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No. 337. Vol. 29.

One Halfpenny. JANUARY, 1866.






Most of our English boys and girls have seen one of these great animals either inside a show or walking down a street.

Inside the show the man who feeds it teaches it to do many funny things. When not' teased or vexed it is very quiet, and will let boys ride on its great broad back, or it will take a ginger-bread nut very quietly with its long trunk out of the open hand of a child.

When seen in a street it is a great clumsy-looking thing, with its thick legs and broad feet. One day some wagons with wild beasts in them were going through a small town, an elephant walking first. Hearing a noise, an aged woman went to the door to see what was the matter. Looking for a minute she called out to those in the house, “ Come and look ! here is one of Pickford's wagons coming down the street with a man on the top. What can he be doing there ?” She made a mistake. It was the elephant and his keeper.

But in those countries, like India and Burmah, where these creatures run wild, the people catch

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them and train them to do many things. When they want to make a great show they dress the elephant very grand. A seat is then fixed fast on its back, in which the Prince rides, a man standing near him with an umbrella to shade off the hot rays of the sun ; and the keeper, with a long rod in his hand to guide it, sits on its neck. The people, some on horseback and some on foot, with flags, and drums, and large horns, crowd before and around the huge beast, which seems proud of its place and the great man it carries on its back.

They are all black men who live in those countries. They are fond of making grand shows, and as they have plenty of rich silks, and gold, and precious gems, which glitter in the sunshine, the people are proud to display them. We were going to remind you that all this is

very childish to be so pleased with show and finery; but when we call to mind that in England, where the people ought to know better, there are many men, aye, and women too, who are fond of such gaudy shows, we must not blame these black people too much; or, they might say, “ Doctor, cure thyself.”

But to make a grand show with their elephants is not the worst thing this people do with them. They


teach them how to fight. But we shall not tell you about this now, as we intend to give you next time a picture of an Elephant in a Battle.


ONE step and then another,

And the longest walk is ended ;
One stitch and then another,

And the largest rent is mended;

One brick upon another,

And the highest wall is made;
One flake upon another,

And the deepest snow is laid.
So the little coral-workers,

By their slow but constant motion,
Have built those pretty islands

Far off in the blue ocean.

Little drops of water,

Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,

And the pleasant strand.
So little words of kindness,

Little deeds of love,
Would make the world we live in

More like heaven above.

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