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here, was in advance of the rest, and when he reached the top of the hill, he shouted:

“ Safe! Safe! Safe!”

Now what could have caused this sudden joy? He saw the spire of a church in the valley. And why should this assure him of safety ? He knew that missionaries were there, and that the gospel had been preached, and the once savage islanders had learned the ways of peace.

And these men were not disappoint-ed in their hopes. They came down to the valley, and were received with kindness, not only by the missionaries, but by the natives,

These men owed their safety to the fact that these islanders had been taught the religion of Christ. Now you are no less indebted to the gospel for the peace and safety which you enjoy. Without this holy influence, you would be no better than heathen nations are, and the little girls who are now so tenderly beloved and cared for would have been cast out by their parents to perish, or if they grew up, would be little better than slaves.

Dear children, if you owe so much to the gospel, what will you do to prove your love to Him who died that He might give you its blessings ? And what


will you do to help send it to those who are perishing for the want of it?

Remember these questions, and try to answer them to yourselves. Some of you belong to Sabbath schools where weekly or monthly offerings are made for missions, and I hope you do not forget to do your part. If any of you belong to schools where this is not done, I hope you will speak to your teachers about it, and ask them to give you and your school a chance to do something to send the gospel to the heathen.


Thus does Moses, the servant of the Most High God, speak of the cre-a-tion of the stars. Their number is very great, far too great for any one to count. But that is not what I want to tell you about now.

It is of the shooting stars. When all my readers were in bed fast asleep on Tuesday night, Novem-ber 13th, there was a grand sight to be seen in the sky. About twelve of the clock at night many bright little points of white light darted along-all shooting from the part of the sky

[blocks in formation]

where the sun rises. They then came in what seemed like a shower; and during one hour alone some wise men who were watching them could count as many as seventeen hundred! This shower has been called by some “ce-les-tial fireworks ;" but no rockets or squibs that man made could be seen by so many persons at once. All over the world men were looking at these stars darting along in the sky. There were many out of their beds that night watching them. In London the people got into the open squares where they could see more sky; and even in the country some walked about in the big fields for more than an hour. Let us hope their love of star-gazing did not give them colds on that winterly night.

Some men who are wise about stars say that these showers of stars come every thirty-three years, and about the same time of night. It is quite true that there was just such a shower thirty-three years back; and the first time they were seen to be noticed by men wise about stars was sixty-six years ago.

Is it not won-der-ful that we can know beforehand when these showers of stars will come ? But what these stars are is not so well known by us. You read, however, in the Bible, that so great is the know“O, LITTLE CHILD, LIE STILL AND SLEEP !"

ledge of God, and so great is His might, that “He calleth the stars by their name: because of His might, not one faileth.” And it is the same great God who not only knows and cares for the stars, but for you. He is very good, and full of love, and of great mercy. Never cease to think of that. Our blessed Lord Jesus Christ is also called “the bright and morning star.” Is not that a very beau-ti-ful name?


O, LITTLE CHILD, lie still and sleep,

Jesus is near;

Thou need'st not fear-
No one need fear whom God doth keep

By day or night,
Then lay thee down in slumber deep,

Till morning light.

O, little child, thou need'st not wake,

Though round thy bed

Are dangers spread,
Thy Saviour will take care of thee,

For He is strong,
And Angels watch thee, for His sake,

The whole night long.


0, little child, lie still and rest,

He sweetly sleeps

Whom Jesus keeps,
And in the morning wake, how blest

His child to be,
Love every one, but love Him best,

He first loved thee.


LORD JESUS! who hast died for me,
That I might live in heaven with thee,
Look on a little child with love,
And help me from thy throne above.

My naughty tempers, Lord, subdue,
And all my sinful habits too;
And make me humble, patient, mild,
A gentle, loving, holy child.

Lord Jesus! who hast died for me,
Help me to give my heart to thee;
Oh, fill it with thy love divine,
And make it pure and good like thine."


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