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Move on the waters' face,
Bearing the lamp of grace,
And in earth's darkest place
"Let there be light!"

4 Holy, holy, holy,

Most glorious Trinity,-
Wisdom, Love, Might!
Boundless as ocean's tide
Rolling in fullest pride,
O'er the earth, far and wide-
"Let there be light!"

L. M.

226. Praise to the Father, Son and Spirit. 1 BLEST be the Father and his love, To which celestial source we owe Rivers of endless joy above,

And rills of comfort here below.
2 Glory to thee, great Son of God!
From whose dear wounded body rolls
A precious stream of vital blood-
Pardon and life for dying souls.

3 We give thee, sacred Spirit! praise,
Who in our hearts of sin and woe,
Mak'st living springs of grace arise,
And into boundless glory flow.

4 Thus God, the Father,-God, the Son,-
And God, the Spirit, we adore ;—
That sea of life and love unknown,
Without a bottom, or a shore.



Christians praising the Trinity.

1 GREAT the joy when Christians meet;
Christian fellowship, how sweet,-
When, their theme of praise the same,
They exalt Jehovah's name!

2 Sing we then eternal love;
Such as did the Father move:-
He beheld the world undone;
Loved the world, and gave his Son.
3 Sing the Son's unbounded love;
How he left the realms above;

Took our nature and our place,-
Lived and died to save our race.
4 Sing we too the Spirit's love ;-
With our stubborn hearts he strove;
Chased the mists of sin away,-
Turned our night to glorious day.
5 Great the joy, the union sweet,
When the saints in glory meet;
Where the theme is still the same;
Where they praise Jehovah's name.


228. Communion with the Triune God.

1 IN thy presence we appear;
Lord! we love to worship here,
When, within the veil, we meet
Thee upon thy mercy-seat.

2 While thy glorious name is sung,
Touch our lips, and loose our tongue;
Then our joyful souls shall bless
Thee, the Lord, our righteousness.
3 While to thee our prayers ascend,
Let thine ear in love attend;
Hear us, for thy Spirit pleads;
Hear, for Jesus intercedes.

4 While thy word is heard with awe,
And we tremble at thy law,
Let thy gospel's wondrous love
Every doubt and fear remove.
5 While thy ministers proclaim
Peace and pardon through thy name,
In their voices, let us own
Jesus, speaking from the throne.

6 From thy house when we return,
Let our hearts within us burn;
That, at evening, we may say,
"We have walked with God to-day."
8s and 7s.

229. Praise to Father, Son and Spirit.

1 TO the source of every blessing,
Grateful anthems let us raise;

Holy joy, our souls possessing,
Swells the tribute of our praise.
2 Glory to th' almighty Father,
Fountain of eternal love,

Who, his wandering sheep to gather,
Sent a Saviour from above.

3 To the Son all praise be given,
Who, with love unknown before,
Left the bright abode of heaven,
And our sins and sorrows bore.

4 Equal strains of warm devotion
Let the Spirit's praise employ;
Author of each pure emotion,-
Source of wisdom, peace, and joy.
5 Thus our joyful hearts ascending,-
Glorify Jehovah's name;

Heavenly songs with ours are blending,
There, the theme is still the same.

S. M.

230. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

1 WHILE all the angel-throng
Give thanks to God on high,
Let earth repeat the joyful song,
And echo to the sky.

2 Father! in whom we live,

In whom we are and move,-
The glory, power and praise receive
Of thine eternal love.

3 Incarnate Deity!

Let all the ransomed race
Render in thanks their lives to thee,
For thy redeeming grace.

4 Spirit of holiness!

Let all thy saints adore
Thy sacred energy, and bless
Thy heart-renewing power.

5 Eternal, glorious Lord!

Let all the saints above,
Let all the sons of men, record,
And celebrate thy love.


8s and 6s. Peculiar.

Hallelujah to the Triune God.

1 SING-Hallelujah! praise the Lord!
Sing with a cheerful voice;

Exalt our God with one accord,

And in his name rejoice:

Ne'er cease to sing, thou ransomed host!
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Till in the realms of endless light,
Your praises shall unite.

2 There we to all eternity,

Shall join th' angelic lays,
And sing, in perfect harmony,

To God our Saviour's praise;
He hath redeemed us by his blood,
And made us kings and priests to God:
For us-for us the Lamb was slain,-
Praise ye the Lord!-Amen.



7s and 6s. Peculiar,

The Alarm.

1 SINNER! stop-Oh! stop and think,
Before you farther go:

Will you sport upon the brink
Of everlasting wo?

On the verge of ruin stop;

Now the friendly warning take;
Stay your footsteps, ere you drop
Into the burning lake.

2 Say-have you an arm like God,
That you his will oppose?
Fear you not that iron-rod

With which he breaks his foes?
Can you stand in that dread day,
Which his justice shall proclaim,
When the earth shall melt away,
Like wax before the flame ?

3 Ghastly death will quickly come,
And drag you to his bar:

Then you'll hear your awful doom,
And sink in deep despair!

All your sins will round you crowd;
You will mark their crimson die,
Each for vengeance crying loud,
And then-no refuge nigh!


L. M.

The Sinner exhorted.

1 SINNER! Oh! why so thoughtless grown?
Why in such fearful haste to die?
Why speed thy flight to worlds unknown,-
Regardless of thy destiny?

2 Wilt thou defy the wrath of God,
Led on by sin's delusive dreams?
Madly despise the Saviour's blood,
And force thy passage to the flames?
3 Sinner! Oh! lift thy thoughts above,
And hear the Lord of life unfold
The glories of his dying love-
For ever telling, yet untold!



The Sinner warned.

1 HASTE, O sinner! to be wise,

Stay not for the morrow's sun;
Wisdom warns thee, from the skies,
All the paths of death to shun.
2 Haste, and mercy now implore;
Stay not for the morrow's sun;
Thy probation may be o'er,

Ere this evening's work is done.
3 Haste, O sinner! now return;
Stay not for the morrow's sun;
Lest thy lamp should cease to burn,
Ere salvation's work is done.

4 Haste, while yet thou canst be blest;
Stay not for the morrow's sun;
Death may thy poor soul arrest,
Ere the morrow is begun.

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