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graceful arch, we cannot but admire them. As one of our poets says:

“ The stately Swan
Gives out its plumage to the gale,
And, arching proud his neck, with oary feet,

Bears forward." But, though so much may be said of the beauty of the swan when swimming in stately and silent pride on the water, he is one of the most clumsy waddling creatures that ever tried to walk when once he sets his broad-webbed feet on land. No doubt those webfeet are good things to use as oars to move him along with beauty and grace on the water, but they seem as if they were of little use to him in walking. Indeed, he always seems to be in pain when he tries to walk.

Our swans in England are all tame, but the wild swans are far more numerous in America and other lands ; our tame ones scarcely ever fly at all, but the wild ones fly in great flocks, and so fast, that when they go with the wind they have been known to fly at the rate of one hundred miles an hour that is twice as fast as one of our fastest railway trains ! Wild swans mostly lay seven eggs of an olive green colour, one of which would be enough for a man's dinner without any thing else.

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LITTLE SARAH. This dear girl was always ready to go to sabbath school and day school. She was pleased to attend the house of God and to read the Bible. Her parents were good people, so she was brought up to fear God and love the name of Jesus.

But she was taken ill, and it was soon found that she must die. One day she called to her mother and said, “Mother, will you forgive me?" Her mother replied, “ Sarah, I have nothing to forgive you for: you have always been a good child, and I have always loved you.” She then told her mother how she had once done wrong by not obeying her, and again asked, “Mother, will you forgive me?" Her mother said, “I have long since forgiven you for that, my dear; but you must ask the Lord to forgive you." She replied, “I have done so, mother,


I've cast my sins on Jesus,

The spotless Lamb of God :
He bore them all and freed us

From the accursed load.” Then putting her arms round her mother's neck, she said, “ I love you, mother; but I love the Lord Jesus better; and I am going to be with him. Three of my


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cousins are in heaven, and I shall soon be there to welcome


father when you come.” About two hours before her death her father asked whether she had any doubt of her future happiness; Her reply was,

“I the chief of sinners am,

But Jesus died for me." The last line she repeated again and again. When dying she said, “The Lord help me to say, Thy will be done,”” and very soon after her eyes were closed in death,

Many teachers and children attended her funeral. A teacher said, 6 Whoever was absent Sarah was at school. I never had to ask her attention. Her heart was always full, as might be noticed in her sparkling eye and tender voice. I thought she would grow up to be a very useful teacher. But she is gone! She sent for me when nigh unto death. I soon went. When I entered into the room her eyes sparkled as if lit up by the light of heaven, and her hand was stretched out to me. She began at once to talk of the Saviour's love, and how happy she was in the assurance of going to be with him for ever. Not one word about her illness ; all about Jesus and the sabbath-school. •I want you,' she said, “to tell the


children to be sure and be good, and not to grieve their teachers; but give their hearts to God, and love the blessed Saviour, that we all may meet in heaven.' With her soft hand she stroked me down the face, and shewed such tender feeling, that I could scarcely refrain from weeping for joy. We all joined in prayer; and then I left her, to see her no more until she hails me on the other side of the banks of the river."

May all the young who read this listen to the voice of that precious Saviour who said, “Suffer the little

“ children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God”-for he gathers the lambs in his arms, and carries them in his bosom.

Happy the children who are gone

To dwell with Jesus Christ above,
Who stand before his glorious throne,

And see his face and sing his love !
There to their golden harps they sing,

And tens of thousands join their songs,
Hosannas to their Lord and King,

To whom all praise for aye belongs.
Jesus our Lord! O when shall we

Be brought by thee their songs to join ;
Thy lovely face with joy to see,

And share the raptures all divine.

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