Memoirs of the baroness d'Oberkirch, countess de Montbrison, ed. by her grandson, the count de Montbrison

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Стр. 302 - The work is written by a lady of considerable learning, indefatigable industry, and careful judgment. All these qualifications for a biographer and an historian she has brought to bear upon the subject of her volumes, and from them has resulted a narrative interesting to all, and more particularly interesting to that portion of the community to •whom the more refined researches of literature afford pleasure and instruction. The whole work should be read, and no doubt will be read, by all who are...
Стр. 321 - Capt. Hall's narrative of the services of the Nemesis is full of interest, and will, we are sure, be valuable hereafter, as affording most curious materials for the history of steam navigation.
Стр. 323 - Introduction to Entomology,' by Kirby and Spence, no work in our language is better calculated than the ' Zoological Recreations' to fulfil the avowed aim of its author — to furnish a hand-book which may cherish or awaken a love for natural history.
Стр. 320 - ... grace, variety, and vigour of style — a concentrated power of description, which has all the effect of elaborate painting — information carefully collected and judiciously communicated — sound and enlarged views of important questions — a hearty and generous love of country — and the whole pervaded by a refined but sometimes caustic humour, which imparts a constant attraction to its pages. We can cordially recommend it to our readers, as well for the amusement of its lighter portions,...
Стр. 311 - The best book of its kind in the English language. The new matter is extremely curious, and occasionally far more characteristic and entertaining than the old. The writer is seen in a clearer light, and the reader is taken into his inmost soul. * Pepys' Diary" is the ablest picture of the age in which the writer lived, and a work of standard importance in English literature.
Стр. 312 - THE EXTINCT, DORMANT, & ABEYANT PEERAGES OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND. Beautifully printed, in 1 vol. 8vo, containing 800 double-column pages, 21s. bound. This work, formed on a plan precisely similar to that of Mr.
Стр. 316 - Napoleon for procuring, from exclusive and authentic sources, the choicest materials for his present work. As guardian to the archives of the state, he had access to diplomatic papers and other documents of the highest importance, hitherto known only to a privileged few, and the publication of which cannot fail to produce a great sensation. From private sources, M. Thiers, it appears, has also derived much valuable information. Many interesting memoirs, diaries, and letters, all hitherto unpublished,...
Стр. 323 - WORKS OF LADY MORGAN. 1. WOMAN AND HER MASTER. A History of the Female Sex from the earliest Period. 2 vols., 12s. 2. THE BOOK OF THE BOUDOIR. 2 vols., 10s. 3. LIFE AND TIMES OF SALVATOR ROSA. 2 vols., 12s 4. THE O'BRIENS AND THE O'FLAHERTYS. 4 vols., 14= PUBLISHED FOR HENRY COLBURN. 13 JAPAN AND THE JAPANESE, Comprising the Narrative of A THREE YEARS' CAPTIVITY IN JAPAN; With an Account of British Commercial Intercourse with that Country.
Стр. 301 - England, embodying the important collections which have been brought to light since the appearance of earlier impressions, is now offered to the world, embellished...
Стр. 316 - ... political reasons to remain so, have been placed at his disposal ; while all the leading characters of the empire, who were alive when the author undertook the present history, have supplied him with a mass of incidents and anecdotes which have never before appeared in print, and the accuracy and value of which may be inferred from the fact of these parties having been themselves eyewitnesses of, or actors in, the great events of the period. *«* To prevent disappointment, the public are requested...

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