettually agreed upon.

Mr. Jolin Highfield, Byrom-street.---66, Af the Lancaster Assizes, J. Drummond, Mr. Cha. Naylor.--38, Mrs. Taylor, wite esq. M.P. obtained a verdict of 501. da- of Mr. R. T. bookseller.-49, Mrs. Hall, of mages, in an action of trover, against Mr. Rincom.--Mr. Guy Souter.---Mrs. Timons, Whitehead, of the Bull Inn, in Preston, At Manchester, Mr. Browne, druggist. for abusive language, and for detaining himn Mr. Parker, of Hunter's-lane.--52, Mrs. two hours upon the road, by refusing to Eliz. Hodson, of Quay-street.—70, Mr, suffer the horses, which fe had been obliged Geu. Darewell, and, 86, Mr. R. Barlow, to procure at another inn, from being put both of Princess-street:--Mr. Dunstan, jun to his carriage.

of the New Bailey:-Mr. Aspinall, of Sal; A blacksmith, named John Thomas, ir ford.-Cha. Frederic Brandt, esq. a mari the employ of Mr. Jạmes Hatton, of Liver- whose country was the world, and whose pool, has been sentenced by the Magistrates religion was to do good.—-50, John Huino, to three months' imprisonment, for having esq. of Salford.-Mr. H. Coop, of Coopquitted his employer before the expiration street.-54, Mr. John Stockton, of Salford. of the time for which he had been engaged. At Lancaster, 34, Mr. W. Edmundson, The act passed for the prevention of this surgeon.--26, Lient. Geo. Best. offence, which is of such mischievous ten At Donglas, 86, Mrs. Beck.-Same elency in all the inechanical employments, place, 60, Mr. John Vint, printer, known authorises Magistrates to commit an of. as the conductor of the Isle of Man Gas fender to prison, for any time not exceed: zette, and formerly of London. ing three months.

At Preston, 71, Mr. W. Marsden.-35, It has been remarked, to the credit of Mr. Tho. Sudell. -70, the Rev. R. Morgan, the Police of Liverpool, that instances of 29 years pastor of the Catholic congregation, the crime of burglary have been remarka. Åt Wigan, 54, Mr. Jeffrey Langshaw. bły unfreqnent during the late winter ; but At Hest Bapk, Mr. R. Aldren.-At another crime, of less danger to the per. Church Kirk, the Rev. Tho. Armitstead, petrator, bas been surprisingly common. -At Rainhill Stoops, 78, Mr. John Ackers, Most of the empty houses in the outskirts ---At Chowbent, Mrs. Swift, relict of Mr. of the town have been entered at night, S. surgeon.--At Heaton Norris, 75, Mr. and robbed of all their locks, bolts, and Edm. Barlow, a good man,-At Stranges bars, and in some instances even the grates ways, 74, Mr. James Clegh..At Eccles, bave been taken away.

43, Mr. J.Phillips.-At Newton Heath, 64, Married.] At Liverpool, Mr. Matt. Jee, Mr. W. Booth.--At Stutbins, Mr. Henry merchant, to Miss Eliz. Stanistreet. Sandiford.-At Pendleton, 28, Mrs. Jang

Same place, Mr. George Rew, merchant, Worthington. -- At Hinderley, 18, Miss to Miss Éle. Hendrie.

Battersby.-At Farnworth, 38, Mr. Rich Mr. Samuel Cooke, of Manchester, to Klumbe, surgeon. -At Grappenhall, Mre Miss Manley, of Astriore.

W. Wright, draper, Jos. Clegg, esq. of Irwell Bank, to Miss

CHESHIRE. Patten, of Cornbrook.

The King, on the relation of Cholmondo John Fenton, esq. of Crimble, to Miss ley, yMainwaring, an information in the Eliz. Esdaile.

nature of a Quio Warranto, callžng upon the Mr. Jolin Paterson, bookseller, of Man- defendant to shew by what authority be chester, to Miss H. Bond.

exercised the office of Aldermap of the At Maneliester, Sam. Swan, esq. to Miss city of Chester, was lately tried at Shrews Susannah Spalton.

bury. This case occupied the attention of Henry Berry, esq. of Lime Grove, to Mr. Justice Dallas and a special jury for Mrs. Bennet, of Liverpool.

eleven hours, when a verdict was given Samuel Sear), esq. of Liverpool, to Miss for the Crown.-Counsel for the prosecuE. Ashton, of Hebers.

tion, Mr. Dauncey, Mr. Abbot, and Mr, Mr. John Harrop, second son of James Puller; attorney, Mr. Richards : for the H. esq. of Broughton Priory, to Mary, defendant, Mr. Şerjeąpt Shepherd, Mr, eldest danghter of Henry Grimshaw, of Hill, and Mr. Taunton; attorney, Mr Chatlım-street, Manchester,

Humberstone. Three other trials nearly Died.] At Liverpool, Mrs. Harvey, of of the same nature were deferred. Rodney-street.--M5. Tho. Ellison.--Mrs. Died.) At Bullock Smithy, 106, John

Jardine, wife of Dr.J.-68, Mr. Wilkinson, Fidler.-- In her 12th year, Lady Amelia, of the Stawp-office.-24, Mrs. M'Dowal. only daugliter of Earl Grosvenor. - At New

ton, Mrs. Sarah Lane, eldest sister of Jolin Mr. R. J. Toplis, of Nottingham, to Lord Crewe.--At Chester, 49, Mrs.Spence, Miss Eliza James. of the Queen's Head.--Iu Cuppin's-lane, Samuel Hole, esq. of Carlton, to Miss Chester, aged 100 years, Charles Lloyd, å Parker, of Newark. well-known mendicant. He was, we are Died.] At Nottingham, 57, Mr. J. Jeftold, till lately, a regular weekly pensioner feries.-76, Mrs. Ann Burton.-24, Mr. on the bounty of several charitable ladies, James Seals, of Stoney-street.-32, Miss when it became known he possessed cash and Richards, of Parliament.street.--33, Miss bank-notes to the amount of upwards of 2001. Breft, of Tythby.-Mrs. Furley, draper.-which he had taken the prudeni precaution Mrs. Hunt, of Barker Gate, of putting out at interest; and at the time At Newark, 91, Mrs. Wilson. of his decease, 25 guineas in gold, and 5l. At Mansfield, W. Simes, esq.-58, owing in silver, were found secreted in the linings to her omitting to lie down when her clothes of his ragged clothes. At Toft, George, had caught fire, Mrs. Saralı Brocksoppthe only son of Ralph Leycester, esq.--4€ 75, Mr. John Watson, hatter. Hartford Hall, near Northwich, 83, Jolin

Cheshire, esq. and, 70, Mrs. Bridget Welsh. Diarried.] At North Collingham, the

-At Knútsford, Mrs. Dumville --At Great Rev. Cha. Lesiter, to Miss H. R. Pym.
Badworth, Mr. W. Barker.

Mr. Cutler, to Miss Belgrave, of Stam-

ford. A singular circumstance took place at At Lincoln, Mr. Trotter, to Miss Bailey. Derby Assizes, during the trial of a pri At Sutterton, John H. Roe, esq. to Mrs. soner. A genteel-looking man was detected Beridge, of Algarkirk. picking a gentleman's pocket of his pocket At Gainsbro', Capt. J. Knight, 10 Miss book. He was taken into custody“the Poole, property found upon him-carried before Died.] At Gedney, 69, the Rev. Mr. a justice committed-a bill found by the Northore.—At l{olbeach Bank, Mrs. Bolo grand jury-tried-convicted--and sen lands.-At Tallington, 26, Mr. John Moss. tenced to transportation-all being done -At North Elkington, 76, Mr. S. Smith. in the course of two hours.

At Greetham, 29, Mr.T. Stubbs. At PostMarried.] Mr. J. Hopkinson, of Heath, land, Mrs. Marshall.At Hamswell, 79, to Miss Suibson, of Nottingham.

Mr. A. Clapton.--At Spittlegate, Mr. Mr. Joseph Dawes, of Ashby, to Miss Pipe.--At Sansthorpe, 55, Mrs. Robinson's Selina Bryan.

-At Wragby, Mrs. Gill, wito 40 years Died.] At Derby, 52, Mr. Francis Sum ago was blinded by the experiments of a mers.---53, Mr. Stephen Wilson.

quack-doctor.–At Stainby, Mrs. Black. At Chesterfield, Mrs. Grace Frost. At Aswarby, Mr. Whitworthi, an eminent

At Baxton, 65, W. Lawton, esq.' of breeder.-At Fleet, 88, Mr. Jos. Wilkinson. Lawton Hall, Cheshire,

-At Castor, 57, Mrs. Wlrite.-At Hol. At Sawley, Mrs. Smith.--At Hassop, beach, 84, Mrs. Turpin. the Rev. T. Martin, fifty years chaplain to At Lincoln, Mr. Jolina Andiews, maltster. the Eyre family.-At Bolsover, by falling At Louth, 68, Mrs. Sherwood.--72, Mr. from his horse, Adj. John Taylor.---At Al W. Cordallo-67, Mr. John Pape. lestry, 77, Mr. RoseAt Duffield, 81, At Spaldirg, 33, Mrs. Norris.--21, Miss Mrs. Eyre.--At Wingworth, Mr. Parker, Cordley.--80, Mr. Good.nan. schoolnaster.

At Wisbeach, 70, Mrs. R. Goodyear,

73, Mrs. Hannah Jackson. A hosier of Nottingham lately received a At Stanford, 50, Mr. W. Smith. letter threatening his life, if the wages of the Ac Rothwell, 90, Mr. Tho. Freeman.-workmen were not raised in a given ratio. At Kedrlington, 81, Mr. John Waite.--At

At a meeting of Hosiers, convened by Brigg, 87, Mr. F. Folding.–At Long Sat- . public advertisement, held at Nottingliam, ton, 73, Mr. W. Cooper.-At Cottingham, March 21, 1814, it was resolved inani 78, Mr. John Wride. ---Mr. Coxwoid.-98, mously, That an advance in the prices of Mrs. Wilkinson. workmanship, in Cotton Hosiery, is abso At Boston, 75, Mrs. Shaw.-47, Mrs, lutely necessary. That the workmanship Marriott.--91, Mr.W. Wran: 40.-65, John of Cotton Hose, of all qualities under 38 Lane, esq. mayor-elect.-70), Mrs. Pare gauges, should be advanced 2d. a pair ia tridge.-6, Mr. John Weston.83, Mr. maids, and all larger sizes; and 3d. a pair W. Grigg.--100, Mr. Geo. Hall, many years on 38 gauges and upwards ; childrens and a uutchman, half hose in proportion. And that allered At Gainsbro', Mrs. Throoup-23, Miss tiner qualities of ribbed hose, be also ad. Huntsman.--58, Mrs. Cleaver.-Miss dlavanced 2d. a pair.

ry Cook. Mr. Harrison, of Park House. Married.] The Rev. J. Rolleston, of At Barton, 85, Mr. Juhu Fulston. Watnall, to Miss E. Smelt, of Gedling.

LEICESTER AND RUTLANI). At Bingham, Mr. Costal, surgeon, to Mr. Orgil's patent lace manufactory, at Miss Ann Dorcaster.

Castle Doaington, was forcibly entered at

midiria 'at



Noble, esq.

380 Staffortl-Hurrick - Shropshire--.IVorcester. [May to , midnight lately, by a banil of desperadoes, A1 Stafford, Mr. S.Tutin, of Birmingham supposed ten or twelve, and the entire ma At Perry Hill, Mry Mary Brewill.--At. chinery, consisting of twelve warp lace Birchine's F.,., 70, Mr. Robt. Clay. At fraines, converted into l:caps of rain. The Francesa, üli, Mrs. Wainwright.--At Burdepıdators then forced ter way through Sier". 4., virs. Brougham, wife or Mr. Bs an inner door, and cut or burnt all the va- buokseller, --At Walton, 81, James Stevenluable cotton yarn and lace pieces within son, and, 8.), his wife. -At Kingswịnford, the premises.

ilie Rev. W. Suith, a magistrate of Worcesa. Married.) Henry "Townsend, eso.of Aston ter and Stailor.-At Rocester, near Uto Flanville, to Aliss Mary Smith.

toxeter, Richard Briddon, esg. Mr. R. Wood, of Lcicester, to Miss Forton.

Married.) Mr. Jos. Newton, of Birminge Mr. John Iliffe, of Huniberstone, to Miss ham, to Miss Martha Boucher. Leeson, of Leicester.

Capt. Grace, R.M. 10 Miss Duncan. Mr. it', R. Gülbeit, of Leicester, to Miss The Rev. W. S. Rufford, of W. Bronte. Buckley, of 'Thornton.

wich, to Viss Ame Barber. Died.] At Leicester, Miss Booth.--28, W.C. Booth, esq. of Edgbaston, to Miss Afrs. Angrave.- Mrs. S. Mce, late of Keg. Fox, of Bull-sireet, Birmingham. worth.--74, Mr. Ald. Cldham.-84, Mrs. Mr. Rann, surgeon, of Coventry, to Miss. Hill.-Mrs. Plllips, of Rritland-street, re. Bowen. lict of the late Mr. P. an eminent school.

Died.] At Birmingham, 53, Mr. W. God: master of Billesdon. Mr. alldernau Btale, dard, of Tenple-st.-70, Mr. W. Harrison, distinguishes for his harmless eccentricities, and Mr. T. Averill, of Moseley-st.--35, --3r. Broome, of the Market Pire.---13, Mrs. Barnes, of Bartholomew-st.-60, Mr. Miss Harriso-1), Mrs. Burweil. 18, Geo. W.Neuman, of St. Bartholomew's, and, 66,

his wisc.-2, Miss Portia Smith.--67, Mro At Burley Lodge, Mr. Lapton, late mas Juliu Nimrail...Mrs. Lloyd, relict of the ter of the Crown Inn at Oaklam; after late S. L. 154.--)Irs. Parkes, of Moor-sto eating a hearty break fant he was seized --3,, Mr. T. Hayes, of Temple-st.--80, with a fit, and died in his chair.--. Up- Mr. Tho. Littlewood, of Hill-st.-Mr. Wi. pingham, 32, Mirs. Houghton.--- At H.ni- Hubday, of G. Hampton-st.---Miss Potts, pletov, 712, Mr. Seaton.----\t Market Hat- of Digboth. -- Mr. Tho. Plipson.--38, bro', Mrs. Brown, grocer- tt Knaptoft, Miss Lanton.--Mr. Jos. Ruston, of Brad Mr. John Wilsont, s'?). --At Wykin' fcd, first. Mrs. Rumney, of Swindon.--32, suduenly, 57, Danel Preston, veq.-át Mrs. E. Fielder, Parale.--78; Mrs. Sarah Wi'imeswoli, Miri Shahera.-- Al Osga. Waidron.---- Irs. Patrick, of Snow Hill. thorpe, by omitiing to be crun when her vi, Mio. Cath. Robinson:-53, Lieut. Géo. clothes hall taken til. N:1::chet, v. Gacet. dow of the late norty krvi!'. tj. oi sont Ai Coventry, Mír. Timms, lratter...Mr. Croxton.--At Kegyurti,!".1, Setion, Jolo Rev. -60.11s. Kettle. esą.--Al Hust an!'s worth, 20. Ji Merire:1, 31r. Beautoy.--At Nether John Vard.19, : 1. A. H. Lafa uhl, "la 17, c'atii. Rotheram.-At Gratmitshipvnan.-- At Suzagoslavel, tk kiv. ton «'011, Ir. H. Biddie.--At Erdingtou, Mr. Mills, the essense pasior of the 13p) 6, 71. 1'. Nield.--.t Kenilworth, 48, t«t congregation.--At Hachoona), l. Mr. Riley. Gie, Walker.--At Kearsi, 79, Hr. Riley. Rower At Lier, 69, Mr. Huginson.

Married.] Trut. Dorsett, to Miss WeaAt Ashby-de-la-Zouch, lrs. Carr, of vrt, of the Abbey Foregaie. Coventry.

Dir.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Morris, At Loughbro', 8! Mirs, Amstrong painter, 80, Mr.W.11arstali, formerly oi scraz,tuit, Ai Shillall, Mr. Gee, Tall Phillips.-alter several years' blindedi.

Al Marhet Drayton, the Rev. W. Proctor, At Swithland, 7i, il Ro!. Jolin Lloyd, formerly a respected minister at Oldbury, 65 years rector:--) !!ich, the Res.

At ilothington, Mr. R. Tecce.At WelFrancis Harris.--t ici! Farm, rear lington, Mr. Wahnsley, grueer-At Llany: Belgrave', Join l arrisis!!, (tj. of Loulou, mynech, 6., Wirs. Mary Jones, bediidder and formerit of Leicenter..!! C111101, 10 years. --, Mus. Jane Hammer,--82, Mr. John Mathew's.---it Hallerton , Asii. near Whitrhurch, -15, Mix, Smith.-Mis. Gibbeus. At Thwrcaston, Mir, A WIitekirch, 20, Mr. P. J. Newton. Newbold.

Dir. Pier, mait:cer.-Nr. Arthur Rowe. STAFFORDSHIRE.

Ai Tenbury, Mr. W'all, surgeon.--At Pres. Nursied.] The Rev. Isaac Namn, of Bar- thope, Nr. Parsons.--Ai Markct Drayton, sleni, to Miss Alice Beaniand,

Mrs. Stevens, -Miss Eliza Bcale, of Heala Dild.] At Woiverhamptoii, 23, Mr. House, Geo. Ward, surgeon.

WORCESTERSHIRE. At Litchfield, Miss Mary Willos, late of LUCIEN BONAPARTE, a short' time, lies Tisanet.

:fore ihe recent pa'inical changes, had offered


his house at Thorngrove for sale, and pur aware that the law, which declares some posed to return to Rome.

offences to be unbailable, intended thereby The old hop duty for the last year to deprive the unconvicted accused of his amounted to 131,1771. Os. 9 d.

general riglits of citizenship, and of the free Married.] Mr. R. Hopkins, of Stour and unrestrained ineans of concerting his bridge, to Miss E. Marston, of Cradley. defence. We have always admired the

John Baker, esq. of Waresley House, to correctional prisons of Sir G. O. Paul; but Miss Barbara St. Jolin.

we presume that worthy gentleman never Mr. Jas. Robins, surgeon, to Miss Maria intended to subject to a correctional regiWhitaker, of Severn Stoke.

men, persons who are merely detained for Died.] At Worcester, 52, Mr. John Mor- trial, who, till after their trial, are not ris, draper.

to be deemed guilty of any offence, and At Henwick Hall, 73, Mrs. Stokes. whose detention is a mere matter of legal Same place, 24; John Robt. Foley, esq. form, inplying the inadequacy of all bail At Evesham, Mrs. Marg. Blayney, the be in their cases. Except, however, in the loved and lamented wife of T. B. esq.--At point of custody, a man bailed, and a man Bromsgrove, Mrs. Ann Brettel.--At Fack not bailed, possesses the same civil rights; bury, Mrs. Taylor.–At Bewdley, 52, Mr. and to subject him wiio is not bailed, to John Cartwright.-At Tenbury, Mr. Wall, undue restraint, to inífict any coercion surgeon.

npon him, to open his letters, and to inter. HEREFORDSHIRE AND MONMOUTII. cept any communications necessary to his At the sale of Mr. Williams's stock of cat defence, or general interests, appear to 18 tle, of the Herefordshire breed, at Thinge to be practices contrary to the tenor and hill, seventeen cows and their calves sold spirit of the mild laws and constitution of for 11021. 10s.-a two-year-old bull for 634. En land. The distinction is broad and -eight two-year-oll heifers for 451l. 10s. perfecily intelligible; punili, according to ---eleven ycarling heifers for 2611. 103. law and to prescribed foros, persons conand seven yearling bullocks for 1991. riciod by the successive decisions of grand

At Monmouti, where, on the arrival of and petit juries; but simply detais, under the late news, the populace had taken the the mildest and most liberal regimen, per. horses from the mail-coach, and were sons who in law and justice are to be held drawing it in triumph through the streets, and considered innocent, till after their a poor man was thrown down, when the country, that is, a jury, have decided be.' wheels passing over him, he was killed on tween them and their accuser, and till the spot, leaving a wife and four children. their guilt appears to merit punishmení.

Married.] Mr. J. Jones, of Leominster, If this cloctrine is not in conformity to law, to Mrs. Gibbs, of Hereford.

and to the just administration of all criminal Major Shapland, to Miss E. Nicholetts, jurisprudence, we shall be glad to see and of Bromtrees Hall.

to print a:y objections to it, with which we Died.] At Ross, 89, Mrs. Elizabeth may be favourel, for our own better inBeavington.

struction, and that of the community; but At Barton Court, Henry Lambert, esq. if, on the contrary, our doctrine is sound, -At Aramstone, John Woodhouse, esq. and not liable to valid objections, then we At Monmouth, Mrs. Partridge.

respectfully appeal to the good sense, firmAt Abergavenny, Mr. W. Lewis, cabinet ness and integrity of all siieriffs and benches maker.

of magistrates, to put an end to practices GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

which have been lony growing upon us, but A Mr. John Yeates, attorney, of this coun which are obnoxious to the feelings of alli ty, was arraigned upon an indictment men who do not like “ to sacrifice a princharging him with forging and counterfeit ciple 10 a purpose.” ing the name of Joseph Morton, as the in Married.] At Wotton-under-Edge, John dorsement to

a promissory note. The Rowell, esq. to Mrs. Cox. counsel, in bis opening, stated, that by an At Clifton, Lieut.-Col. C. Steevens, to. awful visitation of Providence, they were

Miss Cath. Collinson. prevented from proceeding with the trial, Mr. Tho. Hughes, to Miss Lydia Cooke, the principal evidence for the prosecution of Cheltenliam. having been that morning found dead in Nir. B. Prattent, of Bristol, to Miss Ann bed, at his inn, in Glocester. The proceed. Young, of Tetbury. ings were therefore quashed, and Mr. The Hon. Jolin Reginald Lygon, second Yeates was instantly acquitted. Mr. son of Lord Beauchamp, to Lady Charlotte Yeates has since published appeals to the Scott, only danghter of the late, and sister county, under the heads of Justice ever to the present, Earl of Clonmell. overtakes Vice," and “ Villany Unparal Win. Price, jun. esq. of Gloucester, to deled,”-in which lie incidentally states one Frances, second daughter of Philip George, circumstance in the police of the Glouceso esq. of Bristol. ter prison, meriting notice, viz.--that per Died.) At Bristol, 67, the Rev. J. Atwell sons committed" for trial are not allowed to Small, D.D. prebendary of the cathedral receive any letter unopened. We are not church of Gloucester, minister of St. Pani's, MONTHLY MAG. No. 254.


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