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father where I was; I did not know. I could'nt find my grandma's."

Then the man blew his horn three short, loud, glad blasts, which told the good news far and near. Tongue cannot tell what gratitude filled the hearts of those who heard it. The women cried for joy. Men who were still in the search left off, and quickly turned their steps towards the Fletcher's cottage.

Mrs. Fletcher, at the first blast of the horn, ran in the direction whence it came. And who can describe the mother's feelings when she clasped her darling child once more to her bosom ? She could only sob and

say, “ Thank God, thank God!" How came Betty to lose her way ? the children will want to know. She ran into the woods after a squirrel, and could not find the path again. Were they not a happy family that morning-father, mother, and all the neighbours ? Never was there such rejoicing; and they did not forget to praise God.

This will help us understand how happy our heavenly Father is when we are found. Found? Are we lost? The Bible says so. When we stray away from the right way we are lost. Jesus searches for us. He came on purpose to seek and to save the lost. He came to find us, and to bring us back to our dear



heavenly Father; and he cries, “Come, come unto

With sorry and sad hearts let us turn from our sins, and run into the arms of our Saviour. That makes joy in heaven. Yes, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” You see then what makes the angels glad.

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And when the prattling infant speaks

The name the Mother taught,
And “Father" from its soft lips breaks

With thrilling magic fraught,
Some tender word is the reply,
Enforc'd by eloquence of eye-

This is a Father's love.

How blest his thoughts, when on his knee

The little scholar learns;
He fancies what the man shall be,

And sparks of mind discerns :
Those sparks set all his soul in flame,
The cause there is no need to name-
This is a Father's love.


Behold the boy through childhood speed,

And the more dangerous ways Where many a pierced heart doth bleed,

Where sin rash youth betrays: But there is still a guardian eye, A Father's vigilance is nigh

Such is a Father's love.

He bears his name in all his prayers,

If ever he doth pray;
Nor rids him of paternal care,

In life's declining day.

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God, who is Love, his love displays

Beneath a Father's name,
To prove 'tis not a transient blaze,

But ever-glowing flame :
But here earth's loves all fade away,
Like twinkling stars in heaven's bright day-

This is a Father's love.

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WHAT is this? It is a “Stag Beetle," and is so called because it has horns like a stag. You will see these horns if you look at this picture. This beetle is large, if not one of the largest found in England. From the tips of its jaws to the end of its body it

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