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Then the traders were angry, and took the man before a judge. The judge could not find any cause against the man why he should be charged either with lying or theft. Then the traders thought he dealt in magic; and as they did not like magic in that country, they now thought they should get the judge to put the man in prison.

The man then spoke out for himself. And this was what he said :“I will tell you all I know, then


will see if I have said the truth. I have lived long in the desert, and even here I see much to think about. I saw the track of a camel ; and I knew it had come away from its owner because there were no men's feet after the feet of the camel. I thought the camel was blind in one eye, because he had only cropped off the grass on one side of the path. I know it was lame from the faint marks one of its feet made on the sand. I thought it had lost a tooth, since the grass was left unbitten in the middle where it had been touched. And as to what the camel carried, I had only to look at the ants carrying away the wheat on one side, and the swarm of flies eating the honey on the other !"

So the judge smiled, and the traders, and the man was let go.


“ FETCH ME HOME." Happy Death of John George W., of Sutton-in-Ashfield. A FEW months ago a little boy was taken ill. He had the measles, and was very bad. Before he was ill he was very fond of going to the Sunday-school, and had learnt some nice hymns. Whilst he was ill, he looked up at his father and mother, and said, “I am going to leave here," as if he knew he was about to die. · Once he thought he saw a band of little folks in the room, and his friends thought they were angels come to take him away. When he got worse, his father was nursing him. He said, “ Father, sing." His father said, “What shall I sing ?” He said, « Come to Jesus.” So his father and those in the room sang

“ Come to Jesus," as he wished. Then they sang another hymn ; but he did not like that so well; and asked them to sing " Come to Jesus" again. Just before he died, he looked up and said, “ Fetch me, “ Fetch me home !" then he smiled, and all was over. He had gone home. • Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

“This lovely bud so young and fair,

Called hence by early doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise would bloom."


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ONE honest John Tomkins, a hedger and ditcher,
Although he was poor, did not want to be richer;
For all these vain wishes to him were prevented
By a fortunate habit of being contented.
Though cold were the weather, or dear were the food,
John never was found in a murmuring mood;
For this he was constantly heard to declare,-
What he could not prevent he would cheerfully bear.
“For why should I grumble and murmur ?" he said ;
“If I cannot get meat, I'll be thankful for bread;
And, though fretting may make my calamities deeper,
It never can cause bread and cheese to be cheaper."
If John was afflicted with sickness or pain,
He wished himself - better, but did not complain
Nor lie down to fret in despondence and sorrow,
But said that he hoped to be better to-morrow.
If any one wronged him, or treated him ill,
Why, John was good-natured and sensible still ;
For he said that revenging the injury done
Would be making two rogues where there need be but one.
And thus honest John, though his station was humble,
Passed through this sad world without even a grumble ;
And 'twere well if some folk who are greater and richer
Would copy John Tomkins, the hedger and ditcher.

-Jane Taylor.

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The high

THE HIGH PRIEST. You will see in our picture two priests. One of them is standing near the altar, from which smoke is now going up. He is a common priest. The other priest, with the brazen censer in his hand, is the -high priest. You will at once see that his dress is not like the dress of the other priest. priest has a turban on his head, and round the part which fits to his forehead there is a golden rim, and on this golden rim are cut, deep in, the words— - Holiness to the Lord.” He has on his breast his breast-plate. No one wore this but the high priest. The breast-plate was made of twelve precious stones, and on each stone was cut the name of one of the sons of Jacob. The high priest did not always this very

fine and beau-ti-ful dress. When he went into the most holy place, he had on nothing but a plain white linen dress.

Aaron was the first high priest among the Jews. There were many high priests after him. have only one High Priest, that is, Jesus Christ. He has offered Himself-once for all—for us, and He has now gone into “the holy place”-heaven itself. When we pray to God, we pray to Him, through our High Priest, Jesus Christ. Always think of that.


But we

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