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C. M.

Victory through the Lamb.

1 GIVE me the wings of faith, to rise
Within the veil, and see

The saints above.-how great their joys,-
How bright their glories be.

2 1 ask them,-whence their vict'ry came ? They, with united breath,

Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb,-
Their triumph to his death.

3 They marked the footsteps he had trod; His zeal inspired their breast;

And, foll'wing their incarnate God,
Possess the promised rest.

4 Our glorious Leader claims our praise,
For his own pattern given,-
While the long cloud of witnesses
Show the same path to heaven.

C. M.

694. The Worship of Earth and Heaven.

1 FATHER! I long, I faint, to see
The place of thine abode;

I'd leave thine earthly courts, and flee
Up to thy seat, my God!

2 Here I behold thy distant face,
And 't is a pleasing sight;

But, to abide in thine embrace
Is infinite delight.

3 I'd part with all the joys of sense,
To gaze upon thy throne;

Pleasure springs fresh for ever thence,
Unspeakable, unknown.

4 There all the heavenly hosts are seen;
In shining ranks they move;
And drink immortal vigor in,

With wonder and with love.

5 Then at thy feet with awful fear,
Th' adoring armies fall;

With joy they shrink to nothing there,
Before th' eternal All.

6 Father! I long, I faint to see
The place of thine abode;
I'd leave thine earthly courts to be
For ever with my God.



Longing for Heaven.

1 I WOULD not live always-I ask not to stay, Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the way; The few lucid mornings that dawn on us here, Are followed by gloom, and beclouded by fear. 2 I would not live always-no,-welcome the tomb; Since Jesus hath lain there, I dread not its gloom; There, sweet be my rest, till he bid me arise To hail him in triumph descending the skies. 8 Who-who would live always-away from his God;

Away from yon heaven, that blissful abode, Where the rivers of pleasure flow o'er the bright plains,

And the noontide of glory eternally reigns?

4 There saints of all ages, in harmony meet,

Their Saviour and brethren transported to greet; While anthems of rapture unceasingly roll,

And the smile of the Lord is the feast of the soul


C. M.

The Martyrs glorified.

1 "THESE glorious minds,-how bright they


Whence all their white array ?

How came they to the happy seats

Of everlasting day?"

2 From torturing pains to endless joys,
On fiery wheels they rode;

And strangely washed their raiment white,
In Jesus' dying blood.

3 Now they approach a spotless God,
And bow before his throne;

Their warbling harps, and sacred songs,
Adore the Holy One.

4 The unveiled glories of his face
Among his saints reside,

While the rich treasures of his grace
See all their wants supplied.

5 Hunger and thirst for ever flee-
Their joys for ever last:

The fruit of life's immortal tree
Shall be their sweet repast.

6 The Lamb shall lead his heavenly flock
Where living fountains rise;
And love divine shall wipe away
The sorrows of their eyes.



The Redeemed in Heaven.

1 WHAT are these in bright array,
This innumerable throng,
Round the altar night and day,
Hymning one triumphant song ?-
"Worthy is the Lamb once slain,
Blessing, honor, glory, power,
Wisdom, riches, to obtain,

New dominion, every hour!"
2 These through fiery trials trod,-
These from great affliction came;
Now before the throne of God,
Sealed with his almighty name,
Clad in raiment pure and white,
Victor-palms in every hand,
Through their dear Redeemer's might,
More than conquerors they stand.
3 Hunger, thirst, disease unknown,
On immortal fruits they feed;
Them, the Lamb, amidst the throne,
Shall living fountains lead;
Joy and gladness banish sighs,
Perfect love dispel all fears,
And for ever from their eyes,
God shall wipe away the tears.
9s and 6s.


Prospect of Heaven.

COME away to the skies-
My beloved! arise,

And rejoice in the day thou wert born;



On this festival day,
Come exulting away,

And, with singing, to Zion return.

We have laid up our love,

With our treasure, above,

Though our bodies continue below;
The redeemed of the Lord-
We remember his word,

And, with singing, to paradise go.

For thy glory we were

First created, to share

Both thy nature and kingdom divine;
Now created again,

That our souls may remain,

Both in time and eternity, thine.

4 With thanks we approve



The design of thy love,

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Which has joined us in Christ's precious name;
So united in heart

That we never can part

We shall meet at the feast of the Lamb.

There, Oh! there, at his feet,

We shall joyfully meet,

And be parted, in body, no more;
We shall sing to our lyres,
With the heavenly choirs,
And our Saviour, in glory, adore.

"Hallelujah!"-we sing,

To our Father and King,

And his rapturous praises repeat;
To the Lamb that was slain,

Sing all heaven, and fall at his feet.



Longing to be with Christ.

1 TO Jesus, the crown of my hope,
My soul is in haste to be gone;
Oh! bear me, ye cherubim! up,
And waft me away to his throne.

2 My Saviour! whom absent I love; Whom, not having seen, I adore; Whose name is exalted above

All glory, dominion, and power ;

3 Dissolve thou these bonds, that detain
My soul from her portion in thee;
Ah! strike off this adamant-chain,
And make me eternally free.

4 When that happy era begins,
Arrayed in thy glories I'll shine,
Nor grieve any more, by my sins.
The bosom on which I recline.



The Victory of the Saints.

1 PALMS of glory, raiment bright, Crowns that never fade away, Gird and deck the saints in light,Priests, and kings, and conquerors they. 2 Yet the conquerors bring their palms To the Lamb amidst the throne, And proclaim, in joyful psalms, Vict'ry through his cross alone. 3 Kings for harps their crowns resign, Crying as they strike the chords,"Take the kingdom-it is thine,-King of kings, and Lord of lords!" 4 Round the altar, priests confess,If their robes are white as snow, 'T was their Saviour's righteousness And his blood that made them so.

5 Who were these ?-On earth they dwelt,
Sinners once of Adam's race,-
Guilt, and fear, and suffering felt,

But were saved by sovereign grace.
6 They were mortal, too, like us :-
Ah! when we like them shall die,
May our souls, translated thus,
Triumph, reign, and shine on high

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