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270 Deaths in and near London,and of Public Characters. [April 1, and not two minutes before his death had was enriched with various knowledge ; and offered to hack certain Huntingdon birds had he concentrated the brilliant rays of for ten guineas. He was observed tc lean his powerful intellect, he might have shone his head forward, and made a kind of moan, amongst the greatest men of bis age. wilen instantly his colonr changed, and he At Brasted Place, Kent, the Rev. W. was a corpse.

Peters, a very eminent and ingenious » Major-General John Francis Kelly, colo- painter, whose Resurrection of a Family, nel in the 1st regiment of foot guards. He Spirit of a Child, and other pieces, will live entered the guards at a very early period. for ever among the choice works of BriIn 1795, he served under his Royal High- tish art. ness the Duke of York in Flanders, and at At Hammersmith, 70, Thomas Wetherall, the attack of Dunkirk. In 1798, he ac- esq.formerly a carpenter in Little Britain, companied his regiment in the expedition and afterwards a jeweller in Cheapside, against Ostend and Holland, under General from which business he had for some years Burrard and Sir E. Coote. In 1809 he past retired to Hammersmith, where he served under Sir John Moore in Spain, filled the office of Commissioner of Income, and in the year following he was with the Justice of the Peace, &c. army in Walcheren. His death was acce. In Jermyn-strect, without any previous lerated by his exertions to save his sister at indisposition, 76, the Dowager Countess of the late fire at the Custom-house.

Spencer, mother of Earl Spencer, the late Much regretted, Miss Ann Halley, of Duchess of Devonshire and Lady BesboHammersmith.

rough, She was a most intelligent and In the 59th year of his age, the Rev. amiable woman, and communicated to her John Bidlake, D. D. of Christ Church, children that passion for literature and the Oxford, chaplain to their Royal Highnesses arts, which has raised them so high in the the Prince Regent and the Duke of Cla- estimation of the world. She was the Tence. He was a native of Plymouth, and daughter of Stephen Pointz, esq. of Midgformerly master of the grammar-school ham House, Berks. and was married to the in that town, He sustained, with great late Lord Spencer in 1755. patience, for the last three years of his In Oxford-street, aged 74, Mr, Thomas life, that most afflicting calamity, a total Rrynolds, many years a respectable bookdeprivation of sight, accompanied with seller, and formerly in partnership with many bodily infirmities. During this dark Mr. Shepperton. and distressing part of his existence, he In Grosvenor-place, the much beloved had all the endearing consolations that Duchess Dowager of Leinster. friendship could suggest, and all the kind At Claphan, Mrs. Brogden, mother of alleviations that relatives could bestow. James Brogden, esą. M. P. for Launceston, He was strict in his religious principles, and one of the Lords of the Treasury. Albut not intolerant; devoted to the church- though in her 80th year, she retained the establislıment, but without preferment; full vigour of her intellects till the period he possessed all the tender charities of the of her decease. heart, and in the duties of a son he was In Giltspur-street, 63, Luke Hodson, truly exemplary. Dr. Bidlake was a man surgeon, formerly of the Common Council of unassuming manners; naturally commu- of London, and the first man who, first at nicative among this intimate friends, by the Common Hall, and afterwards at the whom he was beloved and respected; Common Council, in 1795, raised his voice patient under injuries; and of a sedate against the folly and wickedness of the late temper, even from his earliest years. One war. His attention to politics led to his of the striking features of his character failure in business, and he has latterly subwas the deep interest he felt in discovering sisted chiefly on the stipend paid by the young men of talent and modesty, and in City to the surgeon of the Compters and patronising them as far as his limits would Ludgate prisons, in which situation hè conadmit.' Through the whole tenor of his ducted hiinself with great humanity. Jite he was just and honourable; prudent In Gower-street, Mrs. Hughes, relict of in his comestic concerns, but not niggardly; the late Admiral Robert Hughes. liberal in the acquisition of the works of In Privy Garden, 71, the Right Hon. A. tastę, but not expensive. As an author he Bennett. was instructive, elegant, and pathetic; as a Mrs. Herries, the lady of Colonel Her preacher, poembarrassed, persuasive, and ries, in Cadogan-place. forcible; be bac an ninaifected and lively Jumes Burclay, esy, assistant secretary to sense of the beanties of naturc,and a genuine the commissioners of the Property Tax for relisil for poetry, painting, and music, in the City of London. all of which he was conversant; but poetry Miss Madden, of Cole Hill House, Fulwas his favourite art. In a word, his mind ham.




NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM, long life was spent in the faithful discharge

WHE new steam vessel, lately built on of every social and religious duty. His been launched into the river, and called were acquainted with his worth.--69, Mr. the Tyne Steam Boat.

W. Young,.--70, Mīrs. Laidman. Married.] At the Friends' Meeting-house, At Crookham, 87, Mrs. Wilson, formerly North Shields, Mr. Henry Walker, to Isa- of Weetwood. At Polam Farm, 110, John bella, second daughter of the late Mr. Jo. Yarrow, a native of Mason Dinnington ; he seph Sannderson.

was servant to a farmer near North Shields Mr. George Apedaile, son of Wm. A. in 1715, and remembered assisting at the esq. of Gateshead, to the daughter of Mr. plough when the constables demanded the Thomas Hutchinson, of North Shields.— horses to convey military stores, in the reJohn Parker, esq. to Mary, youngest daugh- bellion. He was able last summer to cut ter of the late Mr. Joseph Crawford. turf in a field, as well as to attend to many Mr. Wm. Dunlop, merchant, Newcastle, domestic and rural occupations. His diet to Mrs. Wilson, of Strawberry-place.--- principally consisted of brear, milk, and Mr. J.T. Brockett, solicitor, to Miss Bell, cheese. At the West. Boat, near Hexham, daughter of Mr. B. merchant, Newcastle. 53, Miss Susannah Gibson.At Barnard

Died.] At Newcastle, 19, Mrs. M. A. castle, 80, Mrs. Hanby, a maiden lady. · Blackett.-In Back-lane, Mrs. Blackbu At East Ord, Isabella Laidler She had --20, Miss Wilson.—69, Mrs. Ann Saun- been tapped for the dropsy 20 times within ders, of Gateshead.--89, Mrs. Dinah Oli- the last two years, and on an average up. ver.--41, Mr. W. Hewison, of the Forth. wards of 20 quarts of water extracted Mr. George Anderson, late grocer.-—-103, each time.-At Shadforth, near Durbam, Mrs. Mary Taylor, of Pilgrim-street: shé 74, Mrs. Jane Furneis.-át Belford, Mrs. walked about on the day of her death, und Dixon, relict of Abraham D. esq.--At Low possessed all her faculties.--Suddenly, Mr. Elswick, 50, Mr. T. Littlefare.—Much reW. Giubb, spirit merchant.-Mr. Shallet gretted, Mr. Tho. Laverick, of Painshaw Dale, of Saville-row.

colliery, agent to the late Sir I. V. TemAt the Deanery, Chester-le-street, 76, pest, bart.- At Alemouth, Miss Fenwick, John Hudson, esq.-At Thropton, 79, Mré danghter of the late Mr. l'. of Widdrington. John Snowdon.--At Seaham Grange, 66, -The wife of Jolin Elliot, esq. of Newthe wife of Mr. Jolin Elliot, of New bottle. bottle.--It North Shields, isabella, wife of

At South Shields, 42, the wife of Capt. Mr. W. Saunders. Middleton. - At Tynemouth, 26, Mary, daughter of Mr. Fraycis Simpson. At Married.] At Workington, Captam E. Swinton, 52, the Rev. James Baird.--At Merriman, to Miss Ben. Pelton, 21, William, son of Mr. John Wed At Brigham, Professor Jas. Hamilton, jun. dle.—80, Mrs. Eliz. Hall, of Shieldhill. M.D. president of the Royal College of Play

At Alnwick, Mrs. and Miss Morton.- sicians, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter Barbara Strother, sister of the late Thomas of James Claike Satterthwaite, esq. of S. esq.—41, the wife of Mr. Bolton.--55, Cockermouth. · Mr. Stanton Neale.-24, the widow of Mr. Mr. James Blenkarn, of Bird's Park, to

Joseph Friar.-94, Mr. Jolm Main.--20, Miss E. Speight, of Kendal Parks, Mrs. Purvis.—23, the wife of Mr. John Mr. Ward, of Low Bleze, to Miss Crewd. Dodds.--Suddenly, 17, Hamilton, son of son, of Ridding Side. Mr. Woodhouse, plumber.-The widow of Mr. John Watson, of Fankin-How, to Mr. George Hogg.–71, George Kirk, 36 Miss Lowden, of Ussiker. years porter at Alnwick Castle, and was At Ulverston, Mr. Dixon, to Miss Mune several years serjeant-major of the 5th re. caster. giment of foot, in which he was severely

At Workington, David Fletcher, esq. to wounded at Bunker's-hill.

Miss Jane Thompson. At Sunderland, 63, Capt. Byers.-69, Dixi.] At Kendall, Mrs. Braithwaite.Capt. M. Parker.- Mirs. Dobbing.-76, Mr. Thomas Hutton, deputy bailifi.!), Mrs, M. Cloud.--46, Mrs. Jane Mitchell. Mr. J. Waller.----Suddenly, Rachael Smith, -Mrs. Marg. Nattrass.--Capt. W. Robin- S. F. of Loudou, a woman of vare excel · Son.

tence.--- Mrs. Hallicau. -76, Miss Sarah At Hexham, 76, Mrs. E. Herdman.—64, Nicholson.--23, Mr. John Kead. Mrs. Thompson, wife of the Rev. J.T. At Penrithi, 03, Mr. Isaac Simpson.--!,

At Bishopwearmouth, 8-1, Mrs. Heath. Mrs. Margaret Aikei.-51, Mi. Robert 71, Mrs. Mellenby.

Simpson.-07, Mrs. M. Hodgson, of voodAt Morpeth, 79, Wm. Orde, esq. of head.—21, Mrs. M. Rudu.-10, Mirs. C. Nunykirke-hall, justice of the peace, whose Jackson. 1




[April 1, At Kestrick, 105, Mrs. Threlsall, former- at Leeds for a si:bscription for the relief and ly of the Golden Fleece 3:11 at Ulverston, instruction of the destitute and uninformenjoying her facultie: marly to the last. Cid in CANADA, where he states that

The Rev. Mr. Maitsin, 90, minister of three-fourths of the people are ignorunt of Pattesdiale sixty years. During the early their lettcre. part of his life, his hopesce bringht him A fire was discovered at three in the only twelve pennils a year; it was after- morning in a large pile of buildings, the prowards increasca to eighicer, which it never perty of the Dowager Lady Ibbetson, in exicozel. ca tris iniciime he married, ihe Talhot Il yarı!, Halifax. The whole broughi ip four children, and lived coitin pile, which comed {wo wool warehouses, torially with his rigabor, educated a Orepid by ?!?". Hawkes and Mr. Thwaite, son atile universits, a'r lift nyards of and the school fui poor boys and girls, on 11:001. be ! He himself read the bu- Di. Beli's plaul, was in a very short time rial verzie over his other, he rarried 1.13 burnt to the ground. father to a second wito, ant aferrards bu Acü genpil meeting of thie nail masters ried his. Ho rible his cwn bans of av! nu) maker:", in Forsley Woodhouse, marriage is size church with a woman whom it mas agrzed that no lau suall learn the lic hasi fomery cm***!, and he himself trade of masing nails, w::ss he be bound Marriedi ali lis 10?r uluiten.

by a legal indenture for the term of seven At Carliie, 64, itir. George Robinson.-- years, and every one who attempts to learn 38, Mrs. F. Christophorcu.—74, Mis. S. shall be bom, or give up the trarle when Laink.--106, 311.Joli Iillican.-26, lrs. he has been ivo menilis en trial; and that Janc Hall.-Mrs. Waug.---, Mr. Jolin no boy who is now learning, and has not Deum.-- 63, Mr. W. Hubir-001.---3, fils. been more than twelve months at the trade, B. Hayne.--08, Miss Na:y Atkins.--3.1, shall contiane to learn, mless he be legally Mrs. Ann Bolver.10, Nr. J. Richardson. bon for seven years; and the masters

At l’hite! aven, 59, NIr. David Clen:ent. licreby agrec 110$ to employ any bands who --Mr. Dixono-_-66, Mrs. J. Piper, S. F. liave not served a legal apprenticeship.

At Workington, Mr. Robert Bowes. --- A horid miler VietS coamitted near 21, Miss Jane M'Caul.

Hull about half past ien o'clock on the At Maryport, Captain W. Holgson.- night of the 3d. "As Mr. Jolin Taylor, of 67, Mr. F. Mi:chell.-Mrs. Ponor.--Mrs. Sntion, was returning home from Hull, he Brougham---Mrs. Hayton).-Mr. W. Arin was passed on the foot path about twostrong.

thirils of the way to Sutton, by a man, who, At Wigton, 81, Mr. John Johnston.- without speaking, turned about and fired Blrs. Carr.

a pistol, the ball from which entered his At Partinscale, 87, Mrs. Fisher. --At left breast. The villain then demanded Milthorit, 27, Mrs. Mary Nelson.. *, liis money, and a struge ic took place, but Nir. John Walker -At Orton, 101, Isuvé pir. T. giowing fairt, the villain robbed liim J}illun.--80, Mrs. E. Taylor.

or between twenty and thirty guiueas in At Haukshearl, 3 i, Nrs. Alice Brockle- noies, and alout thirty shillings in silver, bankı-Sudireuly, 6ti, ir. John Pigge, of Freni sore circumstances, a coal-man of Skinner How..--72, Jirs. Agnes Mackereth. the name of Forbes, living in Wincolmlee,

At Kirkhy Stephen, 1.5, wiss Mary Hlay- was taken up on suspicion. On Saturday ton.At Brownber, in Ravenstonedaie, 69, he was taken to Suitou, and identified by Nir. Robert Hird.--Mr. Willian Bashhy, Nr. Taylor, when he was fully committed forty years of the Crown Inn, Eamont- for trial to York castle. Mr. T is since bridge

dead! At lebblethwaite Fall, 71, Nrs. Mary About three c'clock on the morning of Law:---At Ambleside, Miss A Nente'11

, the Sd instani, the large scribbling mill 41 Ulvrion, Mr. W. Edmonds011.

At belonging to Messrs. B. and W. Hallas, of Cartmellell, 73, Mr. Robert Rippon.-At Ossett, vear Wökefield, was burnt to the Kirkland!, 0, pir. Knipe-Suddenly, 59, ground. The less is supposed to be little Mrs. H. Haruin -di Crosley, suddenly, short of tou thousand pounds. Mrs. Wright.--At Gressouthen, 80, 1r. Murried.] Mr. W. Wilks, of York, to Miss W. Pearson. — At Castle Douglas, 102, Susannah Weatherill, (of Leeds. Jurut Chuters.--At Stoklewath, 80, Mr. At Wakefield, the Rev. J. Taylor, M.A, Timothy Brow'll.–At Alston, 29, the Rev. of Horbury,lastice of the Peace for the West W. Norris.

Riding, to Miss Ramsden, of Wakefield. YORKSHIRE.

Afr. C. Norton, of London, to Miss Sarah Nearly 50Jl. lias been benevolently sub. Maw, sister to Mr. Maw, of Doncaster, atscriveil at and near Leeds to aid Jacob torney-at-law. Wright, an ingeniors pauter on glass, wi:o Mr. J. Ferraby, to Caroline, yonngest lately losi liis siglt ly a splinter of wood daughter of the late Mr. Edward Lake, of flying into luis ye. WALTER FAWKES, Full. Esq. 1.25 generously put down lis naine for At Beverley, Jolin Arthur Worsop, esq. ten guineas per annun.

to Mrs. Dodsworth, The Rev. THADDECƏ Oscoop advertises Mr. Wra. Skinn, of Pocklington, to Miss


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Mary Ann Newton, daughter of Mr, T. N. Lowcock.-At Middletou, suddenly, Rír, of Gilberdikc.

John Olie. Jos. Wardell, esq. of Rrion Grange, near At Leeds, 69, Mrs. Wales.---Mrs. WilMalton, to Saralı, daughter of W. Atkinson, kinson, of Wood-street.---Mr. W. Robert. esq. of Leppington.

sbaw.-- Niiss Mary Dundervale.—Mr. John Mr. Nathaniel Berry, un, of Hudders- Cawood.-Mír. John Waddington. field, to Miss Jane Pirdie, only daughter At Wakefield, 60, Mr. Taylor, surgeor. of the late Mr. Geo. P'. of Storiveli.

Litliss Dratskivid.-!Ir. Jas. Vesterman. Died.] At Sedburgh, 7), Vis. V. Wil At Knaresbro', 98, Ais, Barker, grandkinson, mother of A. W.eq.--1. his cara mother of Dr. Larson. ---61, Thos. Hill, an van, at Thornton, 62, Nr. Join Dawson, of eccentric character.-Mr. Thomas Keiny, Bradford, who by exhibitin. Pancia rea flax merchant.-Mrs. Mason. lized one hundred pounds per aunan in At l'ontefract, Mr. T. Belk. freehold estates.--35, the lady of Sir 'Thos. At Shiptou, Mrs. Yary Blackburn.--At Legar), bart. of Canton Hall; sincerely Bradforil, Mr. Rich. Wilson, regretted by her fanı.ly; acquaintance, anil At Hudderstield, 62, Mr. John Polland, dependants.--78, Jelin Croke, esq. of -82, Allrs. Pierce.-65, Mrs. E. Dyson. Swinton, near Rotherham. He tollwed At Sheffield, Mr. J. Saimon, of Forge the steps of the good Samaritan, and was Lane.--Mr. P. Oldham, of the Wicker.-“ the friend of all mankind.”.-At Yarm, 19, JIr. J.T. Smilter.-24, Miss S. Deakin, 86, Mrs. Framwell, widow of ihe Rev. of Atterolife.- Saralı, wife of Mr. Law, Geo. B. M. A. late rector of Curworthi.--- Fence Pott:, of Lowell, near Sheffield; Sabine, wife of C. 'Theiluson, esq. of Brods- and a few days after, her husband, Mr. worth Hall.–At Scholz, mirMatthew Lawrence Potts, who had been inauy years Moorhouse.-At Clifton, Mrs. Goldthorpe, an eminent merchant in Sheifeld, of the -At Kettlewell, Mr. John Spence-At house of Poits, Parkin, and Co. Newton-Kyme, 87, the Kev. Henry Wray, A: Hall, 7i, Irs. Mary Dune--14, Mr. M.A. rector of that place, vicar of Hat Jolm Ward, brever.-15, Miss Tealby.-field Broad-Oak, Essex, aad a depily. 08, Mrs. Sarah Harris.--71, Nr. Martin lieutenant for the West Killing.--At Pindo Forster.—71), Vis, Gardener.- Mr. f. sey, 44, Mr. Jonathan Scholey, sudilenly. Clark.---50, VIr. John DIartin.--48, Mrs. At Gargrave, muc! lamented, Nirs. Wil Wardiell.-- 63, George Ion.

73, MIr, kipson.-At Garforth, 77, Mirs. H. 'Taylor. Benj. Latimore.-Nr. Jos. Mioakes.--24 -At Holmes, 78, Mrs. Martha Jor:

c- Mr. Jos. Eyre. Ai Kolin Hood's Bay, 87, 12. Jlartin At Doncaster, Mr. J. Atkinson, Marshall. - At Skeiding, 79, virs. E. At Beverley, 80, Mrs. Waubs. Diackreth.--At Rotivell, 64, Mr. Joseph At Scarborongi1, 78, Mirs. Vickerman. Gibson.

At York, 3), universally regretted, Ir. At Spoffortli, 70, the Rev. John 'îripl, Edw. Robinson, the faithtul and intelligeut LL.D. rector of that parishi, and of Cation, overseer of the printing-house of Mesil's. in the West-Riding. He was a Justice of Wilson and Sons.--70, Mr. Benj. Porter, the Peace, and one of the deputy-liente- of Winchatt-house, Escrick.--80, Mrs. Surry nants for the West-Riding.–Mr. John wife of Mr. Geo. S.-70), Mrs. Sarali Dayson, of Holbeck, mill-owner; and withi- Kuowlson. Mr. Robt. Naxwell, late of in five minutes, Miss Eliz. Dayson, his sis- the Chapter Coffee-House in the Monsterter, both in the prime of life.--92, 11!. John Yard.-49, Mrs. Taylor, relict of the late Harrison, of Crossland Hedge, near hird Robi. T. esq. dersfield, father of Niessrs. David and Johu H.-74, the Rev. Joseph Marslial, pastor According to a recent publication on the of a Dissenting congregation at Lidget, rooi-rates of Liverpool, it appears tirat that near Huddersfiell, which sitsiatica he filled iown, contriain, 91,376 inhabitants, is all ncarly half a century:--57, MIrs. Watkin- in che township ;--the amount of the poorson, of Fuuslet.--t Bashall Lodge, near rate rot far short of 50,0001. per annum, Clitheroe, the Rev. Henry Johnson, incum which is equal to the interest of a capi'al bent curate of Clitheroe, and head master of 1,000,000l. Very great irregularities in of the Free Granımar Srhool.—78, Mr. Jo- the assessment; difficulty of keeping it corseph Cliffe, mawon, cf Cowcliffe, near Jud. rect, where so large a sum is to be collected derstield.-At West Eud, 82, Mrs. Sus. from near 19,000 different channels, and all Horseman.-81, Mr. Geo. Dema'ue, leaving proportions between 5s. 1vd. and 1001. in a a brother aged 100.--At Suath Daltor, 71, place ton where the value of property is Mr. Hart.-Ai Kirby Hall, h. Tuompson, continually fluctuating; knowledge of reesq.At Bocthan, wirs. Dyson.--At North lative value o: properties not easily acAllertin, Mr. Daniel Rrutledge.- Bc. quirol; necessity of lonkin, sharply after roughbridge, 42, Mrs. Fisier.---At Duif- collectors, nici vrily of parish taxes, but also tield, 2, Miss Ion Powell.–At Langlar, of government assessed and property taxes, Mis, Mary Anderseil.-t Armley, 77, Air. because the parish is liable to make sood Benja Oddie---- Last Hallon, MI R: all cieicults to whatever amüljat;-membez.




[April 1, zlements detected-debts to amount of will long endear her memory.-68, Mrs. 22,0001.-interest 8001. per annum-coal Deborali Johnston, of Queen-street, for. bill for workhouse, 3,14001.--bi!l for drligs merly of Monaghan.--Mr. Peter Cross, 57, 1,3851.-mmcollected arrears of assessinent. many years inaster of the Portico Rooms Paupers, average number of out-pensioners in Mosley-street.-85, Mrs. Tomlinson, relieved every day, except Sundays, 430 Mrs. Law, wife of Mr. J. L., solicitor. daily expense 66. 115. 81.-clothing At Wavertree, Mr. John Brocklebank, given to upwards of 3,000 individuals 15.--John Stonor, esq. of Bolton.--In the yearly. The worklouse contains on the Crescent, Everton, 33, Mrs. Wagner, relict average from 1,300, to 1,500 people; výhose of the deceased Ben Paul Wagner, esq.average wechly earnings do not equal id. At Hayton, Mr. Charles Hesketh, cooper, each; at one time noi equal to a 1d.--ave. 35.-Mrs. Addison, daughter of Mr. Issarage yeary cost for food anl cloiling, up- cher Thorp, of Reddish-mill.-In a fit of wards of iol. eacı, so that a woman with apoplexy, James Greene, esq. of Turton four illegitimate chidea, cosis ile public Tower, and late of Llan-san-Fraed, in the near a guinca a week; al ecos, sexos and county of Monmouth.–Suddenly, Mr. characters mix indisc: iminately.---( Liver. Daniel Adkinson, of Adswood, 81.-Ai pool 1crcury.)

Leigh, Mrs. Jane Alexander.-At Knotty Two publicans were convicted lately at Ash, Mrs. Margarri Lyon, aged 105.-At Manchester for having used seeds of para- Wallacy, 85, the Rev. George Briggs, sixty dise in brewire, the penalty for which of- years curate and rector.–At Skeke, 88, fence is 2ocl. but the magistrates mitigated Mr. Fíenry Grace.-.Mr. Josephi Scholes, il to 501, each.

of Oldham, hatter, 50. His weight was Dlarried.] Jir. Jolin Farrop, printer, to 26 score--the coffin 9 score. He walked Miss Grimshaw, both of Broughton.-- Ir. to Manchester the preceding week, which T. Molyneux, to Mary, eldest daughter of accelerated his endo--At Warrington, Mrs. John Smallwood, e34.

Oddie. Mr. Thomas Brew, of Lezayre, isleman, At Liverpool, 22, Mrs. Tattersall.~-57, to Miss Harrison, dauçhter of Jolm Harri- Mr. Jolin Lloyd, of Edmund-street.-67, son, esq. of Coolbane.

Mrs. Alice Jones.--77, Mr. John Jones, At Liverpool, Mr. High Davies, of the sugar-boiler.—79, Mrs. Hunter, Scotland Castons, to Miss Catherine Harrison, of road.-57, Mr. J. H, Wilson.—38, J. Field, Bevington Bush.

esq. of Cartmel.-22, Mr. R. Powell.-81, The Rev. George Park, vicar of Hawks. J. Miller, esq, formerly of Calcutta, --Mr. head, to Mrs. "Villock, of New-House, Ac- W. Dale, landing-waiter.-36, Mr. James crington, sister of Sir Robert Peel.

Tilsey.--18, Miss Gaskell.--Mr. W. Wat Mr. Thomas Traitord, brewer, to Miss son, of Dalc.street.--Mrs. Marg, WatkinCraven, both of Liverpool.

son, of Duke-street.--In Queen-square, Mr. David Fontston, of Prescot, to Miss Jos. Miles, esq.--38, Mr. John Noble, of Diary Clark, of Ecelerigg.

Byrom-street.--22, Mr. R. Atkinson–69, Jolin Crellin,

esq. son of tire Hon. Deem. Mrs. Robinson.--75, Mr. H. Forshaw, of ster Crellin, of Orrisdale, in the Isle of the Globe Tavern.--Mr. T. Whalley. DIan, to Miss Quayle, daughter of Robert Quayle, esq. of Castletown.

Pfarried.] Mr. D. Jackson, of Maccles Mr. Davies, minister of the gospel, to field, to Miss A. Sheldon, of Bollington. Miss Twiston, claughter of Ir. Twiston, of At Northwich, Mr. T. Johnson, of WingLiverpool.

ford, to Miss M. Barker, of Manchester. Mr. James Homer, glass merchant, to At Chester, Mr. T.Crossley, of ManchesMiss Mary Black, daughter of the late Mr. ter, 10 Miss Taylor, of Chester. J. Black, brewer, of Liverpool.

Died.) At Burleydam, 73, Mr. Peter Died.] At Lancaster, 25, Mirs. Ellen Stringer, the oldest tenant living of the late Harper.-Mrs. Threltalí, 70.---Mrs. M. worthy Sir Rcbt. Salusbury Cotton, bart. Miller, of Warto1.-AI!. Thomas Benni. of Conbermere Abbey. And a few days 8011.--Mr. Thomas Parkinson.--79, Mrs. after, 41, Mr. Peter Stringer, jun. Gardner.–73, Mrs. Brathwaite.

At Nantwich, 46, Mr. Thios. Taylor. At Manchester, Mr. Samuel Whittaker, At Eardleston, 77, Mrs. Basnett. of the stamp-office-92, Miss Broadhurst, At Chester, 68, Vice-Admiral Frankland. daughter of John Broadhurst, eq.--70, 71, Mrs. Taylor, of Lymme Hall. Mrs. Dixon, mother of Messrs. F. and R. At Whitchurch, 7, Mrs. Jones. Dixon,--26, Mrs. Elizabeth Grime, wife At Knutsford, Mr. Thos. Toft, an ee of Mr. W. B. Grime, of the house of Grimecentric character who had accumulated a and Langford ; and a few hours after, 42, considerable property.-72, Mrs. WhiteMrs. Langford, wife of Mr. Joshua Lang- legg, relict of the late Mr. W. W. of ford, of the same house : both deservedly Ashley. respected.--59, much regretted, Mrs. Jackson, of Bank Parade, Salford.-Mrs. Dicd.] 6.5, Mr. W. Ford.--27, Mrs. GloKirk, wife of Mr. Ralph Kirk, drysalter. ver.-39, Mrs. Newell.-92, T. Evans, esq. -Miss Fliteroft, whuse amiable qualities of Derby, a very eminent broker and ma




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