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4 So earthly hope deceives,
The heart that trusts it most;
So all the beauty leaves,

Some seeming happy coast.
5 But faith can look before,
And see the land of light;
That is the only shore,

That never mocks the sight.


L. M.

1 WOULD you behold the works of God,
His wonders in the world abroad,
Go with the mariners, and trace
The unknown regions of the seas.
2 When land is far, and death is nigh,
Lost to all hope, to God they cry:
His mercy hears their loud address,
And sends salvation in distress.

3 Oh may the sons of men record
The wondrous goodness of the Lord!
Let them their private offerings bring,
And in the church his glory sing.


L. M.

Gulf of Despair.

1 WHERE shall the sea-worn sinner rest, When raging billows round him roll; When fierce and roaring storms oppress, And bitter anguish rends his soul.

2 And when dark clouds around him throw A veil of gloom and anxious care, And flash on flash of lightning show A yawning gulf of deep despair? 3 Oh, say, when thus by tempest toss'd, The sea and sky all wild and drear; And all his hopes are nearly lost,

What power can teach him how to steer 1

4 Ah! then 'tis God alone can show

The only port of peace and rest;
Though billows rage and tempests blow,
His word will calm the troubled brea


L. M.

Middle Watch.

1 YES Lord, my grateful voice I'll raise,
At midnight, in my watch at sea,
The floods shall hear me sing thy praise,

And tell what grace has done for me.

2 The moon, the stars, the deep shall hear,
Millions shall catch the grateful sound,
And winds shall o'er the ocean bear
The praise, till earth and heaven rebound.

3 I'll praise for grace already given,
I'll praise for grace I'm yet to have,
I'll praise for grace "reserved in heaven,"
With glory crown'd beyond the grave.



God's Protection to Mariners.

1 THEY that toil upon the deep,
And in vessels light and frail
O'er the mighty waters sweep,
With the billow and the gale;
Mark what wonders God performs,
When he speaks, and, unconfin'd,
Rush to battle all his storms,

In the chariots of the wind.

2 Up to heaven their bark is whirl'd
On the mountain of the wave;
Downward suddenly 'tis hurl'd'
To th' abysses of the grave;
Mid the tempest now they roll,
As intoxicate with wine;
Terrors paralyze their soul,

Helm they quit and hope resign.

8 Then unto the Lord they cry:
He inclines a gracious ear;
Sends deliv'rance from on high,
Rescues them from all their fear:
Oh that men would praise the Lord
For his goodness to their race;
For the wonders of his word,
And the riches of his grace!


L. M.

Seamen Sing Praises.

1 SING, seamen, sing to God on high!
And let his praise on every breeze
Sound to all lands, both far and nigh,
O'er swelling floods and raging seas.
2 So He ordains that you should sing
And tell the world his power to save;
To heathen lands his gospel bring,
To cheer their passage to the grave.
3 Then sing, ye seamen, sing and tell
Of all the goodness of the Lord,
In saving men from sin and hell,
By his good spirit and his word.
4 By land or sea, at home, abroad,
In christian or in heathen lands;
Lift up your voice and praise your God,
In all the labour of your hands.


C. M.

The Sailor's Friend.

1 OF old did Jesus condescend

To calm the raging sea?

Yes, he was then the Sailor's Friend,
And such he still would be.

2 He does but wait to hear us crave,
As they besought him then-
"Master, we perish! come and save,
For we are dying men!"

3 Not to sustain our mortal breath,
We raise the earnest cry;

Lord save our precious souls from death,
And make us fit to die.

4 Then blow, ye winds, ye surges roar!
"Twill not our souls appal;

Though waves and billows pass us o'er,
And deep to deep should call.

5 But Oh! without that blessed hope,
Without a Saviour near,

What desperate courage bears us up!
What madness not to fear!

6 Jesus! on thee our hopes we cast,
No more thy wrath defy;

Thou art the anchor, sure and fast;
On thee our souls rely.

7 Soon shall the sea give up its dead;
And should our graves be there,
With joy we 'll quit our watery bed
To meet thee in the air.


L. M.

I RECORD, my soul, thy Maker's power, Whose winds and waves obey his will; He bids the awful tempest roar,

His voice the wildest storm can still. 2 View, O my soul, with wonder view The roaring billows round thee toss'd, And bless his mercies ever new,

While thou art saved, and others lost. 3 Speak to my heart, dear Lord, and say, "The rain is gone, the tempest 's o'er; Come, my beloved, come away,

Satan and sin shall reign no more.

4 "Fear not, I'll guard thy helpless head, While life, and all its conflicts last, And when the raging winds have fled, Thy soul shall sing of dangers past."

[blocks in formation]

1 STAR of Peace! to wanderers weary
Give the beam that smiles on me,
Cheer the pilot's visions dreary,
Far at sea.

2 Star of Hope! gleam on the billow,
Bless the soul that sighs for thee;
Bless the sailor's lonely pillow,

Far at sea.

3 Star of Faith! when winds are mocking All his prayers-he flies to thee;

Save him, though on billows rocking,

Far at sea.

4 Star of God! yet safely guide him
To the shore he longs to see!
Long tempestuous waves have tried him,
Far at sea.

[blocks in formation]

Christian voyager.

1 THE Christian voyager strikes the rock
That lies conceal'd beneath the wave;
Yet safely he survives the shock,
For Jesus is at hand to save.

2 His destined land he sometimes sees,
And thinks his toils will soon be o'er,
Expects some favorable breeze

Will waft him quickly to the shore.

3 But hark!-the midnight tempest roars!
He seems forsaken, and alone:
But Jesus, whom he then implores,
Unseen preserves and leads him on.

4 Though fear his heart should overwhelm,
He'll reach the port to which he's bouna
For Jesus holds and guides the helm,
And soon the haven will be found."


C. M.
Our little Bark.

1 OUR little bark on boisterous seas,
By cruel tempest toss'd,

Without one cheering beam of hope,
Expected to be lost.

2 We to the Lord, in humble prayer,
Breathed out our sad distress;
Though feeble, yet with contrite hearts,
We begg'd return of peace.

3 The stormy winds did cease to blow,
The waves no more did roll;

And soon again a placid sea
Spoke comfort to each soul.

4 O, may our grateful, trembling hearts
Sweet hallelujahs sing,

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