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"verely, prisoner; Ensign W. Ralph, slightly; 69th Foot, 2d batt.—Major Muttlebury; Ensign T. Butler, ditto; Adj. John Lang, Surgeon G. Reeeve. severely.

91st Foot, 2d batt:-Surgeon W. Young; 44th regt. 2d batt.—Major George Hard. Assistant-Surgeon H. J. O'Donnell. ing (Brevet Lieut.-Col.) severely, not dan. Capt. Cuyler, Aid-de-Camp to Majore gerously, prisoner; Capt. J. C. Gutbrie, Gen, Skerrett.

A. MACDONALD. slightly; Capts. D. Power and J. Ballard,

Lieut. Col. Depnty Adj. Gen. severely, prisoners; Capt. J. Dndie, se N.B. Those returned missing are all privercly; Lieut. G. C. Beatty, slightly, pri. soners in Bergen-op-Zoom. soner; Lieuts. John O'Reilly and 0. Tom. On the 10th Lieut.-Col. Jones and kins, severely, prisoners ; Ensigns H. Mar. Major James Hamilton Stanhope agreed tin and Gilbert Dunlevie, severely; Adju. to a suspension of bostilities for three tant Meade and Ensign Whitney, severely, days, with Lieut.-Col. Le Clerc, comprisoners.

mander of French engineers, and M. Hue 55th regt.--Capt. Campbell, severely,

got de Neufville, town-major, as also for prisoner; Capt. M‘Donald, slightly, ditto; Lieut. Friend, slightly, prisoner ; Lieuts. sertling the exchange of prisoners, and Gardner, Adams, and Sinclair, severely, pri- particularly for paying due attention ta soners : Lieut. and Adj. Delgairns, severely,

The wounded: the terms are liberal to our prisoner; Ensigns Marshall, Revely, Good. brave little army, and consoling to the all, and Ring, severely, prisoners.

friends of the sufferers. The conditious 69th regt. 2d batt.-Lieut.-Col. Morrice, were approved of by Major-Gen. Cooke severely, not dangerously; Ensign Ryan, and the French general Bizanet. The severely, prisoner.

chief article expresses that “all prisoners 91st regt. 2d batt.-Lieut.-Col. Ottley, of war, wounded and others, of his Maseverely, not dangerously, prisoner ; Capt. jesty's forces, shall be restored, by giving Arch.

Campbell, slightly, prisoner ; Lient. their parole of honour not to serve against John Campbell, severely, not dangerously: France, or her allies, in Europe, until Lieut. John M‘Donald, slightly; Lieut. and Adjutant Scott, slightly, prisoner; En- they shall have been regularly exsign D. V. Machen, slightly, prisoner; En- changed." signs J. Briggs, Horseley, and Gage, se. verely, prisoners ; Quarter-master Ferguson,

The King of Naples, the brother-ina severely, not dangerously, prisoner. law of Napoleon, baving joined the allies

General Staff—Major-Gen. Skerrett, se against France; the Viceroy, Beauhar. verely, prisoner ; Capt. Desbrow, aid-de- nois, who commands the French arcamp, slightly, prisoner.

mies, has been compelled to fall back on Missing.–1st Foot Guards - Major. Milan, though by the last accounts he Gen. Cooke; Lieut.-Col. Jones; Ensigns still maintained himself near Mantua, Masters and Honyman; Surgeon Curtis.

and claimed some advantages. Part of Royal Scots, 4th batt.-Lieut.-Col. Mul- the armies in Italy are, however, said to ler; Lieut. Macartney. 44th Foot, 2d batt.-Capt. George Cro- be crossing the Alps, to join Augereau, Lients . Fred. Hemming, R. J. Turn- in Burgundy, in which case it is pro

bable the Milanese will be evacuated. barrow, J. S. Sinclair.

330 Foot, 2d batt.-Capt. G. Colclough, Aid-de-Camp to Brig.-Gen. Gore.

The British Parliament met on the 21ste 55th Foot-Major Hogg.

after an adjournment of three months.




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MIDDLESEX, AND SURREY. With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased. THE corporation of London, with its dryness of the summer; and several of the has printed an able report of the committee engaged in answering the demands of goappointed by the court of common council, vernment, for the army abroad, cind the prito examine into the cause of the late frigh sonir's of war in this country. The cause of price of bread. They are of opinion, that the average price of wheat being so much the high price of bread, in the montlıs of lower than that of flour in the month of August and September last; arose from a August, arose from an infiux of foreign variety of causes, which operated to keep wheats upon the markets, of an inferior up the price of flour, notwithstanding the quality, a great part not fit for the purpose abundant harvest. In the months of July of making flour for bread used in the meand August, and great part of the month of tropolis, which was returned as for mealing, September, many of the mills could not and taken iuto the average, and there being work for want of water, on account of the but little Euglisli wheat sold at that time;


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Incidents in and nicar London, [April 1, the chief of the foreign wheat was pur to the same regulations as all other brokers, chased for ship biscuit, and for bread for on the Royal Exchange, or elsewhere; all the army and the prisoners of war, and a factors should be compelled to make a repart only to mix with good English wheat turn to the proper officer, or place in the for the purpose of making flour for the market, of all corn and flour sold, stating bakers. They had particular reference to for whom, to whom, and at what price; all. the Act of Parliament of the 37th Geo. III. farmers and masters of vessels, selling their for setting the assize of bread; and Jament own corn, or millers selling their own flour, thie deficiencies therein, the sellers of flour should be compelled also to make a return being almost entirely left out of the said to the same officer or place, stating to Act of Parliament; and although the corn whom sold, and at what price ; no person tactors are required by that Act, to make whatsoever should be allowed, under a & return of all wheat sold, and to wliom, heavy penalty, to sell any corn or flour for and for what purposes, yet the returns of another, by way of agency or commission, Hour are required to be made by the except a regular factor; a heavy penalty hakers. The profit of the baher being should be inflicted upon persons meeting fixed by the Act, and always the same, together for the purpose of fixing a price whether the price of flow is high or low, he upon 'flour; no miller, mealman, or factor, does not now go to market to endeavour io should be allowed, directly or indirectly, procure his lonr al as chicap a rate as he to be concerned in the carrying on the can, and of course no price can be called a business of a baker. market price, which is fixed by the sellers The late Fiand on the Stock Exchange without the article being sold in the market; has been investigated by a Sub-Committee, this market, or top price, is regulated by appointed to enquire into the late nefarious the sellers of tionr to the bakers, who meet business relating to the reported deatli of Bo. together on the Monday, and fix the same, naparte, who made their report to the Stock and the price then determined oli, is ge. Ischange at large. The evidence contained peral throughout the trade, and is published in the report stated, that the pretended in the newspapers; so that the Court of Al Colonu i du Bourgh, after leaving the postdermen and Lord Biayor, in setting the as chaise, was diiven in a hackney-coach to size of bread by the present Act, are con No. 13, Green-street, Grosvenor-square ; pletely regulated by the sellers of flour! It which house was let furnished to Lord appeared in evidence, that several millers, Cochrane, the Ilon. Cochrune Johnstone, and or dealers in flour, are also coucerned in Dir. Butt, who came in on the 13th of the profits arising from bukers' shops, which February, and occasionally met there seve« are chiefly those called underselling shops, ral times previous to the Colonel's arriving. independent of others who hold the leases Mr. Fearn, a stock-broker, stated, that lie of regular and established houses, and latterly had been in the habit of doing compel the bakers therein to take their business in the finds for Lord Cochrane, tour of the exclusively. The Corn Mar- Cochrane Johnstone, and Mr. Butt; that ket, though called an open market, yet is he always understood that what business private property, and managed by a Com. lie did for Mr. Butt was to be placed to mittee of Proprietors, wlio are all, or Lord Cochrane's account: that on the 21st chiefly, corn-factors, or dealers in that ar of February, the day the fraud was put in ticle; and that they let the stands not only practice, he sold for to factors, but to dealers and jobbers, Lord Cochrane.......£139,000 Omnium. and frequently prefer the latter ; that very Cochrane Joliustonc.. 120,000 Omnium. few farmers attend the market to sell their For ditto

100,000 Consols. own corn, and that almost the whole is Mr. Butt

124,000 Omnium. sold by factors. It appeared also, that For ditto

168,000 Consols. almost all the persons calling themselves These parties have since denied their fiour-factors, are totally dealers and jone participation! bers in flour, for, although they may be The British Navy consists at present of the brokers or agents to the persons con 1010 ships of different descriptions, of signing their flour to the London market, which 760 are in commission. Of these they are the principals in the sale of it tó 161 are of the line, 34 from 50 to 44, the bakers. Having maturely considered 155 frigates, 130 sloops, 9 fire-ships, 18$ all the evidence produced, they are deci- brigs, 41 cutters, and 57 schooners. dedly of opinion, that various alterations On the 7th of March, Lord Somerville's are nu cessary, not only us regards the setting Spring Show of Cattle, in Goswell-street, of the Assize of Bread, but as regards the commenced. This establishment; as a ge corn and fiour trade in general; und that the neral repository for the inspection and sale whole of the Açls of Parliament now in force, of usefuil agricultural implements, seems relative to bread, should be consolidated, with also to have given a new impulse to methe following additions and alterations: The chanical ingenuity, the number of instruCorn Market should be a free and open ments forming a very interesting part of market in every respect, both as to buyers this year's exhibition. At five o'clock, on and sellers; as all the corn and flour factors the 8th, more than 300 persons sat down are brokers, they should be made subject in Freemasons' Hall to a dinner, his Lorde


ship in the Chair, supported by Earl Mans

MARRIED. field, Earl Conyngham, Earl Rothes, Earl At Epsom, F: C. O'Neil O'Hanlon, of Tyrconnel, the Count de la Gardie, Earl Newry, esq. to Eliza Georgiana, fourth Hardwické, Earl Chichester, Earl Hare- daughter of S. Hawkins, esq. of Mead wood, Earl Darnley, Lord Hinton, Sir House. John Sebright, Sir Watkin W. Wynne, &c. Mr. Cottle, of Flect-street, to Miss E. &c. Twelve LARGE Silver Cups, of Cathcart, daughter-in-law of J. Dutton, different patterns, were then brought into esq. of Hare Hatch. the room in procession, and placed on the Lieut. S. Kentish, of the Royal Navy, table before his Lordship, who having to Miss Barnes, only daughter of P. B. esq. broken the seals of the judges' awards, an of Surrey-place, Kent-road. nounced the names of the successful can Mr. E. Read, of Streatham, to Eliza, didates.---For Live Stock. John Thorp, esq. youngest daughter of J. D. esq, of South of Chippenhamn Park, Somersetshire; Mr. Lambeth. Thomas Drewitt, grazier, of Ripley, in Henry, son of the late Pi Barnewall, Surrey; Mr. Martin Webber, grazier, of esq. of London, to Jane, eldest daughter Esher, Surrey ; Mr. Thomas Dalby, of of the late J. Nugent, esq. of Ciay-ill, Grub-street, London; and Mr. W. Elphick, Epsom. of Cobham, Surrey.-For Shepherd's Pre At St. Antholin's Church, Watling-streety miums. Thomas Joyce, esq. of Freshford J. H. Bourne, esq. of Parmey, to Miss Hall, Somersetshire; and R. Astley, esq. Budden, of Canterbury. of Odstone Hall, Leicestershire.--For Wool. Mr. G. Vernon, seventh son of the Mr. Frederick Smith, Mr. Heath, and Mr. Archbishop of York, to Niss Eyre, eldest Whittington.-His Lordship then read the daughter of Colonel E. award of the judges, of a cup to himself, The Rev. J.J. Conybeare, Professor of for his pair of six-year-old Devon oxen. Poetry in the University of Oxford, to The judges next adjudged two cups to Mr. Mary, only daughter of the Rev. C. John Ellman, jun. for two pens of South- Davies. down ewe hogs. The next award was a Mr. T. Smart, surgeon, of Wandsworth, cup to his Lordship, for his pen of Merino- Surrey, to Louisa, youngest daughter of Ryeland ewe hogs.A cup was next ad- S. Fearn, esg. of Spital-square. judged to Christopher T. Towers, esq. for Edmond Hambroughi, esq. of Abbs Court, his pen of 2-year old Merino-down slicap.- to Miss Joyusou, of Hayes. A cup to Mr. William Giblett, of Mickle D. Ker, esq. of Poriavo and Montalto, ford Hall, for his breeding sow and her to Lady Selina Stewart, daughter to the pigs.-A cup to Mr. Richard Hudson, jun. Eari of Londonderry. for his 5-year old Hereford 0%.-The award At Streatham, the Rev. J. Bannister, of of the shepherds' premiums, for encourage Brampton, to Miss Shuttleworth, of Upper ing attention to the rearing of lambs, was Tooting. to Stephen Payne, shepherd to the Earl of Mr. Newman, of Little Caen-Hoc-Coto Bridgewater, six pounds, for raising from tage, Bedfordshire, to Miss Knowlys, of 448 South-down ewes, 545 lambs; to London. Charles Payne, shepherd to Mr. John Ell At St. Saviour's Church, Southwark, man, sen. four pounds, for raising from Mr. T. Saunders, of Upper Thames-strest, 552 Sonth-down ewes, 662 lambs; to Ben- solicitor, to Susapua, only child of J. jamin Greenshill, shepherd to Lord Somer- Goulding, esq. of Bankside. ville, five pounds, for raising from 150 Me. J. H. Tapley, esq. of Newington Mote, rino crossed ewes, 155 healthy lambs.- Kent, to Miss M. Coveney, second daughter The award respecting wool was next read, of W. C. esq. of Sunny Hill

. and one cup , was given to Mr, William Mr. Woodbridge, of Twickenham, to Walton, and another for Mr. Richard Lees, Miss H. Brightly, of Laxfield. of Gallashields.

At Guildford, Mr. J. Vanner, to Mary, The Merino Society's Sheep Show was eldest daughter of Mr. J. Earl. opened in Goswell-street, for exhibiting the At Albury, Mr. J. Cooke, of Guildford, pens of Spanish, or Spanish-crossed sheep, to Miss Ryde, only surviving daughter of on the 11th of March. One of the sheep, Mr. W. R. from a pen of five wethers, exliibited by At Epping, Mr. Thos. Samuel Mott, J. Cawston, esq. 35 months old, which attorney-at-law, to Miss Pollett. weighed, alive, 19 stone, was shown in J. Inglis, esq. of Mark-lane, to Miss the yard, and its produce of wool, weighed Brandreth, of Houghton Regis. before the company, was 8ļlb. after which Captain J. Prevost, R. N. to the only the same sheep was slaughtered, dressed, daughter of the late L. Teissier, esq. of and weighed as follows: Carcase and head, Woodcote Park, Surrey. 12st. 21b.Loose fat, 1st. 7{lb.--About E. Wigan, esq. late of the East India, twelve packs of wools arrived from New Company's Service, son of the late R. W. South Wales, and have been sold at prices esq. of Abbots Bromley, to Eliza, only averaging 5s. per lb.

daughter of the late Rev. S. Webb. MONTHLY MAG. No. 253,


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Miarriages and Deaths in and near London. (April 1, At St. Georges, Bloomsbury, the Right After liaving passed his grand climacterie Hon. the Earl of Porisinonth, to Miss Han- with less visitation from indisposition of 301), ellest daughter of Jolin H. esq. of mind or body than happens to mankind in Bloomuskury-square, and Farleigh-houst, general, at liis liouse in Owen's-row, Islinge and cousin to the Bishop of Rochester. ton, Juhn Beurumore, esy, formerly of the

Mr. J. Kay, of Akerssato-sireet, to great porter, brewing firm of Calvert and Mrs. Poulton, danghter of the late W. Co. in Red Cruss-street, London. He was Melisli, esej. Barrister, of ';: 24's Iun. born in dcpen-lent circunstances, and of

Lieut.-Col. Blakeney, of the Royal Por binnble parentage, in the country. The sileer, en Maria, dangter of the late Co theatre of life was his school and uniionel Gardiner.

versiiy; and, in it, he passed through all John Dearman Church, -sq. to Bromley his degrees with increasing honours. For Caroline', exly siliviving daighter of the muy yours after his residence in London late Joha Henry Motzenet, 6304.

he acted as a clerk in the brewery in which Mr. Daniel Dertl], of Deraing, to fic finally became a partner. When it was Charlotte, caly chaighter of Jas. Scatcherd, deement proper to transfer the concern @y, of Ayemaria-lana'.

from Rol Cross-siicet, and to consoliMr. A. W. Johnson, to Mis J. S. Ilar- date it with that in Campion-lane, Upper dless, dunyliter of the late Clarie's Maithew Titames-street, Mr. B. withdrew himself

entirely from business, and retired to Joseph Freerian, esq. of Spring-gardens, Islington. Mr. B. possessed a memory to Mary Bell, eidest dirighter of William richly stored with pleasant anecdotes, Hammond, 's. of Southgate.

sprightly remarks, and useful information DIED,

on a vast variety of topics, derived not At Fulham, Mr. Ilcnry Brand, eldest son froin books, but from living studies. From of the Hon. Lient. Col. B.

the hour in which he quitted business, he A: Chelsea, Mrs. Parsons, widow of the grew in:ensibly more and more the victim laie Rev. Join P. iector of Pulliam, of listlessness and ennui. With high aniDorset.

Jual spirits--with a wind still active, and a At Walworth, 79. Ms. Taylor.

body still robusi---with confirmed health, Ai Richmond, 67, Siren Benuni, 189. independent property, an amiable wife, Torn:cly a Lerchant in the island of imerous friends, a plentiful table, and a Jama:ca.

social neighbourhood, Mr. B. was no At kookvicli, Cim. 1Velian Hell, of the lower at hvine, as it were, in his ownpoya! rialny, a sis at inspector of the diouse. The nain-spring of action was Royal Blilitary Acadamy.

now stopped. In all his pleasures, in all Subpa oltiir, 1. Eduaris, late of liis engagerients, for the day, for the week, hew Cotia , Twickenham, wiother to or for the inonth, be was conscious of a Mrs. Litchnel, formerly of the Theatre PactUi?. Want of customary application Royal avent-Garden.

brougit on relaxation of activity; want of la liviwyeireer, ws. Schuurr, vidow. excrcise, langror of body, and depressiou

en Colene-sireei, il'eximi. Siel', ili's. of spirits; a train of evils ensued, comHA???, vniow of the lace vin. ij. esq. os prising loss of appetite, vervous affections, Parlament place,

Bebiliy,mental and corporeal---decay,pain, The vil of J. Wil 02, esq. proprietor uod death. of the Lorrorfan Mm6, niice of the Aged 55, Anne Susanna, wife of Mr. late Gen. (acistes, and first con in to the Tliseltou, of Goodye-street, bookseller, Hur. Wm. farseli Gibles, colonel of the leaving one daughter and five sons to de Charlestona artillery, and Chalivolio: vf plore her loss, South Carolina.

At Cole Harbour, the Right Hon. Lady In Flowland-street, much lemontod, Hin L. Taylor, wife of T. T. esq. comptrollerGreenwel, ja. of the Lost Icdia Compia general of the Customs. Lady L T. was ny's service, in whichi, during a period of the youngest dangliter of Earl Stanlope, forty years, he was no less listinguished fur by Lady H. Pitt, and niece of the Lari attention to the interests of the establisi- of Chatham and the late Mr. Pitt. She anent, than for stavily of viagntrs, and un las left seven children to lament the irresullied probity of cl'amicier,

parable loss of a tender and affectionate At Hammersmill!, 67, Mrs. Catherine Botnler. Loikeringtm, relict of the late Mr. J. L. At Walworth, 80, Mrs. E. Taytors

At Ripley, 83, Mirs, Syah Lonsdule, At Carshalion, 83, Mrs. Margaret Haigla wany years of West Smithficlu.

widow of the late A. H. of Winchester In Southanıpton-row, Mr. John Wiles, street. by whom the contract for building the At Brompton, Frances, relict of the late magnificent new Custom House was lately E. Coud, esq. of Woodham Mortimer Hall, undertaken.

Essex. ilrs. llogard, wife of L. II. esą, of At a very advanced age, at Miuterne fram steaj-roado

Magna, in the couuty of Dorset, Richard


Digby, esq. Admiral of the Red, and uncle she did not know any such person 2$ 47, to the Right Hon. the Earl of Dighy. Wright. She attrwards véile in JamesUnder this admiral the Duke of Clarence etreat, Pimilir), aw aw Mr. W. in his entered the navy.

Colin, wlis she recoleciolini 23 laving In Park-place, Lady Hry rkhani, bicea a gocat o manca to her, raly the lady of the Hon. Osborn M. l. mais lirar, it is in julle, where ladyship was daughter to the late, and babies. Tever, indir, sister to the present Marqois of Rail. bu vas cirkily waing iz?, ti"! :

At Woolwich, 77, Lirutizama-Ciril jat she was orixi .Besity vipen!. Huddlestone, Colonel-commandant ethie berekening Eur;":03h: 5th battalion of the royal regiment of are box. 700 :: 1"$name:60 stopos. In tillery. He had been litiy-seven years an 30,000), popariti??); Ésé'sini kay Cams ir! officer of artillery, during which time lie the finds and in renney 1.0 V.

Cicers had been employed in many artive and such a W7!1 is to be disain bater:arduvus services in Anerica, the West at-law, Sir Willian Guise, M.P. for Chirin Indies, Holland, France, &c. &c. Amongst cestorslire. other honourable duries in which he hai In Devonshi!'C-place, Miss Susan tirbett been engaged, was that of supporiing the ore of vie dunders of the laie 'Tholas C. brave General Wolfe, at Louisburg). He of Darnl:a!!, esc;. was an upright, a virtuous, and a religious In Queen Anne-street, 83, the right Hon, man; a most zealous and an excelleat Trucks i somess viele?!!?, of Cowdray officer. His death will be long and deeply Park, Sassex; nici of Antiony josepli, lamented by his family and an extensive eighth Viscolini Picntague, and sister to circle of friends. The general was the late Sir Herbert tackworth, bart. descended from the ancierit family of In Grastoplare, ilzekney, 73, Mi. Hoddlestone, of Salston-hall, in Cambridge. 11. Nouton, of Cornill

, banker. slire.

At liampton, 77, the Rig?it Hon. BeanMr. Wesion, a respectable farmer of mont, Lori Fiotain, axi a baronet, late Uxbridge: in coining to town on the out one of the Bare:s of ihe Court of Exche. side of the coach latoly, he walked up quer. He is suicereded in titles and estates Notting-hill with the rest of the passengers, by his grauda, Beaumont, a lieutenant in and seemed in perfect healtlı; but, on the the Costreom regiment of Guardis. arrival of the coach at the oitice at the At jaize-wil!, Greenwich, itiujor-Gen. corner of Park-street, Oxford-roari, lie ST John Devotio, whose death was oca was taken down stiff and dead, to the casioned ly a complaint iron which he had astonishment of his fellow-passengers, who never been frez, coatracteil while serving had not the least suspicion of his inanimate with thie Tukisi ardy in ihre Desarts of state.

El Ari: h. Licul.-Gen. Sir C. Ross, bart. Colonel of At Sutton, 62, }}. Revit!(?', esej. the 37th regiment,

B. House, csy. seerá tary to the Hand.ine At Walton-on-Thames, 90, Mrs. Beties- Hand Fire office, tu dich society fifty-tour wrth, relict of C. B. esq. late ot' Purtsea- years of his lite liad been devoted. house,

Ar. Biller', a grazici, from Oxfordshire : At Battersea, 65, J. Bell, esq.

le called a coach at a stand in diolivorn, In au obscure lodging, at Pimlico, and desire to be driven to Oxfordl-street; Wright, esq. son of Sir Maitin W. of the coachman stopped about the middle of the Exchequer, and long well-known for the street, to know where to set down, wealth, his deafness, and his eccentricities. when he tonnd liim dead fro:n apoplexy. During his last illness he sent for the rector In Finsbury-suare, 79, J. Virusel, cse. of St. Martin's parish to pray to him, and forty-five years in the Office of works, a few days afterwards Mr. Wright's soli- Guildhall, and inventor of an ingenious citor called on the rector, to whom he was apparatus for tiltering water. previously an utter stranger, to inform him 11'. Hlauls, esq. 68, late of Tooley-street, that Mr. w. was clead, and had made a Southwark, surgeon. codicil to his will, wherein le liar left him Ia Scarie-street, S4, II. P. Gregs, esy. 10001.; to MIr, Abbott, the Speaker of the burrister-at-law and commissioner of banka House of Commons, 70001.; to the Lord rupts. Chancellor, 40001.; to Lord Sidmonth, At the Mi:itary College, Sanélhurst, 40001.; and all his personal property Giorg? de la Puer", Larl vi Annesloy, only and estates, to Lady Frances Bruce remaining son of the late Earl. Brudenall, daughter of the Earl of Ayies: At Croydon, 29, Jr. E. Markby, of the Þury, and Lady of Sir H. Wilson, of Chels Barrack-oflice. sea Park. Upon the rector's going to Lord At the Cockpit, St. Giles's, whilst pre. Aylesbury's to inform her ladyship, he found parations were making for the brutal ex. that she was married to Sir H. Wilson, and hibition, a Air, Thorpe, from the conn try: Lady Frances, wheu iuformed of it, s:sid lie had taleu his seat in front of the pit

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