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ber of horses. An observation of this sund or gravel, the draft was always nearly fact on the roads, led Count Romford to the same, whatever was the pace of the put 'broad wheels, of four inch felly, to horses. This difference, without doubt, bis chariot; and several inonths experi- depends on the smart shocks that the ence in driving a hout Paris, has afforded carriage receives when it is drawn rapidly a similar result as to drait, while the over a pavement; but it follows that the motion of the carriage was beyond com softer a carriage goes, the weight and parison more easy and uniform. A very load remaining the same, the less force remarkable circumstance resulted from is necessary to draw it; and, consequenthis varied experiments; lie found a great ly, when travelling on a great paveit difference in the law of the augmentation roud, if we wish to go very first, we must of the draft with any augmentation what- quit the paved for the unpaved side, even ever of the velocity; which difference of when this unpared side is far from being draft depends not on the velucily but on good; but when we travel with a curriuge the nature of the road. When the car. very much loaded, and wish to suve the riage went on a rough parement at an horses, we must go at an easy walking easy walking pace, the draft with the pace upon the pavement. We have been new wheels was but 40 pounds, but at favoured with some other experiments an easy trot it became equal to 80 poundls, hy Mr. Randolph, another American and at a quick trot to 120 pounds. gentlemail, now in London, to which we But upon an unpaved roail, as well as in will give place in our next.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announcert between the

15th of February and the 19th of March, extracted from the London Gazeites. N. B.-In-Bankruptcics in and neur London, the Attornir3 ure to be understood to reside in

London, and in Country Bunkruptcies at the Residence of the Bunkrupt, except others wise expressed.

BANKRUPTCIES. [This Month 89.]

Jones D. Mathrefal, Montgomeryshire, tanner. (Whiteley (The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.] Jones: Wolverhampton, horier. (Biddle

(DaAVERY W. and J. Binding, Bristol, masons.

Judd w. fer.. and jun Sanbury, Oxforush. and R. Judd,

Birmingham, carriers. (Sury niels and SOD

Johnson G. Spring treet. Shadwell, grocer. (Eyles Allen s. Fith Ponds, Stapleton, Gloucefter, parchment

Kenyon G. Portiea, Hants, haberdasher. (Butler manufacturer. (tirg

London Arthy E. Liverpool, druggit. (Ridd

Kidd J. Holbeck, Leeds, four merchant.

(Granger Adams T. Wednesbury, Stafford; victualler. (Hughes,

Keilmcir C. Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, tailore London

(Winter Ansdel! [ Liverpool, timber merchant. ( Windle,

Kemp T. Kingston upon Hull, victuall-r. (jand with London

Levy M. East Smithfield, draper. (Hitacs Layley G, Lea, Hereford, drover. (Davies

Langford G, E. Great Rufellstreet, Bluuinsbury, apothea Bout nger A. L. Vine Atreet, Piceadilly, merchant. (Parn. cary

Eikins ther and Turner

Levy). Miil Yard, Guodman's Fields, dealer in hardware. Bridgeman T. Birmingham, radler. Whateley

(Iluacs Brown G. Holywell fireet, Shoreditch, linen draper. (Strat. Martieman J. Lowestoft, Suffolk, haberdasher. (Steward ton and Allport

and Paliner, Great Yarmouth Baker J. Bristol, vict:aller. (Sheppard, Bath

Mitchel P. Bath. perfumer. (Turner Cooke N. Prince's fyuare, Kennington, merchant. (BOUS M'Lellan J. Titchborne street, Piccadilly, haberdasher. field

(Phipps Cooper G. Crow Marsh-farm, Holbeach, Lincoln. grazier, Meredith'w. Brillos, furniture broker. 1 Cornish (Bond Leicefter

Morre W. Holles ftreet, jeweiler. (Mayhew and Price Cozens J. Rani fgate, lipen draper. (Butler, London

Morris W. Madeley Wood, Salop, brickmaker. (Pritchard, Clewley T: Beamhurf, stafford, dealer in hortés. (Anfice Brossley and Wright, London

Meatyard J. Lewistone, Leiceferih re, corn factor. Dempsey J. Coleman street, taylor. (Hindman, Alder.

Latham manbury

Nightingale M. Manchester, linen draper, (Morris Fryer

T. Chepfow, Monmouth, farmer. (Jefrop, Owen J. Southampton, Hants, shopkeeper. Ireland, London

London Flower A. Ollerton, Nottingham, innkeeper. (Exley Oliver M, Durham, carpet manufacturer. (Jackson and co. London

Temple Gardner H. Liverpool, merchant. (Leigh

Price R. Regency Place, Blackfriars Road, surgeon end Gale w, sen. and jun, Bradford, Wilts, clothiers. apothecary. (Peason (Bridges

Pratt Ε. Wolverhampton, Stafford hinge maker. Gigney S, Kent Road, Surrey, baker. ( Wilson, London

Corter Gelthorpe J. Regent treet, Lambeth, carpenter. (Shef Parkin w. Sandhutton, Yorksh. cattle jobber. (Munty, field

York Griffiths T Chefter, woollen draper. (Dicas

Page W. Kentith Town, builder. (Wright, London Gray S. Alpha Road, New Road, Mary-la-Bonne, vi&ualler. Pearson 5. Croydon, baker. (James, Lindoi (Partou

Pim E. Exeter, paper maker. Tink, Plymouth Dock Harrifon J. Prescot, Lancadcr, grocer. (Stephard and Price M. Princess ireet, Lambeth, whiting Inanufacturer. Cu. London

(Muriay Howes J. Ruchford, Effex, glazier. (Venderzee

Pagett F. Tottenham Court Road, victualler. 1Aldridge Hira T. Marsh, Yorkihire, merchant. (Settle, Ha. and Smith 1 fax

Pointon J. Bedwardine, Worcefer, paviour, (Price and Hambidge J. Stow-on-the-Wold, Glouceter, currier. Williams, Lundin (Griffiths, Broadway

Richardson D. Warwick Place, Holborn, dealer. (Watson Hayward. Ji and R Beckington, Somerset, clothiers. and Plumptre (Williams and Buh, wilts

Rhodes s. Clifford, York, corn merchant. (Wood, Hockey J. LlahgumMonmouthshire, farmer. '(Ambury Leeds and Jones, Bristol

Ruel ). c. H. Bridgefield, Wandsworth, crucible manufacHudges G. Ringwood, Southamptoa, ftationer. (Blake,

(Maymat London

Richardson D. Eliex itreet, Strand, merchant, (Watson Harrison w. Liverpool, honie Builder, (whilej

and Pmre Joteytt 3. Briaal; pea manuladureis (Daniels and sen : Ridoutt J. Soyde, Hants grocer, (Berkeley, London



[April 1,


Public Affairs in March. Sexeiby M. Mayfield, Stafford feedsman. (Davenport

Titterton W. Much Wenlock, Salop, miller, (Collins Sxinner M. Grea'' Grimsby, Lincolnshire, victual er. and Hinton (Frafor

Tuck E. G. W. Edmonton, dealer. (Pinkett, London Suchern H. Brixton Hill, Lambeth, vil uailer, (Chik, Taylor J. Gloucester Terrace, Whitechapel, foap manuface Southwark

trer. (Abbott Siennett J. Long Alley, Moo:field, carcare buecher. Walcon (i. Halifax, Yorkshire, groter, (Alexander (ennet

Wencombe W. Exeter, ihopkeeper. (Murtiner Sarte:th:vaite T. Birkenhead, Chefer, cealer. (Lca, Wateis B. Birchin Lane, bill broker (ywaine and co. Livci pool

Winterherry T. Fuikingnam, Lincoln, vict.aller, (Chealce Staples H. Totienhin Coart Roar, oil and cclourman, ard Forbes (rrell

Wilis U. Gloncefer, bacon dealer. (Martin, Brifol Stowar: C. West Harding Areet, Feiler Lage, finith. Westlake R. Kirgsteignton, Devon, limc-burner. (Turner, L'anton

F.xeter Simpton). Shepserds Bush, Middler:x, farzrer.

(Santcts, wjion S. Love Lane, Shadwell, victualler. (Noy, London

i.ondon Sinith R. Rampitham, Dorset, miller, Beard, Crew Waske:t J. W. Great Hockham, Nosfolk, miller. (Windur kerne

and Kollaway Teh T. park or Somerset, farmer. (Sheppard, Whitehead ). Bury, Lancaster, woolen manufacturers Bath

(Hely, Mancheuer.


Aling E. and J. Cooper, S; a Road,

Awitin R. J. Great Sifron Hili
Adams E. Whirccinbe ftreet, Charing

Auftiu w. Ellis ftreet, Chefca
Armitrung W. Mapping
Armstrong w, T. Leadendall Greet
Ayies w. jun. Fleet treet
Bayly c. Henrietta ítreet, Covent

BI 1, Hertford
Butle: 0. Colchester
Bodentiam j. heam, Surrey
Burch G. Swan Taver.Cattersea

Birch and C. L. Great Queen Areet
Laker T. RO hester, Kent
Blank: nhagen T.C. Bithopsgate ftreet
Coxe !). fcn. anu jun. Mark Lane
Champion). Great St. Helen's, 3iihops.

kate street Within
Croft j. Pell ftreet, Ratciffe Hi hway
Chapiaa 1. El Retford, Nulting.

Cumıning P. Union Court, Broad

Claphat R. W. Liverpool
Caitun J. M. Christopher street
Cuckburn s. High street, St. Mary Ja.

Charlton C. Eaft Farley, Kent
Chandler D, Stowupland, Suttolk
Cande! W. Hackney Read
Cole 7. Woodbridge
Cook J. Newcalle
Colthard W. whitehaver
Duwling H, Caitle itreet, St. Martin in

the Fields
Dolling T. A. Stonehouse, Devon
Hobfon H. City Road
Deal J. T. Shaftesb.xy, Dossetshire
Deranges J. 1. Spitaltields
Davies J. Hereford
Dug 31 w, Liverpocl
Drewett T. Tonley Areet
Eardley T. Exeter
English w. Lewes, Suflex
Ellwa! G. G. Nantwich, Cheer
Enrís J. Eat Ressord
Faibridg: R. Paragon Place
Filey M, Warpung High Areet
Fawcett W. Crimicutt it ree:
Gerard J. G. Bafiughal Areet

Graham B. Wimborne Minder
Gwinnett T. Cheltenham
Griffiths S. Old Boswell Court
Goosh P. Portland Road
Goodail D. and T. Wilkinson, Pater-

noiter ROW
Grainger T. Long Ayre
Gaitskill J. M. Wappitig
Gine j. 1 row'oridge
Gould w. Bath
H.don J. B. Hackney Grove
Harkinson 5. Hai:dforth Cleatle
hodgson W.E.. and J. Gabi), Crown

Othce Court, Inier Temple
Hankins W. Brewer ftreet, Golden

Hearnden W. Weit Malling, Kent
Hall:per J. High Creet, Suuthwark
Heflop A.ard J. Sivler, Bow Lane
Here J. 1, jun. Walbrook
Honey W. Crown Court, Aldersgate

Hollinyoale W. Riverhead, Kent
I mes H. Cannon street
Jackson W. Deaumaris, Angleres
joncs C. Worthen, Salon
Juel J. Newport, Monmouth
Knowlton ciw, Fleet Itreet
Keit A. and G. Paine, Ryde, Isle of

Kennett 2, and O. Panthon, Chenpside
Le Melurier $. I.oyd's Coffee House
Lancaster J. Tooting
Lun oird R. Bainbridge Areet, Sr.

Logan C.ard co. Liverpool
Lwen B. Bishopfsate ftreet
Linnel! ). Streatham ftreet, Bloomse
Lucraft J. Plymouth
Morgan W. Portsmouth
Marks W. Wilcon-upon-Wye, Here.

ford fire
Merry P. New Bond ftreet
Mlaying S, Mancnefter
Nunrein J. and J. Seguira, Grace-

church street
Nartell J. L. Lower Thames Atreet
Mecares J. Fer.church Buildings
Navor J, fen. Leadevhall street
M'Calluni J. Chriftopher street
Newman W. Canterbury Square,


Nowian J. Kent Areet. Whitechapet
Nelson J. and F. A. Sturges, Buw

Kolbrow S. Bishopogate street
Norman J. Strood
Orion J. Bear Binder I ane
Paull S. Latcham, Middletex
Parry T. Salford, Lancashire
Perry E. Whitehaven, Cumberland
Philipps T. and G. Old City Cham.

Philipps C. A. and T. Milford
Rufill J. Cubbington Heath. War

Rickert J. Oundle, Northampton
Redhead R Houdhaich, Ryegate
Stead J. Foter Lane.
Sen's S. B. Cannon street
Sutton J. Southampton
Samions. To'tenham Court Road
sommerfail J. Liverpool
Spilsbury w. Fetrer Lane
Sinclair D. Strand
Smith 1), 8. Kidderminster
Swan J. 5. Friday ftreet
Senior J. Ofrest treet, Dewsbury

Steven D, Coek Hill, Ratcliffe
Schroder ). 1. jun. Crutched Friars
Strack W. Pancras Lane
Silcox S. Beckington
Smith J. Upperthons
Townroe R. Nottingham
Threiher R. Cheapfide
Thompson J. Keekle Grovc, White

Taylor T. Great Totham
Trovey C. Maida Hill
Trofs E. Bath square, Portsmout
Wranghai w. Seething Lane
Wilfov H, Oxford Arcet
Waters E. T. Old South Sea House
Watfn R, Sunderland
Wixbtman W. Derby
Welsh R. and G. Liverpool
Warren J. Corgerhall, Efex
Waring Á. Bridlington, York
White G. sen. Bingbam, Nottinghang
Wood H. Tottingtun Lower End,

Wallett G. jun. Great Malvern
Ward T. Great Portland street
Young w. Great Coxwell, Berksa

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Consisting chiefly of official Papers and authentic Documents. W

E are no less grieved at being un. sacrificed to the fiend of War, and the

able to announce the expected re arts of destruction and desolation have storation of Peace in our present Number, been increased and aggravated beyond than at having to till our pages with BIODY all example! To negociate in the spirit DETAILS, disgraceful to human reason, of concord, and to carry on war in the and contrary to the dictates both of poliey spirit of extermination, indicates a reand religion. During the past month fivement in the code of public morals, the negociations have not been inter at wbich cool lookers-on and old-fashion rupied at Chatillon-sur-Seine, where ed reasoners feel justly astonished ! Lord Castlereagh, the Duc de Vicenza, We confess our utter inability to make and the Russian, Austrian, and Prussiani for half the official documents Plenipotentiaries have continued their which issue from the head-quarters and discussions; though, in the same period, governments of the belligerents. Our thousands of Victims have been daily selection is always made with an anxioue




desire to introduce the papers of the NAPOLEON, on his return to Soissons, highest inportance; but as these do not marched to the relief of Rheims, which connect the events, it may be useful, at he recaptured on the 11th, taking, ac· such a season, briefly to recapitulate the cording to bis bulletin, 5000 prisoners leading circumstances of the campaign. and twenty-two pieces of candon, and

In our last we described the successive dispersing Sr. Priest's corps. The last advantages gained by NAPOLEON over French papers announce the subsequent the, separate corps and inain army of occupation of Chalons, after some adBlocuer, and the retreat of this General vantages; and on Napoleon moving toupon Chalons. This took place on the 'wards the Aube, the allies recrossed that North-east road to Paris; while Prince river, and retreated again towards Burn SWARTZENBERG,

with the main 'allied sur-dube and Chaumont. arıny, advanced on the South-east from On the south-west frontier of France, Troyes, by Nogent and Sens. NAPOLEON, MARSIAL WELLINGTON, having forcer however, turned to the south, and, en the weakened positions of MARSHAL countering the advance and flanks of Soult on the Adour, has occupied Per the allied army, overthrew them with and Bourdeaux. The inhabitanes of the great loss on the 16th and 19th of Fe, latter city, or at least many of them,

bruary, at Nangis, and at the bridge of under the auspices of the English army, · Montereau.

have, it is said, declared for the BourThe allied army, whose advanced posts bons; but this ought to excite little surhad occupied Fontainbleau, now felt prise, because many of the wealthy back to Troyes, to which city they were inhabitants of that cominercial city are followed on the 23d of February, by natives of the British Empire. The NAPOLEON. A general batile was ex effective progress of the brave Wecpected; but they evacuated Troyes, and LINGTox must, of course, depend on the retreated beyond Bar-sur-Aube, even to issue of a general battle with the uni. Chaumont.

ted armies of Soult or SUCHET'; and BLUCHER, in the mean time, endea on the fate of the armies of SWARTZEN. voured to join SWARTZENBERG at Troyes; BERG and BLUCHER. but, not arriving in time, he was again The following are the French Bulletins attacked by NAPOLEON on the 28th of which describe the recent affuirs near February, driven across the Aube, and Laon and Rheims. followed to Sezanne, Meaux, and Soissons, Paris, March 14. across the Aisne to Laon, a strong po. Queen and Regent has receives the sition, in which he was joined by 40,000 following news of the situation of the men under WINZENGERODE and Bulow arnies to the 12th of March; from Flanders.

os The day after the battle of Craone In Laon he was attacked on the 9th (the 8th) the enemy was pursued by the by the whole army of NAPOLEON, who Prince of Moskwa to the village of Etou. continued the attack through the 10th. ville. General Woronzow, with 7 or 8000 On the 9th some advantages were gained meu, guarded this position, which was very over one corps of the assailants, and difficult to be got at, because the roai some cannou were taken. In the night which leads to it runs for a league be. of the 10th the French withdrew to

tween two impracticable marshes. Baron Soissons; and a reference to Col. Lowe's Guurgault, an officer of distinguished dispatch, in which he describes the ada merit, set off at eleven at night from Cha

vignon, with two battalions of the old vance of two French battalions to the guard, turned the position, and proceeded walls of Laon, on the evening of the by Challevois upon Chivi. He reached tile second day, will afford indubitable proof enemy, whom he attacked with the that the French withdrew voluntarily, bayonet at one in the morning. The and not as a consequence of any open at Russians were awakened with the cries of tack from Blucher's army, as was mis- Vive l'Empereur, and pursued to Laon, takenly conceived in the first instance. The Prince of the Moskwa debouched by

While these affairs were passing before the defilc. Laon, St. PRIEST, another Russian Gem

“On the 6th, at day break, we recon neral, captured Rheims; and SWART

noitred the enemy, who liad join d the ZENBERG, to whom the road to Paris Prussian corps. The position was such

as to be deemed unattackable. We took apparently lay open, took a lateral route towards Chalons, crossing the had slept on the 8th at Corbone, appeared

a position. The Duke of Ragusa, who Aube at Arcis, Pont, and Nogent, and at two in the afternoon at Veslud, overbearing walla duis left upon Parisa threw the enemy's advanced guard, at


The Express

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Public Affairs in March.

[April 1, tacked the village of Althies, which lie the Meuse, the enemy advanced by Bar carried, and was successful cluring the whole and St. Dizier. The garrison of Verdun day. At half-past six he took up a posi- is come quite to St. Mihiel. Near Bar, tion. At seven the enemy made a dash a Russian general, who remained some of cavalry, one league in the rear, where moments with fifteen men, after the de. the Duke of Reggio had a park of 1e parture of his troups, was killed, with his

The Duke of Ragusa proceeded escort, by the peasants, in revenge for the thither quickly; but the enemy liad time atrocities he liad ordered. Metz pushes to carry off fifteen pieces of cammon. A its sorties to Nancy : Strasburg, and the Frcat part of the troops were saved. On other places of Alsace, being observed but tlie same day General Charpentier, with by small parties, there is free ingress and his division of the young guard, carried egress, and provisions arrive in abundance. the village of Clacy. On the next day The troops of the garrison of Mentz go the enemy attacked this viilage seven as far as Spires. The departments having tines, and were seven times repulsed. hastened to complete the corps of battaGeneral Charpentier lost 101) prisoners, lions which are in all these places, where The enemy left the aventies covered with they are armed, equipped, ami exercised, his dead. The emperor's head-quarters were we may say that there are several armies on the oth and 10th at Chavignon. His in the rear of the eneny. His position Mlajesty, judging that it was impossible to cannot but become more dangerous daily. attack the icights of Laon, tised his hrad- We see by the reports that liave been inquarters on the 11th at Soissons. The tercepted, that the regiments of Cossacks, Duke of Ragura occupied, on the same whose force was 250 men, have lost updaj, Bery an Bac. General Corbineau wards of 120 men, without having been in praises the good dispositions of the inhabi- action, but only by the hostilities of the tants of Kheims.

peasants. "Un the 7th, at eleven in the mornin?, "The Duke of Castiglione manenvres General St. Priest, commanding a Russian on the Rhone, in the department of the division, appeared before Rheims and disnr, and in Franche Comté. Generals gummoned it to surrexler. General Cor Desaix and Marchand have driven the hinean replied with cannon. General enemy from Savoy. Fifteen thousand men Defrance then arrived with bis division of are passing the Alps, to reinforce the Gnards of Honour ; he made a fine charge, Duke of Castiglione. The Viceroy has and drove off the eneiny.

General St. obtained great success at Borghetto, and Priest set tire to two great manufactories has driven the enemy upon the Adige. and to tifty houses, which were on the General Grenier, who set out from Plaoutside of the town; a conduct worthy of centia on the ed of March, beat the enemy a deserter. In all times desenters have at Parma, and chased him beyond the been the most cruel enemies of their Taro. The French troops that occupied country. Soissons has suffered inneb. Rome, Civita Vecchia, and Tuscany, arq The inhabitats have conducted tliemselves entering l'iedinont, to pass the Alps. The in the post honourable manner. There exasperation of the population increases are no praises too great for the regiment daily, in proportion to the atrocities of the Vistula, which formed the garrison; which are committed by those hordes, there are no praises which the regiment more: barlaruls still than their climate; of the Vistula deenis too great for the who dishonour the human race, and whose inhabitants. His Majesty has granted this military existence has for its object brave. corps thirty decorations of the pillage and crime, instead of honour and Legion of Honour.

renown. “ The plan of the enemy's campaign “ The conferences of Lusigny for an appears to have been a kind of general armistice have failed. We could not agree dash upen Paris. Neglecting all the strong upon the line of ciemarcation. ..We were places of Flanılers, and only observing agreed upon the points of occupation to Bergen-op-Zoom and Antwerp with troops the north and Cust, but the enemy wished interior by lialt' in inimber to the garrisons not only to extend his line upon the Saone of those towns, the enemy penetrated upon and the Rhone, but to enclose Savoy in it. Avesnes. Neglecting the places of the We replied to this unjust pretension, by Al'elennes, Mezierre, Rocroi, Philippe- piroposing to adopt on this line the status ville, Givet, Charlemont, Montmedy, Mais- quo, and to leave the Duke of Castiglione trecht, Venloo, and Juliers, they passed and Count Bubna to settle it upon the : by impracticable roads to arrive upon line of their advanced posts. This was Avesnes and Rothel. These places com- rejected. It was then necessary to: re: anunicate, are not observed, and the gar. nounce the idea of an armistice for a risons alarm the rear of the enemy con- fortnight, which was likely to be attended siderably. :- Whilşť General St. Priest with more inconvenience than advantages. burned Rheims, his brother was arrested The Emperor, besides, did not think he by the inhabitants, and sent off prisoner to had a right to place a numerous population Charlequut. Neglecting all the places of under the iron yoke from which they had


been delivered. He would not consent to of St. Brice were repaired, in order to abandon our communications with Italy, turn the town. General Detrance made a which the enemy lad só ofien and so superb charge with the Guards of Honour, vainly attempted to intercept, when our

who covered themselves with glory, partroops were not yet united.

ticularly General Count Segur, command“The weather has been constantly very ing the 3d regiment, who charged between cold; the bivouacs are very distressing the town and the enemy, whoin they drove during this season ; but each party has been into the suburbs, and from whom they took exposed to the same sufferings. It appears 100 cavalry and his artillery. even that sickness makes great havoc in

“ Meanwhile General Count Krasinski the enemy's army, whilst our's has but few having intercepted the communication sick."

from-Rheims to Bery.ani Bac, the enemy Paris, March 16.--Her Majesty the abandoned the town, flying in disorder on Einpress Queen and Regent has re

all sides. The results of this day, which ceived the following intelligence of the did not cost us 100 men, are 22 pieces situation of the armies to the 14th;

of cannon, 5000 prisoners, 100 artillery “ General St. Priest, commanding in

and baggage waggons. The same battery chief the eighth Russian corps, had been

of light artillery which killed General for several days in position at Chalons-sur Moreau before Dresden, mortally wounded Marne, having an advauced guard at Sil- head of the Tartars of the desert to ravage

General St. Priest, who had come at the lery. This corps, composed of three di

our beautiful country. visions, which ought to lave formed eighteen regiments and thirty-six battalions, in the morning, amidst the acclamations of

“ The Emperor entered Rheims at one had actually only eight regiments or sixteen

the inhabitants of that great city, and battalions, making about 5 or 6000 men. General Jagow, commanding the last co

has established his head-quarters there,

The lumn of the Prussian reserve, and having

enemy is retreating, partly on Chalons, under his orders four regiments of the partly on Rethel, and partly on Laon. He landwehr of Prussian Pomerania and the

is pursued in all directions.

The 10th Marks, forming sixteen battalions, or 7000

regiment of hussars, as well as the 3d men, who had been employed in the sieges regiment of the Guards of Honour, parof Torgau and Wittemburg, joined the ticularly distinguished itself. Gen. Count corps of General St. Priest, whose force Segur hias been severely wounded, but his

life is not in danger," must therefore have been about 15 or 16,000 men, cavalry and artillery ineluded.

COLONEL Lowe, the English officer “General St. Priest resolved to surprise

attached to the army of Blucher, sent to Rheims, in which was stationed General his government the following account of Corbineau, at the head of the National the demonstrations and attacks on Laon, Guard and three battalions of the levy-en- which wus published in London in un masse, with 700 cavalry and eight pieces EXTRAORDINARY GAZETTE. of cannon. General Corbineau had placed Head-Quarters of the Combined Armies, General Defrance's division of cavalry at under Field-Marshal Blucher, Lao Chalons-sur-Vesle, two leagues from the March 10, 1814, Eight, A.M. town. On the 12th, at five in the morn SIR--Bonaparte, with his whole force, ing, General St. Priest presented himself attacked Field-Marshal Blucher yesterday, at the different gates. He made his prin- in his position at this place, and was re. cipal attack on the gate of Laon, which pulsed with the loss of forty five pieces of the superiority of his numbers enabled cannon, with tumbrils, baggage, and prio him to force. General Corbineau operated soners, the numbers of which have not as his retreat with three battalions of the yet been ascertained, as the left wing of levy-en masse and his 700 cavalry, and fell the Field-Marshal's army is still in pursuit, back upon Chalons-sur-Vesle, The Na- The city of Laon is situated on an elevated tional Guard and the inhabitants behaved plateau, with deep shelving banks, which very well in these circumstances.

command an extensire plain around; the 6 On the 11th, at four o'clock in the town covers the greater part of the plaevening, the Emperor was on the heights teau ; the remainder is crowned by an old of the Wind-Mill, a league from Rheims. castle, and by several windmills built on The Duke of Ragusa formed the advanced ligh terrace walls. General Bulow's army guard. The General of Division Merlin occupied this position ; the remainder of attacked, surrounded, and took several the Field-Marshal's army was posted on the battalions of Prussian landwehr. General plain below, to the right and left of the Sebastiani, commanding two divisions of town, fionting towards Soissons, and the cavalry, advanced upon the town. One cavalry was in reserve in the rear. Before hundred pieces of cannon were engaged day light in the morning the enemy made on the one side and the other. The enemy his attack, and under cover of a thick fog, crowned the heights in front of Rheims. which concealed all his movements, ob While the altack was making, the bridges tained possession of the yillages of Semilly


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