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are already such by believing in many sinful tempers, neglecting Christ, that peace, joy, and comfort, many plain duties, and living in which any person has, before he be- many known sins. They have no lieves, cannot be the spirit of adop- doubts or fears about their state ; tion; nor can those impressions and they know that their sins are for. discoveries be from God, which assure given, and they feel no condempersons of their pardon and accept- nation in their consciences; though ance, before they are his children. no one can perceive in them those And yet, the faith, hope, and love, fruits which accompany salvation. of many religious people, are built What can we say of such peace and upon such joys and manifestations. joy? Or rather, what says our Di. They never believed in Christ, till vine Master concerning them? “Not they had an assurance that they every one that saith unto me, Lord, were the children of God; they Lord, shall enter into the kingdom never durst trust in his blood for of heaven ; but he that doeth the the remission of their sins, till they will of my Father which is in heahad received forgiveness. Such a ven. Many will say to me in that method of justification overthrows day, Lord, Lord, have we not prothe doctrine laid down in the text, phesied in thy name? and in thy name and in all Holy Scripture. Ac. have cast out devils ? and in thy cording to this scheme, a person is name done many powerful works? pardoned before he believes, and and then will I profess unto them, assured of his being a child of God I never knew you: depart from me, before he is one. But the Apostle ye that work iniquity.” Hence it here says, “ because ye are sons, plainly appears, that these bold God hath sent forth the Spirit of claims will be rejected at the last; his Son into your hearts, crying, that our confidence is a vain confi. Abba, Father.” The spirit of adop. dence, if it be stronger than our tion does not make us sons, if we evidence ; and that a high degree are not such already. It is intended of assurance, without an answerable to acquaint us with our privilege; degree of holiness, is not faith, but and must, therefore, be the conse- presumption. quence, and not the cause, of our I would now proceed to an appliacceptance into the number of the cation of our subject. You have children of God. That spirit which heard from Scripture the nature of tells a person that he is a child of that comfortable and liberal temper God, when he is not, cannot be the of mind, which is called the spirit Spirit of Truth; and all those ma- of adoption. All must desire to nifestations which tend to persuade possess it, and some may profess to an unbeliever that his sins are for have it in a considerable degree. given, are vain and delusive. We But it behoves those who are strive must, therefore, conclude, that a ing to obtain it, to see that they are course of experience which reverses striving lawfully; and those who the order laid down in the word of claim this privilege as their own, to God, is only the effect of a spirit of inquire whether their pretensions error.

are well founded. We cannot have It has already appeared that the the spirit of adoption till we are spirit of adoption cannot be main- made the children of God; and we tained, but by a patient continuance are not the children of God unless in well-doing, and preserving a con- we have been quickened by the science void of offence towards God grace of the Spirit of life which is and towards man. And yet we see in Christ Jesus, enlightened to dismany professors of religion talk of cover our ruin and our remedy, and high degrees of assurance, and reconciled to God by submitting to strong confidence of their safe con- be saved in the Gospel way, and dition, while they are indulging believing on the name of his only

begotten Son. Though an author, sured of your salvation, while you who is a greater friend to human are destitute of the marks that acreason than to the Gospel of the company it. The peace and congrace of God, affirms, that Abba, fidence you feel, in such a barren Father, is the natural language of and unfruitful state, is a delusion of the human heart ; and though many Satan, and not the spirit of adoppersons have great peace in their tion : for the Lord says, “If my consciences, and strong confidence children forsake my law and walk towards God, from a high opinion not in my judgments; then will I of their own worthiness ; yet it is visit their transgression with the rod, certain, that God is not a reconciled and their iniquity with stripes," if, Father to any but those who are therefore, you can restrain prayer united to his beloved Son, and before God, indulge wrong passions, that we have nothing to do with peace and neglect known duties, without unless we are of that number. The being convicted, and made uneasy, language of confession, humiliation, he deals not with you as sons and penitence, would therefore whom he loves, but as those whom much better become such per- he disowns. And terrible will be sons, than that of confidence and your disappointment and confusion assurance ; and they have much at the last, when your confident more reason to dread the displea- claims meet with this severe repulse, sure, than to hope for the favour of “ I know you not whence ye are; God, in their present condition. depart from me, all ye workers

Neither have you more reason to of iniquity." Humble yourselves, rejoice in your situation who have therefore, in time, and return to obtained assurance by a course of God by true repentance, lest a sudunscriptural experience, and claimed den destruction come upon you, the favour of God, and eternal life, while you are crying peace and as your own, before you became his safety ; and hell open its mouth to children. The Holy Spirit could receive you, while you make yournot give you the spirit of adoption selves sure of heaven. till you were adopted, neither could But as there may be many who he seal you, as the heirs of promise, cry peace to their souls when there till you understood the Word of is no peace, so there are others who Truth, the Gospel of your salvation, live in bondage when the Lord bids and trusted in the Saviour whom them be of good comfort. Surely, it reveals and offers. You must, if you are poor in spirit, humble and therefore, have different views of contrite in heart, looking to the God and yourselves, before you are mercy of God through Christ for entitled to say, Abba, Father. You pardon, and depending upon the must be reconciled to the law and merits and mediation of that blessed justice of God, which condemn Saviour for salvation, you have reayou to die as transgressors ; must son to take comfort from the prolie at bis mercy, to save or to cast mises of the Gospel. As many as you off as he pleases ; must look to have been led by the Spirit of God his free grace in Christ Jesus for to return to him by Jesus Christ, pardon and salvation; and be united they are the sons of God; " and if to that Saviour by faith unfeigned, children, then heirs; heirs of God, before you can be the children of and joint-heirs with Christ." Why God, or experience the spirit of then are you cast down in your adoption.

souls, and why are your hearts dis. · I would also beseech all of you quieted within you? Look up to to suspect the safety of your state, God as an Almighty and most merand to throw aside your vain con- ciful Father in bis Son Christ Jesus: fidence, who are easy under the draw near to him with filial confi. dominion of sinful tempers, and as- dence; rejoice in him as your cove. nant God; and serve him, without souls.” But I somewhat wonder that slavish fear, in righteousness and J. W. N. should have stopped here: holiness before him, all the days of for the keys were given to Peter to your life. It is the undoubted pri. open the door of faith to the Genvilege of all the children of God to tiles also, agreeably to his own decry, Abba, Father. Seek it, there- claration at the Apostolic consulfore, as your privilege, and beseech tation recorded in the fifteenth of him to put the spirit of a son into Acts: “Men and brethren, ye know your hearts, that you may be filled how that a good while ago God “ with all joy and peace in believ- made choice among us, that the ing, and abound in hope, through Gentiles by my mouth should hear the power of the Holy Ghost." the Gospel and believe.” In these

When you have obtained this cases there appears to be a complete temper, endeavour to keep it in illustration of the grant of the keys constant, lively exercise, and take to Peter, which was made to him care you relapse not into the spirit only: “I will give unto thee the of bondage. The best way to keys;" which is no where repeated maintain spiritual peace and hope, with reference to any other of the is by diligent prayer, circumspect Apostles: with the one key he walking, habitual watchfulness, and opened the door of regeneration to a patient continuance in well doing. the carnal Jews, with the other the The more your faith works by love, door of faith to the Gentiles : andi the more your views of Christ influ, both were admitted within the new ence your conduct, and the more fold formed for the spiritual seed of you abound in the fruits of holiness, Abraham, and became, as it were, the more also will you abound in one new creature in Christ Jesus. hope. Those children who are the When we consider the vast importmost dutiful, will have most of the ance of this event in the history of smiles of their heavenly Father; and man and of the church of Christ while you carefully walk in his way, (Eph. ii. 3), and the surpassing and observe his statutes, you will honour conferred upon Peter, we never be deprived of his counte- need not, I think, wonder that the nance and support. Cleave, there matter should be so signally denoted fore, to the Lord with purpose of by our Lord. heart; seek him in his ordinances, With regard to the following and walk in all his commandments words, “ Whatsoever thou shalt bind blameless ; so shall your peace flow on earth shall be bound in heaven; as a river, and your hope rise to a and whatsoever thou shalt loose on full assurance.

earth shall be loosed in heaven," which are repeated with reference to the whole of the Apostles, in the

eighteenth chapter, I consider them THE PROMISE TO ST. PETER. to be a declaration that the Apostles

should be commissioned and emTothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. powered to complete the revelation

of God, and to be the infallible Your correspondent J. W. N. sug- promulgators of the truths of the gests, in your Number for June, New Testament, by which the p.345, I think, the true interpretation eternal destinies of all men should of Matt. xvi. 19. It was a promise be finally determined. Wheresoever to St. Peter that he first should be the discoveries, the promises, and employed to promulgate the Gospel denunciations of the New Testato the world : “At the day of ment, of which they were the inPentecost, St. Peter opened, as it spired writers, are published, there, were, the door of faith to the Jews, in accordance with its words, the and let in about three thousand sins of men are either remitted or

retained: the Gospel becomes either of thy confidence and the foundaa savour of life unto life, or of death tion of all human hope-but my unto death.

Father which is in heaven. And I The following paraphrase will, I say unto thee, that thou also art a humbly think, give the spirit and rock, a stone ; and on me, the Rock meaning of the three preceding of Ages, the chief Corner-stone of verses. “Simon Peter answered my church, shalt thou be laid, as it and said, Thou art the Christ, the were, the first stone; and thy fellowSon of the living God. And Jesus Apostles with thee shall form the answered and said unto him, Blessed foundations on which my church art thou, Simon Barjona; for flesh shall be reared (Eph. xi. 20; Rev. and blood hath not revealed unto xxi. 14), against which the gates of thee this truth-which is the rock hell shall not prevail.”




Geneva. On the boys at Maykirk, AND PLANS.

if the land and house were sold, he

would have spent little or nothing. (Concluded from p. 416.)

I visited at Kornthal, in the kingdom M. SIMOND, speaking of Geneva, of Wirtemberg—where, it is true, remarks that charitable institutions the necessaries of life are much are much too numerous in that city; cheaper than at Geneva-a school for that its inhabitants, being led in which boys and girls are wholly astray by a mistaken benevolence, maintained at a less expense than are insensibly providing for them- four pounds a year. Here, too, as selves the evils of the English poor- at Hofwyl, there is land belonging laws ; which laws, he says, cherish to the institution. This attention population beyond the proper means 'to the strictest economy in such of subsistence. One establishment, institutions appears to me doubly however, of public bounty at Ge- advantageous : not only as it inneva he thinks well worthy of no creases the means of extending to tice, namely, that which sustains and greater numbers the benefits of edueducates female orphans. The num. cation; but as the indigent, fostered ber of girls in it had gradually under this frugal administration, increased to thirty-six. They are knowing few wants, and being babrought up, he adds, morally bituated to thrift, will generally, and frugally, at a cost of about when placed out in the world, postwelve pounds per annum each, sess an advantage over those reared besides the produce of their indus- under a more lavish system. The try, which covers a sixth part of the evils which of necessity result from whole that is expended upon them. every species of pauperism are the

I have introduced this statement greater in proportion as the indulfor the purpose of shewing, by com- gences afforded are more tempting parison, the great economy of M. and enervating. The children boardFellenberg's institutions. The in- ed, clothed, and educated at vast digent children who have found a expense at our charity schools, home at Hofwyl, after reckoning turn out too often the most incomevery outlay, and deducting the petent drones in the national hive ; value of their labour, have not cost and are generally prepared to perM. Fellenberg so much each annu- petuate pauperism, as they themally as a third of the amount dis selves were trained in it. bursed on each of the girls at At Hofwyl I thought of spending the whole of my short interval of and Zurich. In addition to this beneleisure, but was constrained to leave fit, eight hundred acres of land, that it, after having stayed there not quite formerly bore but here and there a nine days ; for, M. Fellenberg par. little brushwood, have been secured ticularly desiring me to visit the for cultivation; and twenty thou. colony of the Linth, I felt impelled sand acres, between the colony and to make a rapid journey for that the Lake of Zurich, formerly litile. purpose.

better than a bog, have been renOn the 6th of September I started dered fit for pasturage. The amount at noon from Berne, by the diligence, expended in the prosecution of this for Zurich, and before eight o'clock design, which was as ably executed on the following morning reached as wisely planned, amounted to that city. That day being Sunday about 60,0001. Amongst the proI did not proceed farther; but set moters of this undertaking were the off at four o'clock the next morning, founders and liberal supporters of in a calêche, for the colony, a dis- the school of the colony of the tance of thirty-six miles, and did Linth, for which one hundred and not reach my destination till the ten of the acres rescued from desosame hour in the afternoon. M. lation were obtained. The names Fellenberg had provided me with a of Alexander, Emperor of Russia, letter to M. le Conseiller Schindler, whose munificence will be grate. Inspector of the Arsenal at Mollis, fully remembered; of M. Escher; M. about an hour's slow drive from the Schindler; and M. Fellenberg, stand colony. As its superintendant, or prominent on the occasion. A good master, could not speak French, and house-a mansion, compared with as I could not converse in German, that of the colony at Maykirk – has this introduction was requisite ; and been built ; and as the institution I should have had to go to Mollis was to be conducted on the princihad it not happened that M. Schind- ples of M. Fellenberg's system, a ler was at the institution on my ar- pupil of M. Vehrli, Lutsehg, was rival.

appointed master. The directors This establishment owes its origin have had to expend considerable to the distress of the years 1816 sums in improving the land, which and 1817, which was felt severely is poor ; and these disbursements, throughout Switzerland, and espe. with those necessary to the support cially in this mountainous canton. of the institution upon its present Large sums were collected for the scale of expenditure, have militated relief of the poor ; and no wiser against an approximation to what expedient could have been devised M. Fellenberg desires, which is, to during the crisis, for giving at once make schools for the indigent supemployment and bread to the needy port, or nearly support, themselves, labourers of the surrounding coun- by the labour of the pupils. At try, than public works of permanent Hofwyl these wishes have been utility. The river, or torrent, of the partially accomplished : at MayLinth completely devastated the kirk their realization seems probadistrict on a part of which it now ble; but, in order that the youth stands; and the idea conceived was, may return the cost of his mainteto confine the hitherto unruly food nance and education, he must give within bounds, by the hands of the his labour to the institution till he distressed labourers. M. Escher, of is full grown*. Here there is, howZurich, directed the works. A canal was formed, ten miles in length It must be recollected that M. Fellenand eighty feet in breadth, between berg places before the youth the means of its high shelving banks. The canal

accumulating a fund against his departure opened a navigable communication

from any of his institutions ; and the

longer bis continuance in any, the larger between the lakes of Wallenstadt may be the sum to be taken away.

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