The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, Том 1

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Стр. 193 - A Letter from Mr. Gibber to Mr. Pope, Inquiring into the Motives that might induce him in his Satyrical Works, to be frequently fond of Mr. Gibber's Name.
Стр. 231 - ... Handel has set up an oratorio against the operas, and succeeds. He has hired all the goddesses from farces and the singers of Roast Beef* from between the acts at both theatres, with a man with one note in his voice, and a girl without ever an one ; and so they sing, and make brave hallelujahs ; and the good company encore the recitative, if it happens to have any cadence like what they call a tune.
Стр. cxxvii - Yes, she has one, I must aver : When all the world conspires to praise her, The woman's deaf and does not hear.
Стр. 191 - ... in the street, and others honest labouring women. One of the dead was a poor washerwoman, big with child, who was returning home late from washing. One of the constables is taken, and others absconded; but I question if any of them will suffer death, though the greatest criminals in this town are the officers of justice; there is no tyranny they do not exercise, no villainy of which they do not partake.
Стр. lxvii - One night in the beginning of November, 1749, as I was returning from Holland House by moonlight, about ten at night, I was attacked by two highwaymen in Hyde Park, and the pistol of one of them going off accidentally, razed the skin under my eye, left some marks of shot on my face, and stunned me. The ball went through the top of the chariot, and if I had sat an inch nearer to the left side, must have gone through my head.
Стр. cxix - Twelfth-night, at Court, had won so large a sum of money, that he thought it imprudent to carry it home in the dark, and deposited it with the mistress. Thence the Queen inferred great intimacy, and thenceforwards Lord Chesterfield could obtain no favour from Court ; and finding himself desperate, went into Opposition.
Стр. 58 - Talibus Ilioneus : cuncti simul ore fremebant Dardanidae. 560 Tum breviter Dido, vultum demissa, profatur : Solvite corde metum, Teucri ; secludite curas. Res dura et regni novitas me talia cogunt Moliri, et late fines custode tueri.
Стр. 1 - Ah me ! what boots us all our boasted power, Our golden treasure, and our purple state ; They cannot ward the inevitable hour, Nor stay the fearful violence of fate.
Стр. 330 - Resolution and capacity were all they wanted to bring it about ; for the impcriousness and universal contempt which their rival had for them, and for the rest of the ministry, and for the rest of the nation, had made almost all men his enemies ; and, indeed, he took no pains to make friends : his maxim was, " Give any man the crown on his side, and he can defy everything.
Стр. 56 - I am employed pour barbouiller une page de 7 pounces et demie en hauteur, et 5 en largeur ; and to inform you that we are at Florence, a city of Italy, and the capital of Tuscany : the latitude I cannot justly tell, but it is governed by a prince called Great Duke; an excellent place to employ all one's animal sensations in, but utterly contrary to one's rational powers.

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