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Blest they who seek,
While in their youth,
With spirit meek,

The way of truth.
To them the sacred Scriptures now display,
Christ as the only true and living way;
His precious blood on Calvary was given
To make them heirs of endless bliss in heaven.
And e'en on earth the child of God can trace,
The glorious blessings of his Saviour's grace.

For them be bore
His father's frown;
For them be wore
The thorny crown ;
Nailed to the cross,
Endured its pain,
That his life's loss
Might be their gain.
Then haste to choose
That better part,
Nor ever dare refuse
The Lord your heart,
Lest he declare
“I know you not;"
And deep despair

For ever be your lot.
Now look to Jesus who on Calvary died,
And trust on Him alone who there was crucified.


THE FLOWER IN THE WINDOW. SOME tidy village housewives are very clever in raising a few nice plants and flowers, either in the bit of garden before the cottage, or in pots in the window, This is a picture of a handsome flower in a cottage


window. But great care is needful in growing these window flowers. They must have water when they want it, but not too much ; and their leaves must be kept clean from dust, for dust will hinder flowers from growing almost more than any thing else. Some thrifty wives often make a few shillings in springtime by selling a few of their best plants and flowers,

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This is a picture of one of those narrow streets which exist in modern Jerusalem. Only very few windows of the houses are in the streets, and these are very small. That round dome at the end of the street, behind the man riding on the camel, is a Turkish mosque, or chapel. The arch across the street is a ruin of some ancient building. There are many pieces of old walls built up into the modern houses in modern Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a very wonderful city, the most wonderful city in the whole world.

Other cities may have been more beautiful, and richer ; but this “ city of the Great King" will always stand first before all others. Here David and Solomon lived and reigned and died. Here the holy prophets spake as they were moved by God himself. It was in this city also that the Son of God often dwelt. He foretold its sack by the Romans many years before that awful event took place, and said that the misery which should then be endured by the people in it, men, women, and children, was so great that none like it had ever been felt in the world before, and none like it would ever be felt again,

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