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copies of this book for each of the young Princes, Albert Edward, now Prince of Wales, and Alfred, now Duke of Edinburgh. Another little book for very young children was called “ The Holy Child; or, Life of the Saviour.” Your friend was also able to finish another book before he died, and saw the first proof of it. This is for mothers; and is called “The Christian Mother." His last work was the getting ready of the June number of this Magazine. He did not live to finish it. Before our young readers had it in their hands, God had called him to his rest. He was a good man, and feared God above


He died on the 28th of May, 1866, aged seventy-one. “ Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”

Children, you have lost a true friend, and one who was never weary of working for you. He was one of the first in England to print good little magazines for children. So much did some in other lands like these Magazines, that when the King and his great men were afraid of bigger books, they chose the “Children's Magazine," and even printed it by name, as one that might come.

But though you have lost a true friend, there is One Friend who never dies; the one Friend about whom your

old Editor has so often written, because he was anxious


should love him best. Give your young hearts to Him, even to God your Father, and you shall be blessed, living or dying.

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FALLS IN FORT MONTGOMERY CREEK. The scenery on the river Hudson, in America, is the most beautiful in the world. Those who have seen both the Rhine and the Hudson, give the palm to the Hudson.

There are many small streams flowing into the Hudson; or, as the Americans call them, creeks. The small stream which is now called Fort Montgomery Creek was once known by the curious Dutch namePaplopen's Kill. The banks of the creek are high and steep, and on the south side are richly covered with trees.

Less than half a mile from the broad deep waters at the mouth of the creek, where large vessels may anchor, the creek is a wild mountain stream, rushing into the calm tide-water through narrow valleys and dark ravines.

The artist sketched on the spot the scene in our engraving. There are on this creek thousands of charming pictures, such as artists love to sketch, and all lovers of beauty would walk long miles to see. There is a small dam thrown across the creek, which is used to send the water to a mill a few rods below. You will see the dam at the end of the stream in the picture.



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NORMANS, AND THEIR CASTLES. ONCE the Saxons filled England. In the attempt made by the Normans to gain possession of this country the Saxons suffered very bitterly. Whole


counties were laid waste by William the Conqueror, houses were burnt to ashes, the cattle seized, and at least a hundred thousand persons perished by sword and famine. If a man happened to be rich, or noble, or powerful, it was enough crime in the king's eyes. His property was taken away, his rank despised, his power broken. William gave the robbers who came over with him a share in the spoils. Some of the poorest of his companions were made rich by their plunder.

But if there were so many Saxons killed, there were still thousands who yearned for their freedom, and who were always gathering together to make some terrible effort to regain their farms and their liberties. The castles which had been used by the Saxon nobles to protect themselves against robbers, the Normans seized and made stronger; and then used them as a means of crushing the people. In these vast piles of stone, with their narrow windows, and thick walls, and massive doors, the Normans could retire when defeated, and sally out to surprise and overthrow the rapidly disappearing Saxons.

If these old walls could speak, many tales of blood would be brought to light. Barons and monks vied with each other in their cruelty. Innocent people who fell into their hands had then no law to protect

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