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THE EARL OF GREY, &c. &c. &c.


It is not to cover the defects too observable in these pages

that I venture to dedicate them to your Lordship, for “ books should have no patrons but truth and reason. I present them to your Lordship as the tried patron of the liberties of England, Genoa, and Norway ; of Africa, and of the whole world. After a life thus usefully devoted to the high interests of man, nothing surely but an universal Censorship on the Press can prevent your Lordship from appearing, on the archives of the human race, as a public benefactor.

I am

Your Lordship’s most devoted servant,


In the performance of their duties, it is the proud fate of British officers to traverse the world. The character of our education, the genius of our government, lead us to take a sympathy in the fortunes of men, and to promote their welfare. Under the controul of this feeling I have acted. I have collected and published my own and other men's thoughts on the present, and, highly probable, future influence of the Press in Asia. The cause is noble and of paramount importance to the immediate interests of nearly four-fifths of our fellow-subjects, who pay us, in yearly tribute, about twenty millions sterling.

Regardless of self, my endeavour has been to speak out with truth and impartiality, and by furnishing some information respecting a far distant country, to forward the laudable exertions of those who, from their talents and pursuits, are capable of applying such knowledge to the public advantage. More cannot be expected from a Soldier.

London, April 17, 1823.

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