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steady, and mind my work; and I did; and this led the captain of the ship to trust me, and now I am first mate of the vessel with good wages.”

“Well: I am pleased to hear that too. But as all these good things come from God, let us kneel down and thank him."

And they did so.

Joe gave his old teacher a handsome donation for the school, and Mr. Ray never, after that, ever doubted whether he was doing good or not, but went on sowing the good seed, and left it in the hands of God to make it grow.

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“ ALL LIGHT NOW, MOTHER.” A GOOD littte boy, who loved when he was well to hear and read about Jesus coming from heaven to save us, was taken ill, and for months he was in a very weak state. He had many friends who loved him very much, and sent him presents of fruit, and jellies, and other nice things. One day he wished them to take some of the jelly to an old man who was lame and very feeble. When any of his friends sent him money to buy any thing he would like for himself, he mostly put it in his mission box, to buy


books, he said, for poor black children, And so this dear boy tried to do good, as Jesus Christ did, to the helpless and the needy.

But he got worse, and his mother told him that she was afraid he would not get better again. After that he seemed to be in trouble sometimes about dying, but his mother comforted him by telling him again of the love of Jesus, who would not forsake him. A short time before he died he was more cheerful, and said, “Mother, Jesus is with me; it is all light now. Dont cry, mother, I shall soon with the angels stand.” No doubt he is among them now.

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THE sun had sunk down in the distant west;
The moon shone clearly on the chamber floor,
Where a sad mother laid her boy to rest,
And then with noiseless tread she closed the door.
An angel entered with shining wings
And spread them o'er the sleeper as he lay;
Then in his dreaming ears he gently sings
A song of heaven and its bright realms of day,
All that long night the mother never slept;
With anxious eyes she watched her darling boy;
And when the angel took him then she wept,
For she had lost her hope, and crown, and joy.


But when a coffin borne by maids in white
Was carried from the threshold of the door,
The mother said, “The ways of God are right,
For now my child is safe for evermore!"

L. C. S.



DEAR MOTHER, when the day is gone,

And it is time for me to sleep,
When the bright stars come one by one,

And over us their watches keep-
When by my bed with bended knee,

I to “ Our Fatber" try to pray, Will He then listen unto me,

And hear the words that I shall say ?
He is in heaven and we on earth;

How far it is we cannot tell,
From this dark world of ours beneath

Up to the place where angels dwell;
But He is higher far than they,

On his bright throne of glory bright; How very little I must be,

How less than nothing in his sight. He hears the song each angel sings

Who bends before His glorious throne, And hides his face behind his wings,

Before the high and holy ONE


But I am not so good as they ;

Like them I do not holy live; 0, will Ho hear me when I pray

That he will all my sins forgive ?


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My child, the God who makes the day,

And draws the curtain of the night,
Whose voice the earth and sea obey,

And all yon starry worlds of light,
Looks down from His high throne above,

And sees each single sparrow fall;
He cares for them, and His great love

Will care for you-will care for all. ·
Fear not then that He will not heed;

The humble whisper of our prayers ;
He knoweth all we wish or need;

He hears our sighs, and sees our tears.
To children He is always kind,

And loves to see them seek his grace,
For Jesus said, bear that in mind,

In heaven they see my Father's face."
So do not fear that God most high

Will not regard a child like you,
For He will listen when you cry,
“My Father guide

and save me too.”
That prayer will reach Him on his throne, i

For Jesus will present it there,
And send the Holy Spirit down

To comfort thee--so do not fear.




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