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Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year 1878, by HUNTER, ROSE & Co., in

the office of the Minister of Agriculture.







Ancient Society, by Joseph Bawden


..119-138 Barbecue in North Mississippi, A, by R. Cleland

500 Book REVIEWS

109, 224, 328, 442, 554, 678 Buddha and Buddhism, by Fidelis

35, 165 Buddhism and Christianity, by Fidelis

509 Communism, by T. B. Browning

...478, 577 CURRENT EVENTS

.95, 210, 317, 428, 539, 665 Denison's History of Cavalry, by F.......

403 Ethical Value of Convictions, The, by Prof. J. E. Wells.........

503 Fair Ophelia, The, by Louisa Murray....

137 Familiar Sayings, by E. R. B. .....

532 Feminine Proper Names, by G. W. G

597 Four Fat and the Four Lean Years, The, by James Young, M.P. .....

186 Glimpses of Old English Life, by G. H.

630 Green Pastures and Piccadilly: A Novel, by William Black........ Harriet Martineau, by D. Fowler

172 Heathen and Christian Canonical Coincidences, by William McDonnell

393 Idealism in Life, by W. D. Le Sueur....

414 Indian Legend, An, by J. B. Law and the Study of Law, by Lester Lelan

190 Lazy Dick : A Story, by Maple Leaf

520 Little Great Men, by F. R.

490 Lord Macaulay and the Liberal Party, by Martin J. Griffin

31 Loves of Alonzo Fitz Clarence and Rosannah Ethelton, by Mark Twain Lucas van Leyden, by Walter Townsend . Margaret Fuller Ossoli, by G. .....

289 Modern Proserpine, A: A London Story, by Mrs. Francis Rye......

275 Monks of Thelema, The: A Novel, by Walter Besant and James Rice ...... 333, 445, 557 Mr. Speaker, by J. G. Bourinot

129 New Reformation, The, by Carroll Ryan Odium Theologicum : A reply to Sordello, by C. E...... Opium Eating, by

248 Personal Representation and the Representation of Minorities, by Jehu Mathews

148 Practical Principles of Canadian Nationalism, The, by William Norris

352 Professor Tyndall's Materialism, by Prof. Watson......

282 Prohibition, by Sordello

652 Reginald Harland : Incidents in a Gold-Hunter's Life, by R. W. Douglas

43 Rejoinder, A, by Sordello Rideau Canal, The, by William Mills.


..88, 204, 309, 422, 535, 659 Royal Navy, The, by G. W. G.

240 Russian Serfage : Its Rise and its Extinction, by R. A. Ramsay, Montreal


256 588

639 80



84 PAGE Scientific Treatment of History, The, by J. M. Buchan

366 Sleep and Dreaming, by Edward Fitzgerald

467 Some Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion, by Mark Twain

74 Spectroscope and its Lessons, The, by S. H. Janes .....

266 Such a Good Man: A Story, by Walter Besant and James Rice.. •57, 113, 225, 377 Three Friends of Mine: De Quincey, Coleridge, and Poe, by St. Quentin

359 Through Sorrow to Love : A Story from the German, translated by A. H. B., Cobourg. 157 Through the Phosphate Country to the Desert, by J. G. Bourinot.

23 Uniform Non-local Time, by Canadensis

648 Wanted, Good Board : A Tale in five chapters, by F. R.....

608 What can we know of the Future Life? by Bildad

626 William Penn, by T. C. B. Fraser

408 Witches of Warboys, The, by A. Spencer Jones


.119-138 Book REVIEWS.....

109, 224, 328, 442, 554, 678 CURRENT EVENTS

95, 210, 317, 428, 539, 665 ROUND THE TABLE

88, 204, 309, 422, 535, 659


Aca Nada, by Kay Livingstone

606 April Day, An, by Fidelis

502 Canada, by Nicholas Flood Davin

350 Evolution : A Sonnet, by A. W. G.....

647 Fallen Idols, by M. E. Muchall.....

72 Home, by H. M.

464 Horizons, by Gowan Lea

596 Hyacinthus, by R. T. Nichol..

420 Love and Pride, by Fidelis

274 Madrigal, A, by Alice Horton...

185 Minstrel's Curse, The : A Ballad from the German of Uhland, translated by W. T.... 488 Multum in Parvo, by F. R....... Passing of Autumn, The, by R. T. Nichol......

146 Reflections, by Gowan Lea.......

42 Shine Inward: A Sonnet, by Laurentius...

265 Sonnet, by Marvin Seaton ....

402 Summer Home, A: A Sonnet, by C. L. Cleaveland

576 To a Latter-day Hypatia : A Despiser of Love and Marriage, by A. W. G............. 164


[blocks in formation]

Author of · A Princess of Thule,' 'Daughter of Heth,' ' Three Feathers,' 'Strange Adven

tures of a Phaeton,' etc.




of building roads, schools, and bridges at the cost of the mere speculators. It was said that these very non-resident speculators, whose

ranks we had been tempted to join, were the ND here also, as at Chicago, the demon curse of the country, and that all laws passed

of speculation was nearly getting the to tax them, and to relieve the real residents, better of our small and not by any means were just. Very well; but what was that other wealthy party. It was a terrible temptation statement about the arrears of taxes owing by to hear of all those beautiful grazing lands these unhappy wretches ? Was it fair of the close by in the Platte Valley, the freehold of government of any State or any country in which was to be purchased for a song. The the world to sell such debts by auction, and fact is, things were rather bad at Omaha give the buyer the right of extorting forty per while we were there ; and although every cent. per annum until the taxes were paid ? body tried to hang on to his real estate in We regarded our friends. We hinted that hopes of better times, still the assessments this statement was a capital credulometer. pressed hard, and one could have very eligi- The faith that can accept it is capable of ble “lots” at very small prices. No doubt any thing. there were ominous rumours about. We These profound researches into the conheard something, as we went further west, dition of public affairs in Omaha, during the about county commissioners, elected by the further day or two we lingered there, were homesteaders and pre-emptors, who are free partly owing to vague dreams of the pleafrom taxation, going rather wild in the way sure of proprietorship, but no doubt they

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