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MY DEAR LORD, upon a body of Clergy, opI HAVE already mention- posed to his avowed wish to ed publicly why I delayed liberalize the Church, the to explain a statement of unpopularity of a measure Mr. Dodsworth with regard which his own acts had certo my teaching and practice, tainly favoured, and the fever which has been commented which his letter at once proupon very extensively, and duced and is still producing in a spirit of much bitterness. in the country against ClerI had wished, also, if I gymen who are quietly disentered upon it at all, to charging their duty in their dwell with some fulness upon parishes, seem to make it inthe doctrine of the Eucha- cumbent upon me at once to ristic Sacrifice, in order the render to your Lordship a rather to explain the state- brief explanation of those ment which bears upon it. statements. But the use which has been inade of your Lordship's observations by the Prime Minister of the Crown-in order, I must think, to turn

Without further detaining your Lordship, I will set down the statements of Mr. Dodsworth, and offer a brief explanation of each.

A few additions to this Letter are enclosed in brackets.


2 Confession, not restrained by the English Church.

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I. By your [my] constant and common practice of administering the sacrament of penance; by encouraging every where, if not enjoining, auricular confession; and giving special priestly absolution."

What my practice has foundation), nor had I ever been, I have already explain- the slightest doubt. I did ed in outline1. I cannot, as not apply to your Lordship, I said, pretend to recollect simply because I had no all which I had done or said doubt which could occasion in twelve years. But I do me to do so. Our Prayer mean that I have desired Book places no limitation. honestly to carry out the It says that it is requisite principles and mind of the for people to come to Holy Church of England. Communion with a quiet

My desire has been sim- conscience, and, if they need ply to exercise, in obedience it, suggests this mode of to the Church, "the office quieting it. I am not aware and work of a Priest, com- that any Divine or Bishop mitted unto" me "by the in our Church, since the Imposition of" the Bishop's Reformation, has excepted "hands," for the relief of against any thing, except those souls who come to me making confession compulfor that end. I, in common sory. The Divines whose with all the Presbyters whom writings on this subject I I know, fully believed that have observed, seem to me the Church gave power to to lay especial stress on her children, to go to any "comfort as one object of priest they had confidence it. They followed herein, in, in order to " open their doubtless, the language of griefs" for "the benefit of the Prayer Book, which absolution." No doubt was speaks especially of " comever raised upon it, until fort," and of "quieting the very lately (and then, I am conscience," and of "avoidsatisfied, wholly without ing scruple." They had

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1 Letter to Mr. Richards, p. 134-136. Postscript, p. 265—

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