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once had a Christian mother. She had passed away long since. Yet her counsels to “ seek the Lord early" were sounding in his ears.

Life's busy scenes and cares had made him to forget her words. He thought of it long and bitterly; but even now business is taking his time and attention, and the subject was again put off.

The next morning Harry was at the printing office early, ready to make himself useful, as he said. By his active and willing obedi-ence he soon made many friends.

He had been there about two weeks, when Mr. Gay gave orders for quicker work in the office, as there was a large amount to be done in a few days. That night, before Harry went to sleep, he thought he would get up very early in the morning, so as to have everything in order early. “It is but little that

. I can do," said he; “but I will do what I can." And with this he soon fell asleep. After a long time he awoke. It looked

dark. He thought it could not be near morning yet. He was just falling asleep when the clock struck five. “ Time to get up,” thought he; and suiting the action to the word, he was soon dressed. He lighted his little lamp, read a chapter in his Bible, and then




knelt for a few moments at his bedside, to seek God's blessing on the day and its work.

Upon going into Mr. Gay's room, he set to work to light the fire. Then he looked after the other fires, giving them the care they needed before he began to sweep the office, He had nearly done sweeping, when he heard a step at the door, and looking round he saw Mr. Gay standing at the door.

“ Well, my boy, how is this, that you are up so early? It is but little more than five o'clock.”

“ Why, sir,” said Harry, “I heard you say you had a great deal to do, and I am going to help all I can.”

“ Well, well,” said Mr. Gay, “I see you told the truth when you said you were not afraid to work. What made you think of getting up ?”

“ That everything might be ready early, sir," he answered. “ There is one verse in my Bible that I love to think of every day; and I think it helps me to do right. It is this : Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.'

“A faithful boy will become a good and useful man,” said Mr. Gay, as he passed into his room.

Strange,” thought he, “how that boy seems to live out what the Bible teaches ! I must try to seek to

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do this myself.” For two hours business was set aside, that he might seek after lasting good.

Let us hope that the example of Harry may still be blessed.


Did you ever see her,

The little fairy sprite, Who came glancing through our household,

Like a ray of golden light ?
Whose little feet kept dancing,

Never weary until eve
Threw its purple shadow o'er us,

And the good night kiss she gave ?

Did you ever see her,

With her floating curls of brown, As she gladly ran to meet us

Coming from the distant town? As she greeted us with kisses,

'Twas the sweetest welcome home To hear her bird-voice lisping

“O! I'm so glad you've come !"


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Did you ever see her,

With her eyes of azure blue ?
They were sometimes filled with tear-drops,

Like a violet with dew;
Oftener they were laughing, dancing,

Shining, twinkling, bright with joy,
As she told some pretty story

Of her kitten or a toy.

And you did not see her

When those patting feet were still,
When the little hands were folded,

Not by their sweet owner's will;
When the eyes were closed so gently,

And the curls of soft brown hair,
By the hands of friends were parted

From her forehead pure and fair.

And you did not see her

When they shut the coffin-lid,
And our little fairy darling

From our sight forever hid ;
With her going went our sunlight-

From our home 'tis ever gone ;
May we say with truth and calmness,

Not my will, but Thine, be done!

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