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L. M.

God's Condescension

1 UP to the Lord, who reigns on high, And views the nations from afar, Let everlasting praises fly,

And tell how large his bounties are. 2 He over-rules all mortal things,

And manages our mean affairs:
On humble souls the King of kings
Bestows his counsels and his cares.
3 Our sorrows and our tears we pour
Into the bosom of our God;

He hears us in the mournful hour,
And helps us bear the heavy load.

4 Oh! could our thankful hearts devise
A tribute equal to thy grace-


To the third heaven our songs should rise,
And teach the golden harps thy praise.

S. M.

Exhortation to Praise.

1 STAND up, and bless the Lord,
Ye people of his choice!

Stand up, and bless the Lord your God,
With heart, and soul, and voice.

*2 Though high above all praise,
Above all blessing high,

Who would not fear his holy name,
And laud, and magnify?

3 Oh! for the living flame

From his own altar brought,
To touch our lips, our souls inspire,
And wing to heaven our thought.

4 God is our strength and song,

And his salvation ours;

Then be his love in Christ proclaimed,
With all our ransomed powers.

5 Stand up, and bless the Lord,-
The Lord, your God, adore,

Stand up, and bless his glorious name,
Henceforth, for evermore.


L. M.

Men not comparable with God.

1 SHALL the vile race of flesh and blood.
Contend with their Creator, God?
Shall mortal worms presume to be
More holy, wise, or just, than he?

2 Behold! he puts his trust in none
Of all the spirits round his throne;
Their natures, when compared with his,
Are neither holy, just nor wise.

3 But how much meaner things are they,
Who spring from dust, and dwell in clay!
Touched by the finger of thy wrath,
We faint, and vanish like the moth.
4 Almighty Power! to thee we bow;
How frail are we-how glorious thou!
No more the sons of earth shall dare,
With an eternal God, compare.


L. M.

Praise to God.

1 PRAISE, everlasting praise, be paid
To him, who earth's foundation laid:
Praise to the God, whose strong decrees
Sway the creation, as he please.

2 Praise to the goodness of the Lord,
Who rules his people by his word;
And there, as strong as his decrees,
He sets his kindest promises.

3 Whence, then, should doubts and fears arise?
Why trickling sorrows drown our eyes?
Slowly, alas! our mind receives
The comforts that our Maker gives.
4 Oh! for a strong, a lasting faith,
To credit what th' Almighty saith;
T' embrace the message of his Son,
And call the joys of heaven our own.
5 Then, should the earth's old pillars shake,
And all the wheels of nature break,
Our steady souls would fear no more,
Than solid rocks when billows roar.


C. M.

Goodness of God seen in his Works. 1 HAIL, great Creator, wise and good! To thee our songs we raise ;

Nature, through all her various scenes,
Invites us to thy praise.

2 At morning, noon, and evening mild,
Fresh wonders strike our view;
And while we gaze, our hearts exult,
With transports ever-new.

3 Thy glory beams in every star
Which gilds the gloom of night;
And decks the smiling face of morn,
With rays of cheerful light.

4 The lofty hill-the humble lawn,
With countless beauties shine;
The silent grove-the awful shade,
Proclaim thy power divine.

5 And while, in all thy wondrous ways,
Thy varied love we see;


Oh! may our hearts, Great God! be led
Through all thy works to thee.

L. M.

Wisdom and Knowledge of God.

1 AWAKE, my tongue! thy tribute bring
To him, who gave thee power to sing;
Praise him, who is all praise above,→
The source of wisdom and of love.

2 How vast his knowledge-how profound!
A depth, where all our thoughts are drowned!
The stars he numbers;-and their names
He gives to all those heavenly flames.

3 Through each bright world above, behold
Ten thousand thousand charms unfold:
Earth, air, and mighty seas combine,
To speak his wisdom all divine.

4 But in redemption, Oh! what grace!-
Its wonders, Oh! what thought can trace!
Here wisdom shines for ever bright;-
Praise him, my soul! with sweet delight.


C. M.

Sovereignty and Dominion of God.

1 KEEP silence, all created things!
And wait your Maker's nod;

My soul stands trembling, while she sings
The honors of her God.

2 Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown, Hang on his firm decree;

He sits on no precarious throne,

Nor borrows leave to be.

3 Chained to his throne, a volume lies,
With all the fates of men,
With every angel's form and size,
Drawn by th' eternal pen.

4 His providence unfolds his book,
And makes his counsels shine;
Each opening leaf, and every stroke,
Fulfills some deep design.

5 My God! I would not long to see
My fate, with curious eyes,
What gloomy lines are writ for me,
Or what bright scenes may rise.

6 In thy fair book of life and grace,
Oh! may I find my name,

Recorded in some humble place,
Beneath my Lord-the Lamb.


H. M.

Faithfulness of God.

1 THE promises I sing,

Which sovereign love hath spoke:

Nor will th' eternal King

His words of grace revoke:

They stand secure

And steadfast still;

Not Zion's hill

Abides so sure.

2 The mountains melt away,

When once the Judge appears i

And sun and moon decay,

That measure mortal years;

But still the same,
In radiant lines,
The promise shines
Through all the flame.

3 Their harmony shall sound
Through my attentive ears,
When thunders cleave the ground,
And dissipate the spheres;


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Mid all the shock

Of that dread scene,

I stand serene;

Thy word, my rock.

C. M.

The glories of Redemption.

1 FATHER! how wide thy glory shines!
How high thy wonders rise!

Known through the earth by thousand signs,-
By thousand through the skies.

2 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power,
Their motions speak thy skill;

And on the wings of every hour,
We read thy patience still.

3 But when we view thy strange design
To save rebellious worms,

Where vengeance and compassion join,
In their divinest forms,-

4 Here the whole Deity is known;

Nor dares a creature guess,

Which of the glories brightest shone,
The justice, or the grace.

Now the full glories of the Lamb

Adorn the heavenly plains:

Bright seraphs learn Immanuel's name,
And try their choicest strains.

6 Oh! may I bear some humble part,
In that immortal song:

Wonder and joy shall tune my heart,
And love command my tongue.


S. M.

The God of Mercy and Justice.

1 THE Lord on high proclaims
His Godhead from his throne;-

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