A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits

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Arcade Publishing, 1998 - Всего страниц: 282
Demons are protean, they are enchanting, and they are as invisible as microbes. They may even be microbes. They are everywhere. They inhabit every grain of sand and molecule of water. They lurk at crossroads, crouch at the door, hide in trees, slip into beds, wait in caves, slide down chimneys, hover at weddings and childbirths, follow caravans, pretend to be friends, mates, or grandmothers -- even pretend to be you.Demons are powerful. Watching them is a thrilling and transformative pastime. This introduction to the vibrant global species will aid the beginner in approaching the field. Learn how to recognize many demon species, where to travel to find them, and what equipment and amulets are traditionally carried along to fend them off. Illustrated throughout, this guide is indispensable for both the novice and the experienced demon spotter.

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Пользовательский отзыв  - michaeladams1979 - LibraryThing

Have had this for years. Primarily use it as reference material for quick synopses of supernatural entities, although I've read a lot of these entries are very over-simplified and sometimes ... Читать весь отзыв

LibraryThing Review

Пользовательский отзыв  - hrtsmom - LibraryThing

I got this book hoping for the sort of folklore exploration in the Time-Life Enchanted World series, or William Butler Yeats's "Irish Fairy & Folk Tales", but I was sorely disappointed. I found the ... Читать весь отзыв


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