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he regular discharge of which duties for At Tadcaster, Miles Dawson, ela. forty-eight years he is computed to have At Howden, aged 34, Mrs. Dunn, wife of walked 75,000 miles. Mr. G. Burn, aged 28. Mr. Blencow Dunn.

At Annau, Mr. Richards, of the Queens- At Swinton, Mr. Morton. bury-arms-inu.

Mr. Wardle, of Stockeld-farm; as he was At Cockermouth, in an advanced age, Mrs. returning from Wetherby-market he fell Mary Key, a maiden lady.

from his horse, and instantly expired. At Lowes water, aged 49, Mr. Joseph Gra- Very suddenly at Hook, near Howden, ham, schoolmaster.

Mrs. Collinson, wife of Mr. John Collinson. At Dillington, in an advanced age, Mrs. E. At Scarborough, aged 55, Mr. Thumas Douglas.

Hopper, ship-owner. At the Seaman's hofAt Thurlby, aged 62, Tho. Gibson, Esq. pital, Mrs. Ann Matthews, aged 97.

At Brig, aged 72, Roger Leadbetter, esq. Married.) At York, Mr. Robert Moun- At Doncaster, aged 73, G. Pearson, esq. tain to Mrs. Lockwood. Mr. Smith to Miss. alderman. At the vicarage-louse, Miss SaCowling.

rah Lucas, after a series of nearly 20 years of At Leeds, Mr. Rusby, apothecary, to Miss ill healtla. Stones, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Stones, At Patrington, Mrs. Jane Pearson. of Rawdon. Mr. William Sayner, dyer, to At Sheffield, Mr. Tomlinson, publican. Miss Ann Walker, of Spofforth. Mr. John Miss Bree, grand-daughter to the Rev. Sir Beverley, brazier, to Miss Wigin, of Whit- Martin Stapleton, bart. of Myton-hall. wood, Mr. Robinson, drysalter, to Miss At Wakefield, Mrs. Norton. Alpin, both of Hunficet. The Rev. C. Vin- At Pogmore, Mr. Hill, wire-manufacturer. cent to Miss Roper. Mr. Kemplay, of the At Monk-fryston, Miss Fisher. academy, to Miss Fryer, of York.

At Otley, much refpeéted, in her scth Mr. C. Armitage, iron-master, of Mouse. year, Mrs. Grace Cawood, widow of the late hole-forge, ntar Sheffield, to Miss E. Spear. Mr. J. Cawood. She had practised midwifery

At Sheffield, Mi. G. Johnion, to Miss for the last 40 years, and was instrumental in Ruth Parker.

bringing into the world upwards of 5000 At Hull, Mr. Robert Hawkins, purser of children; she was herself mother of 11, the brig la Jalouse, to Miss Bamford, of the grandmother to 44, and great-grandmother George-inn.

to 50, in all 105 children. At Welton, Dr. Hunter, of York, co Miss At Burton-grange, Gamaliel Milner, esq. Bell, of Hull.

major in tbe first West York regiment of miAc Ferrybridge, Mr. S. Middleton, of litia, and one of the deputy-lieutenants for Hull, to Miss Poynton, niece of William the West Riding. Thompson, esq. of the former place.

Mr. Richard Greenwood, of Dewsbury- The new canal from Sowerby-bridge to mills, to Miss E. Liverfidge, of Lees-hall, Rochdale was lately opened for business. The near. Thornhill.

Travis yatch first crossed the head level, deAt Easing would, Francis Plummer, esq. to corated with the union Alag, (emblematical Miss Spray.

of the junction of the ports of Hull and LiDied.] At York, aged 67, Wili. Spences, verpool) with colours Aying, music playing, M. D. Ayed 56, Mr. Tho. Spink, publican. attended by the Saville yatch, and thousands Suddenly, Mr. George Smithson, of the Fal- of spectators. A display of flags on the con-inn. Mrs. E. Challoner. Aged 21, warehouse, and the sound of cannon anMiss Atkinson. Aged-6, Mr. R. Whittle. nounced to the rejoicing noighbourhood the

At Leeds, Mits Martha Wilson, second joyful tidings, which in the evening were daughter of Mr. John Wilson, of Camp-hall. realized by the arrival of several vessels laden Aged 25, Mr. Samuel Jackson.

with corn, timber, &c. At Hull, aged 21, Miss Blaydes, only In the year 1795 there failed from the port daughter of Benjamin Blaydes, Esq.

of Liverpool for Africa 67 ships ; in the year Aged 55, Mr. Isaac Robinson, ship-owner; 1796, 102 ships ; in the year 1797, 94 thips ; in the last war he engaged the well-known and in the year 1798, 153 fhips. American privateer Black Prince, and pre- Married.) At Manchester, Mr. Samuel served his ihip, though far inferior in weight Holdstock, of Bath, to Miss Mary Creswell, of metal.

of Salford. At Harrowgate, Mrs. Russell, many years At Liverpool, Mr. Joseph Todd, filk-mamistress of the Green Dragon inn.

nufacturer, to Miss Fletcher. Mr. David At Burley-hall, near Otley, aged 81, Paton, to Miss Mary Brelsford. Mr. E. Thomas Maude, esq. author of Whart Dale, Wood to Mrs. Skelton. Mr. P. Holland to a poem, and other publications

Miss Chapman. Capt. Williams, of the shig At Howden, in the prime of life, the Rev. Abigail, to Miss Margaret Kingsley. Mr. Ceorge Cumpitone.

Thomas Duckworth to Miss Betsey Heywood. At Whitby, aged 72, Mr. William Dickin- At Wigan, Ralph Hucknese, efq. to Mice son, formerly poftmaster there.

Woodcock. Mr. James Smith, of Beamsey, At Northallerton, Mrs. Lascelles.

At to Miss Stell, of Addingham. Mr. Robert Malton, aged 68, Mr. H. Soulby.

Aldersey, cotton-merchant, to Miss Cochraine,



Cheshire....Derbyshire ....Nottingbambire, &c.


Mr. John


At Hindley, Mr. William Shaw to Mifs At Eastham, Mr. Richard Tomkinion of Harris.

Mrs. Gardner. Mr. Thomas Wedge, of Sea. At Skipton in Craven, William Sedgwick, land, to Miss Couchman. erq. of Stonegap, to Miss Ann Benson, of At Overton, Mr. Hanmer to Miss Plumbe. York.

At Northenden, Rev. Thomas Bland to At Walton, Mr. Pawson, of Sutton-heath, Miss Porter, sister of the bishop of Clagher, to Miss Sarah Yates, of Low hi!l.

in Ireland. Died.) At Manchester, Mrs. Linley, wie Died.] At Chester, Mrs. Harding, wife of dow of the late Mr. Linley, of the lower Mr. Harding, schoolmaster. Mr. Leicester. Swan coach-office. Mrs. Hargreaves, wife of Mrs. Dutton, relict of Mr. ger Dutton. Mr. H. Hargreaves. Mr. John Blomely. Mr. Mr. Worlley, formerly of the Green Dragon Martin, linen-merchant. Mrs. Wardle, wife inn. Aged 80, Mrs. Saunderson. of Mr. James Wardle, merchant.

At Nantwich, in the prime of life, Mr. At Lancaster, Mr. Richard Thompson. John Burgin, tanner, and one of the Loyal Mrs. Johnson, wife of Richard Johnson, Esq. Staffordshire cavalry. Mrs. Hall. Mrs. Thurfa

At Liverpool, Mr. Wright, a lieutenant by. Aged 51, Jonadab Mort, esq. banker in the navy and maiter of St. George's dock. and salt proprietor. Mr. John Porter, tobacconist.

At Warburton, Ms. John Cawley. Cawley. Mr. John Lofthouse, coal-mer- At Crewe-Green, Mr. John Pate. Aged chant. Aged 23, Mr. Clenient Noble, jun. 86, Mr. Thomas Peacock, of Great Budworth. Mr. Richard Welch. Aged 50, Mr. Peter Fite, grocer. Mr. E. Ashton, brazier. Mrs.

Married.] At Derby, Mr. Darby to Miss. Noble, relict of Capt. Noble. Aged 71, Mr. Cooke. Richard Burland, schoolmaster. Aged 22, Died.] At Derby, aged 44, Mr. Sliepherdson. Miss Mary Rose M'Questin, eldest daughter At Draycot, aged 84. Mrs. Dor. Thacker. of Thomas M'Questin, efq. Aged 77, Mrs. At Liitleover, aged 78, Mrs. Radford. M. Bullen. Aged 52, Mr. J. Brown. Miss Ac Spondon, aged 64, Mr. Tho. Brentnall. Anderton. Aged 46, Mr. Ralph Gibbons.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. At Huime, aged 59, Mr. John Chapman, There were baptized in the parish of St. farmer.

Mary during the last year 817, buried 580. At Blackburn, the infant son of J.J. Hindle, In cho the parish of St. Nicholas there were esq.

baptized 89, buried 118. In the parish of St. At Ruiholme, Mr. Tho. Hughes, farmer. Peter there were baptized 71, buried 97.

At Wigan, Mr. Anderton, the oldest pub- Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. Thomas lican in that place, having kept the Bear's Paw Kirkland, jun. to Miss T wells. Mr. Robert inn near 60 years.

Goodacre, schoolmaster, to Miss A. Cockayne. At Warrington, aged 90, Mr. T. Daniell. At Mansfield, Mr. S. W. White, of LonMr. Darbyshire Gaskell.

don, to Miss Hurt, of Dalestort. Mr. Wile, At Rithton, aged 96, Mr. George Baron. liam Davy, to Miss Betsey Maria Challands. At Preston, aged 63, Mr. H. Bigys, farrier. At Eaton, near Retford, Mr. W. Booth to

At Pemberton, Mr. Edward Hamer, tan- Miss Deuman. Mr. Jowitt, of Colwick, to ner, a benevolent benefactor to the

poor. Miss Swinícoe, At Perdleton, Mrs. Ainsworth, wife of At Blyth, Mr. Elgin, of Hull, to Miss Mr. Richard Ainsworth.

Beesley, of Blyth. At Salford, Mr. Edward Tomlinson, of the At Antley, the Rev. J. S. Cobbold to Do. Angel tavern.

rothy Homer.

At Barton, Mr. George Haines, of Note The arches of the grand aqueduct bridge tingham, to Miss Diana Thorpe, of Haines. ever the river Mersey, near Marple, are now Died.] At Nottingham, in consequence of completely turned.

This magnificent and the bursting of a blood vessel while eating his beautiful structure is carried over a deep val- dinner, Mr. Kilham, well known as an emiley, and presents a most pleaging and roman- nent minister in what is termed the Hockley tic fpectacle to the view. It consists of three methodist connection. Mr. Wigley, keeper arches, each having a span of 60 feet; the of the castle lodge. Mrs. Boam. Aged 77, key stone of the centre arch is upwards of 78 Mrs. Yates. Mr. Follows. Mr. Thomas feet above the surface of the river, and the Beardley. Suddenly, Mrs. Fletcher. Aged height of the whole structure from the foun- 76, Mr. John Gausby. Mr. Stephen Todd, apdation to the top of the parapet wall will ex- paritor of the ecclefiaftical court. Aged 88, ceed 100 feet.

Mr. S. Unwin. Married.] Mr. Gregory, of the Woodhouse, At Tithby, near Bingham, aged 93, Mr. near Frodtham, to Miss Hickson, of Frodíham. Richard Porter, a respectable farmer.

At Northwich, Mr. Terry, of Mansfield, At Eatt-Bridgeford, Mr. Thomas Clark. to Miss Dobell, of the former place. Mr. ftone. Suddenly, aged 80, Mrs. A. Clarkstone, Richard Dentith, of Dunham, to Miss Clough, At Hacknall Tankard, Mr. W. Hallem. of Elton.

At Plumtree, aged 72, Mr. T. Beastall. At Aldford, Mr. R. Weaver to Miss Brafiey.

At Stockport, Rev. R. Anglezerk to Miss Married.] At Lincoln, Mr. John Dauber, Elizabeth Ryle, of Romiley.

aged 55, to Miss Sarah Mason, aged 17.




At Grantham, Mr. Clayton, of Harlaxton, Died ] At Lichfield, Aged 103, Saralı to Miss Sarah Hurit, of Spittlegate. Mr. Cartmeal, leaving one daughter, and about John Staunton, of Stamford-Baron, to Miss forty grand and great-grand children. Ann Thorpe. Mr. Needham, merchant, of At Wolverhampton, Mr. John Cottrill, Louth, to Miss Holland, of Raithby,

brass-founder. Mr. Tliomas Pitt, Aged 64, At Stamford, Mr. Read, schoolmaster, to Mr. Thomas Green. Mr. Wm. Timmins. the widow Bailey. Mr. Cooper to Miss Ann At Albrighton, in the prime of life, Mr. Mills.

Edward Owen, jun. Died.] At Lincoln, aged 48, Mrs. Lumby, At Sutton Coldfield, Mrs. Mary Gibbons. wife of "Mr. Lumby, keeper of the county At Uttoxeter, Mr. Robert Towers, in an gaol. Mrs. Grace Grace. Aged 4.1, Mrs. advanced age. Mrs Keeling. Athlin. Aged 68, Mrs. Frankith. Mr. At Walsall, aged 63, Mr. John Fitton. Lumby, keeper of the county gaol.

At Leek, Mrs. Phillips. At Owiten, Miss H. E. Cooke, daughter At Stapen-Hill, Mr, Cross: returning of Col. Sir George Cooke, bart.

home from Burton upon Trent, he fell over At Trusthorpe, Rev. Mr, Sugars, many the bridge and fractured his skull. years rector of that place.

At Uffington, Mrs. Bellaers, wife of James Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. T. D. Bellaers, esq.

Carter, of London, to Miss Ann Smith, of At Spalding, Rev. Mr. Atkinson. Aged Bellefield. Mr. John Gold to Miss Raven. 23, Mr. John Longstaff, of the Horncastle and Mr. N. Drinkwater to Miss Phæbe Careless. Spillbury troop of yeomanry cavalry.

Mr. Thomas Adretts to Mrs. Radford. Mr. At Brig, aged 72, Roger Leadbetter, esq. S. Patrick to Miss Ann Herbert. Mr. Ed

Aged nine years, John Fornian; a cart ward Stanley to Miss Prudence Fitton. overturning fell on the deceased, and killed Mr. Zachariah Twamley, of Castle Bromhim on the spot.

wich, to Mrs. White, of Dunchurch. Mr. Anrell, jun. of Holbeach.

At West-Bromwich, Mr. James Maullin, At Stamford, on a journey, Mr. Welch, of Scdgeley, to Miss Mary Reddall. formerly of Clipfham, Rutlandshire. Aged At Temple Balsall, Mr. Thomas Wedge, eleven, William Strapps, a poor boy of to Miss Couchman. Beckingham; he was killed by being thrown At Meriden, Mr. Wm. Thompson to Miss from a horse.

Hannah Proctor.

At Coventry, Thomas , Congreve, erg. of A meeting has been held at Leicester for Peter Hall, to Miss Jennett. Mr. William for the purpose of carrying into execution a Linney to Miss Turner. plan for supplying the poor with soup at a Died.] At Birmingham, Mr. John Harris: cheap rate. The meeting was but thinly Mrs. Hawkins. Mr. Walker. Mr. Isaac aćtended, and only one shop can at present be Bedford. Mr. Thomas Watson. Mr. Nathaniel opened.

White. Mr. George Robins. , Mr. Thonias Married.] At Leicester, Mr. Beaumont Causer, of the Spread Eagle. Mrs. Hammond. Burnaby, attorney, to Mifs Barratt. Mr. Aged 84, Mr. Robert Brown. Mr.J. Gibbs, Alston, attorney, to Miss Sultzer.

jun. Mr. J. Lloyd. Mr. Joseph Clare. Miss At Coffington, Mr. Cole, of Melton, to Sarah Hall. Miss Hulse, fifter to Major Hulse of the At Sheepy Hall, the Countess Dowager Leicestershire militia,

Carhampton, reliet of the late, and mother At Losby, John Dick Burnaby, efq. caps of the present Lord Carhampton and the tain in the first regiment of foot guards, to Duchess of Cumberland. Miss Fowke, daughter of the late Sir Tho- At Shrewley, Mr. Lawrence Archer. nas Fowke, of Lowesby. hall.

At Smethwick-grove, aged go, Mr. EdDied.] At Leicester, Mr. Thomas Per- ward Walker. kins, of the Golden Lion, in Humberstone- Thomas Gould, a poor labouring man, of gate; a very honest man. Aged 78, Mr. Ward End; he was discoverea frozen to death Edward Johnson. Aged 53, Mr. Thomas near the Beech Trees. Cooper, ton of Mr. Alderman Cooper.

At Grendon, aged 96, Mrs. Woolley. At Bi..by, Mr. William Frcer, a respect- At Whiteacre Furnace, aged 70, Mr. Mark able farmer.

Weeiman, of the Bull's Head Inn.

At West Bromwich, Mr. James Bayley. Married. ] At Lichficl}, Samuel Barker, At Coventry, Mrs. Silley. Mr John Haresq. to Miss Adams.

rold. Mrs. Dallaway. At Wolverhampton, Mr. Thomas Barnet to Miss Maria Highfield.

A melancholy accident happened lately at At Hanley, William Key, aged 15, to Llwynymaen Colliery: By the breaking of a Ann Walley, aged 14. Mr. Henry'Jeifon, faulty rope, three men were precipitated a surgeon, to Miis Wilkes.

depth of about 160 yards; two of them were At Leek, Mr. Hand, attorney, to Miss killed on the spot, and the other survived Phillips.

but a few days. At Ecclefhäll, the Rev. Mr. Francis zo Married.] At Shrewshury, Mr. John Miss Sockets.

Mumford to Mrs. Mary Grifñihs.






1799.] Worcestershire.... Herefordshire.... Mon . acuit fire, &c.

At Buildwas, Thomas Harries, esq. of Pritchard. Aged 71, Mr. James Cope, forCruckton, to Miss Barbara Smitheman, third merly an eminent coach-maker in Longdaughter of J. Smitheman, esq. of West Cop- Acre, it is worthy of remark, that he made pice.

the firit poft-chaise that was ever used in Bath. Died.] At Shrewsbury, Aged 69, Mr. Pur

MONMOUTHSHIRE. now, of the Talbot. Mr. T. Whittingham,

Married.] At Monmouth, Mr. Edward" jun. Mr. Wm. Moore. Aged 89, Mrs. Sayer to Miss Ann Bowen. Martha Morris, of the Abbey Foregate. Mrs. Jones, wife of W. Jones, esq. of the

Died.] Mrs. Chester, relict of the late B. Farm, near Shrewibury.

Chester, formerly M. P. for the county of
Suddenly, Mr. Tench, of Horton Lane.

At Pulverbatch, aged 96, Richard Cook,

Mr. John Proctor of the Park, near who was never known to have any illness till

Tewkesbury: having taken a wrong road about a week before his death.

from his brother's mill at Strentham, in: At Bitreley, aged 73, Mrs. Stafford, relict of the Rev. James Stafford, and lister of croffing a bridge he fell into the water, and Sir Theology ilus Biddulph, bart. of Birdbury, fave him, he was unfortunately drowned.

notwithstanding every exertion was made to in Warwickíhire.

At. Coalbrook Dale, aged 90, Mrs. Ann Summerland, many years an eminent public Married.] At Woodstock, Mr. T. Carter, fpeaker among the quakers. Mr. Thomas to Miss Ann Coles.. Gregory, quaker.

Died] At Oxford, aged 58, Mr. Henry.

Stowe. Aged 16, Miss E. Bulton, youngest The total number of pockets of hops daugliter of the Rev. Dr. Bulton, canon of weighed in Worcester market during the year Christ Church. Aged 80, Mr. Stephen 1798, was 16,349.

Eaton, who kept the Cock Pit near 40 years. Married.] At Worcester, Mr. William At Banbury, aged 75, Mrs. Cobb, of the Allen to Miss Wilson.

respectable family refining at tha. place. At Dudley, Mr. T. Carter, of Evenload, At Swalcliffe, in an advanced age, Mr. R. to Miss Ann Coles, of Woodlock. Mr. Neville, farmer. Charles Scambler, of Redditch, to Miss Penn, At Fritwell, aged 33, the Rev. James of Stoke Cross, near Bromsgrove.

At Tenbury, Mr. Richard Titt, of the

At Thame, aged 89, Mr. Harry Style.
Swan Inn, to Miss Anu Court, of Lindbridge.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Died.] At Worcester, Mrs. Burrows, wife of Mr. Burrows, butcher, Mrs. Ann Lum- fton”, of the 49th reg. to Miss E. Levi.

Married.] Ac Northampton, Major Johnbert. Mr. Henry Hammond, sen, Mr. Al

Errata in cur lat.--the article of Mrs. len, sen. butcher.

Pain's death, for 54. r?ad 70 years.-For Mrs. Át Sinton, agd 72, the Rev. Benjamin Jackson read Mis. 5bifon.--For Eremiten Briscoe, 45 years rector of that parish.

read 7. Branjen, esq. of Oundle, a celebrated At Chaddesley Corbett, aged 25, Miss

and respected attorn. y. Broad.

At Ombersley, Mr. G. Arden. At Sidbury, Mrs. Williams, relict of T. Died.] At Cambridge, Mr. Peters. Mr. Williams, ciq. mayor of Worcester in the William Allin.

Miss Rachal Sewiter, year 1788.

daughter of the late Alderman Sewster. At Wickenford, aged 95, Mr. John Till- At Swavesey, Mrs. Hadder. ley, 52 years clerk of that parish.

At Great Shelford, Mr. John Grain, an Mr. John Baylis, of Dodderhill, near opulent farmer. Droitwich. At Tenbury, Mr. John Hooper, builder.

Married.] At Lynn, Mr. John Bell, At Stourport, Mrs. Wriglat.

ag d 81, to Miss Ann Buck, aged 18. At Tipton, Mr. Jofeph Nicklin.

Died.] At Quindenham, aged 77, Rev. At Evefiam, Mrs. S. Beaufoy.

William Green, rector of that parish. At Sidbury, Mrs. Palmer, wife of Mr. At Geyton, Mr. Lewis King, of the Crown Palmer.


At Northwold, aged 75, Mr. Carter. The Married.] At Hinderton, Mr. Thomas bulk of his furlune, supposed to be not less Hullett to Miss Pritchard, of Lugwardine. than 80,000l. he has left to his housekeeper,

Died.] At Ross, Mr. Joseph Howells, of Mrs. Kenton. the King's Head Inn. Aged 70, Mr. Benja- At Yarmouth, the lady of Admiral Dickmin Dyer: and shortly after, Mrs. Dyer, his son, commander of the north sea fleet. relict.

At Ledbury, aged 89, Mr. Woodward, Married.] At Ipswich, Mr. Hammond, furgeon and apothecary.

to Miis Susan Shinkton, of Norfolk. At Leominster, Serjeant John Jones, of At Old Newton, Mr. S. Durham, to Miss the Herefordshire Yeomanry Cavalry. E. Hun", of Gipping.

At Ligwardine, aged 62, Mr. Thomas At Bures, Mr. J. Barrell, of Feltham, to








....Kent....Surrey.... Suffex....Berkfhire. [Jan. Miss S. Rose, of Cockfield. Mr. Richard At Dover, Ms. W. Kingsford, to Miss Lee. Goddard, of Vincent Hall, to Mifs Hinde, At Deal, Mr. F. Wilkins to Mrs. Cox. of Beccles.

At Eitham, the Hon. Mrs. Naylor, widow Died.). At Ipswich, aged 79, Mrs. Clare of the late J. Naylor, esq. of London, to Lambert. Mrs. Contaton. Mr. W. Byles. Count Francis Byland, of the Hague. Mrs. Gowing. Mr. Robert Turner.

At Ringwoold, Mr. R. Parker, to Miss At Merfeld, Rev. Mr. Banks.

E. Bushell. At Strodbrook, aged 67, Mis. Bumpstead. At Athford, Mr. J. Taypenden, to Miss

At Bures, Mr. George Hayward, of the Godfrey. Queen's Head.

At Greenwich, J. Fearnside, erg. to Miss At Yoxford, aged 77, Mrs. Wake.

H. Godby. At Bury, Mrs. Johnson.

Died.] At Canterbury, Mrs. Moore,

ag d 88, Mrs. Lepine, relict of Mr. D. LeMarried.) At Seacomb, Capt. J. Crook, pine, of Best-lane, where she had refided conof the We Lothian light dragoons, to Miss Itantly from her birth. Mrs. Delmar. Mr. Fayrer.

W. W. l'athunter. Aged 80, Mr. Samuel Died.] At Ware, aged 84, Mrs. Windus, Flint, many years clerk to the presbyterian relia of the late William Windus, esq. of congregation. Aged 83, Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Harford.

Fager. Mr. C Matson. Mr. J. Hargrov. At Julians, aged 88, Mrs. Mary Meetkerke. At Chatham, Mr. Coʻterell, of the dock

yard. Aged 70, Mrs. Carrer: the was burnt Married.) At Colchester, Mr. Woodcock, to death by her cloachs accidentally taking fire. jun. to Mas Ann Gonner. Mr. Creake,

Miís Cecilia Graham. Miss C. Silke.

At Sheerness, in an advanced age, Mr.
Mr. Robert Hindle, of Duomow, to Miss Bissenden.
Mary Pearson, of Bath.

At Favesham, aged 76, Mrs. Plane.
At Puttlewell, Mr., Thomas Thorn, to Al Tenterd.:n, Mrs. Hop'.
Miss Mary Ham.

At Herne Bay, Mr. William Tall
At Raine, Mr. John Josiin, to Mrs. Johnson. At Frcelands, n:ar Broraley, Miís Emma

Died.] At Colchester, Mrs. Peacock. Rakes.
At the New Barracks, suddenly,' Enfigo John At Sandwich, Mr. Hayward.
Fenwick, of the Northumberland Militia. At Dover, Mis. Horne.
Mr. Samuel French.

At Margatc, Mr. W. Bourn.
At Feering, Mrs. Driffield, wife of the
Rer. W. Driffield.

Married.] At Weybridge, Lieutenant Pre. At Witham, Mr. William Lincolne. vort, of the Agincourt, to Miis Hauitain.

At Chelmsford, C.:pt. William Renton, Died.] At Dorking, Mr. Thomas Tapner, commander of his majesty's floop of war the many years a common-carrier; his corpsc Martin. The deceased had for some time dis- was conveyed, according to his requeit, in covered fymptoms of a deranged mind, and one of his own common stage waggons, drawn being at dinner at th: Three Cups Inn with by fix horses. another gebelernan of the navy, he retired from table ints an adjoining room, and there put a

Died.] At Brighton, Mrs. Mary Cobby, period to his existence by discharging the con- one of the original bathers at that place, and tents of a loaded piftol into his head.

Glier to the celebrated Martha Gunn. Mrs. At Safirou Walder, Mrs. Bunion.

E. Foster: a few years since she kept a chandAt Bilbop Storford, Mr. Machin.

ler's shop, and by her extreme parsimony, Livermere, a Jad about 17 years of scarcely allowing herself the necessaries of age, apprentice to Mr. Hammond, the life, had accumulated a fortune of 40,000l. maker, of Malden. As he was going froni

the bulk of which she has left to her daughthis place co Chriftmas Day io le his friends, ter, who refided wilis her, and who is a about four miles distant, he was frozen to

maiden lady of 50. death: his corpse was diícovered on the 4th inft. in a ditch.

Married.] Mr. French, of Reading, to

Mrs. Skeete, relict of Dr. Skeete, of LonMarried.] At Can:erbury, Mr. W. Busby, don. to Miss L. Blackman. J. N. Henniker, esq. At Milton, Henry Woodham, esq. to to Miss Chafy.

Mifs Lambell. At Gillingham, Pierce Edgcumbe, efq. to At Eton, C. Hayes, Esq. to Miss M. A. Miss E. York, of Chatham. Rev. W. B. Briggs. Peter Pole, esq. to Miss Buller, of Harrison, of Merton College, Oxford, to Crotby Square. Miss C. Tonker.

At Thanington, Mr. H. Spring, to Miss At Mersham, D. Slade, esq. to Miss Mayo. Hughes.

Died.] At Reading, Mr. Hetherington, At Tenterden, Mr. J. Peak, to Miss Mary hosier. Hope. Mr. Ricketts, to Miss Ann Mantle. At Shelborn, Mr. Richens. Capt. Gilbert, of the royal artillery, to Miss Near Wantage, Mr. R. Mattingley, fen. Farrington, daughter of Gen. Farrington. At Hungerford Newton, Mr. Lovelock.





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