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claws. You must be careful not to let your angry passions rise. Children's hands were never made to tear each other's eyes: so the little hymn says. Try to have a gentle and loving heart, and then your actions will be gentle and loving."

A CHILD'S QUESTION. A sweet little girl, named Sarah, had been to chapel, and went home full of what she had seen and heard. Sitting at the table with the family, she asked her father, who had been to chapel, but who was a very wicked man, whether he ever prayed. He did not like the question, and, in a very angry manner, replied

“Is it your mother, or Aunt Sally, who told you that, my little girl ?”

No, papa,” said the little thing; "the preacher said, “All good people pray, and those who don't pray are not going to the kingdom of heaven. Pa, do you pray?

This was more than her father could bear, and in a rough way he said ; " Well, you and your mother, and your Aunt Sally, may go your way, and I will

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go mine.



Pa," said the little creature, with sweet simpli-city, “ which way a ryou going ?

This question pierced his heart. It flashed upon him that he was in the way to death. He started from his chair and burst into tears. Within a few days he was a happy convert, and I believe he will appear in the kingdom of heaven as a star in his little daughter's crown of rejoicing.


CHILDREN, do you love each other?

Are you always kind and true ?
Do you always do to others

As you'd have them do to you?
Are you gentle to each other ?

Are you careful, day by day,
Not to give offence by actions

In your work or in your play?
Little children, love each other;

Never give another pain :
If your brother speaks in anger,

Answer not in wrath again.
Be not selfish to each other,

Never mar another's rest,
Strive to make each other happy,

And you'll find yourselves are blest.

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PASSION AND PATIENCE. You see those two boys sitting each in his own chair ? If you look at them you will also see that one boy sits very still, and clasps his hands fast to-gether, and looks very grave. His name is PA-TIENCE. The other boy, with his arms lifted up, is looking at the man with the bag, and seems to be full of mirth at what is being thrown out of the bag. His name is PASSION. There


if you look, two men behind the chairs of the boys. That man with a cap in his right hand, and a great bur-den on his back, is named PILGRIM. The other man who stands just behind the boy named PasSION is telling PILGRIM what great lesson these two boys should teach. His name is MR. IN-TER-PRE-TER.

MR. IN-TER-PRE-TER tells PILGRIM that the boy PASSION is like some men who want all their good things now, and cannot wait until the next world for their best things. They have what looks like a bag full of good things, but all these they spread about, and at last there is nothing left but rags. The boy PATIENCE is one who is will-ing to wait for the best when God shall give it, which will be in the other world.

You will find this story in that won-der-ful book, John Bun-yan's Pilgrim's Progress. Try to learn Pilgrim's lesson your-selves.

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FISHER-BOYS. Most boys like to do what they see their fathers do. If they see their fathers make wheels or waggons, or ropes, or knives, they want to make them also. This is not at all strange; be-cause boys have hands, and 80 find that they can use them, and want to use them.

Now all boys who live by the sea like things which have to do with the sea. One of their first toys is a

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