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42, Ann, the wife of William Martin Mr. Thomas Harrison, of St. Michael's Carter, of Bermondsey.

Alley, Cornhill.
Mrs. Martha Wicks, of Twickenlam. John Ler, esg. of Chancery lane.
At Cielsea, Mr. J.P. Lejeune.

Samurl Hooley, csq. of Thurloireplace, 85, Mrs. Ann Parker, last surviving Hackney Road. daughter of Sir Henry John Parker, bart. 75, Mr. IVilliam Harvist, Paradise Row,

80, Mr. Thomas Cooper, in Jermyn street, Chelsea. St. James's.

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NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURIAM. Mr. T. Pierse, to the daughter of the URING the late sale of soup at the late R. Surtees, esq.

soup kitchen, from the 1st day of Mr. Jas. P. Proctor, of Newcastle, to June, 1819, to the 21st day of May, 1813, Miss Ismay, of Elswick Cottage, danghter the quantity of soup sold at the reduced of the late Thomas I. esq. of Heworth. price of one penny per qnart, being abont Mr. T. Cutforth, of Newcastle, to Mise two thirds loss on each quart, was, quarts Bragg, of Hawkshead. 157,814; the amount of monies received Mr. Moon, of Darlington, bookseller, t* was 6571. 118. 2d. ; the amount of the first Mrs. Moody. subscription was 5841. 163., and of the se. Capt. J. Walker, of the George, to Ms. cond subscription 5841. 58. 1d., making a Forrest, of Bollihope House. total of monits subscribed of 11691. 15. 10.: At South Shields, Mr. Henry Kemble, and the total amount of disbursements by manager of the theatre, to Miss Freese. the sonp kitchen was 16091. 38. od.

mr. Jas. Richardby, to Miss Eliz. Bar. The frost was so intense at Newcastle, rett, both of Durham. that Falirenlicit's thermometer, on the town Died.) At Newcastle, Mr. Murdock, of moor, was 14 degrees below the freezing Percy-street.--16, of typhus, Robt. Peas: point; and in a garden at Ravensworth it cod.--73, Mrs. Brunting.--76, Mr. Jacob was aí 18. At York it was 28 degrees be 0:d, of the Exchange News-room.-Mr. low the freezing point.

Jon. Hilton.-52, Mr.T. Potts, of Pandon The River Tyne was long frozen both Bank.--28, Mr. Geo. Gladstone.-Mrs. above and heloo the bridge. It will be a Mason, Gallowgate.-78, Mrs. Hannah memorable circumstance that so large and Burdon, of Pilgrim-street.60, Mr. The Tapid a river should have been frozen to the Muir ex-21, Mr. Thomas Curry.-29, of thickness of 20 inches; and the Antiquarian the-pos, and one ot many fatal cases, Society of Newcastle liave recorded the John Barnett.—M18. Jane Swainston.--event on vellum. Gambols were exhibited 62, Mrs. Ann Barus, of Gateshead.---26, in every foon on the ice.

Mrs. Anderson, of Mosley-street.--70, A grand mausoleum is to be erected by Mrs. Dor. Petrie.-36, Mis. Dewar.--26; public subscription over the remains of Miss M. Cameron.--Mr. R. Hill.--Mrs. Burns, in St. Michael's Church-yard, Dum- Lasterby, of Kenton Cottage.-74, Mr. fries, and a meeting was lately heid io pro-' Geo. Marshall, of Gateshead. --56, Mrs. E. mote the object, at which General Dunlop, Sandersou.--Mr. T. Leybourn, of Gates M.P. presided--and the Rev. Henry Dun- head.--47, Mrs. Vickers.--Miss M. Woolcan, of Rothwell, and Mr. W. Grierson, of er, of Gateshead. Dumfries, were appointed treasures to the At Sunderland, Mrs. Sarah Cooke. committee. As soon as the design is settled, Mr. W. Spinks.—Dir. Audrew Young, we hope to be enabled to introduce a repre. ship-chandicro-Capt. S. Frost.-99, Mr. sentation of it to our readers.

W. Brown. The deaths in the parish of Tynemouth, At Durliam, 98, Mis. Jane Winter.--89, since last Christmas day, have anonnted to Mrs. Ann Croft.---91, Mr. John Vasey.-above a hundred. Many of the deceased 37, Mr. Geo. Menstorih.-82, Mr. W. bad reached from 60 to 70 years and np. Pringle. -96, Mrs. Is. Todd.-Mrs. Hopwards. One woman, named Eleanor Gib- son, of Sadler-street.--61, Mrs. Is. Mange son, of Whitley, had attained 108 years.-- ham.--40, Mrs. Mary Bailes.--77, Mrs. C. Tyne Mercury, Fch. 1.

Gasgoine.—46, Major Gayer.--67, Mr. M. Married.] At Monk wearmouth, Thomas Dunn.--3:3, Mr. Geo. Bacon, solicitor. Bailey, esq. to Maria, daughter of Mr. W. At Stockton, 57, Mrs. Sutton, wife of loody.

Gen. S. esq. a woman of the rarest qualities At Stockton, Mr. W. Fair, to the daughi- of heart and mind.--Mrs. Wright.--Mis. ter of John Jackson, esq.

Liley, of York. At Heworth, G. W. Aylmer, esq. to Hen- At Southshields, 46, Mrs. Waller.--46, sietia, second daughter of the late Henry Mrs. Moffat.-36, Mr. Moses Greenwell. Bisuil, esq. of Hebburn-ball

Suddeply, Mr. W. Craigie:-88, Mr. R.

Stewart Nicholson 77,- At Slaley, 66, Mr. John'

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7 owners

Stewart.—26, Mr. John Ingoe.—54, Mrs. for the singularity of his dress, and other Reid.-15, Miss Thompson, in consequence

eccentricities. Mr. John Brigrell, of of omitting to lie down when her cloaths Hartlepool, had caught fire.-77, Mrs. Jane Craduace.

Whixley Hall, 94, Mr, --Mr. Davis, police stirveyor.

Robert Bonner, of Jervanx Abbey.--At At Alnwick, 46, Mrs. Elder.-75, Jane Dukesfield, 81, the widow of Mr. WestSummers; also, 42, Jane Hundley, both in garth.-At Slaley East Woodfoot, 82, Mr. consequence of not lying down when their Joseph Dobbison.-At Newbiggin, near cloaths had caught fire.—38, Mrs. M'Ar- Lanchester, Mr. John Bierly, 84.40 thur.-68, Mr. John Embleton.--31, Mrs. Langley Park, Am, wife of Mr. Robert Young.-69, Mr. John Reveley.---57, Mrs. · Taylor, of Notsley; 45.--123, William, $dn Jane Mossop, late of Brighton.

of George Huntley, of Heworth Shore: At Bishopwearmouth, 98, Mrs. Kelsey. At Low Fatworth Farm House, Daniel 31, Mrs. Isabella Magi.—Mrs. Smitton. Revely, many years principal hind to the Lient. Liddel, R. N-76, Mrs. Baker.

of Percy Main Colliery. At At Warkworth, 91, the relict of Richard Twinchburn, the wife of Mr. William Richard Clutterbuck, esq. -At the Ouse- Richmond. At Benton House, the wife of burn, 61, the Rev. Joseph Ireland, 16 years William Clarke, esq. 40.--At Newbiggin, curate of North Shields and Tynemouth, the wife of Bryan Harrison, esq. 49.-At and 23 at Wallsend.At Causey Park, 56, Horsley, Margaret, second dan hier. of. Mr. Thomas English.—42, the wife of Mr. Mr. S. Dobson, 23.--At Hexham, Mrs. Matthew Robertson.At Yarın, 8ti, the Sarah Murray, 91.-Mrs. Jane Chester, 100. widow of the Rev. George Bramwell, -Elizabeth Taylor, 109.—25, the wife of Mr. rector of Hurworth.--At Hexham, 80, Mr. Ralph Millener, of Barnardcastle.--The Hugh Batey.--At Startford, 100, the widow wife of Mr. Samuel Parker, of Winlaton, 69. of Mr. George Hodgson, firsner.--82, the CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. widow of Mr. Thomas Clark, of Simonside. A martin last year fixed lier nest directly --42, the wife of Mr. Matthew Robertson, over the window of the inn at Kampside, of the North Shore --At Hexham, Mr, in Low Furness. After her young were John Forster.--7), John Berwick, of Au- hatched, she became a very troublesome denshaw, wounded at the battle of Minden. visitant, by throwing the cleansings of her -At Tweedmonth, 79, Elizabeth, wife of nest upon the window sill. The servant Mr. W. Hobkirk. --65, Mrs. Ann Milis, of girl, with more attention to cleanliness Howdon Pans. At Cowpen, 73, Ann, than humanity, removed the inconvenience wife of Mr. Joseph Swan.—At Beltingham, by destroying the nest with a broom. 44, George Ridley, esq. much regretted. The young birds fell to the ground of At Tweedmouth, Mr. James Addisun, course, which were placed upon the win: schoolmaster.–At Shadforth, near Dur- dow sill from motives of compassion: in ham, 78, Mr. John Hamble.—At Tweed- the mean time, the paients collected a mouth, James Robinson, commonly called great number of their own species, who Jemmy Dumps, 94, an eccentric character. quickly built a second nest, sufficient for - At Wooler, 31, Mr. James Ormiston.- the reception of the distressed family, and At East Field, 80), Mr. Robert Hutchinson, the young were safely conveyed to their last surviving officer of the Durham Old new lodgings by the parents and their as. Militia. --At Morpeth, 87, Mr. Thomas sistants.-(Westmoreland Advertiser.) Reed.--At Akeld House, near Wooler, the During the late frost, Derwent Lake was widow of the late Matthew Culley, esq. frozen over for six weeks. .deeply regretted.—57, Mr. John Nesbit, The bats also were driven by cold from at the Lea, near Easington.--At Claypeth, their more exposed retreats near Kendal, 19, Mary, daughter of the late James and flew about in qnest of better shciler. Young-The wife of Mr. Horne, master A great nortality, particularly among of the Wearmouth Bridge inn, Claypeth. the aged, took place in all the northern At Tweedmouth, 58; the Rev. William counties daring the late severe weather, Hall.–At West Ord, Mrs. George Grey. At Penrith it extended to children, and At Cornhill, Mr. Thomas Cleghorn, mer- chiefly to young boys. chant.--At Bambury, 74, Mr.John Dods. An ingenious mechanic in Kendal has

At Ochiltiee, 80, Helen & Marian Patrick, invented a loom for weaving carpets, the twin sisters; there were 36 hours between principal parts of which are on an entire their births, and exactly the same distance new construction, and it possesses several between their deatis.-At Swarland East advantages over the common loom. It has House, 37, Mr. G. H. Watson.-- At Low- neither tail-cords, loops, nor pullies, and park, 61, Mrs. Davison, formerly of Hind takes up only two-thirds of the room that langl.--Near Woodhorn, 63, Mr. William is required for one on the old plan. The Chapman. At Morpeth, Mr. Thomas principal object is to save time in changing Reed, 87.--At Beiford, Mr. Henry Steel, patterns. 63.--Mrs. Jane Stobbs, of the post-office Married.] Mr. George Bucklia:n, of at Hartlepool, 75.-Mr. John Tweddell, Whitehaven, to Miss E. Bardgett, of Lit. 61, well known in the county of Durham tle Salkeld.--Mr. John Ivison, of Dick's MONTHLY MAG. No. 252.




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Gate, to Miss C. Bell, of Goose Pond.- Robinson.--Captain B. King.-Mr. T. Richard Wordsworth, esg. of Sockbridge, Fisher.-64, Mrs. Dixon.-99, Mr. John near Penrith, to Miss Jane Westmoreland, Fox.-82, Mr. George Rooke.--89, Mrs. of Humtsonby.

Steele.--Mrs. Murthwaite. Mrs. M. Wil. At Wigton, Major Yates, to Miss Mary son.-90, Mrs. Hodson.-Mrs. Brownrigg. Matthews, of Wigton Hall.

-Mrs. 'Turnbull.-At Workington, 65, Died.] At Kendal, 77, John Hogarth, Mrs. E. Smithsor.--Mrs. Mawson.--71; esq.-19, Mrs. E. Kilner.-14, Mrs. M. Mrs. Hetherington. Kidd.--81, Mr. Miles Atkinson.-79, Mr.

YORKSHIRE. Thomas Collier.--72, Mr.W. Miller, dealer A circular letter from the post-office to in old books.Mrs. Lowis.--27, Mr. Ro- the different post-masters in the country, bert Wilson.-102, Mary Gilpin.-65, Mrs. recommended a machine called a snou. Jane Smith.

plough, for clearing the roads. This maAt Penrith, 63, Mrs. Aun Soulby, wife chine, which is made by a few boards in the of Mr. S. an eminent bookseller.-53, Mrs. form of a wenige, was first used some Wiseman.--82, Mrs. M. Atkinson.--90, years ago at Wimpole, by Mr. Wm. OsMrs.Jane Hindson.-75, Mrs. Braithwaite, wald, bailiff to the Earl of Hardwicke. deservedly lamented.--82, Mrs. Grace Froin the mildness of the winters since Carl.--52, Mrs. Grace Jackson.--Mrs. that time, ic has not since been used, but Jane Andrews.

during the late obstruction of the roads At Longmarton, 17, Mr. John Atkinson.. by the drified snow, these machines have -At Whittington, 90, Mrs. F. Dixon.- At been sent by his lordship, in various direcRavenstoneddale, 72, Mrs. M. Howgill.-- tions on the public roads, with the best 90), Mrs. M. Hunter,---33, Mr. John Ro. binson, frozen to death.At Kirkland, A plan is projected for bringing up the 79, Mrs. Agnes Neison.—55, Mrs. M. navigation to Sheffield, and when the difPreston.

ferent branches of it are executed and the At Carlisle, S2, Miss Polly Polts, and a junction formed, there will then be a few days after Miss Nancy Polts, sisters of communication through Sheffield with the Major Polts.-32, Dir. John Pears.—79, Mersey, the Trent, and the Humber. Mr. Eneas M'Mullen.-72, Mrs. E. Hod- It appears that the most beneficial efson.—56, Mr. T. Barry-58, Mrs. M. fects have resulted from the establishment Lenox.-63, The Rev. Browne Grisdale, of a house of recovery for fever patients D.D. chancellor of that diocese; rector of ai Leeds. In one hindred cases of typhus Caldbeck and Bowness, and prebendary in and near Leeds in 1813, only two inof Norwich.—70, Mrs. Dalton, relict of stances occurred of a second individual of George D. esq.-63, Mrs. Jackson.-74, the family being attacked on the first being Mr. Robert Nanson.--Advanced in years, instantly removed. In 1802, when fevers Mrs. Wil:01.-78, Mrs. M. Weir.-At were produced from the same causes that Burrells, Mrs. Sarah Ellison.–At Un- are likely to operate at present, viz. thank, in the room in which she was born, scarcity and high price of provisions, and Mrs. Cowper, 94, deservedly regretted. want of clothing, 450 new cases of fever At Gregg Hall, 38, Miss Clark, an exem- appeared in two months. plary character.--At Askham, Mr. Robert At Croft Honse, near Bradford, at nine Swainson, an ingenious mechavic.—At o'clock on the 17th of January, the thierKirkby Stephen, 86, Mr. T. Mason.—87, mometer fell to 30 of Fahrenheit, or 299 Mrs. Ann Collin.-80, Mr. John Rudd. below the freezing point; at one, on the SO, Mrs. Mary Gillam-66, Mrs. Agnes same morning, in the botanic garden at Thompson.

Hull, it fell to 8o. At kesusick, 85, Mr. Daniel Dunglison. We are sorry to see notices of iniproper ---70), Mr. John Tolson.--Mr. Isaac Ed. management in the late Lunatic Asylum at mundson.-37, Mr. Timothy Stanley, of York. How great is the contrast afforded Shundrak.--At the Oaks, near Carlisle, by the Retreat in that city! Of this latter William Blamire, esq. M.D. a local patriot establishment we wish to receive an account and blessing to his neighbourhood.--At from some correspondent. Cockermouth, 67, Jolin Bowe,, esq.---Mrs. Murried.] Joseph Hudson, esq. of Hard. M. Black.--00, Mr. T. Tiffin.--58, Mrs. wick Hall, to Mrs. White, of Sheffield, A. Janson.--7.1, Mr. John Mark.-62, At Hull, Capt. T. Faunt, to Miss Sus. Mr. Johan Barton.--85, Mrs. Aon Arn- Ker.. strono...:)5, Mrs. F. Pearson.-65, Mrs. Mr. Geo. Stansfield, of Bradford, to M. Witin.

Miss Anna Micklethwait, of New Laithi's At Vision, 25, Miss Ann Stagg.--74, Grange. Mrs. ml. Young.--86, Mrs. Ann Waite. Mr. W. Walker, to Miss E. Lancaster, 72, Mss. Amu firw.--77, Mr. H. M'Alpin, both of Huddersfield. --70, Mr. P. Robinson.-59, Mrs. M.

Mr. R. Carr, of Stackhouse, to Miss A. Cocke.--74, Mrs. M. Mickle.--Mr. Pratt. Forster, of Settle. --80, Mrs. Sarali Birbeck.--At W'bite. Mr. J. Carr, of Kiddle-lane, to Miss haven, 93, Mrs. Fi Williamson. Mrs, E. Cullingworth, of Stawk House.



Mr. W. Pullen, of Bradford, to Miss jun.--85, Henry Peterson, esq. a Dutch Waddington, of Stubbings.

exile.Mrs. Rusher. The Rev. R. H. West, to Miss L. F. At Walton, 20, Miss F. Wriglit, a young Verelst, of Aston.

lady of extraordinary genius and endowBenj. Holland, esq. of Hull, to Miss ments, and mistress of several langnages, Ross.

ancient and modern. Mr. Wm. Craven, of Rossy, to Miss Át Halifax, Mrs. Walsh.--Mr. W. Plummer, of Kilnwick Percy.

Brock.--71, Mrs. Ramsden.--Mrs. ScholeMr. W. Ponsonby, of Burnby, to Miss field. Snowilon, of Kirk Deighton,

At Scarboro', 78, Mr. Beilby, organist. Died.] At York, Margaret Buckle, by —103, Mr. Burt. Johnson, an eminent omitting to lie down when lier clothes had musician and goorl man.-78, Mrs. Vickercaught fire.—Mrs. Wrigley.-67, Lient.. man.-—59, John Fox, esq. Col. John Rigault.-93, Roht. Bishoprick, At Whitby, 84, Mr. H. Barrick.72, esq. an eminent surgeon anti beloved cha- Mr. W. Oxley. rarter.--72,Mrs. Dobson, wife of R.D. esq. At Heilon, 73, Josepli Ellard Burnstall, -38, Mr. W. Batty Fossbridge.—Mr. G. esq.-Mr. John Lovel, sen. of Scampston. Mitchelson.—Mr. W. Wayre.

-Mrs. Clowes, relict of Samuel C. esq.

of At Hungate, 10', Mi's. Ann Catton, a Spretborough.-Mrs. Wright, widow of' tlie very industrious poor woman : servant in late Mr. David W. of Balsham, in Holderthe Carlisle family at the time of George ness, found starved to death near Ridg. II,'s coronation. She possessed a remark- mont.--Mr. Poole, of Lascelles Hall. alily retentive memory, was able to walk Mrs. Hanson, of Lockwood. In conseabont till within a week of her death, and grience of a fall from his horse, Mr. Ben. retained her faculties to the last.

jainin Williamson, of Cleckheaton.-At At Nether Bradford, near Sheffield, Mr. Sutton Hall, Mr. James Duffus.-At Brid. W. Earnshaw.; lie was caught by the fly- lington Quay, 70, Mr. Wilkinson.-dt wheel of his own coin-mill and drawn Richmond, 37, Sarah, wife of Rol). Jaques, among the works, by which both his legs esq.-75, Mr. Ellison, tanner, of Newland. were torn off,

At Welton, 77, Mrs. Barrow. Mr. At Leeds, Mrs. Varey.---45, Mr. Tim, Robinson, of South Park, near Hedon.Greenwood.-778, Mrs. Theaker.--22, Miss Mr. John Lovel, sen. of Scampston.--At H. B. Stanley.--74, Mrs. M. Bennet.- Pickering, 7:3, Mr. Wm. Dennis.--91, Mrs. Mr. E. Ward.--49, suddenly, Mr. Joseph Hardy, of Newton Garth.-68, Mrs. Din. Dickenson, merchant.--66, Mrs. Porter. lin, of Kirk-Ella.At Ashover, 54, Wm. -82, Mrs. Briggs.—M's. Sherbrooke. Milues, esą.—87, he Rev. C. Knowlton, Mr. Jos. Randall, in London.-51, Mr. justice of peace for the west-riding, and John Riley.-09, Mr. Jos. Linsley, master rector of Keighley for upwards of sixty of the worklouise; in which station he years.--Mr. John Wade, of Woodhouse.maintained an exemplary character. ---29, Mr. James Anderson, of Manninglam. Mr. Glover, surgeou. 71, Mr. Henry At Cowcliffe, Miss Macauley, of ManCooper'.—Mr. Thos. Burreli.-Mr. Prince, chester.-At Rough Lee, near Colpe, Mr. rope-maker.

Saul Dyson.—74, Mr. Sarnuel Jackson, of At Hull, 54, Mr. John Shields.—70, Erumfit.--At Hunslet, 75, Mrs. Sarah Lee. Mrs. H. Hopper.--Mrs. Denton, wife of -Sane place, 43, Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers. J. D. esq.-Mrs. Wheldon.—84, Mrs. --Mr. John Thompson, of Hunslet Hall. Gorbert.--Mr. R. Taylor, of Chapel-lane.-25, Miss Ann Farrar, of Mirtieid.-Nr. 74, Mr. S. Beilby.—37, Mr. Henry Gill, Job Sykes, manufacturer, of Rastrick, near surgeon.-67, Mrs. M. Ponltou.--48, Mr. Huddersfield.-59, Mr. Joseph Rayner, of Jolin Edge.-48, Mr. John Green.-40, Clifton, card-maker. At Selby, 57, Mrs. Mr. Geo. Stovin.

Darley, relict of Henry D. esq. fate of At Sheffield, 48, Mrs. Boothby, of West Aldby Park.--69, Mr. John Robinson, Grove.-25, Mr. William Whertcroft, un- of Idlc. der master of the grammar-school.–68, Greatly regretted, the Rev. Croxton Mr. Jos. Barnsley.--53, Miss Buxton, of Johnson, rector of Wilmslow, and Fellow Sycamore-street.

of the Collegiate Church, in Manchester, At Barnsley, 89, Mrs. Hargrave.-59, At Melthan, Mr. John Siddall.--At Mr. W. Shaw, botanist.

Black-Moor-Foot, Mr. Richard Britton.At Bradford, Mr. John Bell.

82, Mrs Heath, of Thorp-Arch.-34, Mr. At Pontefract, 65, Mrs. Lodge.--75,Mr. Edw. Hardisiy, of Little Woodhonsc.John Secker.

At an advanced age, Mrs. Crosby, wife of At Doncaster, 26, Lieut. Benj. Stringer. Mr. Joseph C. sen. of Houslet.-At PrizingAt Huddersfield, 74, Jos. Ingham, esq. hall, near Pradford, 60, Mr. Ricliari! Har., of Blake Hall.-Mirs. Knowlson.--23, Mr. greaves; distinguished for his stron: and John Ledger.-Mr. Skilbeck, frozen to cultivated mind.-M:. Husband, of Hod. death while on his way to 'Tadcaster, l'oyd Hall, found frozen to deatil. At At Beverley, 82, Mrs. Clark.

Gainford, Mrs. Sandys, the larly of Edwin At Wakefield, 27, Mr. J. Bucktront, S. esq.-At Barwick-in-Elmet, 62, Jciu


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Phillips, esq. late of Addingham.-78, Mr. himself :--- Í ventured upon the desperate Richard Anderso!), of Preston.

alternative of being convinced of her At the Canal Warehouse, Skipton, Mrs. virtue before marriage. On Thursday Mawson, wife of Mr. John M. burnt to evening, December 16th, I discovered, death, leaving six small children to lament with horror, that my fears were realized; her loss.

I immediately taxed her with it: in answer At Cottam-on-the-Wolds, R. Knowsley, to which, she asserted her innocence with e-Mr. Charles Eastwood, of Dalton considerable vehemence.” The high sense Mills.-At Wentworth, Mr. Roht. Palfred- of honour and character of the amiable man.--At Malton, 76, John Burkitt, esq. yonng lady, coupled with the clcar and much esteemed in a large circle.

satisfactory testimony of the surgeons,

(ivho examined the body at the request of Lavinia Robinson, one of the dangchters the coroner,) preclude the possibility of of the late William R. O Marchester, the least truth in the accusation of this wire-worker, was, the evening of person. In the case of an individual, feel. Thursday, the 16th day of December, ing and sympathy were never more bighly left in the company of a gentleman, (tó wrought. Her remains were interred in whom she was on the point of marriage) St. John's Church-yard, amidst the sighs in the parlour of her sister's house, in and tears of hundreds of sympathising Bridge-street, Manchester, afr r her sister spectators. (who was unwell) had retired to rest. In The Committee for bettering the condition the moruing it was discovered that she of the Poor of Liverpool issued, during the had not been in bed, and a note, pur late inclement season, a large and timely porting to be her hand-writing, was found supply of excellent rice, meat, &c. which in the parloar, from which there was were sold at litile more than half the reason to fear that she was no longer living. cost price. Tickets entitling the bearer Public anxiety, which was raised to a high to receive this nourishing food were sold, pitch in regard to her fate, at length met and the charitably inclined dispensed these with a melancholy termination in a dis- tickets instead of money. The Strangers' covery of the body on Monday, the 7th of Friend Society has, according to its custom, February, on the banks of the Irwell. On afforded relief of the most substantial and Tuesday the 3tii, an inquisition was held vital nature, to a great variety of objects before the coroner's jury, touching her in a deplorable state of wretchedness. death; and, after an investigation of This excellent institution has, within the two days, the verdict was as follows:- last four weeks, distributed (in snrall por"That the said Lavini Robinson was found tions) upwards of one hundred pounds in drowned in the river Irre!!; but hou", or by cash; clothing and blankets to the amount that mens, she came into the water of the of fifty pounds; and 12,000 quarts of rice said river, no cvidence app?arcu to the jurors.” soup, purchased from the soup shops. Thus, says the Manchester Gazette, onc Nearly four humdred of the friends of of the most virtuous of the sex, a young Mr. CANNING lately pártook of a dinner lady poszessing superior mental accom- at the Liverpool Arms Hotel, where a plislıments, with a person lovely as her large room was fitted up with great ele. mind, and of the most fascinating manners, gance and taste.

JOHN BOLTON, esq. is lost to her family, friends, and society. was in the chair, and after the usual loyal Her compositions, both in prose and verse, toasts, he gave the health of Mr. Canning, breathed throughout the pnrest sentiments who returned thanks in a speech, in which of religion and virtue, and prove her to an entire political fabric was fantastically have had a warm and affectionate heart, raised on the basis of his own imagination; great vivacity,and an incommon playfulness and in which the plainest facts in modern of disposition. The following is a copy of history were reversed to suit a favourite the original note which was found on the and mischievous hypothesis. To relish the table in the room where Lavinia and lier beanties of Mr. Canning's eloquence, it assumed lover were left, on the 16th of is necessary that a man should believe December :-"With my dying breath I every thing that has not happened, and attest myself innocent of the crime laid to disbelieve every thing that has happened. my charge! Adieu! God bless you all! Nothing could be more abie if his premiI canin 't outlive his suspicion !"--It ap. ses were true; or, being true, were relepeared from the evidence, that the family vant-but it so happens, in regard to this disbelieved the note to be the kan:l-writing ingenious orator, not only that his premises of their sister; and a gentleman, who was are visionary, but that, if founded on acquainted with the assumed lover's hand- reality, they would have no relevancy to writing, did not believe it to be his. It his conclusions. He is, in fact, a friend also appeared in evidence, that this lover to this wide-spread and devastating war, had accused Lavinia with a want of chas- for causes which exist only in his own tity, and in the truth of which he pei. heated imagination; and which, if they sisted on the inquest, and gave in a writ- could be proved to have existence, would ten document, in which lie thus expressed then be found to be uo just, legitimate, or


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